Exclusive: Discovery, Catholic Church team for exorcism series

Discovery Channel is teaming with the Vatican for an unprecedented new series hunting the deadliest catch of all: Demons.

The Exorcist Files will recreate stories of real-life hauntings and demonic possession, based on cases investigated by the Catholic Church. The project includes access into the Vatican’s case files, as well as interviews with the organization’s top exorcists — religious experts who are rarely seen on television.

“The Vatican is an extraordinarily hard place to get access to, but we explained we’re not going to try to tell people what to think,” says Discovery president and GM Clark Bunting.

Bunting says the investigators believe a demon can inhabit an inanimate object (like a home) or a person. The network executive says he was initially skeptical when first meeting the team but was won over after more than three hours of talks.

“The work these folks do, and their conviction in their beliefs, make for fascinating stories,” Bunting says.

If the show’s first season is successful, the network hopes its partnership with the Church will pave the way for producers GoGo Luckey to take the series to the next level — joining Catholic investigators on live demon-purging ride-alongs. (Move over, Syfy’s Ghost Hunters.)

Exorcist Files marks one of two new series coming to the network and first reported by EW. The other is the intriguing Disappeared (working title), produced by Pilgrim Films, which will test whether its possible to really “go off the grid,” as contestants ditch their identities and attempt to hide anywhere in the world from a team of trackers. More details on Disappeared here.

The Exorcist Files will debut this spring on Discovery Channel; an exact date has not yet been set.

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  • Scyllaya

    Well I call this an effect of Supernatural(tv show)! :D

  • Peter

    I have a friend who’s a priest. He says exorcisms are really quite boring.

    • egghead

      That’s because they’re salving schitzophrenic personalities. Which was what was called possessed before we learned to think. Linda Blair is not in the building. Why don’t we just use leaches to cure epilepsy, or just bleed someone to cure aids. The wisdom and truth of the catholic church can be seen in all it’s grand accomplishments for the greater good of humanity, which beyond gaudy cathedrals and golden robe encrusted popes, doesn’t go very far beyond converting more to it’s self feeding organization.

      • Exorcisms are dumb, but come on

        Yes, the Catholic Church is entirely self-serving and only interested in converting people. Who cares about all the charities it funds, the nuns who work their butts off their entire lives to serve others, the attempts at ecumenical outreach, the parishioners who donate their time and money to strangers who are unhappier or poorer than they are, etc etc etc etc. The important take-away here is that hundreds of years ago, people in Europe built ridiculously fancy cathedrals, and hundreds of years further back, they started dressing their popes in fancy robes. Look man, the Catholic Church has made a lot of mistakes – it’s nearly 2000 years old and operated during a lengthy period of time when people were pretty much uneducated. The modern Church has made mistakes too, but I personally would argue that it does more good than harm. Individual priests have done some terrible things, and I don’t agree with all Church policy myself, but it’s a supremely charitable organization. Oh, and side note – I have never, ever met a Catholic who was out to covert anybody. Catholics do not go door to door or anything like that. I’m sure the Church is happy to accept new converts, but in my experience, nobody actively goes out and purues potential converts. Maybe that’s incorrect in other parts of the world, but it’s been my experience around Catholics.

      • Exorcisms are dumb, but come on

        Oops, pardon me – that penultimate line should have “pursues” instead of “purues”.

      • Jason

        Egghead, Jackson is right. Plus, the Catholic Church gave us the university and health care system, the greatest artists and musicians of all time, and the best selling book of all time, the Bible. Modern figures like Mother Teresa, and millions unknown to us witness to true love, the love and true peace that Christ brings into the world.

      • robert simon

        The Catholic Church has done more for humanity than it could ever be repaid for….now Atheists and agnostics and secular humanists are another story…

      • Robert C

        My publisher just sent my book to the printer last Dec. It is called Unseen Forces. I can tell you for sure demons can inhabit material things.

      • DavenCA

        Unseen Forces… a work of fiction no? Or was your word processor possessed?

      • DrEdu

        I think you should spend at least one month doing the holy work priests, nuns and Catholic people do for those in need before you write ignorant statements such as the one you posted. Else, you can continue spewing ignorance while you live in materialistic comfort.
        Your choice.

      • Ezra

        egghead – You have no idea what you are talking about. Demonic infestation is as real as the air you breath. I have been involved in it myself quite a bit. If you had ever had the opportunity to see and experience what I have experienced you would probably messed yourself. This stuff is very real and very dangerous. The real thing is certainly not “salving schitzophrenic personalities”.

      • Fionnagh

        Suggest you read The Victory of Reason. I, too, am considered an “egghead,” and I found the book enlightening, to say the least. Gave me a profound respect for the Roman Catholic Church.

      • senyu

        alot of good and bad has come from the cathlic church…..which is greater is personal opinion on the limited facts u as a individual know. a demons exist but not in the sense cathlics believe i think, research online anything related to paranormal and youd be surprized what you find. but be careful of the scams and fakes. they give it a bad name like roving supposed medical docters in the day selling cureall medicine

      • Patron

        Egghead. Your soul is more rotten than the smelliest old egg.

      • Ann

        A bona fide egghead wouldn’t use “it’s” to denote possession. And I don’t mean demonic possession.

