Daniel Tosh at TCA: 'I'm not sexist or racist, I just like the jokes'

This is a tough argument to make, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh: “I’m not a misogynistic and racist person,” the very un-PC Comedy Central personality tells critics at TCA. “But I do find those jokes funny, so I say them.”

In other words: He’s not racist, he just plays one on TV. And he doesn’t even really do that, does he? Tosh manages to get away with some of the most envelope-pushing jokes around; lines that would draw outraged headlines coming from almost any other TV personality. Something about that big grin and his “I’m just playing” demeanor manages to dial back the edge — at least, in the court of public opinion. Plus, he smartly contextualizes his jokes, especially during the very on-point segment titled “Is It Racist?” He’s just asking, he explains (though typically the answer is a firm “yes”).

Interestingly, racist/sexist (and let’s not forget homophobic) punchlines are not usually the point of his content conversations with Comedy Central. “They don’t like making fun of children, handicaps, and women getting hit,” Tosh says. “They don’t like people to be lit on fire. Other things fly by.”

Asked if such content discussions are getting any easier as the show continues, Tosh says, “It’s a fight every week.”

“Lord knows what they’re going to be offended by,” he says. “It’s never like we think it’s going to be. Usually we just make it a lot worse and they’re all, ‘Oh, that’s better.’ Once they say ‘yes’ to something one time, our own show becomes the defense.”

Tosh.0, which returns for its third season on Jan. 11, has climbed in the ratings with each season and last summer surpassed media darling The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in total viewers. Producers are still going after the infamous Star Wars Kid for its popular Web Redemption segment, but they haven’t landed him yet. Tosh says he would “love to leave Comedy Central” (semi-jokingly) “but not anytime soon.”

“I’m not a good actor,” he says. “I can play myself and a much gayer version of myself. That’s my range.”

What do you think: Does Tosh’s humor go too far?

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  • lefty

    “I can play myself and a much gayer version of myself.” I love it.

    • Alexis

      mee too ! haha, heck I love Uncle Daniel !

  • wearelostbeth

    it’s sometimes edgy, usually just makes you groan and say ‘oh no he didn’t say that’ but he’s hilarious, and his gee golly did i say that aloud demeanor is adorable

    • Meghan

      While I agree, we wouldn’t be saying that if he were ugly. Or even just not quite so good-looking.

    • the minister

      He’s pretty much a giant ass bereft of compassion for anyone outside his privileged upper middle/upper class white SoCal background…
      but he’s pretty damn funny, and that makes up for a lot.

      • the minister

        note: my problems with Tosh apply a lot more to his stand-up than Tosh.0

      • John

        He’s actually from Florida

      • JaneWonderfalls

        He’s actually from Florida not Cali.

      • NRL

        Yeah he’s German born, raised outside of Orlando. And makes references to growing up poor. Of course he’s rich now.

      • RickFive

        Dude grew up poor as hell. stfu. Black comics make white jokes all the time and as long as its funny, I laugh…a lot!

  • solsbury

    This show is hysterical.

  • Tyler

    Daniel Tosh is easily the funniest person on tv. My wife will usually get up and walk out when I am watching Tosh.O, but that’s only after she has cracked up at his inappropriate jokes. I love that nobody is safe from his jokes. We need more people like him on tv.

    • Female33us

      I watch Tosh.0 with my husband and we both enjoy it. It’s always neat to see what he laughs at, what I laugh at and what we both find funny. He doesn’t leave anything or anyone out. His humor is refreshing and at times stupid . However I’m glad he’s out there and I hope he continues to do what he does best!

    • Leanne

      Except their are some people who are safe from his jokes and that’s white straight men. I don’t find discrimination funny, I find it disgusting, especially in the form of a joke. And what about Ellen, someone who doesn’t joke about minorities?? Oh wait, she’s a woman, so she doesn’t count as someone funny right, because she has a vagina? Yeah, that makes sense, NOT!

      • Ken

        Finally! Some common sense!

      • dave

        He doesn’t go after straight white males? You’ve obviously never watched Tosh.0! He plays up the redneck angle.

        Hardly fair to comment if you’ve never seen the show, is it?

      • Come on

        You’re right. There aren’t enough comics out there that make white straight men the butt of their jokes.

      • Ryan

        “Is that Pitt-kum?” Just the first thing that came to my head about him joking about straight people “Brad Pitt and David Beckham” – Then there is making fun of web redempton straight men… who just do dumb things. So, stop taking your entitled self so seriously or call a therapist if you cant.

