'Community,' 'Big Love,' 'Castle,' 'White Collar': Find out what's happening next in the Spoiler Room!

EW-Spoiler-RoomImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA; Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Michael Desmond/ABC; Isabella Vosmikova/HBOHappy New Year, Roomies! (Today is the 7th, officially the last day you can wish people a good new year without sounding weird. Whew. Just made it.) In this first 2011 edition, we chatted with Matt Bomer about the return of White Collar (and his upcoming nudie dance), have great scoop on the last season of Big Love (weeping begins now), and some Castle info that’s going to make soap fans seal-clap in happiness. And if you’re a soap fan who seal-claps when you’re happy, please send mockable videos of you doing so to spoilerroom@ew.com.

Oh, and send scoop requests there, too. Or for the least possible effort in your effort to obtain scoop on your favorite shows, ask me on Twitter (@EWSandraG).


Moz down! We have a Moz down!

Luckily, though our beloved Mozzie is down, he’s far from out of the action when White Collar returns Jan. 18 with a new episode. But, as Matt Bomer dishes, seeing his longtime friend on the brink of death will resonate greatly with our favorite con man Neal.

“Mozzie is obviously a very close relationship to Neal, so it affects him greatly to see him in the state he’s in. It was fun and new and fresh to explore that aspect of the character and remind the audience how important that relationship is to him,” he says. “Mozzie really is the sole remaining relationship Neal has from a very different past and a very different world.”

It’s also a world that comes in handy, though, in the first episode back when Peter finds himself on the wrong end of an investigation. And while Bomer admits it was fun seeing Peter “visit the other side a bit” in an effort to clear his name, he was most impressed with the masterful horseback riding stunt work his co-star Tim DeKay did in the episode.

“He was a great horseback rider. He’d done it a lot in his past. He was a natural. He hadn’t ridden in a while, though. I don’t think he’d mind me saying — I hope he wouldn’t — he was quite sore afterwards,” he said with a laugh.

Okay, enough teasing DeKay, Bomer. Let’s talk about your  nudie mini dance scene in episode 11.

“Those are always fun with the crew there eating donuts and laughing at you in your underwear,” he jokes. “They definitely took it to places we hadn’t taken White Collar before.”

One final teaser, because I like being cruel: Next week, we hear from showrunner Jeff Eastin, who will weigh in on more of your burning White Collar questions, including all those mixed feelings you have about Sara and Neal’s relationship.

The delicately balanced Henrickson household is indeed rocked when the series returns for its final season Jan. 16. In the first episode, we get to see exactly how each wife has dealt with the new pressures in her own special way.

Most heartbreaking of all is poor Margie, who finds herself unable to cope with all the negative media attention. (Newsflash, Margie: Compared to our friend Lohan, your tabloid rumors aren’t so bad.) And later, look for the third wife to have a blow out with Bill when he c**v***es A** and ***an *o *ea** t***. But it’s not all bad news for Ginnifer Goodwin’s plucky character — there’s a new man who comes into her life, played by Melrose Place alum Grant Show. As we previously reported, Show’s character will get Margie involved in a “multilevel marketing” scheme; though I was more interested in that romantic spark I saw…. On second thought, maybe it is all bad news for her.

Meanwhile, Nikki has a stand-out scene (or 10) in the premiere, too — the best is her confrontation with another character that leaves one of them bloody. Excited yet?

This week, ZBZ National Rep Tegan drops by for rush week and clashes with Rebecca in a huge way over potential pledges and how she’s running the house. But seeing these two acid-tongued femmes battle it out for the final word is like watching two carnivorous beasts fight over the last chunk of ripe carcass. It’s that good — and makes me miss Cordy. The two particularly disagree on how to deal with the search for a new house mom, a role Casey takes on temporarily during the episode. Although, someone does get picked for the job by the end of the hour, and you already know them very well.

Other things to look forward to: Star Wars sex, a Scrubs 2.0 shout-out, and the introduction of pledge Spiderman.