      • John MacManes

        Yes, many grand accomplishments… Such as crusades which slaughtered millions of innocents… the raping of innocent children by its “priests”… the list goes on and on!

      • Patrick

        Clearly you are a Catholic hater. A jew too?

      • elliot

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. You probably have a demon… (they don’t like to be “found”). Anyone who dabbles in the occult, fortune telling, drugs, hypnosis are very vulnerable to spiritual oppression and control.

      • msbitterwisdom

        the bible started off as the torah. so it was the jews who gave us the bible and the bible isn’t complete there are many testaments cut out by the church because they conflicted with what they wanted to teach.

      • Gabriel

        Dear Senyu, nothing bad comes from the Catholic Church, there is nothing evil or perverse ideology in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is the actions of so called Catholics or protestants that do bad things. The Church is Christ and he is ever Holy. The Church is Christ’s body and we are members of that body and some of us fail to follow in the Church’s teachings.

      • Gabriel

        Dear John McManes, Yes, many grand accomplishments… Such as crusades which slaughtered millions of innocents… the raping of innocent children by its “priests”… the list goes on and on!

      • Gabriel

        Dear msbittersweetwisdom, you are correct about the origins of the bible but wrong with your facts about those naughty Catholics taking out certain “gospels”. The Catholic Church is the Church which gave us the complete bible. Those “testaments” as you refer them were taking out because they conflicted with the teachings of the apostles or apostolic teachings.

      • Gabriel

        Dear jpx, I find your comments hateful and full ignorance. You have the right to be hateful but you do not have the right to your own facts. Yes, some Priests have failed and failed miserably. Even worse in many cases you have the bishops who failed big time to respond adequately in dealing with errant priests. I personally believe that certain bishops should have been dismissed from their authority. Sin is sin, and no matter what time or period it will continue, that’s how the world works. The Church will always have as her children big time sinners, errant priests and laypeople failing to be love to be Christ’s to others. That’s the nature of sin, that’s why our Lord Jesus became flesh to save us from sin and death. Despite the sin of the few, there are ten times more people of the faith that do great works of mercy. I have the pleasure of knowing missionary families, and priests, sisters who gave their lives to better the lives of our brothers and sisters out there in the dark world needing help. How dare you crap on these good people who do many things to improve the lot of many who suffer in this world.

      • virtualgd

        your web name accurately describes your mental status!

      • mulletCutter

        So because I’m Catholic I supported Hitler, the Inquisition and child molesters? Some of you posting here are so ignorant.. it’s like saying that because you’re American you supported the Gulf oil spill, or if you’re white then you should share responsibility for Jeffy Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Some of you need to cut your mullets, get a job and educate yourselves. And those of you that consider yourselves educated, reeducate yourselves because some of you Atheists and Agnostics are so caught up loving the smell of your own farts to recognize much of the good that Catholics all over the world are doing

      • bubba

        The Catholic Church has killed more people than any other Nation, Group or religion, in the history of man-kind, to include supporting Hitler.
        Not to mention the 100,00’s of children who were sexually abused.

      • michinrepose

        your thoughts are scrambled

      • jamie

        Actually, Egghead, the church does not condone or perform exorcisms unless the subject has first been interviewed by a certified mental health professional, to guarantee that they are not sufferering from such an ailment.

      • kevin farley

        Somchi” is an outcast in her village in Laos. Even family members have turned against her. And when villagers found a Bible in her home, they proclaimed, “We need to destroy it!” They believed the Bible was causing her mother’s illness.

        “My villagers still hate me and mock me, like they mocked Jesus on the cross,” Somchi told VOM. “It is the world’s right to hate us or to love us. But for me, I will follow Jesus.” Leave us alone

      • Eternal Anachronism

        The problem here is that few of you know history but many know the propaganda. First, the Church didn’t support Hitler but opposed him. In fact, according to JEWISH sources, Pope Pius XII saved approximately 800,000 Jews from extermination. This is a fact.

        Second, the Crusades were not “religious” wars but, rather, an attempt to stave off Muslim aggression and expel advancing Muslim forces from Christian lands (such as the Byzantine Empire).

        Third, the US school system has a problem with child sexual abuse that is similar to the one the Church HAD, but the media doesn’t report on it very much. Note that I say “had” because, unlike the school system, the Church eliminated its problem long ago; this is why most of the cases of abuse occurred prior to 1990.

        Fourth, the Church never punished Galileo for propounding heliocentrism. In fact, the Church had protected Copernicus, who had advanced the same theory much earlier. Galileo was punished, ultimately, for insisting that his science be enshrined in Church teaching, something the Church wisely wouldn’t assent to. Why wisely? Because Galileo was actually wrong about some of what he advanced, such as his ideas about solar parallaxes. The Church’s position was that of St. Baronius, who said, “The Bible is there to teach us how to go to Heaven, not how the heavens go.” They told Galileo that he could pursue his science, just “keep it out of the sacristy.”

        I could go on, but suffice it to say that, to paraphrase Reagan, you anti-Catholic bigots just know so much that isn’t so.

      • Chitownmortgage

        Egghead probably does not believe in hell…When egghead arrives there… egghead will.

