UFOs invade TCA: Documentary producer promises Area 51 revelations

encountersImage Credit: Everett CollectionA producer for National Geographic’s upcoming documentary Area 51 Declassified says he’s managed to obtain unprecedented access to declassified military documents from the government’s super-secret military base.

The program will include first-ever on-camera interviews from former Area 51 employees, exclusive video footage from inside the facility (which, you’ll recall, doesn’t even officially exist), as well as previously unseen documents and photos.

“Some of the things that went on there were hidden and are quite remarkable,” says Peter Yost at the TCA press tour.  “It’s completely factual. The government declassified to us thousands of documents and footage. It’s solid, it’s real, it’s verifiable. We do have some surprises.”

The Emmy-nominated Yost (Inside North Korea) is being a little cagey here because Area 51 Declassified is being released in tandem with another project on the subject and he’s under a non-disclosure agreement to not reveal details before their release date. What’s the other project? That’s also secret (yes, you’re reading this right: The U.S. military is releasing Area 51 documents, while a TV producer is keeping silent).

UFO newshounds won’t have too long to wait. Area 51 Declassified debuts this spring, along with another Nat Geo project, Alien Invasion, which explores how Earthlings might handle First Contact.

One TV critic asked why, after all these years, our government has given Yost access to Area 51’s history.

“Some of these employees are going to their graves — they’re in their 70s, 80s and 90s,” Yost says. “I think there was a certain decision made at highest levels …. regarding some of these projects, that it’s ‘now or never’ [to tell the story].”

Area 51 Declassified will mark the latest example of UFO-related documents being released as countries continue to relax restrictions on the subject (such as the New Zealand military opening up its UFO archives last month). It also follows up on journalist Leslie Kern’s recent muckraking book, UFO’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, as well as reports that Wikileaks has some UFO-related docs coming down the pipeline (not that I follow this subject closely or anything).

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  • derek spring

    i’m into E S P for the last 31 years well the thing i have seen plus picked up ,yes you will all know this year whats up there if i am right ,since i was a child i have a belief we are not alone but we had to fight the system they did not want you to know now its the other way around but why they need our help ,with what is about to happen to our world i will say no more let hope i am wrong

    • Jared

      Did the aliens abduct earth’s punctuation?

      • d

        my thoughts exactly

    • cocoguls

      dude what do u think is gona happen to our world? wat do u mean? are they evil?

      • pradz

        Derek spring also waiting to know.. if he had known the truth, he would not comment here, instead go public…

      • Reeve Knowle

        They are not evil.

    • Arcturus

      If you have ESP I’ll bet you know what I think of you.

    • Rodger

      2012 predictions could be precipitating an alien revelation.
      If you are into E S P, read the expose from channeler Patricia Cori in her book “The Cosmos Of Soul”. Most searching minds may become believers if alien interaction becomes a reality? A good read nevertheless.

      • Reeve Knowle

        Email me and I’ll send you as to what may hae transpired.

    • Devon


  • Terry2toes

    Its great that the documentary is being produced, we need to remember if the info is from the US gov, then its what they want you to know not what you want to know!

  • Butters

    i’m an alien trying to get to new york.

  • Real

    Yost and his upcoming feature regarding Area 51 is completely bogus. It’s going to be nothing but a bunch of re-hash from prior films and other sources already presented to the public–albiet the material is bogus as well. Most importantly, all this feature will do is present a bunch of already asked questions, no answers, and leave everyone on a cliff hanger as all “Area 51″ documentaries, commentaries, and features always do. Watching this will be nothing but a waste of your time; or perhaps merely deja vu haha

  • Miles Johnston

    Look up Dreamland a doco on Area 51, by Bruce Burgess, of Transmedia, I consulted in this show for SKY TV, London in the mid 1990s. Also see my interview with Bill Uhouse, on my megawatts1066 Youtube site. And from Mar 2010 an interview with Niara Isley.
    Bill discussed many areas and topics involving “the test site”


    rumours has it that alien chicks are hotter

  • Henry

    If the USA wants help with the Aliens and I believe they do, they must disclose – Everything – until it hurts – then they may be forgiven, for what they have done.

  • Al

    I read that the other show is a show on first contact.What might happen if they visited. And it’s not supposed to be a fictional account of what might happen. Apparently a warm up?

  • john bertowski

    Its very easy for you to poke fun of the ufo, et, ect…that does not take any smarts at all. Those of you who are familiar with the historical details of ufo’s know that this is exactly the time when all may be revealed. What governments think, or should govs appose this would have no effect on the outcome. There does seem to be more attention to alien movies lately. V on TV would be one example. When things get real, we will all know,without any doubt.

  • johnlear

    It is an intricate weave of further disinformation.

  • Space Ritual

    I wonder if they will be intelligent or will they be like us instead?

    • John Lear

      Infinitely more intelligent than we are.

  • ET

    I wonder if aliens have better weed than we do.

    • John Lear

      They have a drink that’s 100 times better than weed, no hangover and no detox required.

  • Omar Vazquez

    We are on the verge of a global- actually universal- shift in consciousness. Humanity is about to open their eyes and wake up. We have never ever been alone in the universe. There are thousands of ET civilizations that are so excited, they can barely hold their breathe, that mankind is finally about to “mature”, stop focusing on our ‘ego’, let go of our ignorance, and start acknowledging and inviting other civilizations to begin to develop a universal, loving, and peaceful society. Earth herself- alongside humanity- is constantly, as we speak, evolving. Our consciousness, or energy vibration, is accelerating to higher frequencies. We are literally transforming to higher dimensions of reality. Buckle your seat belts, because as Earth undergoes her cleansing and purification process, it’s expected to be a very bumpy ride; depending on how much people panic. That’s the theme of this year and 2012 that the Mayans Know about. Let’s hope everyone can stay calm.

    • John Lear

      Other than “We have never been alone” there is not one shred of truth in your post.

      No cleansing, no vibrations, no frequencies and certainly no universal loving and peaceful society.

      There is only yourself. And you should quit worrying about humanity and try and live your life with integrity; and without envy hate or greed. And then you will progress. But you can’t take anybody with you. And you certainly can’t take all of society.

      We each mature at our own rate and there is no way you can ‘hurry up’ the process for anybody else but yourself.

      There is not going to be any bumpy ride and nobody will have any reason to panic. 2012 will be just like any other day with wars, famine, hate, greed and envy.

      And that is the truth.

      All the best,

      John Lear

      • Scott Oakley

        Is that ‘the’ John Lear? Is all about to be revealed that you and Bob Lazar have been crying out for years?

    • me

      People have the opportunity to educate themselves this is what im trying to do. Knowledge is power as well as enlightenment which is fear to them

    • Colin

      very well said

  • Ari Ben Gordon

    Finnally some more info ! As to say Why the Government has not published there findings since they do have enough to compile a story at least , a begining to say . Is 29 palms in Bullion mountains is being left out of these investigations . To say the least Bullion mountains has given alot through the years to this UFO enigma that I shall instead of them publish My conclusions upon this TRUTHFUL reality .

  • Scott Oakley

    I’m not mocking by the way, I have been into this subject for a few years. I have found Bob to be of very interesting nature as have some of John Lear’s insights. It would be a delight to be able to witness them scream out ‘I told you so!!’ ;)

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