'Extreme Couponing' exclusive: TLC special gets series order

TLC heard you wanted more Extreme Couponing — and it is going to deliver: The network has just given the coupon-clipping concept a series order.

For those who missed out, Couponing aired as a humble TLC special during the typically oh-so-slow last week of December. The show profiled America’s most dedicated “super couponers,” shoppers who go to epic lengths to save money and accumulate stockpiles of merchandise. (In one scene, a woman only paid $2.64 for more than $600 worth of goodies.)

Not only did the hour land a impressive 2.1 million viewers, it got viewers buzzing. (Including us: Here’s PopWatch’s take, which called on TLC to give the show a full season.)

Extreme Couponing captured the audience’s attention because it taps into people’s desire to live a better life without spending more money,” says Eileen O’Neill, president and GM of TLC. “The series will share even more tips and profile passionate people who have turned clipping coupons into a way of life.”

TLC has clipped 12 half-hour episode of the series, produced by Sharp Entertainment, that will air sometime this spring.

Check out this clip of the original TLC special for a taste of all the big savings:

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  • It’s a fact

    Ok – good for a ‘special’ but how many times can we look at these OCD folks – clipping coupons and checking out at a grocery store. That chick with gruesome tan – maybe savings counteracts healthy eating or eating in moderation.

    • Kelly

      I hope its like storage wars. Who can save the most in a given week. That would make it more interesting.

      • Jess

        Ohhh, I hope so too! I love to watch Storage Wars!

    • dawn delhi

      ur so rude ever heard of health problems lady were lucky amanda is able to walk, she has heatly issues u or tlc dont know so mayb u should see the whole page first lady. this show edited so much an let u see what they waqnt did you see her blood pressure rise when things were not going right????? maybe u need to use better words if u dont know whole story sis u ever think BABY ON BOARD WISE UP LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • norma

        you must have weight I mean ” health” issues too

      • Krist N. Furter

        What an oh-so-witty retort *raises an eyebrow* If that is all you got, I suggest going back to bully school, as you apparently don’t know how to form a valid insult yet.

      • Crabby Ron

        Well…….so nice to see a person with serious grammer problems and one who butchers the English language get up on a psoap box and tell someone else how to live. Give me a break.

      • Zach Cal


    • Kelsey

      Hey “its a fact” you are a very rude person and need to rethink your statements before they pour out of your mouth. You obviously have nothing better to do with your pathetic day. Next time you feel the need to open your mouth, think… yes use the big round thing on top of your shoulders! People like you are trashy… and no I’m not some “fat” girl protecting my own. I’m a college athlete who values working out but I don’t condone smashing people for their personal appearance EVER!

      • Brittani

        You must think yer pretty damn cool for pulling the weight card!! That shows that u dont have anything better to say. Get a life and stop dissing on other people!!

    • daisy

      yea i agree how many times do we need to watch the same thing. and no one seems to be giving any tips. what good is that and as far as the lady that had to use 3 registers, if your husband doesn’t divorce you it will be a miracle and you need to lay off all those candy bars.


        I was impressed by her skill as a couponista but I was revolted at the way she treated her husband. Snapping her fingers at him telling him to get out of her way. Horrible, I hope she is happy having that stockpile because that may be all she is left with when her husband decides he has had enough of her abuse.

    • Eileen

      When do these show on TV dates and times? Thank you

    • angelica

      u realy shouldnt try to insult them like that because one of these days your gonna need coupons or an ocd chick there helping you that actulley no what she doing with coupons…

      • angelica

        i am one and if you guys need tips just ask jeese

  • Jen Jen

    How long does it take for Super Couponers to morph into Hoarders? The thin line is easily crossed here.

    • irb

      good point! maybe this show is really just a casting call for their “hoarding: buried alive” show. two birds, one stone, ya know?

    • Winona

      That’s just what I was thinking – unless you’re donating items to a food pantry or shopping for the Duggars, there’s really no need to purchase all this food at once. But I’m the type of person that balks at the sizes that Costco sells…

      • kcj

        What if someone in the family suddenly loses their job…..you would be thankful to have all this supply….i am a single mom who is raising my children on my own and I am an avid couponer! I have saved so much! I even have college funds going for my children and am able to let them do extra activities so maybe you people who are bashing should stop and think this is very helpful to some people! I have a stockpile in my basement, but I am not a hoarder nor am I or my children obese! Look at Joanie – she isvery small and fit….If you go to her website there is a video of her donating HUNDREDS of pounds of food to the food bank!