      • catquick

        Many who were starving and homeless might disagree with you, but you know everything. After all, you’re an egghead. BTW, they do use leeches to eat away at dead skin tissue on tramatic amputees now-a-days. You’re as ignorant, no, more so, than those you chide. You don’t understand(or believe) so it can’t be true, otherwise, you’de be wrong, and we can’t have that now, can we? You’re hatred is palpable. try not to wear it on your sleeves. Its an ugly sight.

      • Matt

        Dear Bubba,

        What about the millions killed in the name of communism. You suggest that the Catholic Church is responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people killed during the crusades and such, but what about the estimated 30 to 40 million that have died under the reign of communism. That’s a pretty ignorant statement to make about organized religion.

      • marcus

        This show is stupid, the Learning Channel is stupid, Catholics are stupid.

      • Covenant

        Whilst I would much prefer the “Age of Acquarius”, the Catholic church has done some good. Barring the inquisition and a few other incidents, the “Dark Ages” would have been much darker without it…

      • klas

        Wow. Now I’ve lost all respect I had for Discovery Channel. One of the last things we need is a show about the superstitious practices of the catholic church. Shame on you, DC!

      • LM

        Who is anyone to say these things are real or not? The world is full of things that I try to keep an open mind about. Without an open mind, some of you guys are just ignorant asses.

      • texas+ranger

        Dear Gabriel, saying that there is nothing wrong in catholic’s church makes me wonder, did you even read the bible? Looks like you just woke up from a coma, with no knowledge about church history, history of catholic dogmas and saints.

    • Jackson

      Read “Exorcism and the Church Militant”…you see just how not boring it is. And by the way, don’t pay any attention to egghead, because the Catholic Church does more for people than any other churhc of secular organization. Look it up, especially Catholic Charities. It simply baffles me how anyone would have a name like egghead and be so oblivious.

      • JPX

        “the Catholic Church does more for people than any other churhc of secular organization.” Yeah, like bilk people out of money and molest children. What a great organization.

      • Dan

        JPX, you are wrong and off-base. Why not look up the facts? Oh, because the truth might mean you, the all-knowing and all-perfect one, can be wrong. The world shudders in horror at the implications of that!

      • S.W.

        One word: Inquisition.

      • Hoovid

        No organization has given more to people in terms of charity and knowledge and no organization has taken more from people in terms of soul development and the ability to grow into their God-given potential.

      • Pt

        Yeah, the Catholic church really did the world a civil service by shaking hands with Hitler and supporting the Nazi regime back in world war 2 – oh, wait, what war weren’t Catholics supporting in some way or another? That also goes for most of other “Christian” religions too.

        ..And how many people did the Catholic church burn at the stake and persecute for simply trying to translate the Bible into a common language?

        I agree with Jackson’s statement, “the Catholic Church does more for people than any other churhc of secular organization.” Unfortunately, it has NEVER been in mankinds best interests overall.

      • Saddened

        Actually, Hitler’s Mein Kampf reads like a Darwinian handbook. The “Master Race” brought about through superior breeding or Aryans. Sounds like Evolution run amok. Hilter was not a christian and any historian worth his salt will tell you the same thing.

      • phil

        which inquisition(s) the secular ones, the protestant ones, the spanish or the portuguese? maybe the french or the roman one? pray enlighten us learned one.

      • Pt

        @ saddened

        Who said Hitler was a Christian? Please read a post before tryiing to comment. Hitler teamed up with the Catholic church to garner support for his ideals and “any historian worth his salt will tell you the same thing.”

      • Saddened

        the Vatican felt it necessary to issue two encyclicals opposing the policies of Mussolini and Hitler: Non Abbiamo Bisogno in 1931 and Mit Brennender Sorge in 1937, respectively. Mit Brennender Sorge included criticisms of Nazism and racism. However, the exigencies of the geopolitical situation constrained the ability of the Vatican to act in opposition to these regimes.

      • John T

        Jpx, if you research your history you’ll find that the pope who shook hands with hitler saved millions of Jews. It turns out that pope was no fool, he knew he could save more lives so long as Hitler suspected nothing of him.

      • Patron

        You are part of the 2000 year old persecution of the faith that began when Herod tried to murder the baby Jesus and killed all the babies in Bethlehem. This was followed by your crucifixion of our Lord. Then the mass murder of early Christians and your creation of the Talmud to attempt to deny His Divinity. You followed up by allying with the Muslim hoards in Spain against the Church. More recently you devised Marxism, Socialism, Secular Humanism, ‘Sexual liberation’, the hippy and beatnic movements and the UCLU and have run the one world order (george Soros)plan to control all gentiles under your oppression. We know who and what you are…Satans’ agents on earth.

      • Pt

        If you were conned into thinking that the pope sided with Hitler to save jews then you are sorely misled. Also if you think that “the exigencies of the geopolitical situation constrained the ability of the Vatican to act in opposition to these regimes then you are also sorely misled.
        These reasons are so weak. You obviously underestimate the power and control the catholic church holds.

        If the pope took a stand against hitler and every “good” catholic backed the pope then hitler wouldn’t have had an army in the first place, no jews would have been killed, and our forefathers would still be alive, because there would have been no WW2!!
        Use your power of reason and think and stop trying to make excuses, the Catholic church is very guilty not only of these crimes, but many more..

