'Sarah Palin's Alaska': No second season. (Dang?)

sarah-palin-caribouImage Credit: Gilles Mingasson/DiscoveryIt’s easily one of the most buzzed-about (or should we say slammed?) shows in the history of TLC, so it’s natural to assume that Sarah Palin’s Alaska could have a future on the cable network, right? Unfortunately for you caribou-hunting fans, there’s only bummer news to report (for now). EW did its due diligence and discovered there are no plans to send uber-producer Mark Burnett back to Wasilla with Palin, who’s lured an averaged 3.2 million viewers to TLC with her show. So this Sunday’s two-hour finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska appears to be its last.

Insiders admit that Palin seemed to enjoy doing the show more than she expected, in spite of the bad press that it generated. But it makes sense why Palin wouldn’t want to commit to another season: If she and her family chose to shoot more episodes, it would surely be interpreted as a sign that she had no plans to run for office. By not doing a second round, Palin would spare TLC the trouble of having to provide her fellow candidates with equal-access time of their own in the event she did decide to run. So, so long, show about hunting, Eskimo bingo, and vacation spots that are so not for Kate Gosselin!

Were you hoping for a second season?

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  • LOL

    Television for Teabaggers. Thank goodness it’s over.

    • joblo

      Typical. Throw around an insulting name simply because you disagree with someone’s perspective. I thought liberals were supposed to be the party of tolerance. Why can’t we disagree without in the insults and being mean-spirited?

      • Jenna

        I agree. I’m a Liberal but when ignorant Liberals throw around hateful insults to people cause they’re Republicans, they just make themselves look bad. The ironic thing is, they’re usually calling Republicans the ignorant ones.

      • joblo

        Nice Jenna. I think it’s cool when people of different viewpoints can disagree but do it civilly and as adults. We don’t have to come to the same conclusions and we can strongly disagree on issues but that’s part of being an American and it doesn’t mean we have to insult each other in the process.

      • LOL

        Teabaggers gave themselves the name “Teabaggers.” You didn’t know that? Wow. How uninformed.

      • section9

        Actually, LOL, that’s not the truth. It was, apparently, Anderson Cooper who popularized the vulgarization of Tea Partiers as “teabaggers”. This caught on with his allies in the gay community and the left wing media in general. But it didn’t start in the tea party community at all. Know your history, fool.

      • Joseph

        I’m just waondering when “Nailin Palin 2″ is being relelased. This Tea Party favorite is just so amazing on camera!

      • Stosh

        Why do you assume LOL is a liberal? Any real conservative (as opposed to the nutjos who have adopted the term) knows that Palin is an empty-headed publicity hound.

        Don’t you know that?

      • Mark C

        “Actually, LOL, that’s not the truth”

        Actually, “LOL”, it certainly is the truth, dimwit. It started with a rally to “teabag Washington”

      • ChoCHo

        Because Palin is mean-sprited…I’m SO glad this dumb broad is off the TV! Now, if only dumb FOX would drop her!

      • Pishaw

        Disagree, but do it civilly? No name calling? What planet is THIS? Here in Ermurika, it’s OK to call the President of the United States a nazi socolist space alien AKA Osama Obama. I don’t want to hear any more of this play nice crap. You’re Americans, so act like Americans… GIVE ME SOME HATE!!!

      • Diliberal

        Sarah Palin couldn’t make a profit on a lemonade stand–she has no business trying to be the next president. As for the Teabaggers, their only agenda is making America look bad.

      • Keith

        Sorry, but why should liberals be civilized when they are not required to be.

        On the subject of viewpoints, the Conservative base continuously votes against their economic interests and focuses on religion and social issues all the while wrapping themselves in the American Flag and the Constitution and trashing the rights and privledges afforded by the Bill of Rights.
        Either she and her Conservative base is ignorant, in a different reality or lying… You pick.

      • Ryan

        “Nailin’ Palin 2: I Kill Endangered Species for Fun, But I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know I Hump the Carcass Too”

      • Ryan

        Oh Yeah, and Caribou are actually an endangered species, but that’s not the point, the point is that a movie with THAT title would be HOTTTTTTT

      • Ryan

        Or this one: “Nailin’ Palin 2: Justify My Lies and I’ll Open My Thighs”

      • Kool Kat Walk

        When Palin chose to promote herself (let’s get real: it’s always more about her than about Alaska)with this “reality series”, she was inviting opinions, insults included. She’s as real as those teen moms, “real” housewives and Hills-ers. Of course she should be treated accordingly.