You were totally right about the end of last week’s Castle. So cute!! Any scoop to report? – B
EP Laurie Zaks told me exclusively that fans can look forward to a March episode that will wink and nod to Nathan Fillion’s One Life to Live days. Titled “One Life to Lose,” the ep finds Beckett and Castle investigating the death of a very popular soap star. Imagine the casting possibilities!

Be still my heart! Did Eliza Coupe really just tweet that she’s going to be on Community!? She was the best thing about new Scrubs. Details needed yesterday. — Carly
I lost it, too! Coupe, who will next star in ABC’s Happy Endings (premiering April 13), has been cast as Secret Service Special Agent Robin Vohlers in episode 16. In the February episode, titled “Political Developments and Uncivil Disobedience,” look for her character to have her eyes on Abed. “It’s very funny… and very Abed,” says a source.

v-recapImage Credit: Jeff Petry/ABCV didn’t do so well out of the gate, and that’s a shame!! I love Elizabeth Mitchell. If I saw her in person, I would fall to my knees and bow to her. Anything fun to report on what’s coming up for Erica? — Randy
It sounds like someone’s in love…and kinda creepy. So I’m not sure how you’ll take news of Erica’s possible romantic future. “She is gonna end up hooking up with somebody, and for, I think, a pretty legitimate reason,” Mitchell told us. “That’s farther down the road.” Guesses? Hobbs seems a little obvious, no? Perhaps man of God Jack Landry? (For more on V, check out Lynette Rice’s chat with Jane Badler and our chat with your girl Mitchell.)

I would love some scoop on No Ordinary Family. — Stacie
And I would love to give you some. While you might already know that John Hughes alum, and former star of The Dead Zone Anthony Michael Hall, will be appearing in an upcoming episode, I’ve learned that he will be playing Daphne’s boyfriend’s father, and that this meet-the-parents doesn’t go exactly as planned. In related scoopage, Autumn Reeser, whose recently announced pregnancy is being written into the show, told EW at the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night that contrary to rumors, her character probably won’t be obtaining any powers…this year. “I think there is still so much to explore with the four lead characters and their powers,” she said. “If we went for a second season, I’d love to see my character develop a power. Why not?”

Got more news about the Supernatural episode where the guys play themselves? We know Genevieve Cortese is appearing. Who else will we get to see play themselves? — Wendy
The upcoming meta-ep that takes the Winchester brothers into an alternate universe where they are (smoking hot) actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will also feature some other characters with names you might recognize — “Sera Gamble,” “Eric Kripke,” and “Bob Singer.” But don’t look for the real-life executive producers to appear as themselves; they will be played by actors. (Collective boo.) I also hear Castiel/Misha Collins will appear, but sadly, Jim Beaver will not.

Spoiler request. — A. Hadley
Most vague e-mail scoop request ever. I kind of like it. Because I get to choose what to give you. What about some info on the mini Blues Brothers reunion happening on Defenders when Dan Aykroyd guest stars in February? Jerry O’Connell tells EW that Aykroyd’s arc as a spite-filled judge on the show kicks off when the robed grump needs Nick and Pete’s help in proving his innocence after a dead hooker is found in his hotel room. “It was one of those dream job days because he’s an icon of comedy. He’s a very funny and crazy guy,” O’Connell says.

Lie To Me AND Tim Roth won some People’s Choice Awards! I hope the network sees that and renews the show like they should. Argh. Now I’m all angry talking about it. Need spoilers to cheer me up. — Lily
I share your frustrations. Let’s both buck up with the great back-to-back episodes next week. Specifically, the first hour, which finds a very loopy Cal coming face-to-face with the sorta-ghosts of his parents while locked in a mental hospital. That’s no way for Cal to celebrate his birthday week…

Southland_320.jpg Image Credit: Trae Patton/NBCSo glad Southland is back so I can have my weekly dose of Ben McKenzie!!! Can we get some scoop to celebrate? — Steph
Next week, Ben learns that a red-headed he’s, um, entertaining the company of has a colorful history with others in the department. Oh, and then there’s that huge bomb regarding Sammy’s baby. Read: Huge.