      • jennifer

        I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Exorcism and the Church Militant and i cannot find it anywhere!! It’s been out of print for a while and nobody has it!!

      • uudread

        @JPX. So, your implying that the Catholic church, to be a valid faith must be 100% free from all imperfections? Do you know what happened to those priests? They were immediately banished from the Catholic faith. And, do you notice how ONLY the Catholic affairs get acknowledged in the world? Instead of other faiths that I am SURE have done something to the same extent. And people tell me that the devil doesn’t exist? Clearly “something” knows that the Catholic faith is dangerous, to that “something”.

      • uudread

        @Pt. I fully agree that the Catholic faith has a lot of power. But the German Nazi’s would have obliterated the Vatican if the pope did not agree to their treaty. How many people do you think would stop fighting because the pope said so when Hitler was pointing a gun down their throat…. Umm… I’d say none.
        -Another point. If we had not gotten involved in WW2 Hitler could have had time to discover the Nuclear bomb before america, and you Pt, would be dead as a doornail.
        (Albert Einstein was a Jew and ONLY moved to America to discover the Nuclear bomb because Jews were being persecuted)
        -Which is worse, 350 millon+ people or a couple thousand people? You can do that math on that one…

      • Pt


        So basically you are saying that the Catholic church was in the right to side with Hitler, because if they didn’t, Hitler would exterminate them?

        Again, another statement that doesn’t hold to reason or faith.

        First, IF the Catholic religion was truly backed by God, (since you are defending it, I’m assuming you believe that it is – but correct me if I’m wrong) do you really have faith that God would allow it to be destroyed for taking a bold righteous stand and NOT supporting Hitler? You are basically saying that God could/would not protect his people from being effaced from the earth from Hitler’s puny army.

        Every example in the Bible assures us that God can overcome all odds and save his people (when they are obedient). One example, in 2 kings 18-19 where ONE angel of God killed 185,000 trained Assyrian soldiers.
        If the Catholics really knew their Bibles (including the pope), they wouldn’t need to cower in fear to any government here on earth, nor wouldn’t have allowed Hitler to compromise their standards (that they should have had).
        Second, yes, people tend to be forced against their will when being faced with death but that doesn’t justify compromising Bible principles. The early Christians faced death in Rome but didn’t compromise. Thats because they had real faith. Did they get completely wiped out? No. Again, if all the Catholics in Germany were real Christians, they would have had no problem doing whats right in refusing to fight for Hitler, and what would Hitler have done then? Nothing.

        I do know that there was a Christian group that stood up and spoke out against Hitler to the entire world. They even refused to fight for him and ended up in concentration camps facing death with the Jews for their bold stance to do what is right, by Bible standards. In fact, Hitler promised to exterminate them too. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Did they get wiped out by Hitler’s war machine? No. This overwhelmingly shows that any other religious group could have done the same. And this world could have been a better place.

        So really your excuses of why the Catholic Church supported Hitler do not hold any water. For you (and the pope) to excuse the doing of whats right with the threat of extermination or death shows that you trust in man, not God.

      • Michael Kelly

        Gabriel, you remind me of the zealots that attended some schools with me. Don’t confuse me with the facts. Religious nuttiness knows no bounds. And Catholics in particualar have certainly damaged and murdered as many people as they think they have saved. Now let’s move on to ridding the world of demons, leprachauns, the tooth fairy, angels, and other figments of human imagination.

    • DavenCA

      What will it be? Comedy? Romance?

    • Walt

      I guess you will have to die to get to know if you are correct.

    • David S

      Is this serious? Am I reading The Onion? I thought the Discovery channel was supposed to be about science, not midieval superstition?!?

      • astralweeks

        Actually it’s about “discovery,” ergo the name. It’s fine if you don’t believe in God, the devil, angels, and demons, just don’t hurt your shoulder trying to pat yourself on the back about it.

      • ciao

        David S…….It surprises me more that you think the History Channel is about science, because most of its programming about the bible and Jesus and Catholic and Christian subjects are presented almost entirely with debunkery. When I first started watching them I discovered that they hook you in with an interesting title and then proceed to throw all they can at it to disprove it. The Vatican will wisely watch everything they do in this series with these so-called historians.

      • ciao

        Whoops, my bad. I mean the Discovery Channel.

      • steph

        I actually think it sounds interesting. I’m not religious by any means, but exorcisms have always fascinated me.

      • Bill T

        “midieval”… really? Are you serious? I’ll bet you didn’t graduate from a Catholic school.

      • Xavier

        Actually, that would be the Science Channel.

      • Deluded Creodont

        @ ciao- That’s because that’s the first rule of science. You’re not allowed to simply call something true, you’ve got to put it through rigorous testing first.

        But don’t worry, the Discovery Channel’s probably going to be so eager to please that they’ll swallow everything they’re told.

    • Joel

      I’m not sure this is the best idea. Although demonic possession is quite real, and the rite of exorcism is a great help to those that need it, I’m not sure parading this rite for the sake of curiosity is helpful.

      • lizbu

        I feel the same way about Intervention on A&E. This new series will have to prove itself to me quickly b/c, what is for some people, a life & death struggle should be treated with a certain amount of reverence. From this article, it seems that the network is interested in making a good show (that IS their job), but if that interest conflicts with presenting truth with integrity…

        I guess we’ll see!