      • BinWasilla AK

        I live in Wasilla near Sarah Palin and I can state without equivocation that anything bad anyone says about the woman is justly deserved

      • trashcup

        Limbaugh, Beck and Palin ALL call liberals all sorts of things all the time. When liberals say something republicans all of sudden it isn’t allowed. Open your ears and listen to yourselves.

      • DPB

        Oh, dear! Seems Ms. Tundra Tart was the first to throw around insults and hate in 2008. Now that they are headed her way, it’s terrible. That’s SO right-wingnut hypocritically typical!

      • Susan

        Civility should be the order of the day from everyone but I would submit that I have never heard Palin and the Tea Partiers EVER refer to liberals in any way but in a derogatory fashion. Liberal is a 4-letter word to them and is used by them only as an insult and with the same disgust as the terms “nazi” and “communitst” . Doesn’t make being rude back right, but it does make it understandable.

      • Mark

        because ingnorant rantings need to be stopped-and she is full of it (them). Like she would fix the economy with “good old fashioned american economic policies” which are? don’t defend stupid. it reduces the republicans to her no answer level

      • Mark

        there is a difference between respectfull and dismissive and lying. I don’t have any problem discussing politics with people with diferent viewpoints. She does, thats why she only interviews on FOX-her employer! I have never heard her use actual facts to defend a belief. I don’t vote for people who cant hold there own (honestly).

      • Frank

        Sarah Palin deserves most any insult throw her way after her disgraceful tirades about anyone who disagrees with her. Anyone remember her comment that Obama was “palling around with terrorists?” Since she jumped into the spotlight, she has been nothing but a total jack*ss. I’m just waiting for the day when she and her Teabagging whitetrash family fade back into anonymity. But first, I want her to win the Republican nomination for President so we can see Obama get the biggest landslide victory in history.

      • Ben

        Speaking as a conservative who voted for every Rep nominee since Reagan, he’s right. Since she quit as Governor and went off to stick her face everywhere the Tea Party appears, on that stupid Dancing show and this show…instead of gaining a lot of support, a lot of people are just getting sick of looking at the Palins and especially her. I voted for her once, but never again.

      • James Brooklyn N.Y.

        Because when someone blatantly lies, distorts the truth and clearly hates Americans then all bets are off. I wished a caribou would attack her.

      • Dieter

        Really? The right wing doesn’t throw around insults? How about “foreign born”, nazi, socialist, wants to destroy America? Oh, and those photoshop pics of Obama with a bone through his nose. Tea baggers called themselves that first, please, get real.

      • Sherron

        If ignorant Sarah Palin loving people like you knew anything about the history of this country you would know that Liberals is the reason we have unemployment, social security etc!!

      • Webb Foot

        It’s America that’s why

      • Chippy55

        Because Liberals are narcissistic, ego driven, I’m smarter than you (like my brother) and if you aks them a question they will pull a Cloward-Piven and change the subject, or say it gives raises to billionaires. Sarah Palin loves her kids, Alaska and America and this just eats up the Liberals who idolize Hollywood and think everyone should spread the wealth around of those who are hard workers.

      • chris

        Is Teabagger considered an insult? I didn’t think so, but I’m an independent moderate, not a liberal – we tend to get left out of loops except on election day….

      • moteandbeam

        Teabaggers are notorious for calling the president and others racials slurs and racial epithets, rudeness and violent. So now you want to envoke hypocrisy and double standards

      • JohnRJ08

        Wait a minute! You’re saying that people should be nice to Sarah Palin? This is a person who put the political discourse in this country into the toilet, all in the name of her own political ambition. She is a vindictive, narcissistic liar who has no self-awareness of her own limitations. For all she knows, she could perform neurosurgery with one hand tied behind her back and one foot in her mouth. Palin doesn’t deserve routine kindnesses or respect. Stick up for people who are worthy of it. Palin is not.

      • larryb

        it is the republican double standard…you know the “get rid of healthcare for everyone but hurry up and provide my congressional plan.” hypocrites to a fault

      • AdmiralGuera

        I agree with Faank. I am a liberal Democrat campaigning for Palin. If she gets the Republican nomination, President Obama will win in a landslide victory. Support Palin!!!

      • Sal Marcell

        Not a matter of being on the left or the right. People just naturally react to what they perceivedrom the giver: the arrogance, the body language, truck driver language that’s not everyone’s, exploiting an innocent grandson & stooping to the poor boy’s level – all to market herself. Not everyone is a sucker. For President? She abandoned governing Alaska for the lure of a greener ($) national pasture. She should give heed fast to Mrs. Bush wisdom if she has any smarts left. Sorry, I wish I had better words but she really needs to work on being less plastic. It shows even to the politically inactive. Ironically, I kind of like her minus those aforementioned attributes.