  • Manny

    I do not believe his humor goes so far. I’ve seen far worse on different shows. Its comedy. Thats all it is.

  • K

    Love him! If you can’t find something to laugh about on Tosh.0, you’re lacking a sense of humor. Keep up the funny!

  • Nancy

    His show is hilarious! People are so sensitive anymore, his show isn’t afraid to put out there.

    • Kardee

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  • quarsom

    Personally, my family loves Tosh! I am so happy to see something un-PC and be able to laugh. He makes me laugh every week. GO TOSH!

  • Jay

    Tosh.0 does NOT go too far.

    Maybe if more shows pushed the envelope like this just a little bit, our society wouldn’t be so touchy about everything.

    • Akshay

      Cheryl Harvey – Val and Dan what a wonderful dedwing and so much fun. The pictures are absolutely fabulous! What a great couple! As always remember Uncle Glenn and I are always available for counseling . . . or just to get together. Love you both.June 10, 2010 9:10 am

    • Raj

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  • S

    This is exactly why I love Daniel Tosh. I was a huge fan of his stand up before Tosh.O and love his off color jokes. People take themselves and entertainers too seriously. If a joke is funny, I’ll laugh. It doesn’t mean that’s my political stance or some social commentary or a personal bias. I just like laughing.

  • mephysto

    If its funny, then yes, it is tolerable.. and Tosh is one funny dude

  • ashley

    The show is hilarious. I don’t mind his jokes because he makes fun of EVERYONE – including rich people, white people, men, Democrats, etc.

    • Berfin

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  • Sara J

    Ugh, I hate Tosh. His jokes are just CRUEL – it’s one thing to “push the envelope” if you’re trying to make a legitimate point through humor, but just being sexist/racist/whatever because it’s “funny” is disgusting. FAIL.

    • Jay

      As the only one here who had anything negative to say, you are clearly one of these over-sensitive people that need to get over this nonsense.

      He is a COMEDIAN… telling JOKES. If that upsets you, I feel very sorry for you. I wonder if you know how to have any fun at all

      • yawnzorz

        Sara J most likely knows how to have fun without laughing at jokes that don’t make sense without relying on racist assumptions.

        I can understand how this might be difficult for you to grasp, being really racist and all.

    • What, What, In The…

      His jokes are cruel if you’re a PC pansy like yourself who doesn’t know how to take a joke, and was obviously never taught the line about sticks and stones. Grow up and pull the stick out! Try enjoying life rather than just waking up each day looking for something that offends you. And if you don’t like it, don’t watch! there’s millions of us out here with a sense of humor that will keep this show on the air.

      • Alonte

        Boooo it’s everywhere we dont have to look you obviously never learned empathy it’s just pathetic. Black comedians don’t use stereotypes and ALL white comedians do. your “sense of humor” is just passive racism in denial

      • john

        Alonte, black comedians do use stereotypes. look at richard pryor’s and dave chappelle’s impersonations of the stereotypical white person. they use the stereotypical white accent and say stereotypically white things. don’t give me any of your BS.

      • Dan

        OMG! I LOVE when they do the “white guy” impersonation. Black people and other races are so much better at making fun of white people than we are, because we don’t know what to make fun of. We think most of the stuff we do is just normal, until we see a black dude making fun of it–usually in an obviously joking manner.
        I would think other races would have similar appreciation for humor pointed at them. Would hate for them to miss out.

    • dj atomica

      then DON’T watch his show….

      • dj atomica


      • Alonte

        And that solves the problem because…

      • joe m

        um, alonte, are you kidding me? black comedians don’t use stereotypes? have you ever watched richard pryor or chris rock?

        people like you that think tosh.o or shows like southpark are “racist” are missing the point.

        to put it in more simple terms that you can understand, people like you are STUPID

      • Alonte

        Good one I thought I was speaking to adult. Let my stupidity educate you the jokes are never pointed at you so you can never say there not offensive you have 1 perspective outside looking in and I’m telling you that perspective doesn’t matter. For example you can never say being shot doesn’t hurt when you have never been shot you can try and tell everyone but you just look like a moron no one on this page has been shot and everyone is saying it doesn’t hurt. Plus how are you going to tell me what and what not to be offended by. Who are you? No one important. You guys are oblivious

      • joe m

        OH NO YOU DIN’T!! seriously alonte, get a life and a sense of humor. you also don’t know what it’s like when Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle makes fun of white people, and guess what? I do, because I’m white. and guess what else? I DONT GIVE A DAMN BECAUSE ITS A JOKE. So yes, I have the same perspective as you. get a life