      • Trish

        Curiosity is what fuels people’s interest. If you believe in God, and Angels, and demons, then can we not expect to ‘find’ God through science? This series could single handed spark an interest in God like nothing we’ve ever seen. People need proof, and this will surely give it to them. I look forward to the series and the questions it will bring from the mass population.

      • realist

        I find it disgusting how eager the religious are to use other people’s suffering to promote their God. There is no demon possession. Those people are mentally ill. Instead of helping them, church is using their suffering to promote its lies. Discovery Channel is even worse, reenacting their suffering for entertainment.

    • Brad D

      Your Priest friend is likely ignorant of exorcisms.

    • Trillian

      I imagine you’re right, what could be exciting about seeing someone pretend to cast out imaginary beings from someone suffering from some form of mental illness.

    • Abe

      —> Egghead: Your comment is ridiculous, and coming from a person who chooses a username such as “Egghead”; none of us here are surprised.

  • Jane

    Will Dean and Sam be there? Lol, jk. The series actually sounds interesting.

    • Hali

      Yaaay Supernatural reference! xD

  • Molly

    This will be interesting. But like the other poster, priests have told me that exorcists are rarely dramatic. And I can’t see them letting the camera crews go on “ride alongs”. We’ll see.

    • realist

      People’s suffering is interesting to you? Go trow yourself under a bus, maybe someone would find it interesting to see.

  • Gus

    Oh my, this is the 21st century, how can people still believe in this pile of junk?

    • robert simon

      How in the world can people in the 21 century still believe in socialism,abortionism,evolutionism and secular values?

      • Michael J

        The rationale person believes in things that are real and can be proven. The Fundie believes in fairy tales and demons.

      • Bill

        The same way people believe in a Jewish zombie and seas parting…

      • k

        what is wrong with evolution? perfectly normal.

      • Hali

        @ Bill: lol. Good one.

      • Ezra

        Gus – I promise you, you are talking out of pure ignorance and bravado. I sure hope you never run into one of them, you will never forget the fear and terror.

      • millu

        michael j – why not try faith

      • Gabriel

        Right on, the last century was the deadliest century ever, millions killed because the statism, marxism, and nazism, all atheistic philosophies.

      • Deluded Creodont

        @ Gabriel: mere words cannot express the stupidity in that statement, but I’ll try. If Nazism and Communism were atheistic philosophies, how come Hitler used so much religious language in his speeches (blaming the Jews for killing Jesus, claiming God was on his side, ect) and Stalin set up the Russian Orthodox Church? Hardly atheist stances for either one.

    • Saddened

      How could you not? Just how you cannot understand my faith, I cannot understand your lack of it. Perhaps thats a gap that cannot be bridged but I ask you this: If Jesus did not die on the cross and rise from the dead, why did 11 of the 12 who saw him after his resurrection go to their deaths, in most cases violently, proclaiming his resurrection? What did they gain? Martyrdom? Torture? Why do it? Why did Paul, once the greatest of Christian persecutors become the greatest champion of Christ after an encounter with the risen Lord. I could go on and on with examples from inside and outside the bible but search it out yourself.

      • BillOz

        You are using things written in the bible as proof of other things written in the bible. It’s this kind of circular thinking that makes defense of religeous beliefs truly laughable to anyone who can actually think.

      • John

        Two thumbs up on this comment! Regarding the TV Show.. I think that it is a bad idea… It sensationalizes and makes entertainment of a gravely serious problem.. the real manifestations of Evil on earth. To all those Catholic bashers out there… why the anger? (You’ll say the pedophile priests, inquisition, etc.) None of which directly affected you. The inquisition is old news.. the pedophile priests will be rooted out completely. I wish everyone would take a deep breath and live the values Christ taught. Humility, Love, Charity, Faith, Obedience to Gods will, forgiveness of Sins, forgiveness of others, etc. I often think this though…”I can not change you, but I can change myself. If we all change ourselves, what a wonderful world this could be”.

      • nomanT

        Actually Bill, your inability to read and ignorance of the Bible and of History is what is laughable. The deaths of the Apostles is not recorded in the Bible but in the history of the church and immemorial tradition in the countries where they went to their Martyrdom. May I ask you if you believe in anything enough to die for it. Those who have nothing they consider “worth die for” also have nothing worth living for, IMHO.

      • stan

        That only shows that the followers strongly believed, not that their beliefs were based on fact. People have also died in defense of Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, and many other religions. Does that mean that all these religions are true? No. It just shows that they have very dedicated followers.

      • marcus

        Because your an idiot?

    • Margaret Gillespie

      Evident u have not read the Bible. there is good and there is evil. for thousand of years man has remained consistent, neanderthal’ thanks for proving this once again, oh and I will pray for you that you do pick it up and take the time to discover the sheer profoundness of the ‘word’. Besides what does your statement have to do with exorcism anyway? half of you all… really? look around around

      • realist

        There is good, there is evil and there is stupid. You fit in two categories, guess which.