      • Joeknows

        If it looks like a Teabagger and acts like a Teabagger yup it’s a Teabagger

      • Basement_Cat

        They earned the epithet by their behavior, not their politics. Seriously, tape teabags to your tricorn hat and stand yelling at people at intersections? What else could you call them?

      • Ryan

        I LOVE it when people accuse OBAMA of being a NAZI. Here’s a great joke; what’s the difference between OBAMA and the Nazis? One is a minority, half African, the other wanted to murder and gas every minority or part minority alive. Funny, right?

      • MikefromWV

        My lack of respect for Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her party affiliation, only with her arrogance and ignorance. I do agree, though, with commenters who believe that we can all agree to disagree without insults, either personal or political in nature.

      • sgreco

        I LOVE it when right wingnuts chide liberals for not showing the compassion and sensitivity they’re known for towards the republicans who so often condemn them for having it. LOL

      • jamerish

        Hey the Repugs have been in office over a day now, why isn’t the country fixed yet?

      • No Comment

        This “person” (I’m using the term loosely) is partly responsible for stirring up the hate that ended in the shooting of a US Representative. Don’t give these “people” any publicity, time or money.

      • hg

        Oh get over yourself, tea bagger, you guys came up with the demeaning name and then realized what it meant to the hip crowd. The world according to tea baggers is a wolrd I dont want to live in. close minded jerks

      • Elizabeth

        you hit the nail on the head!

      • BZ

        Funny thing about modern conservatives. They are the first to hurl insults, use fowl and obscene language, promote racism and lie. Yet they are the first to scream foul when at the smallest slight, real or imagined.

        Tea Party members referred to themselves “Tea Baggers” long before anyone on the national scene thought of it as derogatory.

        Poor them. And poor us. The country as a whole is worse off then had Ms. Palin never existed.

      • BZ

        Funny thing, modern conservatives They are the first to hurl insults, use fowl and obscene language, promote racism and say anything to get ahead.

        Yet they are the first to scream foul when at the smallest slight, real or imagined.

        Tea Party members referred to themselves “Tea Baggers” long before anyone on the national scene thought of it as derogatory.

        Poor them. And poor us. The country as a whole is worse off for having Ms. Palin on the national scene.

      • RON

        What makes you think its only liberals who cant stand Palin ? Oh i am a Republican and a Tea Party member.

      • barry

        Because Palin and the TP are the closest thing to the 3rd Reigh in their hatred that one as to wonder if history is repeating itself!

      • Richter

        Actually, section9, LOL is entirely correct and it is YOU who needs to know history. Literally ten second worth of Googling turns up articles like this one — http://theweek.com/article/index/202620/the-evolution-of-the-word-tea-bagger — that unequivocally demonstrate it WAS the Teabaggers who first starting using that term to describe themselves and their actions. They dropped it when they became aware of its salacious implications and indeed it is intended as an insult when it is used today. Personally, I refuse to use a reference to the those great Boston patriots of 1773 to describe the current gaggle of right-wing thugs, who, had they lived back in the day, would have supported the British and denounced George Washington as a traitor — much as they accuse anyone who disagrees with them today as a traitor, which is of course a much nastier sobriquet (look it up) than “teabagger.” But I am open to compromise — rather than the insulting “Teabaggers,” why not simply settle on a term that is merely accurate: “Tea Tories.” Of course the historically ignorant “Tea Tories” might not get the reference so perhaps we should go for the simpler “tea bigots.”

      • AD

        If we use you as an example, Joblo, we would assume conservatives can’t read. I didn’t see any name-calling in the post you’re slamming. Teabagger is a legitimate name for members of the tea party, which by the way, isn’t a party at all since it’s members ran as Republicans. It’s about time they actually form a party and rise and fall on their own, not hiding behind the Republican party.

      • NAMVET527


      • Jacko

        Whats a liberal? I mean how does that possibly define a group of people? can’t you be liberal with one topic and conservative in another? those who drop taglines like that are just brainwashed individuals…REAL AMERICANS are both liberal and conservative!

    • Cage is BACK

      Saw this yesterday. He keeps getting better. NO ONE in hollywood has the courage to do what NC does. NO ONE. There is something refreshing and real about NC performances, even the over the top stuff. He is BEYOND hollywood. CAGE….

      • Mark

        who cares-really?

      • MIGHTY7

        TLC is owned by Discovery Communications, home office based in Silver Spring. Maryland.

        Not one gram of “Hollywood” in it. You dumb yokel.

      • Mr. Razastein

        did you mistake a do*che hating post for a season f the witch review?

    • James S.

      Actually, I think LOL was being honest: it IS television for teabaggers. No use not calling a spade a spade, right?