      • Shawn

        B.S. why not stock up on this stuff and open your own store and sell everything at half the price that the lowest prices in town are and still turn a profit. After all you are only paying a small fraction of what it would be without the coupons. I am seriously considering this idea as we speak.

    • j

      The show was on this week also and I thought how these people were just organized hoarders. I also thought that if you are buying 40 of something and you paid about 2 bucks for it, would it hurt you to stop at a food bank and give them half? Then it gives meaning to what they’re doing. I think they just get a rush from it and can’t stop.

      • Krist N Furter

        You know that most of them did indeed donate their grocery hauls, as it were, right?

        Best to get your facts straight before making yourself look like a dumb arse in public, dear.

      • Dixie C Felder

        It cab be addictive. And time consuming. I agree, give to food banks. Food will get old by the 100 box~

      • Stockpiler

        FYI – Stockpiling is different from hoarding.

        Also, the guy at the end (Nathan)…he did donate $6000 to a food bank and I believe he also donated to his church!

        Just saying….

      • PM

        They should give half of their items to the food banks because many of the shelves in some parts of the country are empty. I hope they’re not using those coupons on extremes to be boastful or arrogant just to be on TV.

      • Amanda

        One person donated CEREAL,and only cereal to a food pantry. Most of those people were simply hoarding food like little rats. And yes Virginia, they are HOARDERS. Let’s get our fatcs right here. Oh yeah, and if they do indeed eat all that processed food before it goes bad, it’ll be the public paying for their medical bills under ObamaCare because they will be morbidly obese. This behavior should not be held up as a model in any way, shape or form.

      • Stefanie

        I think some of these people are out of control and many of them talk about the rush they get from this. Some of these people are obviously LDS families, who are advised to store in order to prepare for “hard times”. One of them even mentions living off her storage for months after her husband looses his job. Although it is a good idea to be prepared, some of these people can’t possibly consume all of these items. It made me a little angry to see them buying 60 items at a time. What about the rest of us who want to use coupons?? Oh well.

    • yeah right

      No one explained how they keep mice and rats out of their stockpiles.

      • Grandma Wendy

        If they didn’t have mice or rats before they purchased the food then they’re probably not gonna have it afterwards.

      • Dee

        Im all for saving money especially on groceries and always try to use coupons but who buys 60 bottles of mustard at a time just because its free I hope they donate it to homeless shelters, schools and church pantries and people who need it
        Is it really worth the time and effort to get some of these items for free and have it take over your home, all the time , organizing transporting and stocking it in your home lots of time wasted in my opinion
        REALLY a bit overboard

    • reggie

      I really don’t think it has nothing to do with “hoarding”. If you really looked at these folks homes that look normal except for there Garage was turned into a small supper market. One of the people said that he gives the food to family members and he actually bought a huge amount of cereal for little or nothing and gave it to a food pantry.

  • Karen

    I’ll like it if they give to food banks like that one guy did

    • Kristen

      I’m sure a lot of them will – if I could get a ton of Total cereal for free, I would give it away. Maybe someone hungry would eat it cuz I won’t. lol!

    • Big Walt

      I kept thinking that food banks need to hire these people. It’s win/win. The food bank makes out like a bandit and the people get paid to get their fix.

      • Michelle

        Ooooh, THIS.

      • Work2Hard

        I shop for a retreat house and feed 25 teenagers a week. I saved $3,000 last year on coupons. The teens baked cookies to take to soup kitchens and all it cost was the price of the eggs. It’s amazing at how much can be saved

      • Jen

        Big Wait – I do it for my church. We help a lot of families and there is nothing like helping feed a community without breaking the bank. I think food banks/churches would be able to maintain there supply better had they had someone to help with their supply.

      • magda

        I agree, the food banks should hire this people, but, i don’t think the food bank could not pay them much.

    • Tegan

      actually three of the four gave away virtually everything purchased…

      • Big Walt

        Really, I don’t remember that. The guy at the end gave away the Total he got for free. I missed the very beginning though so maybe I just missed it.

