John Roberts switches to FOX News

john-robertsImage Credit: Joe Kohen/WireImage.comJohn Roberts, the veteran newsman who co-hosted CNN’s American Morning for three years, is joining the competition. “We are excited to welcome John to FOX News,” said Michael Clemente, senior vice president of news editorial for Fox News, in a statement. “His reputation as a skilled journalist with years of notable experience in the field will be a valuable addition to our news programming.”

Roberts spent 14 years with CBS News before joining CNN in 2006. Last month, CNN had announced that Roberts would leave American Morning, as the show was revamped to be more “upbeat and faster-paced.”

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  • bluegardenia

    I cannot believe that Roberts is joining FOX NEWS!!! My opinion has just dropped from a very positive to zero. He’s Canadian from my city. I will never watch him again.

    • Ronnie

      I love it!!! Get off the sinking ship…!!! MSM a.k.a. liberal meida is on the way down. John is the canary in the coal mine!!!

      • Breckster82

        lol @ “liberal media.” such a stupid, pointless phrase.

      • M

        Hey Ronnie, get it right… it’s MSN, not MSM… and it’s spelled “MEDIA” not “MEIDA”.

      • Elizabeth

        Wasn’t he on CNN…

        Ahh, that good ol’ fact checking of the right strikes again!

    • LauraT

      A Canadian on Fox News? He’ll have to whack himself with the stupid hammer a few times to fit in. Mind you, having accepted the job already, he probably already has used the hammer.

    • jk

      Isn’t if funny that everyone seems to think that his personal politics are the same as the company that employs him? Really? Do you have the same politics as your employer? Does everyone where you work have the same political ideology as your employer? He’s a journalist/news anchor. He is not supposed to be politically biased. He is there to deliver the news. Grow up people.

      • CJones

        it is known from internal memos that even if they have different politics personally they still have to spout the right wing talking points of their top bosses. There are clips with all the anchors saying the same phrases word for word. You know the owner of Fox let the news division donate 1,000,000 in the recent election to the republicans, right?

      • misha

        And you know this because you’ve seen these memos and authenticated them or just because you heard it from someone or read it on the internet?

      • sgillesp

        Seriously? You don’t believe those memos? Have you not seen the clips of Fox personality after Fox personality saying *the exact same thing*? Sorry: it’s clear that the Fox personalities are given the public positions to represent – and it’s doubtful someone would go there if they didn’t expect to do that.

    • Nathaniel Simmons

      his contract was not renewed with CNN dude

  • CC

    Wow,I am shocked, the last I read he was hoping to relocate to Atlanta w.CNN to be close to Kyra who is giving birth to their twins in April.

    • dorothy

      When are they going to get married?

  • Alex

    “His reputation as a skilled journalist with years of notable experience in the field will be a valuable addition to our news programming.”

    Good. That will make one journalist on FOX News.

  • misha

    Let the hate begin…

    • Alex

      It’s FOX News…what’s not to hate? ;)

  • shoeman12

    Gotta love “open minded” liberals who discredit the man for switching to Fox News. Maybe he wants some money for his talents as opposed to being stuck in the toilet that is CNN and the other liberal news networks?

    • Jen E.

      Just because a news network isn’t right-wing biased does not make it “liberal”. The facts are the facts and they are not on FOX News.

      • Ken Yerty

        Jen E., I agree!!

    • Ken Yerty

      Shoeman12: I’ll betcha CNN was not too unhappy with losing John Roberts, especially after he scolded sweet, adorable Kiran Chetry on camera. That was awkward. Kiran should have not been talking while John was interviewing someone, but on the other hand he could have done it on camera in a nicer way.

  • couchgrouch

    yikes…mouths to feed make for crazy deeds.

  • pat

    Well, I won’t miss his annoying know-it-all and politically biased smirk anymore!!

  • Joan

    What the hey…can’t give support for that, especially if it is his choice.

  • PolishRifle

    Welcome to the “A” team, Johnny!

  • kevin

    I wonder if any of the FoxNews haters actually watch it?

    • Ronnie

      No Obama told them not to watch ….so they don’t. You know them being the free thinkers they are….

    • BJG

      Actually, I do…just not on a regular basis. I don’t because, much like every news outlet these days, they interject their opinion in EVERY show. Including the news programs. I have no problem with people having opinions, but I do have a problem when the opinion is interjected into supposedly “unbiased” news reporting and caused the audience to be subliminally brainwashed to the opinion of said “unbiased” reporting.

      But, hey, good for John Roberts. Maybe he’ll be able to bring the conversation at Fox up a level. maybe.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    LOL I love how it is the 10 people who are watching CNN that are freaking out about this.

    Roberts is going where the money and viewers are, and they aren’t at CNN, MSNBC, ABC or CBS.

    • He just has to give up his integrity in exchange for said money and exposure. It’s pathetic.

      • tebow

        I’m rubber your glue whatever bounces off me sticks to you…

    • Breckster82

      considering that more people watch HBO, the “viewers” aren’t on Fox, either.

    • ldcolb

      I see that you have been bitten on the neck,too.


    I think it’s great, actually. They need more people report news instead of opinion all the time. I wish him luck.

  • Gail

    John Roberts, who many Canadians will remember as JD Roberts on Much Music, has just made a wonderful career move!! Has he finally seen the political light?

    • sue

      He lost his job at CNN and the market for high paying national news anchors is probably pretty tight so I think he saw a well paying job opening. All of the people on here who say he’s a sell out or whatever are such hypocrites. Like they wouldn’t do the same. Also, he’s a news anchor not and will not be on the “opinion” shows like Olbermann and O’reilly. Yes, those are opinion based not news/reality based.

  • JPX

    Yeah, he always looked like a Republican, you know, smarmy. He’s joining the Republican propaganda machine, huh? Way to lose one’s dignity. Can you imagine wanting to be associated with Beck and Palin?

    • rt

      Wow you are so enlightened and smart…. now go back to praying the the great MSNBC god in the sky my little lemming.

    • Gail

      one will often resort to personal attacks when all reasonable arguments are beyond their grasp.

      • rt

        Wow you are so enlightened and smart…. now go back to praying the the great MSNBC god in the sky my little lemming.

  • gill

    ummm, he needed a job and again cnn is trying to “revamp ” their morning show. Fox may suck, but what was he supposed to do. He was passed over when Dan Rather left (thats worked out well!!) and now he”d probably be downgraded to “special reports” like many another former host. He chose to take control of his career rather than let cnn control it. I’m starting to hate them!

    • Ken Yerty

      gill: Well, one good thing about John Roberts joining Fox is that now he can live with/or close to Kyra, who I love to watch on CNN. She seems like a little sweetheart and I hope she and John have a good marriage/ relationship.

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