      • @James S.

        Saw this yesterday. He keeps getting better. NO ONE in hollywood has the courage to do what NC does.NO ONE. There is something refreshing and real about NC performances, even the over the top stuff. He is BEYOND hollywood. CAGE….

      • ryan

        So James how long have you been teabagging ?

      • Basscat

        Better to be a teabagger than a teabag-e. Either way the show was enjoyable to watch.

    • Truth

      In 2 years you can all watch Obama play golf every week on TLC.

      • Diliberal

        Yeah, from the White House lawn, while Sarah Palin shines his shoes.

      • Cisco

        Switch hands and dream on

      • trex

        Nah, the republibutts will help the rich at the poors loss, kill fair corporate bills, and generally show themselves for what they are, money grubbing screw the people kind of overlords

      • A real American

        Or write another childrens book.

      • longbow

        I certainly HOPE SO that way I can change the channel :)

    • ryan

      Anyone with half a brain knows that the only individuals who participate in teabagging are liberals like you and Anderson Cooper.

      • mama

        Actually Ryan, its a well known fact that you suppressed right wingnuts are THE most perverse people on the planet -why? Becasue you are so suppressed its not even funny. Hence all the anti-gay gay Republicans, just as an example. Remember the airport bathroom episode, just to name one of many?

      • Mark

        seem to know the name you picked. Bigot.

      • Mark

        most molesters are married and straight. Get facts-America is full of stupid people that should have stayed on te farm-damn modern farm equipment-it allowed the stupid to escape.

      • steve

        Yes Ryan, it is true that people with half of a brain, yourself included, do believe that stuff.

      • barry

        Conservatives do not kill, they conserve. Conservation is the key to happiness, not killing. See what killing buys you, assignation attempts. Conservation as in conservative buys you clean air, free energy, less war. Liberals are the true conservative! Conservatives of your ilk just want to line the pockets of their friends bit oil, china, big pharma. Conservation is about not only conserving money but everything else too. Republicans and TPs should be renamed the POG (Party of Greed). They are more interested in keeping their money then keeping america a great nation. It is not america first it is me first. I am the most conservative person I know much more then any republican I know.

    • Rick

      Sarah Palin’s show not getting renewed is proof there is a God.

      • harleydavidson

        exactly, GOD wants palin to be the next USA president.

      • mama

        You aren’t kidding! Halleluya!!!

      • Diliberal

        Presidents have to know how to read, so how could Palin be anything but the “half-govenor” of Alaska?

      • Just Me

        Yes! God is good!

      • Sunny

        I didn’t know liberals believed in God, I thought with all your hypocrisy and hatred you have to be Godless…oh wait, Obama is your God.

      • Jim

        Sunny – you are exactly why there is nothing but hatred here, name calling, and general disgust. Liberals fill churchs everywhere – where do you get off with they don’t believe in God? It’s the Repubs crap they just keep burying themselves in – keep doing it -2012 might not be what you think

      • joesmom

        Bristol just bought a home in Arizona and rumors have it the whole Palin clan is looking to relocate to Arizona as well. So much for Alaska, the state she loves so much!

      • jar


      • Lily

        Yes, Rick!

      • Armymom

        Harley (and others), so you really want a president who said on national tv that she “would rather be in the great outdoors than stuck behind a desk in a stuffy office”? That doesn’t sound like someone who truly has our best interest at heart. You can’t lead a country from a tent in the woods.

      • A real American

        There is a God and he forgives you for spouting like a whale from your ocean of hate.
        To ArmyMom- all those sand ni..ers(don’t want to insult the decent black people) have no problem running their counties from tents in the desert.

    • Dave

      You’re an idiot. It’s a show for anyone who happens to find it entertaining. I don’t care about Palin either way, I just happen to enjoy the show when I come across it on the rare occasion. She’s comical and it’s amazing to see some of the sights and activities in Alaska.

    • Jack

      The reason so many people in the media and politcs hate Sarah Palin, is because they really don’t have dirt on her that they could use to destroy her political career, the only thing she had done was resign from her post as being governor which is no big deal. Because a lot of people who held political office had done that. But I can almost bet that if she doesn’t run for president I can assume that she will be out there trashing the Democrats in the next up coming race for president.

      • Eric

        Sarah Palin is the female Jesse Ventura, right down to the cable show. She’s dangerous only in that her ignorance keeps the bigotry meter running high. Lacks the education to be a world leader. Lacks the intelligence and experience to answer questions that aren’t on a cue card. Even Ronald Reagan, whom it now appears had Alzheimer’s his last couple years in office, did a better cover up job.

