Must-see 'Hoarders' finale preview: Man hoards rats

Next week’s season finale of A&E’s Hoarders goes to a whole new couch-cringe level with a man who has collected more than 2,500 rats.

Meet this real-life Willard — he’s single, ladies! — in an exclusive TV Insider preview below:

Here’s a second clip. Because you know you need to know more.

I’m still traumatized by the season opener of Hoarders that featured a woman who collected (among many, many other things) the skeletal remains of her deceased cats and her own poop (she neatly bundled the excrement in hundreds of plastic bags — because, you know, that makes it better).

The rat-tastic Hoarders finale airs Monday, Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. on A&E? Will you watch?

UPDATE: A reader below points out that the rats were taken to a local shelter and put up for adoption. Finding this both hilarious and rather life affirming, emailed A&E to see if true. Spokesperson says, yes, the rats were put up for adoption and that “many found homes.”

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  • Tajah

    Wow. Just wow.

  • autie

    I will NEVER complain about my neighbors making too much noise again. His poor neighbors have to have rats too. No way can he keep them contained to just his house. ewwwww.

    • Liss

      I know this man and he lives in the middle of now where and doesnt have neighbors very close by at all.

      • mountainbliss

        can someone tell me how to contact glen (the rat man)? i think he is very attractive and sensitive. i would like to write to him.

  • Ed

    I used to watch this show because I felt like the people on it were relatively normal folks who just became overwhelmed with their issues–I saw myself in some of their stories and sympathized with them. After a while, though, the people became more and more bizarre, and it was clear that the show was exploiting them. Very few of the worst ones get “cured,” and I stopped watching the freak show before this season began.

    • Abby

      I feel the same way. I hope it is just chance that the last few people featured were overly mentally challenged. I hope it returns to more normal folks who are clearly struggling with depression and other issues and just need someone to care/help.

    • Coco

      I also stopped watching, the show has become horrifying. The people featured are all in crisis and clearly mentally unstable and you watch these so called experts spend hours trying to get these people to let go of a single piece of trash when the house is bursting with bags of feces.

    • Salla Malla

      Yeah, I have noticed the same trend and feel much the same way. On last night’s episode there was this woman, clearly not in her right mind, abusing hundreds of animals, and the “team” kept pussyfooting around and trying to appease her. WTH? Call Animal Control! These animals are being abused! And don’t trot this tragedy out as educational. Pure voyeurism and exploitation at this point.

      • AJ

        actually watched not even 1 complete show once i realized what it was about, i am not a true hoarder but i do collect things and knew early on what could happen if out of control, and also knew that hoarders have real issues that should be dealt with and not used for profit

  • Karen

    I knew as soon as I clicked on the link that I would regret it. I was right.


    The rats are like an undulating mass on the floor. This wins gross award of the day.


  • lettergirl

    hells yeah!!! now, who is gonna get this dude? dr. tonya harding or st. matt?! can’t wait!!!

    • Kyle

      BEST COMMENT EVER!!! Dr. Zasio/Tonya Harding is the best…her two-toned hair always makes me smile.

      And you are totally right about St. Matt…the man is a saint. I can’t believe what he puts up with…I almost died the day he said “I can’t poop on a gift then give it to ya!” Priceless!

  • Mia

    I wouldn’t watch this if you paid me. Very rarely have I been rendered mute. This is just…

  • JPX

    WHy hasn’t that house been condemned yet? I can’t believe that this guy hasn’t succumb to disease. He should be housed in a psychiatric residential community.

    • Liss

      This man lives alone and keeps to himself… these are pet rats, so disease is not as high as in wild rats. He is in bad shape since he lost his wife a few years back…

      • heather

        Liss…I think it is nice you are sticking up for him, people are clueless sometimes, I love rats and have seen many situations get out of control, thats all this is an out of control situation

    • Lady Sharona

      Contrary to popular belief rats are clean animals. During the middle ages it was FLEAS that caused the plague. People were unhygenic back then and contracted fleas as a waqy of life. There is atemple devoted to rats in Cambodia and over hundreds of years and millions of rats no-one has ever gotten ill. You are more likely to get sick from cats as their feces carries many diseases, and can be lethal to unborn fetuses.

  • Ben

    Awwww, they’re cute!

  • Maura

    Because I can’t bear to watch…are they pets? Or, uh, feral rats?

    • Donna

      They are domesticated pet rats.

  • Sarah

    I live in San Jose where 1000 of the rescued rats were taken after the Hoarders clean-up. Local animal welfare organizations have been taking care of the rats and many have been put up for adoption already. So at least there is a somewhat happy ending for some of those involved in this horrible situation.

    • Eolra

      Yay! My first thought was “Oh no! I hope they don’t exterminate the rats!” Glad to know many were rescued :)

    • jack hart

      hmm, i wonder if they became “pet food” for snake owners in the area.

      • London

        Highly doubt that. The rescue is top-notch, with applications, fees, visits, etc., in place like any proper rescue should have.

      • Burt

        Nope, they are all domesticated pet rats, and by the looks of the trailer they are pretty tame & friendly.

      • Lois

        NO! None of these rats ended up as pet food for snakes! They would have been unsuitable as some were treated for various ailments and/or fleas. And, NSR is a RESCUE organization, they don’t rescue animals so other animals can eat them!

  • mo

    OMG! how can anyone live like that .the guy is lucky he is not sick.This is the worst thing I have seen on horders yet.

    • jojo

      You people apall me! Rats do not carry disease and can not make people ill! A rat is more likely to get ill from a person! I can’t beleive how many closed minded people there are in this world who have no idea what wonderful pets rats make when kept properly!

      • dave

        bubonic plague, hantavirus and leptospirosis but only sick rodents can make you sick. The key phrase here is, “what wonderful pets rats make when kept properly!”

      • Laura

        They can make people ill, ask a 6yo that spent 2wks in hospital with “rat bite fever” he was never bitten. It was from the saliva of his very friendly pet rats. No blanket statement covers all pets and there are risks with each species, domesticated or not.

      • Cheyanne

        agreed. I adore rats, and am currently trying to save up to get them and their supplies. I loooooovee the hairless and dumbo rats!

      • Lois

        THANK YOU JO JO, I couldn’t agree more. Kids carry more disease and filth than most animals anyway. Rats have a bad rap because they are seen as sneaky, devious and dirty. None of that is true.

  • Pisces228

    I’ve had pet rats for the last seven years. Usually two at a time. They’re definitely smart and have distinct personalities. One time, one of my rats was ill and couldn’t climb to the top shelf of her cage. The other rat literally slept on the bottom level with the sick rat all night long to comfort her. Incredibly sensitive. My two current rats, however, are little stinkers who like to nip, so they don’t get taken out of their cage very much. But when you live in a three-story luxury cage, is staying inside really such a burden?

  • Maria

    Pet rats aren’t a problem; I have 2 pet rats myself and they’re actually very sweet and clean animals. This is WAY out of control though. Anybody that has that many animals has major, major issues.

  • DotDotDot

    I used to watch this show but found myself feeling like the energy was being sucked right out of me everytime I had it on, so I can’t watch anymore.

    • Steph

      Can’t watch this either. I know the people sign up for the show but it seems exploitive, like sitting in on someone’s personal therapy sessions.

  • Ashley

    This is a clear case of someone who had unaltered rats of different genders and the breeding began. A female rat can pop out a litter of 12+ rats about once a month, and they become fertile at around 6 weeks old. So part of this is his problem with hoarding animals… and part is the fact that they were procreating too fast for him to do anything about.

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