CSI scoop, please! – Char
When Ne-Yo makes his television debut on CSI: NY on Feb. 11 as a smooth-talking hit man (in an episode that finds him taking Spartacus: Blood and Sand‘s Lesley-Ann Brandt as his hostage), look for the door to be left cracked open for a possible return to the show, which the singer tells me he’d gladly make happen. And for an exclusive first look his appearance, pick up next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

I think it’s adorable when real-life couples work with each other on TV shows (especially when they’re enemies!). Any scoop on Nick Swisher’s upcoming part on Better With You? — R.C.
I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high about seeing Joanna Garcia cross paths with her new husband on the show. Jennifer Finnigan told EW on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet that she and Josh Cooke are the only characters who get to work with him. (But the episode has yet to be filmed, so plans could always change.) Good news is that you might be seeing another real-life couple on the show working together very soon. Finnigan said she hopes to score hubby Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s) a part on the show soon, too.

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Darren Franich.)

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  • Jenn

    Matt Bomer makes me feel good all over.OMG – we get to see a nudie dance???I’ll make sure permanent save space on my tivo.

    • Kristen

      I agree!

    • jules

      He’s pretty. :-)

    • Lisa Simpson

      I have to say, I only clicked on this article because Matt was in the picture.

    • Brit

      And he sings too! He was amazing on Kennedy Center show especially compared to all of those professional singers.

      • TJ. Church

        Yeah; I went out & bought Season 1 just to see if he sings on any of it. (When is S2 out?!)

      • Ashtrash

        WHITE COLLAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Thnx for the SPN spoilers! I was looking forward to this meta episode and now I’m just giddy about it. I would love to see the Misha Collins character!

    • Ames

      I hope it will be good, but it kinda sounds awful to me.

    • Kaya

      I wasn’t looking forward to this episode until I heard Misha would be playing himself. Now I can’t freaking wait!

      • Ashley

        Im super excited about his episode. I hope it’s as good as i think it will be. Im not making any judgements tho until it airs. But misha being in it pretty much guarentees its epicness :)

    • Kalie

      The “Supernatural” episode does sound fun, but do we really need to see Jared’s wife in it? Most fans did not like her as Ruby, and it kinda sounds like an excuse to give her some work.

      • Marty

        I don’t know..I think it will be super funny to see Sam and Dean’s reaction to “Ruby” being alive and married to Jared/Sam. Will Sam try to kill her again and Jared have to save? LOL I can’t wait to see how this all comes together.

    • DE

      @Kalie- I agree! I did not care for the 2nd version of Ruby at all. I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. Most shows do an odd episode like this outside the story line and I usually hate them. I’m hoping this will be the exception.

  • Jackie

    Not really a soap opera fan, but this ‘Castle’ episode sounds like a lot of fun (of course, anything with Nathan Fillion would be fun to watch). I’ll be very interested to see who they cast. And I cannot WAIT for the ‘Supernatural’ episode mentioned! I love when shows give nods to the fans and to the actors’ previous work. I think one of my favorite funny moments was in the season two episode ‘Hollywood Babylon’ when Dean and Sam were on a tram tour of a Hollywood soundstage, the tour guide mentions that they’re riding through Stars Hollow from ‘Gilmore Girls’ and mentions that they might see one of the stars, and the camera cuts to Jared Padalecki looking very uncomfortable :)

    • Hope

      Is it me or is Nathan getting a little large? Hope he’s careful about that.

      • Jackie

        But he really is still ruggedly handsome.

      • Huh?

        They could have picked a more flattering photo.

      • Kari

        Only because you said it nicely, I won’t get on your case about it. There is nothing Nathan Fillion can do to look bad — the man always looks good. :)

    • queue55

      OLTL fans got a treat on Monday’s episode when Joey’s (Nathan Fillion’s)ex, Kelly, picked up a copy of “Naked Heat” in a bookstore with a big picture of NF as Castle on it and, looking confused, asked the cashier if he (Castle)looked familiar…loved it!!

    • Jennifer

      Jackie- LOL! I love that episode from Season 2! I replayed it a bunch of times because I love Sam’s look. Also, isn’t it funny Jarad played “Dean” on Gilmore Girls… ok, yeah I’m a huge GG fan too!