      • Tina

        Can you say “banning books as mayor of Wasilla”?

      • jkarov

        no, you are plain WRONG! it is an honor to server as an elected official, never mind as a Governor of a state. Quitting is a sign of weakness and a major character flaw.

      • Terre08

        Really, how many Governors have quit their job?

      • Keith

        1. She could not name the nations that form NATO.
        2. She continuously misreads from the Bill of Rights.
        3. Remains genuinley ignorant of world affairs.
        4. Pretends that talking points are an effective way to govern.
        Plus, there still are probes while she was governor still looking into some of her affairs.

      • Truth

        Keith, Where do you get your info from?
        1. The Governor had trade dealings with the countries of NATO. She had meetings with people from these countries.
        2.You mean Obama, right
        3.Tune into FOXNews. She is always there talking about foreign and domestic affairs without a teleprompter.
        4. Again, tune into FoxNews for substance
        5.There have been close to 20 frivolous ethics complaints filed against this woman from wearing a jacket, getting a picture taking with a fish, running for VP, answering a question by the MSM, and I could go on and on. She and her administration have been cleared of any wrong doing in all the frivolous complaints filed against them. The cost to the governor the day she resigned was close to $600,000.00 dollars and climbing. The governor of Alaska cannot use the Alaska AG for ethics complaints. She had to get her own lawyer and pay out of her own pocket for doing nothing wrong. The governor of Alaska makes around $125,000.00 dollars a year. It didn’t cost the people who filed the frivolous complaints one penny, except the paper and ink to file each one on. One woman filed eight complaints. One complaint was filed by a person using a daytime soap opera’s name. The loop hole in the ethics law was fixed about a month ago so the loons won’t be able to use it in a destructive way again. All of her emails as governor have been requested. 12,000 received so far and nothing. The AP still wants all the emails. The same AP that assigned 11 reporters to investigate every word that was written in her book “Going Rogue” and they found nothing. This woman has been vetted inside and out and all they have are the lies that the corrupt MSM spreads from anti-Palin bloggers. Why? Where are Romney’s, Huckabee’s and the email of others. Why was Obama never vetted?

        Just think, if the paid liberals didn’t try to destroy and bankrupt a mother of five that woman would still be the governor of Alaska and Nancy Pelosi would still be the Speaker of the House and Obama would not look like the stupid moron that he is.

        We have a Marxist socialist bend on destroying our country and you people are fixated on a mother of five from the Last Frontier.

        Get your priorities in order!

      • dallas dem

        @truth = were you paid by paling for your postings? First laughable item is for us to tune into Fox for a dash of reality. Fox is a PAC Network for the republican party. Palin was NOT cleared of her ethics charges that is the same lie she told! Yeah she can see Russia from her house

      • barry

        She is more like Hitler than JV. JV didn’t go around shooting things and being proud of it, hitler did. She is as dangerous to our democracy has hitler was to the German one prior to WWII.

      • True Blue

        “We have a Marxist socialist bend on destroying our country and you people are fixated on a mother of five from the Last Frontier.”

        Paranoid much? What makes Obama a Marxist? The first non-South oriented Democrat is elected President in decades and it makes him a socialist? Try reading a definition of socialism before using it as a slur.

        The fact you label him a Marxist reveals your outright bias in the first place. You use Marx as if he intentionally wrote messages that resulted in the mass slaughtering of millions of people. If you have read history, you will find that Marx’s writings were grotesquely used as justifications for Stalin’s and Mao’s actions. You will further find that Obama is not only far from attempting the same use of justifications, nor is he attempting to impose any sort of structure that Marx entailed.

        The idea that Obama is a socialist does a great disservice to true socialism. Look at Europe…Obama is far more right than any socialist system in Europe. The fact you have not realized this exposes the sheltered, uneducated, un-experienced existence in which you live.

    • VegasRage

      3.2 million viewers, that’s her core brain dead voting base of right there.

      • A real American

        She’s got a good base no matter how you call it.

      • True Blue

        “Good base”

        Good as in behavior or size? 3 million people is hardly a strong base. And I would have to gather that many of those 3 million viewers are not her base and simply looking to watch (what they presume to be) a freak show.

        It is TV, not church. Simply because you watch does not mean you believe. Her base should be more interested in her being a capable mother of five (including being a mother of a child with special needs), not a celebrity. She seems to be much more successful as a regular citizen and mother than she would a politician.

        At least ONE thing you can’t quit is being a mother.

    • Chuck

      Since when do you have to be intelligent to be a national leader? Imagine the entertainment factor with her in the White House! I would actually look forward to hearing a State of the Union message for the first time since Ronald Reagan.

