'Vampire Diaries' scoop: A couple hundred actors have read for Klaus

vampire-diaries-castingImage Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CWFans of The Vampire Diaries are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Klaus — the oldest, most vindictive, and so far unseen vampire who’ll want to sacrifice Elena to break the curse that keeps most vampires from walking in the sun (and thereby seal the fates of werewolves to forever change on the full moon whether they want to or not). It’s a killer part that the exec producers aren’t taking the casting of lightly, even if Kevin Williamson did joke with us earlier this month about wanting to just dye Ian Somerhalder’s hair blond. EP Julie Plec estimates a couple hundred actors have now read for the role. “We’ve been getting great tapes out of England and Australia. That’s what excites me: This idea that there might be somebody out there that no one’s really familiar with yet that can be a new fresh face that we can exploit…in all the good ways,” Plec tells EW. “I think our show works so well because we don’t really stunt cast. That being said, if there’s some big hot TV star that’s available that we love, then… As I always joke, I have my Joshua Jackson fantasy — Pacey in Mystic Falls.”

Fans have been more than happy to offer their picks online. “We like the people on Twitter who are like ‘Alexander Skarsgard has to be Klaus!’ I’m like really? ‘Cause that’s original,” Plec says, laughing. They’re willing to think outside the box. “The big important elements of this character are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise. So whether he’s an Old World-flavored guy or new hip, contemporary, speedy kinda guy, that remains to be seen. We’ll see what actor we connect to the most.” The character will make his appearance by season’s end, Plec says.

The suggestions line is open: Who would you cast? Having seen Gale Harold’s name pitched elsewhere, we voiced our approval to Plec, and she said he’s a little older than what they’re envisioning. So you have that to go on. The idea of casting a relative unknown is intriguing: Daniel Gillies (pictured, with Nina Dobrev), who recurs as Elijah, another of the ancient vampires known as The Originals, is doing a great job keeping viewers guessing. If age and star status weren’t an issue, we’d love to see what Idris Elba could do with the character. He’s mentioned that he’d be into reviving Wesley Snipes’ Blade, he’s still open to TV (The Office, The Big C, Luther), and most importantly, he genuinely seems to enjoy shaking things up. “I get criticized for taking roles in films like Ghost Rider 2, but if you look at my résumé, dude, I’ve mixed it up as much as I can,” he told us recently. “I love to play different roles. That’s just the kind of actor I am.”

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  • Cin Salvatore

    Charlie Hunnam or Jason Dohring. If no Gale Harold those two are as far as my dreams take me.

    • lilo

      could totally see Jared Leto Beimg Klaus he’s gone blond, is crazy and totally can pull off eye makeup

      • Big Time Rush

        All the best looking guys on tv are on Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon

      • Heidi

        Jared Leto a la fight club (so innocent looking but oh so bad) could be interesting
        My favorite casting choice is gaspard ulliel though.

    • K

      Two great suggestions!

    • Shiny

      Both awesome, love Jason Dohring! May I add Eddie Redmayne of Pillars of the Earth, or Simon Woods from Rome, or Neil Jackson from Blade and Quantum of Solace.

    • karen

      I was totally thinking of Jason Dohring, so it was awesome to see the the 1st post suggesting him. I miss him. He needs to get back on tv, pronto!

    • KRibbons

      Totally easy. Enver Gjokaj!!!! He is amazing and could use some great parts on a hit show!

      • Luiza

        YEP! This is the best comment ever. Enver is a fantastic actor who really becomes whatever role he is in. I think he would be perfect.

      • Tina

        Love the idea of Enver. He’d be perfect!

      • C

        yes, totally! Was awesome on Dollhouse!

    • Heidi

      I love Gale Harold but if he’s too old then GASPARD ULLIEL ftw!!

      • M

        Gaspard Ulliel would be awesome for that part. He’s so goodlooking in a scary way and he exudes sexy danger

    • Daisy

      Anyone from the Tudors would do nicely. I really don’t see an American actor in this role. He has to be ooze European je-ne-sais-quoi and have nary a touch of American custom. Klaus would be arrogant enough not to want to conform, but cunning enough to know how to, for sporting purposes. Henry Cavill primarily, or Will Kemp from Mindhunters with Val Kilmer. Come to that, Alessandro Nivola, Jonny Lee Miller would work. Its all in the eyes. Or if they have to go American, think anyone wih Ginger hair and piercing eyes. His outward appearance would be the lure, and his dialogue should be cutting and sparse. He doesn’t monologue – he’s had centuries to perfect his discourse and speaks pointedly and seductively. Like a lawyer with fangs. Strike the fangs. That’s redundant. Just choose an Austen-vetted, BBC up-and-comer. Good luck, KW and JP.

    • Hadassahia

      I love Jason!!

    • Jazz

      I ditto Jason D. He did a great job in Moonlight as one of the oldest vampires.

  • Ally

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! WITH the accent!

    • DebY

      Totally agree!

    • J20

      Or another Tudors option- Henry Cavill!!!! He’d be awesome! I love him.

      • Samantha

        Love Henry Cavill and want to see him more, but I’m going with JRM on this one!

      • Mandi Bierly

        I LOVE the Henry Cavill suggestion, too. Would be funny also with his Edward Cullen connection.

      • Amy W

        I LOVE me some Henry Cavill. I would happily watch him mow the lawn for two hours. Shirtless of course ;)

      • levelheaded

        If they put Henry Cavill on this show, my whole body would explode.

        I would not be able to take in the hotness of Ian Somerhalder, Michale Trevino AND Henry Cavill in one sitting.

        But it’d be a good way to die.

    • A girl

      Another Tutors option – Kristen Holden-Ried. Super hot in Lost Girl as the sexy but so dangerous werewolf Dyson (who could do with a name change that doesn’t remind all Australians of vaccum cleaners)

    • Blake

      way too famous

      • Luna


    • j sm

      yay! im not the only one thinking that

  • yunuem

    jason Dohring would be perfect

    • DebY

      Yep! Another great suggestion!

    • LadySolitaire

      I agree. Jason Dohring was awesome in Moonlight. He has the right amount of charming and menacing, if that’s how Klaus would be.

    • Zoe

      An AWESOME suggestion! Dohring badly needs to be back on my TV. It’s been too long!

    • MaryA

      My thoughts exactly! I loved Jason Dohring in Moonlight and badly want him back on TV again.

    • Mera

      No. He barely pulled off the part of a centuries old vampire in Moonlight, which I never bought.

      • Em

        Yes, but wasn’t that a poorly conceived character? I mean, a vampire millionare playboy. I think Jason got better with each episode, and if you think about it, the quality of writing wasn’t that great. If you have seen him in that Lie to Me episode he guest stars in, you wouldn’t think twice about this. JASON DOHRING!

  • Callie

    What about Neil Jackson? He’s blonde, hot and made very evil vampire in the Blade Tv series.

    • Shiny

      Totally agree on Neil Jackson, love him and he makes a delicious baddie.

      • nancy

        Neil would be a good choice

  • Alice

    Josh Holloway or Cillian Murphy, please. :)

    • Sarah

      Cannot agree with you more!

      • Jason S.

        Hoolloway is a great suggestion!!!! HE’s probably trying to branch into film though and the WB might seem like a step down from Lost!!!

      • Kysha

        Love the Cillian Murphy idea!

    • Misspriss_1

      I would love it for Josh Holloway to be back on tv, and on my new favorite show!! Love him! But Scott Elrod ( “Cash” on “Men in trees” ), would be delicious too!!

    • Emeri

      YES! The casting call did say that Klaus is the only one who can “Out-Damon Damon!” And Josh Holloway’s Sawyer sarcasm is the perfect match to Ian Somerhalder’s!!