    • shoehorn

      It’s good to know that you and “progressives” like you in this 21st century have finally reach the age of ultimate knowledge. Problem is people in the 15th century probably thought they had too. There are lots of things we can’t explain but know are true. Tell me for example about infinity of time and space.

      • goose

        Tell me for example about the Sun revolving around the Earth

      • Trillian

        shoehorn, no one is saying we have ultimate knowledge, but for those of us who aren’t christian or catholic the idea of demons possesing your body in order to take you to hell is a ridiculous statement. If I were to tell you not to go to Ireland without knowing how to avoid a banshee or appease the fairies, brownies, and leprechauns you would probably feel the same incredulity non-believers feel about your statements of ‘truth.’ Belief does not make fact, no matter how many people are deluded.

    • millu

      Gus, you REALLY think that demons don’t exist? You obviously are an athiest because if you don’t believe in demons you cannot believe there is a God.

      • stan

        Your logic does not follow. There are many people who believe in God but not in demons. The two are not tied at the waist.

      • realist

        I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God, demons, angels, invisible unicorns, fairies, Zeus, Hera, Artemis, devil, saints, Santa Claus, Easter bunny or other imaginary creatures.

    • Brad D

      yeah dude, how can anyone believe in anything except texting, facebook, Direct TV and Oprah?

    • LM

      How are you so knowledgeable that can say anything so certain? Just another bonehead ignorant fool.

  • Kool Kat Walk

    The Catholic Church should start shooting their own pedophilic sex tapes. I think they have more experts in that area than in exorcism.

    • robert simon

      You mean Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion Lobby.They are experts at child molestation.So are public schools where the rate of child abuse is higher than anywhereb else…

      • Carl

        When Planned Parenthood starts going around shooting anti-abortion leaders and burning down their headquarters, THEN you can talk!!!

      • jordan

        @Carl- The fact that you think that that could possibly represent more than .1% of pro-life advocates is troubling. And as far as your comment, the vast majority of pro-life advocates believe that aborting an unborn child is murder… so I guess means he can start talking now?

      • DavenCA

        Robert Simon- having had family members directly suffer at the hands of “The Church” as well as their lack of interest in pursuing or stopping the incidents- I’ll assume you are joking. You have seen the numbers out of Ireland on abuses correct? Those crimes and coverups occurring as early as the 1990’s all the while The RCC was trying to convince those in America that the “sex scandal” was only a few isolated incidents. You’re blind as well as ignorant to the truth.

      • M G

        when a baby is conceived… yes the tiny thing’ this has its UNIQUE DNA CODING.. Its own name is identified. If we realized this one mere fact it would make people reconsider and or use protection’.. wake up peeps’ we can’t argue the past, we can move now and forward. Yes a baby has its own unique DNA code/name at conception. … Not I am just excess tissue hanging around in a woman’s womb. So educate the young, teach them something other than rhetoric and we get no where as a society…

    • pk

      was trying to think of a similar comment, but you’ve just about summed up my sentiments. that, and if they want to exorcise something, why don’t they just exorcise all the pedophiles right out of their church?

    • marylynn828

      Never ok to sexually abuse a child ever. Too bad they don’t announce on the news everytime a priest doesn’t molest a child. Don’t hear much about FGM which affects 150 million girls worldwide under 15yo.

    • John

      How anyone can make fun of the destruction of a child baffles me.

    • bill

      GOD IS REAL !

      • marcus

        NO HE’S NOT1

      • marcus

        I mean,”NO HE’S NOT!!11!11!!1″

      • LM


  • Nemo

    I guess The Discovery Channel is turning to crap just like The Learning Channel.

    • marcus

      I think the odious “Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ is more than adequate proof of that!

  • Jen

    What an absolutely disgusting crock. Are the Discovery Channel execs out to lunch? Exorcisms aren’t real. Participating in them puts mentally ill people at risk. Exorcisms are often used as punishment against disobedient, or gay, children.

    Are television execs not required to have any ethics at all in serving the viewing public?

    Really, I can’t get over it. The Discovery Channel? It would be bad enough if this was featured on the 700 Club.

    • Jason

      An exorcism is the last resort, after a thorough examination to make sure the person isn’t suffering from mental illness. Maybe you should consider reading a book about exorcism written by a secular writer: “The Rite.”

      • texas+ranger

        hahah, “secular writer” who happend to be catholic. oh boy, i like christian logic.

    • robert simon

      How can children be ‘gay’ when they haven’t even reached puberty?This sounds like an excellent series and oone that that is needed to remind us that the unseen evil of satan is very,very real,unlike the alleged “goodness” of secular liberals…

      • Bill

        Oh I get it, you’re from the south. Stop screwing your sister and go see a dentist…

      • Jack

        Robert, as a Christian, I’ve known tons of secular liberals who were good and moral people. You’re obvious hatred for those people is embarrassing, and in this case it’s off topic. Sure, people say silly things like “Jewish Zombie,” but attacking them for their core beliefs isn’t the right thing to do.

      • Lou

        Simon: Are you saying you were not aware of your sexual orientation until AFTER puberty? I don’t believe it.

      • YourMom

        ‘gay’ is somemthing that happens during the early stages of development in the womb. There for ‘gay’ adults started as ‘gay’ children.

      • Barnacle Bill

        You, robert simon, are a nutcase.