      • Don

        I am a former dem and will do everything in my power to elect this amazing woman in 2012.
        First too answer some blatent missstatements,no caribo are not endangered there are several million living in ak and canada.
        Second I guess none of you have bothered to read the wsj or washington post where sarahs editorials have been published to favorable reviews,the journel going so far to say that palin gets monetary policy better than anyone other than paul ryan,but go ahead keep telling yourselves she is dumb.
        She is not deja religous zelot and the lies about burning books are just that lies,if they arnt plesse link to the news story about the burning.she is the daughter of a science teacher and as such believed the earth is millions of years old and as a christian beleives in inteligent design,which basically says there was a divine hand in evolution,not a wacko belief like huckabee who believes the earth is only thousands of years old,so get your facts right.
        Thease are just a few points I could go on at lenght but ive got kids to raise and a business to run so I will leave you all with this,see ya in november 2012.

      • sara

        People elect the people they deserve. If Palin is elected as President then it will no longer be United States of America USA but UIA United Idiots of America. It will be a fun to live in UIA.

    • frank wright

      I can ‘t stomach Palin , but I can’t stand cowards like you more .

    • lard-head

      The scary thing about SP is there are people who would vote for her

      • aa

        just like the illiterates voted for Obamy through ACORN right?

      • Rudy

        You need to read Branchflower’s report to the Alaska Legislature.She was found guilty of abuse of power in Troopergate.Where do you get your information?? Sarah Pac!!!

      • True Blue

        What’s scarier is that people would vote for a candidate that displayed outright censorship as Mayor of Wasilla through inquiring the methods of banning books at her local library. Considering the incredible anti-constitutional basis behind such a stance, a Palin supporter should really question whether Sarah Palin even understands what the basis of the constitution in general. If she can’t value freedom of speech, or even understand that a simple inquiry into “how to ban books” exposes a support for censorship, how in the world is this woman supposed to govern an entire nation that advocates such innate freedoms.

    • Scott

      Agreed – thank god it’s over! (although what will my elderly grandfather watch?)

      • A real American

        Probably Fox News or some other decent show.

    • julia

      I agree, Palin is deranged and frightening. Remember a German with a mustache that wooed devasted Germany? Park her in a hideaway in the back woods of Alaska.

      • A real American

        I think that deranged and frightening is not quite right. I think integrity, honesty and wanting this country to embrace what our founding fathers taught us is more like it. To compare her to Hitler might be giving her Hitler, Nope.

      • True Blue

        “I think integrity, honesty and wanting this country to embrace what our founding fathers taught us is more like it.”

        That description does not fit the the same Sarah Palin who inquired into the methods of banning books at her local library. Remember that little story? Censorship is definitely not on the list of “what our founding fathers taught us”. Neither is abandoning your post as an elected official in search of money and fame.

    • david

      Why do you assume a “LIBERAL” made the comment?

    • CPNeal

      Because of this show I will never watch TLC again.

    • jimatmadison

      Well, Palin’s ‘targeting’ of Gabrielle Giffords sure worked out well for her.

      • Kaye Dyer

        This is the second time I read this today about Palin targeting the site of Giffords. Where may I find it.

      • sandra catse

        I agree with you she needs to be sued& put in jail.she started this it’s on her haed now I hope she can live with her self whitch I sure she can.

      • A real American

        She did not pull the trigger. A young man who had an agenda with the congresswoman did. Educate yourself with the news before you spout off like a whale from your ocean of hate.

    • Sally

      If you did not like it, turn it off.

    • dev

      all those poor old neoconoobs are crying now they must find something else on tv to watch and jack 0ff too,Palin would not be president for a loooooong time:D

      • jeff

        No Stupid, we’ll just go back to making money and laughing at all you poor people.

      • A real American

        The comment you left was only an example of where your own hand has been.

    • Jan

      Please God get Palin off the air

    • jeff

      Why, did you watch?

      • True Blue

        Why do you care?

    • frank

      Darn we are going to miss that girl. So many Moose, Bear,wolves, etc. yet to kill. Well on to Palin in Arizona!!

    • barry

      arrest her for incitement to assassination

    • Mike B

      No one forced you to watch it dippo-shi**o!!!

    • Tami

      Again We have to listen to incorrect Media Reports. Sarah Palin ONLY APPROVED 8 Episodes with no plans for further shows to be shot. But by the SOUND of it TLC DROPPED her show? I very seriously DOUBT they wouldn’t Continue…if Palin was willing to continue her show since there were over 3 Million viewers each week. SPIN SPIN SPIN…are there ANY HONEST Reporters Out There?