      • Alonte

        INCOMPETENT BASTARD! What part offended you? By implying your wealth? Or proper grammar? Of course your not offended. The jokes made about you guys arn’t even close to the ones made about us your perspective isn’t even close. A 4 year 6 billion dollar war was for? White people telling us whats racist and what isn’t forcing their opinion on us. What’s racist is racist no one gives a damn who says it or about their demeanor. Moron

      • john

        Hey Alonte, way to contribute to the stereotype that black people don’t use proper grammar. If you’re going to try to make an intelligent argument, at least convey your argument intelligently. Anyway, I’m out. This is over.

      • Alonte

        What? No ones talkin to you John, you can’t just join and tell me when it’s over. This is the very reason everyone hates America. Grammar? Really? I just pointed out that a 6 billion dollar war was for nothing, and you have the audacity to speak on my grammar? I cannot believe you. Socially you guys are thee worst. It’s a shame that your mom and dad taught you stereotypes but not to give a damn.

      • Crona

        Mr. Alonte, I would like to direct your attention to your previous reply to Joe.

        “Alonte |3/16/11, 4:19 am|
        INCOMPETENT BASTARD! What part offended you? By implying your wealth? Or proper grammar?”
        >proper grammar

        Then I would like you to reread your posts, which seem to be lacking in the proper grammar department.
        This is why John brought up grammar.

      • Alonte

        All i said is, its implied white people have proper grammer NOT that black people dont. He said i contributed to the “black people dont have proper grammer” stereotype. As if this is going to read in the new york times or something. all what matters is you understand what i mean. Plus how does this help anything? Its still offencive these guys still arnt going to comprehend there opinion is useless and imma continue to not care about grammer and misuse it on purpose this whole grammer thing thing is a waste of space

      • Charles

        When Daniel Tosh tells a racist joke about black people, he is not making fun of black people, he is making fun of white people and the way that many of them think about black people. It’s not for everyone. If most people like your act, you’re a hack aiming at the lowest common denominator. Tosh likes to extend jokes until nobody thinks it’s funny. Which is why his fans love him.

    • CPB

      He’s not offensive…just another hack who’s desperate to be labled edgy. He can’t get away with being funny, so he’ll resort to the worst. Even if it means the most tired subjects in the buisness: race, sex, sexual orientation…ugh. The self-satisfied smirk everytime he tells a joke also makes me want to punch him in the face. Hacks reign supreme in the US, so it’s no surprise.

      • William

        Who are you to judge what’s funny and what’s not? Apparently a large amount of people tend to find him funny.

        The “self-satisfied smirk” you refer to is more than likely him being happy that he is making people laugh. That is what comedians do. And being satisfied that people are laughing is acceptable.

        Stand up comedy, just like music, movies etc.. etc.. is subjective. If you don’t like him. Don’t watch him, or listen to him, or click links that have his name in it.

        “Hacks reign supreme in the US”? May I ask where you’re from?

      • Leanne

        I so badly agree. Discrimination of minorities is no joke, if you laugh at him then you’re laughing in the faces of oppressed people, and that’s just a prick of a thing to do.

    • Leanne

      I agree with you. I know one type of person who loves Tosh.0, white suprematists. Discrimination is no joke

      • BadFish

        Wrong. So wrong. This is how the races as a whole are brought together. Throwing off the shackles of social norms brings everyone together. It’s why black comedians love to see white people at their shows..it makes them feel like they are bridging racial relations at least in some small part.

        I would argue that Dave Chappelle created more common ground between races (in the context of racial humor) than any figure there is. Daniel Tosh is basically the reverse of a typical “black comedian.” I’m not belittling black comedians that have that comedy style by the way I’m complimenting them.

  • MsSuniDaze

    His show is hysterical. There are times many ‘wow…did he just say that?’ moments, but it doesn’t stop me from laughing.

    • MsSuniDaze

      grrr…. I don’t know where that ‘times’ came from.

  • What, What, In The…

    Daniel tosh is a comic genius. Every show makes me laugh hysterically, and the things that people get offended by are the funniest things on the show. People are too uptight these days about race, sexual orientation, gender, etc, and don’t know how to take a freaking joke. The fact the Tosh basically craps on political correctness is what is so refreshing about him, and why he is easily the funniest thing on TV, followed, in my opinion by Modern Family, whose writers are not afraid to take stereotypes (of which most are originated in some truth) and make them funny.

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