      • Jen

        Big Walt – they simply didn’t ask all of these people exactly what they do with all of their stuff. Some of these people are ‘well known’ in the coupning world online, and are known to either donate/share a lot or sell some of their stuff to help out their budget. Most couponers don’t buy up a ton of stuff and just sit on it until it expires – most who get huge quantities of stuff will donate/share/sell part of it so that it doesn’t go to waste.

      • Mavis

        Apparently, there’s a video that was recorded a long while after the showe was recorded and all that total is still there in his garage.

      • Laura

        No, TLC actually filmed the food pantry people for the reveal of the total and the food pantry took donation following the taping(valued at $6000). Not everything that is filmed makes into the final cut of the show.

    • Joanne

      Don’t let that ‘donating’ stuff fool you. I know for a fact that one of those people sells their stuff at flea markets. Donate 10%, sell 80%. Too bad TLC didn’t show that fact.

      • Diane

        So what!

        If someone is able to purchase 100 boxes of cereal for free, keep 10 for myself, donate 10, and sell the remaining 80 at flea markets for 1/2 the retail value, what is the problem?

        The food bank is still getting 10 boxes they wouldn’t have otherwise.

        The people at the flea markets are also able to save 50% without having to cut a single coupon, and if you think about it not everyone that is having hard times qualifies for help from the food banks or is willing to cut coupons.

        Plus the couponer was able to make a buck for their effort. Isn’t that the American way?

        Oh, and I almost forgot the store sold 100 boxes that they wouldn’t have plus were fully reimbursed for the coupons by the manufacturer.

        So… as far as I can see it is a big win all around.

        BTW – I did the same thing with a General Mills Cereal Promo here locally this fall. I was able to purchase closer to 300 boxes over the course of the week at several different locations (I never bought more than 20 boxes at one time, nor did I clear any shelves) In my case I kept about 25 boxes for my husband and son to use before their 2012 expiration dates, donated 50 boxes to an inner city preschool near my work, and then yes SOLD the rest for approximately $300 to the shop guys at my work who are barely making ends meet at $10/hr but to proud to ask for handouts (Less than 1/2 of what it cost in the store without the coupon)

      • kathy


  • Ian

    WTF America? Any person that watches should be picked up for psychiatric evaluation immediately. Appearently you and others like you have lost your will to live, please throw yourself on the funeral pyre, NOW!!!! I admire these astute shoppers, but not enough to watch them in their endevours.

    • Big Walt

      I watched the one off episode and it was mildly interesting but no way I could watch this as a series.

    • Krist N. Furter

      What you are really saying is that anyone that watches TV should be killed, as this is a typical TV show. Good job. *golfclap*

  • ks

    This makes me glad I gave up on TLC a while ago.

    • Annie

      Amen! I was greatly disturbed by the pilot show. Many of those profiled harbor not only OCD-like behaviors, but greed. Why hoard massive amounts of deodorant, toothpaste, juice, cereal, and more than a family can possibly use in 1-2 years? C-R-A-Z-Y. TLC once again has sunk to a new low exploiting these yahoos and their shopping addictions for ratings. I will not be watching the series.

      • Narak

        Absolutely I disagree with any form of oucpon fraud and all store policies should be respected.I know about the wording on the oucpon, but that may be only expressing the preference of the manufacturer and not the law. It could be the same as a company that has you sign something saying you’re not allowed to sue them when we all know that it’s legal to sue anyone, any time for any reason — your case just might not get to court or you might not win.Transferring or selling the oucpon may void the oucpon, but that’s not exactly the same as it being illegal.As a oucponer, I think it would be very important to know all the details of this law. If my neighbor gives me her unused oucpons, is that illegal? If I see someone buying something in the store that I have a oucpon for and I share it with them, is that illegal?I give my sister in law, who has a dog, all of my dog product oucpons and she gives me all her cat oucpons. Is that illegal?I’d like to know what the lawmakers have to say about this and not the manufacterers who may merely be stating their preference.

    • Ames

      I too have called TLC quits. It’s never too late people!

  • NY Shopper

    I’d like to see them try to shoot an episode of this in NY, where no retailer doubles coupons and you could never achieve those kinds of savings. How about having a show that reflects the REAL world?

    • Lauren

      my sister lives in upstate NY and has definitely got double coupons before. I think it was at Walgreens?

      • Shayna

        No, drugstores don’t double. Plenty of stores in the NYC area double coupons like Pathmark and Shoprite. (I assume you mean the city verses the state? Several stores in the region do.)

      • Jen

        Walgreens has their own store coupons which you can sometimes ‘stack’ along with a manufacturer’s coupon for greater savings, but that is not the same as ‘doubling’. ‘Doubling’ is when a store takes the face value of a coupon and gives you double the value off your order – there are some grocery stores in various areas of the country that offer this. Some even triple on occasion.

      • shannon

        wegmans and tops in my area double cupons up to 99 cents

    • Mitch Logan

      New York is an abomonation. It is NOT the real world.

    • Ann

      I am actually a deal blogger that lives in New York. Manhattan is tough but even on Staten Island Pathmark doubles. In the metro NYC area, Pathmark, A&P, Shop Rite and Acme all double to 99¢, and if you head out to LI so does Waldbaums. Saving in Manhattan is more difficult, but not impossible.

      The drug stores make for complete free H&BA items if you play the “game” correctly.

      • Work2Hard

        all the comments about NY make me glad I live in the midwest

      • mary

        Hello Ann,

        what’s your blog site I live in Manhattan and I never find grocery stores with double couponing.

    • Brandy

      You don’t need to double coupons to save money. There are some very helpful coupon maven websites out there. They even have people who teach you classes for free on how to save. In the Chicago area, one lady spends her time going through the deals for the upcoming week, where to get the coupons and posts it all on her website including links to the coupons. She does most of the work for the other busy people.

      The excess? They give to the local food banks or the woman’s shelters.

      • Jose Ugarte

        I have a big family, everybody shows up to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner during the week. Though I know we sometimes are o.k., I wish my wife and I could provide more. It’s not a big problem, but we would really like to know how we can provide more and don’t have to worry if we have enough. Maybe to have some spending money. We have seen the shows on TLC, but don’t understand how to save so much. Can you please advise us of a site or someone who can help us to save more on groceries, just enough to not worry? It would really make a difference. Thanks, Jose Ugarte

    • Sarah

      I love how NY Shopper believes that only NY is the real world. There are plenty of other places in this country too! NY is not the only place that matters.

    • jaidee

      im a stay at home mom right outside of buffalo, NY. i am a coupon shopper, i have a blog, a coupon binder, and a stockpile. i only stockpile for about 3-6 months at a time – i have a small freezer in my basement and 1 storage shelf. the grocery stores i shop at (wegmans and tops) double coupons $.99 or less everyday and often give out $1 doublers. i know the krazy coupon lady (joanie, the one jumping in dumpsters) donates hundreds of pounds of food and stockpile items every year. most of us do. i share with my family, friends, neighbors and local food banks. sometimes i over buy, not because im a freak who needs a fix, but because i got it for almost free and we didnt end up eating it/needing it. so i give it away. my motto is “cocktails are expensive, shampoo shouldnt be”

      • Rose

        I’m bummed, I live in the Binghamton, NY area and our Wegman’s doesn’t double coupons … Weiss does though .

      • June

        I don’t care how crazy anybody would think I was… I wish I knew how to do this. There are SO many people that could use the extras that I could pick up. Lots of elderly friends that don’t have enough money and or can’t get out to shop. Wouldn’t it be great if I could help them. That would be after I made sure my 4 kids and my sweet grand daughter, my brother and sisters and my parents had enough.

      • Shawn

        The part on the episode on TV where they say she was dumpster diving kills me. Te “dumpster” was not your average garbage dumpster it was a recycling dropoff point where she was and it was filled with nothing but paper and cardboard not actual garbage. So she didn’y get too dirty.

      • cmcgrew

        After watching the show this past week, i thought, what could it hurt to try this out and see if it really works. So i went to and bout the paper yesterday, compared it to the sale papers that i had already on hand, went to Wal-mart and when i got to the register, i was shocked. I did this very small scale just to try it out but wow. My total bill was $68 and then i handed over my cupons. My final total was $35. That to me was nice to see. I enjoyed the savings. And to thoes of you who have these horrible comments, look if you dont like it and have a problem with it, then change the tv station and dont watch it. And you your dislike it so much, then why even waste your time comming here to voice your opinion that noone is gonna care about anyway. And for the record. I am not over weight, unhealthy, or an OCD horder. I actuall buy things in stock pile like soap and deodorant. Which by the way i got all for free this week.

