'Lost' and 'Heroes' top list of most pirated shows of 2010

heros2Image Credit: Chis HastonTwo shows that bid farewell in 2010 under drastically different circumstances topped the list of the most pirated television programs of the year, according to TorrentFreak.com. Lost, which wrapped after six seasons, was illegally downloaded nearly six million times, while Heroes, which NBC canceled in May after a disappointing fourth season, recorded more downloads than its average weekly television audience. (In other words, people in New Zealand were willing to break the law to watch a show NBC couldn’t give away in America for free!)

Dexter, which ranked third, also posted more pirated episodes than the Showtime hit’s lawful average viewership. The rest of the top 10 included: The Big Bang Theory, House, How I Met Your Mother, 24, True Blood, Glee, and Family Guy.

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  • kat

    Heroes? People still want to watch heroes? Idgi

    • ash.

      I admittedly watched the final season of Heroes and it was due in part to the hope that it would turn around and redeem itself. Also, I’m a huge sci-fi fan.

  • The Dude

    Some of these (like the Showtime and HBO shows) I understand, but why would someone illegally download LOST? Especially since you could watch it for free most of the year on ABC’s website or on Hulu (and, if you have Netflix, you can stream it)?

    • chezmoi

      As mentioned above, you cannot see Lost etc for free in many countries outside the USA. For example in England, you had to watch the last season of Lost on subscripiton television or buy the DVD eventually. I would love to see for instance NCIS much sooner but have to run two to three seasons behind CBS as subscription TV has first-run rights in the United Kingdom.

    • Jenna

      Because people who live outside the USA cant go on Hulu or ABC’s website. The majority of people outside of the USA have to download shows they cant watch on television.

    • Ian

      Because watching it in HD without commercials is better than watching it on ABC’s site or Hulu. It’s convenient to have in that format until the DVD’s are released. And as was stated, some places can’t see it otherwise.

  • The Turth

    Heroes… Seriously?

    • dref22

      Yes, seriously.

    • MMM


      • dref22


      • MMM

        stfu Mylar beats Noaire with a metal pipe until it’s bloody and dead, and the it regenerates because of Claire’s stupid blood so Sylar eats her brain!!!

      • dref22

        Did you even watch the show? Sylar does not eat brains! Also, Noaire can not be defeated, it survived 4 seasons! Hah!

      • MMM

        Dude, noaire is for perverts!!! Mylar celebrates men loving men in the most tormented and romantic way possible, its so beautiful!

      • MylarSucks

        Mylar appears only season ONE. But Noaire appears more four seasons. So Mylar sucks than Justin Bieber’s a$$. You better shut your f*cking talkhole.

      • MMM


        Oh he we have another pervert on our hands…

      • dref22

        Excuse me, but there is nothing wrong with father/daughter, errrr, man/woman love!!!!

        It’s not perversion, it’s true love! Serial killers don’t know what love is.

      • MMM

        There is plenty wrong….Dexter and Sylar can know and show love just like boring old Noah and blondie Clairebear!!!

      • eserei27

        Mylar >>> Noaire. Soryy, dref. Also, Noaire is perverted.

      • dref22

        BORING OLD NOAH????

        He still has it, ask Clairebear.

      • MMM

        @Eserie Thank youuuuuuuu.


      • Vavavoom


        It’s beautiful tortured romantic slash AND hot incest!!!

      • Slashy slash

        ….Padam!!! Peter and Adam!! With some Mohinder in there!!!

      • HDU

        PETLAR 4EVA

      • eserei27

        MYLAR!!! Plus, we all know HRG has a ting for Sylar anyway, so Noaire doesn’t stand a chance!

      • Vavavoom

        Padam sounds like something you should eat in an Indian restaurant.

        Mylar… let’s not go there. Balloon fetish, creepy.

        And Noaire… well nobody wants to be bald.


      • Nick

        What the hell are you people talking about? You’re all weird I do know that.

    • dref22

      Petrellicest? Ewww, that’s like real incest…Noaire is safer. And slash is so uncool!

      • Starman

        Yup. Slash sucks. Boo!

        Incest… not so bad. Especially if Claire was my sister!

    • Voice of reason

      I think there should just be an orgy.

      • HDU

        HEAR! HEAR!