      • Oscar

        “Gay is something that happens during the early stages of development in the womb” What!? I didn’t realize Gay dudes have ovaries connected to thier buttholes…

      • Ankhorite

        @RogerSimon, you’ve got a lot of knee-jerk comments on this site, but let me try to get through to you anyway:

        Most people are BORN with their sexual orientation already encoded in their DNA. Puberty has nothing to do with it.

      • Garth

        Most men aren’t born gay. It’s a lifestyle they get sucked into.

      • marcus


    • jack

      I agree, what is happening to television? History channel, learning channel , discovery, they have lost their focus and are selling out to ratings at the expense of knowledge.

      • M G

        unknown is knowledge. We are out of touch with spirit. Spirit of the human spirit of soul… we are arrogant and have lost our way’… consistent with history… Men hear visually, so therefore if they cannot see, therefore they do not believe… 20 years production…

      • stan

        MG – Ummm.. “Unknown” is by definition the lack of knowledge. Lemme break it down: UN- means “not”, KNOWN means “known” as in knowledge.

  • KCWolf

    If this series works out maybe we can look for the premier of Bachelor Priest” next year. Can’t you just see the tagline? “One priest, 12 boys … Who will get the final candy bar?”

    • LS

      Yet another reason to keep gays out of the priesthood (and military). Since it appears that most of the molested kids that people refer to are boys, then most pedophiles must be gay, regardless of paid occupation. Let’s start using the prefix gay priests, gay teachers and gay pedophiles as discriptors to assure accuracy.

      • Trillian

        do you just make things up and believe them about everything or just people that you hate? There were girls abused as well, it’s just that the church is not very open to females in positions like altar ‘boy’ so who did the priests have the most access to. Pedophiles are not gay or straight – they are attracted to children regardless of gender.

      • Deluded Creodont

        Try looking up pedophilia from somewhere other than FOX News. The vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexuals.

    • Florida

      I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard. And no disrespect to Catholics intended. It’s just a very funny comment.

  • JPX

    How can people in 2011 still believe in “demonic possession”? It’s all so silly. Demonic possession is nothing more than mental illness. It’s the 21st century, people, it’s time to stop believing in magic and superstition.

    • Jason

      An exorcism is the last resort, after a thorough examination to make sure the person isn’t suffering from mental illness.

    • k

      Jason is right, there are also other ways to solve a mental illness, one way is spriritually, another is through extreme prayers, I was a victim of some sort of evil, I didnt believe it at all until it was removed from me and I can actually feel the difference.

      • Barnacle Bill

        You cannot cure a mental illness if you are also mentally ill. People who believe in gods are mentally ill.

      • Michael B

        “I was a victim of some sort of evil, I didnt believe it at all until it was removed from me and I can actually feel the difference”

        What happened? You woke up one morning and found some guy’s divining rod up in your cave?

      • Brady

        Prayer is a superstition and has absolutely no effect. Go pray for an amputee. You will get no results ever. You know it. Here is proof…if prayer has ever had any effect, scientist would have to account for a “Hand of God” variable and would require a sample size to always have an equal part of believers to non-believers. They don’t do this now because prayer will never change the outcome of a scientific experiment. Making prayer a superstition with no effect on the physical world. So, enjoy the fruits of science.

    • Gina

      JPX you must be an atheist. For that I will pray you have an increase of faith before it’s too late. If you are Christian, where do you think a third of the fallen angels are roaming? There are many evil spirits roaming the earth, beware before it’s too late for you.

      • Brady

        Prayer is a superstition and has absolutely no effect. Go pray for an amputee. You will get no results ever. You know it. The statistics for cancer survivors is the same for believers and non-believers. You know why non-believers don’t tell their survival stories? Cause they were not waiting on God and have nothing to say. Science + Nature did it’s thing.

      • OhLord

        @ Brady, Fire is proven through science, correct? Superstition has us believe Hell is made up of fire correct? Does that mean that if all the people of faith turn out to be right and you are wrong, will you be willing at that point to scientifically agree that maybe it wasn’t superstition? I’m just asking because I would like to quote you in my science report. Thanks.

      • Brady

        @OhLord To your question about what if I am wrong. Well, I can ask you the same. What if you are wrong? What if you are in the wrong religion? Like the 1000s of other religions that you choose to ignore. Atheist don’t believe in anything so we are an easy target. However, you wouldn’t dare tell a Jew, Muslim or Hindu that they are going to hell to their face (assuming your christian). To answer your question, if I am wrong then I guess I am wrong but statistically we both have same odds of being wrong. Your basis of truth is relative to your upbringing and you will always feel you are right. However, the evidence points out that all religions are wrong. Yes, that means yours too. A god is never accounted for in a science experiment because let’s face it, it will never change the outcome of anything.

    • M G

      mental illness is related to a broken spirit. What a pill is going to cure all? Have you even read the Bible? Wake up people… how is it that we can only think in 3D… ? we advance technologically yet we have digressed mentally…

      • realist

        Bible is just a book, and not even a good one. Pills can’t cure all, but they can cure a lot more than sitting on your ass and doing nothing (you would call that praying).