  • Brandi

    I could not agree more with the Jason Dohring suggestions. I don’t think I could contain my excitement if that happened.

  • MM

    I love the idea of Idris Elba & think Dohring would be perfect snarky greatness.
    How about Alan Tudyk? He’s charming & can be supremely creepy/scary/psychotic.

    • Elle

      Yeah, he was great on Dollhouse. Good choice.

  • James

    James Van Der Beek would be PERFECT! It would be the second time he and Ian worked together.

    • Zoe

      Sorry, I think I would be constantly cracking up if JVDB were cast: “Dawson is a vampire?!?!” No offense to him, but I think he lacks the gravitas they’re looking for.

      • Elle

        In James’ defense, he did play kind of a skuzzball on HIMYM and has been taking on darker roles so he could probably pull it off.

      • Luiza

        His character on HIMYM was not a skuzzball, I mean I think he was meant to be a skuzzball but just came off as washed up joke. Although everytime HIMYM uses the song Murder Train, I get ridiculously giddy.

    • underthepiano

      Ugh. No Van Der Beek.

  • M

    What about Roger Howarth? He plays a villain better than just about anyone and he should be free now that ATWT is off the air.

    • Jade

      If we’re suggesting ATWT actors then it should be Eric Sheffer Stevens. He’s amazing but I don’t really see TVD being his thing…. Too bad Matt Bomer is tied up with White Collar. He is the definition of charming. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Winter onscreen every week. He’s gorgeous. They’re probably better off trying to find an unknown though.

      • Toddfan

        Forget ATWT Roger Howarth’s Todd Manning on OLTL. He took a day player role who was brought on to gang rape the shows heroin & wound up making Todd one of OLTL’s most fasinating characters. To this day he’s wanted back in the role, even though there’s a Todd onscreen. Roger also played the evil Randall Lynch in the short lived prime time show Prey on ABC.

    • Christy

      While we’re on the subject of ATWT actors I was thinking Van Hansis… especially the line about the character being “so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise”. I can definitely see Van playing him that way…

  • Audrey

    I like Joe Anderson or Gaspard Ulliel for Klaus.

    • LorE

      i just saw some photos of Gaspard and i have read the books, and i think hes fantastic for the role of Klaus..

      • jane1982

        He’s the first person I thought of.

      • Cece

        Gaspard would be great, scary more than enuff!!

      • Heidi

        YES – GASPARD ULLIEL he was sexy and very very creepy in the prequel to Silence of the Lambs.
        I get the sense they are looking for a blondie but he could always dye his hair.

      • Lily

        When I read the books, I always picture Damon as Gaspard Ulliel, not for Klaus.Klaus would be blond.so how about a natural blond like Chad Michel Murray.

  • DebY

    Whoever they cast will have a hard time beating out Daniel Gilles as Elijah. He has totally rocked!

    • B

      I agree. He’s been fantastic.

    • Nona

      I love Elijah, also. I hope Klaus doesn’t end up killing him.

    • Misspriss_1

      And Daniel as Elijah is SOOO dreamy!! This is a critical casting, no matter who they do decide to cast in the role. But then again, the role should go to someone who is super hot, to go along with Ian and Daniel!!!

  • Sophia S.

    I’d like to see James Franco as Klaus.

    • axn

      oh GOD no.

    • Jade

      At least he wouldn’t consider himself too good for the show, like a lot of mainstream actors would.

  • Ruth

    Oh my goodness, Alan Tudyk would indeed be AWESOME.
    And also, they should definitely cast Josh Jackson. I mean, not for this role, but at some point for sure.

  • K

    Sean Maher

    • Blake


  • Kate Rudolph

    What about Jack Huston? He’s great on Boardwalk Empire and he’s British so he has the accent down. Plus there is something intense but menacing about him

    • Jazz

      Jack Huston would be awesome. He also played a seductive/menacing character in the defunct ABC series Eastwick & was absolute perfect. He looks like a young Johnny Depp.

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