      • MMM


      • eserei27

        best idea yet!

      • dref22

        In the name of hornrimmedglasses, I agree!

      • Vavavoom

        I’m with you on that!

        Just… no pigeons.

    • the minister

      Having perused btjunkie’s top listings a time or two, I can tell you this: the average TV pirate is a geek with GODAWFUL taste… a “SyFy geek” if you will.

      Of course it should be said that a large majority of the people with the very best taste are also geeks.

  • CN

    People from all over the world download shows they can’t watch in their own country, because they don’t air there at all or because they’re not on tv until several months later. What’s free in the US isn’t that accessible everywhere else.

    • ash.

      True. The same is true here in the US some of the shows that I enjoy are international (i.e. Korean). The only way that I am able to watch them is online because they’re not airing on television.

  • orangekiwi

    even though it shouldnt happen, people in nz do download only because our networks are extremely slow at getting us some of the shows. For example we have only just got Castle and Sons of Ancharcy…..it totally bites….

  • Connor

    In Australia, Glee and Ellen Degeneres are about the only shows that air the same day as the U.S. The final season of Lost aired a couple of weeks behind. SVU is shown about 6 months behind.

    • the minister

      I’d be a lot more sympathetic if you said you just got The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

      • Connor

        Haha I dont watch Glee or Ellen, just making a point! Does it help if I say we got the wire about a in 2009 and Mad Men around the same time?

  • Emily

    Shows like Lost and Dexter are understandable. The plotlines are all over the internet straight after an episode has aired so for people who spend time online it’s all too easy to be spoiled. Especially for those who live in countries where the show either doesn’t air or there is a large delay between that country and the US airing dates. Some networks seem to have caught onto this and are releasing episodes internationally the next day via iTunes, it’s a shame more shows can’t do this as it would likely save them money as viewers would be less likely to illegally download.

    • Jonathan

      You’re absolutely right. I download shows from iTunes when I can, but otherwise it’s very difficult when you cant see programs that other countries see for free just because our greedy networks decide to hold them off.

      • Yournotsosmart

        why would i buy or download a show @ itunes when i can freely download it from torrents? In much faster speed as well :D

  • Ryan

    I download bootlegs because when its in AVI format I can wirelessly send it to my PS3 and watch it off my HDTV vs. my computer screen. Also no ads. Much nicer. I mainly bootleg what isn’t on DVD yet, like cancelled shows I never got around too or I will soon be doing “Third Watch: Season 3″. Watching the DVDs of the show. Never watched before. If they won’t rush out the next season, I will bootleg it.

  • Apostate

    “Heroes”?! That craptastic series? For the love of all that’s holy,why?

  • ilaam

    Vavavoom you’re a person after my own heart. Love them Petrelli Boys

  • kaal

    “Lost” returns this month! Yeah! Oh wait. DANG I MISS “LOST”!!!!!

  • Delon

    I download eveything! I mean EVERYTHING!!! I’m a TV addict and I no longer live in the States, so in order to get my fix properly torrents are God send. Although 99% of quality American TV is on here in Turkey (NBC has a national channel here called CNBC-e which airs non-NBC shows like Desperate Houseviwes, Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, The Boardwalk Empire, Justified, etc. and there are subscription channels that show everthing you can imagine from Glee, True Blood, DWTS to Dr.90210 to Kathy Griffin, to ANTM), they are just slightly behind for one or two months. I have to watch them as soon as possible after they aired in the States(which i download here 6 hours after they air) and come here to the EW blogs and read the recaps and post my opinionated comments. God bless those who put up these torrents on the net.

  • Chris

    I’d pay to watch Dexter weekly if the cable/satellite providers in my area were even remotely fair. I can’t even add most of the “premium” content without first increasing my basic cable ($30/month) to their VIP packages ($85+), and then paying X dollars more over and above that.

  • eddiesteel

    Showtime keeps making amazing programming that nobody in the world is willing to pay for. What a sad, silly little network.

  • Nick

    I don’t think its illegal for me to download a show that I already pay a satellite or cable company money to watch TV through anyway. These people need to get with the times, cause if I am already paying 70 a month to watch basic freaking cable, then I am definately not going to pay for the DVDs of something I missed. I’ll just download them thank you very much and watch through my xbox.

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