      • cassie

        i am a single mom with 5 kids and need to save a little can you tell me what coupon sites are legit…

    • Michelle

      Kroger doubles coupons

    • abby

      yeah… NY is the real world. Rrrrright. (and the rest of the USA is???)

    • Dee

      They dont double coupons in Austin Tx so I never get deals like they do

      • Ahmed

        i know that paypal offer cuopon functionality the way it works, is basically you store the promo code and you enable a simple text box for promo code/coupon entry. Its easy even for non programmers.However, if your programmers can integrate the paypal functionality within your website design, that will be great. Otherwise, you just have to settle with the standard pay pal interface processing.

  • tigger851

    name the show…hoarders: extreme shopping with coupons!

    • Brandy

      Not everyone who uses coupons is a hoarder. Many of the people donate the extras to food pantry’s.


    I am a couper! I loved this show. ….I made my kids watch it. You can save so much by using coupons. … Use the money you save for something fun…like a COUPON CUISE!



    • Grandma Wendy

      In one year we saved $3000 in coupons and put the saved coupon amount in a savings acconut. That’s how we paid for our 1st week long cruise. It was awesome!!! When you’re not spending so much on food, you can spend the savings in other ways.

      • Carmen

        To Armywife65 You are doing what is called ealigll couponing use when you try to use more than “One coupon per transaction”. First of all that is coming to an end when the new coupon system comes out on all the registers! I have been doing ethical couponing for well over 22 years and yes I have a great stash but I buy a couple of items at once not tons of one item in one transaction. I for one am also very irrated about the show and I absolutely hate it! We have a woman here teaching classes. She was on the show buying Purex det, with a coupon not for the kind of Purex that was stated on the coupon. That is another example of coupon fraud. The more classes these people teach the more awful it is getting! I have spoken with several local store managers at different stores and they know who she is and they are getting fed up! That is why Publix will be changing their policy very soon! No more overages, and I was told they are discussing no use of a 2nd coupon on bogo deals! Most of the folk on the show use coupons because they have major debt and instead of getting a “job” they use the coupon system to support them. I use coupons because it is a hobby and it is fun. Now they are making it less fun and in turn it will come back and bite them in the foot. I can afford to live without using them. Most of them cannot.

  • The Truth

    People do realize when you go to this extreme you end up spending more money than just going out and buying what you need, right? Coupons/bargains only save you money if you were actually going to buy it, in that quantity, regardless if the sale was happening or not.


      to get the best deals and save the most money, you only buy what you have coupons for / and what is on sale. Your family will eventually eat/use all the products you buy.

      • Annie

        Uh, yeah… 40,000 rolls of toilet paper can be used by one family. Surely you jest.

      • Jen

        Annie – an active teenager can easily use half that much on just 1 Halloween night. LMAO

      • Amanda

        Sure…and you also become morbidly obese by eating the 2 million candy bars you got for free. Come on people, did anybody see one “natural” food item in ANY of those carts?

      • cmcgrew

        Amanda, did you ever stop to think that it is not just food you can get with cupons. I get soap, deodorant, shaving cream washing detergent pet food cleaning supplies, foil, toilet paper and more nonfood items at almost no cost to me which in turn i am able to spend on much healthier food. Think Befor You Speak People…

    • WTF?

      Because you’re the authority on coupons, I’m sure.

      I actually like the concept if it’s applied in a more realistic way for everyday life. At a time when everyone is looking for ways to maximize their dollars, coupons are a good way to do so if you don’t let it get out of hand. Obviously the attraction of watching “extreme couponers” is the boggling quantities and amounts of money saved, but in real life, most people just want to cut down their grocery bills.