      • True Blue

        If she was THAT profitable, TLC would find a way to keep the show going, without her. Todd or Bristol, I am sure, would have been thrilled to continue the “Palin’s Alaska” and I am sure plenty of her base would have watched. If she was pulling in the kind of money you hope she is, TLC would never let her go. She is it this for money and they would have renamed the entire network after her if it would have kept her from leaving. I doubt that was the actual scenario. An amicable separation of ways was most likely the true ending to this show.

    • We aim

      I’m not naive like you Lib’s may think but, I relay liked the series, and by the sounds of your post you watched it and it was way to good to be true to you as well. What ever she decides to do next is her choice it’s America. I believe she will be just as successful at what ever she dose next she is very ambitious and its contagious to every one who works with her. She is a true inspiration to women across the glob. I’ve heard a lot of bad, but have yet to see her harm a sole yet. God bless her for being a true American unlike those whom criticize her.

      • True Blue

        “God bless her for being a true American unlike those whom criticize her.”

        Lastly, your final remark does reveal your misunderstanding of what it means to be an American. You see, in a country that values debate and discourse, criticism is an important and useful tool in American politics and society in general. Since you are unable to realize that, maybe you should try enjoying a country who values censorship and fascism.

    • Anne

      Never watched the program and would not want to. Am glad its over and for Ms. Palin her political career is over also. Putting cross hairs up on her sight on what political figures should be talen out is an abomination. VERY bad taste to say the least. Palin hope you apologize but I doubt it. You may have made a lot of money on your one liner but you are a woman of NO substance. It looks like english is your 2nd language.

    • Brandie

      I’m going to miss the show I loved it! Americans need to get out and explore their world around them! We have gotten so far away from what America was founded on or for!

    • Jack Lean II

      Joblo, get a clue. Exactly how is calling Palin’s show “Television for Teabaggers” insulting? It is television and Teabaggers love it, so where is the insult? Besides, you’ll never encounter a woman more judgemental than Sarah Palin. And talk about insulting, Palin started her VP campaign by telling lies and calling names! Any woman who can shoot a wolf from a helicopter can take care of herself.

    • c.allen

      well, alas, she is one dumb broad—–regardless of her politics—–GOP frantically trying to figure a way to offload her——–and, I am a conservative——Wm. Buckley (and I doubt she knows who he was, would roll over—–

    • Jacko

      Whats a liberal? I mean how does that possibly define a group of people? can’t you be liberal with one topic and conservative in another? those who drop taglines like that are just brainwashed individuals…REAL AMERICANS are both liberal and conservative!!

      BTW Palin is a moron and how can you possibly want a leader who cant even hold down the governorship in her state? no excuse for quitting sorry. nothing a supporter of hers can say tha can change that fact. her show sucks and air alaska shows real hard working people with a very interesting business.

    • adamas

      Honestly, I am surprised that she did not quit the show half way through the season.

  • Melissa

    She’s had more than her 15 minutes. Can she please go away now? And take Snooki while you’re at it.

    • JC

      I am Republican and I agree with you… Please can she take Kate as well..?

      • p

        i am a democrat and i love you for saying that!

      • AHR


      • Randy

        Yes please take Kate, Snookie and Pelosi with you. This country does need those four women playing role models for hard working Americans.

      • Mocha

        While we’re at it, can she please take the Kardashians too? They’re like an annoying and completely useless species of fungus that is inexplicably famous and multiplies every day.

      • my 2 cents

        Looks like we’re going to need a bus!!!

      • adamas

        Forget the bus..use a cattle car.

  • donna

    I hope you run for POTUS in 2012 dont let the haters stop you. Never mind Hollywood and other liberals, most people outside of that world love you. So give it your best shot!

    • mikey

      It frightens me that people like you are allowed to vote…

      • @Donna

        Don’t let that dirty liberal intimidate you Donna, I am in the same boat. Takin’ it back 2012 BABY!!!! Takin’ it BACK!!!!

      • mikey

        Why do you assume I’m dirty?

      • @mikey

        you might not be physically dirty, but morally you are, just like most other liberals. Come to the light, we are waiting.
        Palin/Jindal 2012

      • donna

        Thanks Mikey we need to stand strong they put her down because they know she can win:)

      • Erin

        @ Mikey

        Hahaha you really think Palin and Jinal of all people will win in 2012. Ignorance is bliss for some people apparently……

      • ryan

        Hey Teabaggin Mikey you are such a typical liberal I am suprised you don’t have your own bobblehead.

      • Randy

        You obviously haven’t truly read Palin’s views or thoughts…she is more articulate and intelligent then the most elite liberal! Did you even go to college?