    • shoehorn

      JPX – “How can people in 2011 still believe in “demonic possession”? It’s all so silly. Demonic possession is nothing more than mental illness. It’s the 21st century, people, it’s time to stop believing in magic and superstition”.

      It’s the 21st century so that makes you all knowing? You and your “progressive” friends think you’ve reached the age of ultimate understanding…cool dude! Oh, the arrogance! Since the beginning of time there have been people like you. Sorry friend you probably don’t know nearly everything…there just might be a few things beyond your grasp and for that reason I’d recommend you keep a bit more open mindedness. So stop with the mockery. A little modesty and Faith would help.

      • Trillian

        shoehorn – why do you say progressive like it’s a bad thing? Do you not enjoy the lifestyle that progress has brought you? I assume you must as you are using a computer and haven’t chosen to live as the amish do. As a woman, I am extremely happy that we’ve progressed to a place where I am not chattel, in the western secular world anyway.

      • realist

        Open-mindedness shouldn’t equal gullibility. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that “God did it”.

    • Ezra

      JPX – You are trying to sound modern and “with it”, when in fact you know nothing. You should try visiting some of the refugee camps in North Africa or else where in the middle east, you would have the shock of your life. Once there try dealing with some of the demonized people with your superior intellect
      I am sure it would work out just fine. Get real!

      • Deluded Creodont

        Demonized? Surely you mean PTSD. I’ve seen these people and what I’ve seen is humans inflicting pain and suffering on other humans. No demons are necessary for that to happen, and no amount of praying or thinking happy thoughts will help those victims or stop the atrocities.

      • David

        Oh look, yet another know it all.

    • uudread

      Mental illness?
      -Explain why after exorcisms people seem completely fine. If it was mental illness, that wouldn’t be the case.
      -Explain why some people have been DOCUMENTED to have supernatural powers? If they TRULY were mentally ill then they would NOT have supernatural powers.
      -Explain to me how some people have actually SEEN Satan… Yeah, in fact I know a person who was tormented, without acting out, he could here the voice of the devil in his head.
      -I would suggest to you to stop posting ignorant things. And we should stop believing because its 2011 and we have ALL OF THIS WONDERFUL TECHNOLOGY. We’ll guess what, more people were smarter back in 120 A.D. then they are today. The understood life much better.
      Another fun fact for ya, we know LESS about the Ocean then the Moon… And your telling me we are technologically advanced? When we know barely anything about our own planet… Yea.. Ok.

    • romeparis

      The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he dosn’t exist.

    • LM


  • princess

    I would love to see the Exorcism series, I want to see it on regular TV cause I don’t have those other channels. Please, we want to see this series too regular TV ok, please.

  • el_incr

    Mark 3:23, So Jesus called them together and began to speak to them in parables. “How can Satan drive out Satan?

  • Jon

    I believe that demonic possession is a real phenomenon that goes hand in hand with Catholic theology. Other than witch doctors and a few Pentecostal sects, Catholics are the only group that practice exorcism and they are apparently the only groups that need too.

    • Nunya

      That’s cause they are the demons. That church is responsible for more atrocities than any other group in history.

      BTW, I’m a Christian who believes in one mediator, one God and it’s not the effing pope!

      • Matt

        Nunya, you don’t really sound like much of a Christian…

      • Church Militant

        Oh Nunya, do you know what you are doing? Yes, the Church has had a spotty history. But you have to put it in the context of the times and recognize that her human element is not perfect, and some have caused great harm. Yet, the Barque of Peter always rights itself, because Jesus created His Church (and the Catholic Church is the only one He established–all others were established by men who broke away from the Church) and He promised the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
        But when you suggest that the Church is demonic you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

        When Satanists worship, they celebrate a black Mass. They turn our crucifix upside down, they blaspheme our Holy Liturgy, and they desecrate the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist. Read Matt 12:24-31. You cannot cast out Beelzebub by Beelzebub, and to suggest that the Church is demonic when those who serve Satan mock and desecrate Her is the same thing. “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven”. Read the early Church fathers and learn the truth. “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” John Henry Cardinal Newman, Catholic Convert and Scholar.

      • Gabriel

        Dear Nunya, I am afraid your deadly wrong. I use the word deadly because you seem to have shut yourself from learning the facts about the Catholic Church. Have you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, if you have you will notice there is nothing demonic about it. Also, learn from history and be open minded, study it and pray about it. I fail to understand why people keep bringing up the failures of men of the faith, as if sin does not exist. Nunya, atrocities are committed because of our weakened nature by sin. Jesus came to earth to save sinners not saints.

    • Teresa

      Read Ransomed From Darkness by Moira Noonan. She practiced TM and learned this from a therapist involved in New Age techniques. She became an Enlightened one, practicing many forms of devination etc. A Course in Miracles. She taught it. She was open access to the spiritual world. She was practicing New Age when she found her way back to Christianity.
      A lady, Betty Brennan,who became angry at God about the death of her child, and who told God she would get even with him, became a Satanist because her friend, who happened to be a psychologist and listened to her negativity, practiced Satanism with elite people, in a barn. These people were in an orchestra together.

  • Abel

    I would watch this show. Even though it might be kinda boring.

  • JoJo

    Jon, Catholics aren’t the only group that practice exorcisms. Google exorcisms and Bob Larson.

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