      • The Truth

        Coupons serve one purpose and one purpose only to get you to buy something. It does it by 2 means, first to get you to buy that product on the coupon. If something costs $4 and the coupon has it for $2 and you were not going to buy it before you got the coupon you did not save $2 but you actualy lost $2. Second the coupon got you in the store, a chance for them to get you to buy other things, especially impulse purchases. A fiscally responsible person who shops at reasonably priced stores and keeps an eye out for deals and coupons for things they are planning on buying will save more money in the long term than someone who spends most of their free time driving around and researching for the best possible deals. Plus, yes, time does equal money. My time is valuable and I am willing to spend a little extra for it.

      • Ann

        @TheTruth Actually coupons are both an enticement to gain new users and a reward for past purchases. Couponers just use what is out there to get their groceries, H&BA, paper goods for free/cheap.

      • Krist N. Furter

        @The Truth
        I get paid very well at my job, but I used to waste and spend it all. I’ve saved up several thousand dollars and stopped wasting my money on junk, thanks to couponing and stockpiling, so…You are wrong. Neeners.

    • Big Walt

      @ Truth – You clearly didn’t watch the show. I will give you though that if you add up the time they spend prepping for their shopping trips I’m not sure it’s really worth it for a “normal” person.

      • T

        Very much worth it. Currently using coupons to allow me to be a SAHM, finish my college degree, and save money for a family vacation…

    • Jenny

      Completely False. I have been tracking savings vs spending since 1/1. Some of you may consider me an “OCD hoarder” or Out of my gourd for stockpiling – Bottom line, It is my money and what I am doing for my family so honestly your thoughts opinions have no bearing. Sorry! As for spending vs saving: Spent: $63.48 Saved: $416.23.

      • reggie

        I don’t care what anyone else says but I would be at your side, shadowing your every move to learn all i could from you on how you do this. Just like the lady said in the show about her friend that criticize her, “you just haven’t been broke enough”.

    • Dee

      This year I saved $188.00 buying the brand of shampoo and conditioner I use. All by using coupons when the product was on sale. Yes I bought a years supply all in one week. I spent $.33 + tax vs $5.99 regular price on each tube. Yes I bought 20 boxes of cereal in one week for $1.25 per box vs $3.99 regular price. I can save $200.00 to $300.00 per week shopping this way. Call it crazy but I never spend $3.99 on Windex do you? How about toothpaste at $3.00 a tube I get Crest or Colgate for free + tax all the time and when I do I get 6 months to a years worth. I made 11 gift baskets for Christmas retail value $50.00 each for about $5.00 cost each. I donate over $1000.00 worth of items to the local shelter last year. So if you think this is crazy that’s fine with me because there will be more stock to buy when I shop with my coupons.

      • dawn delhi


      • Work2Hard

        I love that you give to charity. The social service agencies should put YOU on their payroll

      • Jen

        Spell out how you got your shampoo down from 5.99 to .33. Even with sales and a coupon that wouldn’t bring down the price.

      • cmcgrew

        Ok jen, I did this very thing with the new crystals fabric softener that just came out. Begining price, 4.99 Now i go to walmart becouse not only do they accept any cupon from anywhere but they also do what they call buy backs, which is you can take any sale paper from any store in there and they will price match. so that item was on sale at anothe store for 2.99 and then in the newspaper i found a cupon for 2.00 off so i ended up paying only .99 for it and for all the critics out there, yes this is an item i use and yes i bought a lot of them becouse i am not gonna run out in three months and be the dummy paying 4.99 for it when i can get it for .99 So all of you who dont mind paying 400% more than i do goahead but i like keeping my money in my pocket.

    • Linda

      A lot of you are obviously coupon ignorant. I am a stay at home mom who saves my family thousands of dollars a year using coupons. Stockpiling is NOT hoarding. It is buying smart so that you never have to pay full price for items you need. Couponing is an art for only the skilled and wise, not for the unlearned and oblivious. Wake up people!! Everything is going up. Only the intelligent use coupons.

      • Renee

        I agree with you, Linda. When prices skyrocket and their companies downsize, they will be begging to be taught how to use coupons or stealing from our stockpiles.