      • Chuck

        Randy, I know high schoolers that are more informed and knowledgeable than Palin. Don’t flatter yourself. If you think Palin is more intelligent than an elite liberal, you yourself need to stop drinking the right-wing kool-aid. “Well their planes fly over us”. Give an intelligent Tea Party member a show, they’re more deserving.

      • @Randy

        as i recall, the only thing she actually wrote herself was the crib notes on her hand … and I’m willing to bet those were written phonetically (yewbecha)

      • my 2 cents

        …. or breathe

    • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

      I hope she runs in 2012 too. It would be so much fun to see Obama massacre her in a debate.

      • Mike

        That would be fun. We’ve seen how articulate he can be (when reading) and how well informed he is (59 states) so a debate would be fun. At least he has a lot of experience in government (no wait, she has him beat there too).

      • mama

        I agree. He would wipe the floor with this animal killing ignorant loser, who can;t even read a newspaper!

      • Randy

        We’ve yet to witness Obama massacre anyone in a debate! Silly, Silly people!!

      • Mark C

        “We’ve yet to witness Obama massacre anyone in a debate! Silly, Silly people!!”

        Actually, moron, speak for yourself. The rest of us saw him massacre McCain, especially in the first two.

      • Chuck

        Watch Obama on Faux News, watch Palin with Katie. . . it would be a KO after the first two questions for Obama. It’s scary that so many people hate the president, yet the “biggest” name getting thrown out to compete with him is Palin. There’s so many more options that are better.

      • Hector

        It’s hilarious, just absolutely hilarious, watching people like Mike continue to cling onto the “59 states” misstatement getting on three years later because they have nothing else to critique Obama on. Policy? Most conservatives don’t even understand what such a thing is.

    • Chappel

      Every democrat in America is also hoping Palin will run for president because she’ll be so easy to beat.

      • True Blue

        This is a true statement.

    • Buster Truman

      She probably does not know what the term POTUS is.

    • ChoCHo

      @ Donna: why are you purposely wishing our country to go to hell in a handbasket??? What ill will!

    • Lavender

      I repeat what was said above: switch hands & keep dreaming.

    • chris

      The “haters”… we’re not that emotional – most simply don’t like Sarah and make fun of her because she tries to act smart but isn’t, and she left major messes in her former offices.

  • Summer

    Despite the fact that she’s one of my least favorite personalities…this is a woman who has never completed anything except for this tiny little reality show – which wasn’t all that long, anyway. Why on Earth would anyone want such a quitter in office?

    • ryan

      Summer you need to go away right now it is winter!

      • captian spankie

        ryan, you are as lame as you are stupid.

      • True Blue

        BOOOOOOO YAH! Someone write that one down! That was simply witty, give him at least partial credit. He sounds like a Palin supporter.

  • donna

    All of you liberals call her stupid, but your the dumb ones. If you were thinking, you would want her on TV and would support her show because that would mean she was not in politics, but your hate and venom blinds you. Everywhere she goes you follow and you cant help yourselves. Because of you, her campaign will be easier because she already has name recognition. Thank You, SUCKERS!!! hahahaha

    • Dgently

      Hey, Donna. From one of the dumb ones…you’ve misused the word “your” and you should learn how to use commas and periods.

      • James S.

        Don’t forget her apostrophes and subject-verb agreement.

      • Alex Ginzo

        Also the use of dumb is wrong as well unless your are referring to “deaf” which is what dumb means. Get a dictionary.

      • stupidsteve

        actually, dumb means mute, not deaf

      • Dave

        “actually, dumb means mute, not deaf”

        @Alex: Owned, smart@ss.

      • A real American

        So you all think you are so smart. If you are so literate and are english professors then why are you not spending your time more wisely like writing a childrens book like our wonderful president who has all the time in the world to write when he should also be doing his job instead.

      • True Blue

        “like writing a childrens book like our wonderful president who has all the time in the world to write when he should also be doing his job instead.”

        You mean like read history books and biographies of important U.S. figures like Bush Jr. did in his down time as President? Well, Obama wouldn’t need to do this because he took care of that when he was supposed to, in school – where Bush was blowing coke and beating down fraternity rushes. What the President does in his down time should not be ridiculed, but you wanted to play with fire, so….you got burned. HA!

    • DJ

      I’m sure you don’t know the meaning of the word “ironic”, but you calling anyone else dumb is just that.

      • d martin

        no dumb means unable to speak deaf means can’t hear

      • A real American

        To DJ—you are just another dumbocrat spouting off like a whale from your ocean of hate.

    • Tuut

      Basing myself on her spelling skills I would say Donna is too young to vote anyway. I’m guessing 10,12 years old? It takes a mind of a child to vote for a total unqualified person as Palin. