'Chuck' co-creator Chris Fedak answers your questions in this week's Spoiler Room

Chuck-SpoilersImage Credit: Justin Lubin/NBCChuck co-creator Chris Fedak didn’t seem too surprised that the show’s fans banded together to conquer the Spoiler Room Special Edition Poll with the fervor of 100 hungry mall-goers descending on a pile of $5 footlongs. He’s come to know the breadth of their power well. But he was still very honored.

Thus, shortly before Santa brought me an abundance of new shoes and a ton of TV on DVD, Fedak hopped on the phone  to tackle some of the inquiries you sent in. Chuck fans, I present the fruits of your voting and question-asking labors.

Janine asked: Have they decided on a name for baby Awesome yet?
Fedak tells me the answer is yes, and unfortunately it’s not Awesome Jr. or Mini-Awesome — at least officially. But do look for an upcoming episode where all the characters get into the baby name debate. Specifically, how unique it should be.

Kristin asked: Can we expect any more Awesome missions? I love watching him freak out :)
As we all do. Lucky for us he has his biggest mission to date coming up: fatherhood. After baby Awesome is born around episode 13, expect to see infant-centric plotlines (think insomnia and fecal matter) that will find our Awesomeness in a mini identity crisis. “We’re going to watch Ellie and Awesome, who are the perfect couple, having a baby [and it] is a test. Is Awesome still the most awesome guy in the world when you have a baby keeping you up for 99 percent of the night?” Fedak says.

R asked: Yay, Chuck FTW! I guess the only question I have is “When should we expect the epic proposal that seems to be coming?” But I think I can make a good guess at that.
Your guess might not be as good as you think.

Paul asked: I read a rumor that John Larroquette is coming back as Roan. True or False?
Considering the episode is called “Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible,” did you really have any doubt? He is, indeed, returning, Fedak confirms. The episode will find the team on a mission to Morocco where they are infiltrating the fortress of a Moroccan general who has a mercenary army made up of women. “Of course when you go up against a mercenary of women, you’re going to need Roan Montgomery with you.”

@Anjosie asked via Twitter: When can we expect another Sarah Walker backstory episode and can you hint us to what it will reveal?
The next one will be in the latter part in the season and will deepen the mystery about Sarah and “how she became who she is.” Hey, it ain’t much, but that Fedak is a tough nut to crack.

@excitedforchuck asked via Twitter: Is Sarah’s mom or Carina coming back this season?
The rumor has swirled around the Internet, but Fedak officially confirms that Carina (Mini Anden) will return in the Charlie’s Angels-themed episode. But you best soak it up while you can — she might not return for a while. “It’s one of those things where almost every time we break an episode, there’s a point where we say ‘…and then Carina can come in.’ The problem with our show is that we have so many wonderful characters, each episode is jam packed,” Fedak said. “Right now, it’s pretty full, but we love the character. We’d love to bring her back to the show more often.”

Luke asked: It’s been a while since we had a great Jeffster moment. More Jeffster!
Get ready to rock. The “most outrageous” Jeffster performance you’ve ever seen is coming up, says Fedak. And the version of the song that will appear in the episode is only a snippet of the full (and no doubt wonderfully ridiculous) experience. The “incredibly long version of the song, which is just outrageous and amazing” will likely be part of the season 4 DVD extras.

TVWatcher asked: Are they going to have another season next year?
When NBC picked up the show for 11 more episodes in October (for a total of 24 for the season), it was a very promising sign. But Fedak admits that he’s “not used to feeling relaxed. I have special shoes designed for walking on bubbles.”

Mary asked: SOOOO happy Chuck won the poll. Now my question: I read on IMDB that Matthew Willig is coming back as Yuri from “Chuck vs. the Tango.” Does that mean we’re going to see La Ciudad, too?
Funny story. Matthew Willig will be returning to the show, but he’s playing a different Yuri — apparently, a favorite character name for the great writing team at Chuck. He’ll be playing Yuri the Gobbler in the aptly titled episode “Chuck versus the Gobbler,” but Fedak teased: “…I won’t go into why he’s called the Gobbler — it’s because he eats people!” I don’t think he was joking.

Nicki said: Way to go Chuck fans! Any scoop is appreciated.
Okay, how about this: An upcoming episode will reveal some new — possibly vital — information info about Buy More.

Maggie asked: YAY! Love Chuck! It doesn’t get enough love. I’d like to know what’s coming up with the Volkoff storyline.
Straight to Fedak with this one: “Our team finds themselves in a terrifying situation, which may be Chuck’s worst fear.”

Programming note: The regular edition of Spoiler Room will return next week. Keep sending questions via e-mail to spoilerroom@ew.com and on Twitter to @EWSandraG.

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  • t.t

    this was a great gift thank you :D

    • angle

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  • mae

    i loved Roan! so glad he’s coming back. great spoilers for the new year! thanks!

    • Catboreal

      *SNOOPY DANCE* I can’t wait to see Roan! He’s my favorite tier 2 character.

    • Larry David

      PLEASE put something up my butt!!!! PLEASE!!

  • melissa

    Yay, thanks for all the spoilers!

    • LOL

      Love me some “Chuck,” but there wasn’t a whole lot here.

      • TJ

        For real. This is stuff I already knew for the most part.

  • Mary

    Thanks for the early New Year’s spoilers/gift, much appreciated! Can’t wait for Chuck to come back, really looking forward to Roan and Carina (and the Charlie’s Angels themed episode)!

  • sole

    Yey! Carina’s omming back! Awesome news!!!

  • chocolateislove

    Yes! Thanks for the Chuck info! I can’t wait til it comes back.

  • Diva

    Reading all of this makes me miss Chuck even more (sigh).

    • Heather P

      Yep. Been really missing Chuck.

  • Amy

    Thank you! I got very excited when I saw this and it was perfect! Just enough information to gives us what we want but leaving us wanting more! Cannot wait for Chuck to come back!

  • Lauren

    Thanks for all the spoilers! So many things I can’t wait to see. I am really looking forward to more Sarah backstory.

  • Jamey

    I love this show!! THANK YOU!!

  • Randy

    All these spoilers and more were revealed on chuckgasmic.com a month ago.

  • ZebZ

    I’m hoping that the actress attribution for Carina is a typo above, and not that Mini Arden is being replaced.

    • SirLizard

      Actually, ZebZ, you’ve got a typo… Her name is Mini Anden, not Arden.

  • Mike

    Great Jeffster and a baby. That sounds terrible.

    More spy stuff, less Buy More and baby.

  • jay

    Well yeah it confirms what has already been spoiled over the internet. It leaves me pretty cold to the next episodes and the show in general. I will wait till they air then maybe watch them. Seems the last 10 episodes are complete waste shame as i was really loving them. The whole proposal is not gonna happen was just some vehical to keep people watching. Seems clear they are breaking up chuck and sarah yet again- yawn. So much for making up for the rubbish season 3. I agree Mike jeffster are past their sell by date they are just creepy now not even funny and take away screen time from team bartowski. It is also not great they are centering the show on the B line characters the awesomes and their baby. I hope we would get cool spy couple this year but looks like sarah will become the new shaw. Oh well shame when a show gets worse by the year.

    • Thom

      I’m inclined to agree with you.

      I used to LOVE this show, but this season is lousy. Really, really lousy and, most unforgivably, it’s so BORING.

      The spy stuff isn’t exciting anymore, the comedy isn’t funny, the writing is pretty atrocious considering how clever and fun the show used to be.

      • jay

        yeah it used to be fun .. like really funny and geeky cleaver. Its too dark and too much like a soap opera drama. I find it interesting that as soon as they get an extra episode order clearly they decide to split chuck and sarah up. One of the big issues last year was the spy stuff it was way off and team bartowski just did not work together. I do not care about the awesomes they are not the show, this is not a soap opera. It should be about team bartowski trying to make more of the supporting cast pushing the main cast is really not a smart move. I would not say the start of the season was boring i actually liked most of it, it was sorta fun. I do not want another season 3. I do not find chuck and sarah at one anothers throats or cheating with other men or women that entertaining as clearly thats where its going from the spoilers.

      • Andy

        I wouldn’t call boring but there were alot of cringe worthy moment and cheesy lines by Chuck and Sarah..Lets face it, they should have just extended S2 and end it there. I feel like the failed to seize the moment and now are trying way too hard to re capture it

    • Wickeddoll

      WOW I can’t believe you guys are hating this season! I’m loving every minute of it. I think the show has been steadily improving. The only remaining stain, is “Jeffster” – it blows my mind that *anyone* can stand those insufferable twits, much less want *more* of them! Yuck. Big Mike summed up my feelings about them in last season’s finale.

      • jay

        i am hating the idea we have to got back through the will they wont they with chuck and sarah. I was hoping to see more cool spy couple as other sites such as TV Fanatic have just said in their mid season report card for chuck “With the bulk of the Chuck/Sarah relationship angst presumably behind us, we expect Chuck to step up his spy game”. Which is exactly what i hoped this is seems will not happen. Its just going to be soap opera angst for the rest of the season which i find the least interesting part of the show. I agree most of the first 10 episodes were ok. Apart from Jeffster and the whole baby awesome. I hope we would see cool spy stories and couple thats exactly not what we are getting to see the stupid soap opera back is just like god we have done this every season. It drags the show down, you would have thought they would have learned after shaw. Why they think the baby is cool to centre the show on is beyond me.

      • Kristina

        Agree! And I think people should wait to see the rest of the episodes before jumping to conclusions…as far as the baby goes, this show has always tried to balance the spy stuff with family–that struggle is a big part of the show. No they’re not main characters, but what happens to Ellie and Awesome is important to Chuck, and therefore important to the show. I’m sure they won’t go overboard with it but it could very well tie in with the mom story. Just let the writers tell the story, then judge. Remember spoilers can be deceiving, and are not to be necessarily taken in direct context. It’s his job to keep us guessing.