      • Fahad

        I don’t understand their poicly in some ways. In the general rules it says: We accept only one manufacturer coupon per purchased item. but then under the doubling rules it says: We double manufacturer’s coupons up to face value of $0.99 So my question is, what does the first statement under the general rules mean?Thanks


    I’m a couponer too… and I loved this show… though the only thing that got me.. was that some of the stores have a “3 coupon rule” about doubling the savings etc.. but this was actually a pretty good depiction of what we do. It is a hobby, and sometimes you can feel like a “hoarder”.. but that’s when I donate to needy families or my friends. It’s a game, and it’s a great hobby to get in to, to see how much you can save. I appreciate my teachers that showed me how to do it, and I ALWAYS pass on the savings tips and techniques on to my friends so they too, can save a lot of money in this tough economic time. YAY COUPONS!!!! :)

    • jody sherritze

      i would be interested to know where you find your coupons and also where you shop? thanks

      • kathy

        i would be interested to know where you find your coupons and also where you shop? thanks

  • MixMasterMadge

    “In one scene, a woman only paid $2.64 for more than $600 worth of goodies”.
    When you figure in gas money going to different stores & all the hours put into clipping, organizing, swapping, etc….. you wind up paying a lot more than $2.64. When will people realize that your time = MONEY?

    • DC

      “When you figure in gas money going to different stores & all the hours put into clipping, organizing, swapping, etc….. you wind up paying a lot more than $2.64. When will people realize that your time = MONEY?”

      I shop at a grocery store that has “fuelperks” and have gotten 20 gallons of gas for under $2 by couponing there. So that more than pays for driving around to the other stores I shop as well, which are typically all within a 3 mile radius anyway.

      Also, the total monthly hours spent a month on clipping and organizing is probably around 8 hours with a savings of $400+. So in terms of time=money… Would I rather work an extra week a month to buy those same items full price, or would I rather work 8 hours and save the money I’ve already worked hard for? I’d rather maximize the dollars that I already have.

      • Linda

        Great point! Somebody is alive out there after all!!

      • Tirza

        I’m glad you’d rather work the extra time. What if the work was not available for you to work? When time is easier to come by than work, put it to use. Most avid coupon users spend very little time prepping to go to the store because it’s a habit, not something they’re scrambling to do each time.

    • T

      i only buy items with coupons… and I spend less than 4 hours each week on getting my coupon lists ready and shopping at the stores. not much more time than I would otherwise…

      • Adriana

        It stinks that they don’t beuacse overall, they are a pretty expensive store and they have SMALL limits on their good deals. Sample, ckn noodle or tomato soup 29 cents a can limit 6.

    • Ann

      Well in that case their time = $597.36 worth of tax free dollars.

    • yeah right

      The also didn’t consider the cost of OBTAINING the coupons. Either she is buying hundreds of newspapers to get coupons or buying them from a clipping service or some other source. They also didn’t mention that a lot of the coupons were probably expired which is fraud if you read the fine print. The scanner doesn’t check expiration dates, and I doubt the sales clerk is going to check a stack that huge.

      • Kelley

        Um, the scanner does check expiration dates. If I didn’t check an expiration date closely my store beeps every time. I am a couponer closer to the 3rd woman they showed on the show. She was really only buying things that she would use not hundreds and hundreds of items. If they buy and donate, I don’t have too much of a problem except that they clean out the store for anyone else to get the deals.

      • Melanie

        Why would you think the coupons are expired? It does not make one a cheat if we use coupons.

    • Work2Hard

      I cut and organize coupons while watching a show on television, and the upside, I am making my game plan to save money and not munching – thus losing weight

  • LadyJNewYork

    I am still ***deer in headlights” $2.64 for $600.00 worth of groceries…she’s good, real good at couponing, man.

    • GinaBallerina

      I know! I was absolutely speechless when I saw that part! I never thought her total could drop that low! Who knew that was possible?

      • Nikki

        How IS that possible? Coupons are usually a percentage of the price, so how can that happen? I need to watch this at least once to see if I can replicate!! I spend too much money on groceries!

      • Jen

        Nikki – the trick to successful ‘extreme couponing’ is to hold onto your coupons and wait to use them when the item is *on sale*. Using a coupon on a regularly priced item will not often give you a free item (unless the coupon specifically says ‘free item’) – but if you wait and combine your coupon with the right sale or special promotion, you can get free products. For example, if a box of pasta is normall $1.50 and you have a $0.50 coupon, a novice couponer would expect to pay $1.00 after their coupon. If they find a grocery store that doubles coupons, they can pay $0.50. But a savvy couponer will wait for that same grocery store to put the pasta on sale for $1.00 (or less) and then double the coupon to make the item completely free.