  • Shawn

    asterisk puzzle
    when he conivnces and to leave town
    not sure what two characters they are

    • filmboymichael

      the people are Ana and Goran – which would totally push poor margie over the edge….

  • Reena

    Thanks for the Better With You info…I am loving this show more and more each week!

    • matt

      Me too which surprises me.

  • m

    asterisk puzzle names are ana and goran

  • Billie

    Mozzie’s gonna be fine. Good. But what’s going on with Alex on WHITE COLLAR? Is she going to return? And Yay!!! for the return of Charisma Carpenter on GREEK! Seeing her there makes me miss Cordy, too.

    • Kaya

      Alex is returning.

    • Sammie

      Speaking of cordy I love her and angel together (been watching the show) great she’s working again. :)

  • J

    Some Nikita dish, please, please and please!

  • Jenna

    I didn’t know Jennifer Finnigan was married to Jonathan Silverman! What a cute couple! I am on the fence about the show, because the Casey character is so freaking dumb it’s unrealistic, but I’ve seen signs they’re making him less dumb (not so with Oliver Hudson’s character in Rules of Engagement…he’s gotten progressively stupider as the series has gone on) but so far I think I’m going to stick with BWY.

  • Kit

    Bomer dancing in his undies…YOWZA!

  • zimzyma

    You want to make Castle’s more enjoyable? Do a wink episode to Firefly. Morena Bacarin as a prostitute who witnessed a murder, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk as the bad guys chasing her, and you can sprinkle Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Gina Torres, Ron Glass, and Sean Maher sporadically. Advertise it right and you’ll get a big fanboy ratings spike.

    • Tajah


      • Boo Radley

        times eleventy!

      • queue55

        Yes, please!!

    • Jackie

      They did do a nod to a ‘Firefly’ episode once. In season two of ‘Castle’, they did a Halloween episode, where Castle comes out where tight tan pants, boots, a brown duster coat, and a holster. His daughter asks him what he’s supposed to be, and he says “I’m a space cowboy!” She says something like “You wore that five years ago, time to let it go.” Although I do love your idea of a ‘Castle’ episode with all those ‘Firefly’ cast members in it!

      • Anei

        Yes, and not just that (wonderful) nod, either! In the X-Files themed episode earlier this season, Castle turned out to be able to speak Chinese. Beckett asked, “Semester Abroad?” He said, “TV show I used to love.”
        Then of course there was the “I was aiming for his head line,” that once, and the Catalyzer from Serenity, sitting on the bookshelf in Castle’s apartment…

    • aughra

      Or even a few. Chuck got a spike from Summer Glau being on there. No Adam/Summer smackdown, but the confrontation was delish anyway!

      • Yesica


  • Deb

    FINALLY, some White Collar love. Why, oh why was it not featured in the article in this week’s issue on the upcoming Winter season? Not even a mention on the premiere dates page. FOR SHAME, EW!!!

    • Peter

      Because White Collar is smart TV which sometimes falls below the radar of EW and its followers.

      • Caroline

        You are SO right about White Collar being smart TV. Smarter (and better) than 99.9% of anything else out there.

  • Brook

    When Bill convinces Ana and what’s-his-name to leave town.

    • D

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Alison

    How does Dan Akroyd coming on Defenders qualify as a Blues Brothers reunion? Blues Brothers had John Belushi, Defenders has Jim Belushi. They’re brothers, not the same person.

    • D’s Advocate

      Jim did several performances with Aykroyd and the Blues Brothers Band after John’s death. Hence the “mini” reunion comment.

    • Zazzy Cat

      Actually, if I’m not mistaken, Jim Belushi performed with Dan Akroyd in the Blues Brothers after Johns death. So I guess it technically could be called a BB reunion.

    • sherimoonzombie

      Yeah, that bugged me too. At best, it’s a once-removed reunion. Or maybe a step-reunion?

  • chris c

    No spoilers on Glee, Grey’s Anatomy or Vampire Diaries? Come on man!

    • MCS

      You get those every other week.

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