      • jj

        Im just sick of Sarah’s drama and crrying every otther episode. Seems like they forgot how to properly balance the show are starting to overdo some of the dramatic aspects of the show.. will still watch but will not be heartbroken if they don’t get renewed

      • jj

        Sorry bout the typos . I hate droids

      • Alana

        I agree with Wickeddoll. I mean come on. This show is boldy doing what alot of shows *cough* Bones *cough* *cough* are afraid to do. It’s moving forward, it’s shaking things up! You were all complaining about how Chuck and Sarah weren’t together in season 2? Yet now your complaining about them being together in season 4? Make up your mind! And many of you say you’re not going to watch it anymore, but yet when January 17th comes around you’ll all be sitting infront of your tv watching it. Better yet, stop complaining! If you ARE going to stop watching it then go ahead and do it! No-one’s going to care less. There’s millions of other people just in the US who heartily disagree with you. Why don’t you stop spamming boards with you whiney complaints and go cry to someone who actually gives a crap ie. the other supposed fans who whine when things don’t go they’re way.

    • receptionitis66

      the writers have already said that they won’t break up chuck and sarah because they know fans will throw a hissy fit. I still definitely nerd out for the show, it’s great!

      • Chuckfan

        Me too. Love the show, there’s so much to laugh at and I love all of the characters. Shaw was a 2 faced baddie. I was worried for Chuck while Sarah was under his spell.

    • Stephanie

      Yeah, I don’t think they will break up Chuck and Sarah. Fedak only said that the moment isn’t what is expected (probably season finale). That would be a terrible place to put it anyway, as we know she will say yes. It would be a bad cliff hanger.

    • Stephen

      @jay I really have to wonder if you read what this article said. Fedak and Schwartz have already said that they would not split up Chuck and Sarah and that fans of that relationship will be very happy.
      In this article he says. ‘R asked: Yay, Chuck FTW! I guess the only question I have is “When should we expect the epic proposal that seems to be coming?” But I think I can make a good guess at that.
      Your guess might not be as good as you think.’ There are two ways to take that most people have thought that would be in the series Finale (possibly e13) or 24 but some people who have read the synopsis for e11 think it might be then. So the idea is that the guess might not be correct is not the same that it wont happen at all.
      As to the Awesomes a lot of the fans like Ellies character and want her to do more, she helps ground the show and I still think she will get involved somehow. I dont think they would ever be described as the focus of the show they are not in every episode. I have to be honest that the Buy more and Jeffster have been not written well this year and could well do without them.
      I honestly say that i love this season and although we did have Cubic Z one of the worst we also had Anniversary, First Fight and Phase 3, 3 of the best episodes of the show to date.

      • jay

        would not disagree with those being good episodes, i thought cubic was ok i have no problems with the first half. Its more that Jeffster is really grating, baby stories sound boring. Also the thing that i really hate the idea of more soap angst that the spoilers from this site and chuckgasmic has revealed. IT just sounds really like it will not be a fun set of episodes. Sarah leaving chuck for another guy going off with other men really is not going to do her character any favours its likely to make her as hated as shaw. If it goes too far i doudt she could ever be a credible love interest for chuck i had a hard enough time after her fling with shaw this sounds like the final nail in her characters coffin.

  • Steve

    The “Chuck” creators just don’t get it. Do they really think we want to see how Awesome contends with a baby keeping him up all night? Boy, does that sound thrilling.
    And while the “Jeffsters” were funny in the first season, since then, they’ve become the most repulsive characters on television. I have to fast forward through their scenes.

    • Wickeddoll

      Gotta agree with ya on the Awesome Baby thing. Ellie & Awesome seem to be unnecessary characters, anyway, but at least they’re likable, unlike freaking Jeffster. I’ve been fast-forwarding (or muting if I’m watching live) those two since they started thinking they had talent, and Jeff became nauseatingly creepy.

      • LOL

        Baby + Jeffster = Snooze

        Bring back Kristen Kreuk!

    • SirLizard

      I like Ellie and Awesome, but Jeff and Lester are too creepy for me to enjoy. Every now and then, there will be a funny Jeffster moment, but not enough for me to like those characters.

    • Erin

      I actually like Ellie and Awesome but can’t stand the baby storyline. And I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t stand when Ellie now appears on screen, ever since the pregnancy announcement she has to touch or rub her stomach because see – she’s got a bump, she’s pregnant!!! Do we really need to have her fondle the stomach every single scene to emphasize this fact? I don’t know if it’s lame direction or the actress but it’s gotten beyond irritating.

      As for Jeff, and Lester, they’re great – in very small doses. But yes this season they have felt more redundant than usual.

      • Buffybot

        I guess you’ve never been pregnant. Every pregnant woman rubs her belly every day. It’s comforting and showing your baby that you are there for them and love them. It has nothing to do with the character emphasizing that she’s pregnant. That’s a weird gripe. I’m sorry but I’ve never had a problem with anyone on this show or any storyline. I like the way the writers write THEIR story and I’m following it every step of the way! Go Jeffster!

    • DN

      Jeff and Lester are the Norm and Cliff (see: “Cheers”) or “Chuck”. Comic relief. One of the legs upon which this show stands is comedy and those two clowns are contributors.

      This does not mean you have to like them, but their comedy contributes to this show and balances out the action/suspense and drama/romance. It’s all in the way the writers handle those two characters.

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