  • Richard

    How about using these practices to stock soup kitchens and feed the homeless? How about making that a series?

    • Annie

      Yup. Or feeding those who cannot afford basic necessities? We shop at ALDI and WalMart for bargains. No couponing for us. TLC should be ashamed of promoting these people.

      • Jen

        A lot of extreme couponers DO donate a LOT to food banks/pantries and other charities. This show was not interested in showing what happens to the stuff, they were interested in shocking people and getting ratings. Some extreme couponers also sell a lot of the things that they buy – they can get an amazing deal and then sell it to their friends/family/whoever for less than retail and make a profit. With the economy the way it is today, a lot of couponers realize that they can use their skills to help get their family by. (and before you ask, yes some of them do it legitimately and pay taxes on their sales, but yes there are also some that do not). You really can’t know what the people on this show do with their stuff ‘long term’ b/c the show didn’t ask. They might be donating a lot and they might be selling, too. Just b/c you see a room full of stuff, doesn’t mean that it’s been there for months and doesn’t mean it’s going to still be there months from now. It just means that’s what they had in that room on the day the cameras came to get their footage.

      • Diane

        There’s nothing to be ashamed of in couponing, and no glory in paying full price. Do you really think that P&G loves you more if you don’t use a coupon?

      • genie

        My family and I also shop at Walmart. You can use your coupons there and they will even price match. So you can save even more. A friends shared that with me and it was a big help.Hope this can help someone else

      • Linda

        Did you hear what you just said?? You must be one of the IGNORANT I mentioned before. You need help!

      • rachael

        Annie, you are coming off as a coupon snob.
        How clever are you shopping at Walmart and paying $3 for something (maybe even on sale) when the person at the check out nxt to you is paying 50 cents for the same item, because they printed out one piece of paper before they went shopping.
        Foolish, isn’t it?

      • Carla

        list . NEVER go grocery sihnpopg without a prepared list. It’s just stupid. The night before I go sihnpopg, I have in front of me at the kitchen table: Store circular, all of my coupons, my list in progress , and, of course, a cold beverage. Plan your meals, snacks, beverages around sale items. It’s so easy. If something is not on sale this week, it, or something similar, will likely be on sale next week, so buy it then. Again .every store has sale patterns. Leftovers from meals automatically become packed lunches for work or school. No waste, and my family loves leftovers (beats the heck out of a cold sandwich).Here are 2 of my more recent sihnpopg trips and the numbers:Original total: $ 265.88Savings: Sale savings: $ 57.06MFG coupons: $ 10.85Store coupons: $ 29.26Total savings: $ 97.17 (36.5%)New total: $ 168.71Original total: $ 208.99Savings: Sale savings: $ 46.03MFG coupons: $ 5.00Store coupons: $ 24.20Total savings: $ 75.23 (36%)New total: $ 133.76It works if you prepare (do your homework). I’ve been doing this for years and I save thousands annually. It only takes me about an hour of my time to prepare, and, like I said, it’s a game and a challenge. All fun.

  • Lee ann

    Anyone remember the Andy Griffith episode where Aunt Bee goes crazy with bargain shopping and buys all that meat (which was tough) and then the old freezer tears up, so Andy has to buy her a new one? That’s all I could think of when I saw this episode. So the cost of extreme couponing means having to purchase a reliable freezer and giving up your garage and let your cars sit out in the elements to deteriorate faster and lower their value, and from seeing a whole lot of high sugar items purchased, the health cost. On top of that, you lose your dignity by dumpster diving WITH YOUR CHILD AND PREGNANT FRIEND! (I feel better now that I’ve got that out of my system)

    • jaws

      roflol … guess I’m just an old hillbilly — because I don’t have a garage! My car sits out in the elements wherever it is … until it’s about 10+ years old when I finally trade it in and start paying for a new one!

    • rachael

      Saving 3-6 months worth of item on a couple of shelves in your garage isn’t going to keep your cars out of it unless you are a real slob. As far as the sorting through the recycling dumpster… free will baby! I’d rather pay a clipping service to get multiple copies of a coupon, but if that works for them – go for it! (I do not believe the son went in the recycle dumpster, which would be concerning…)

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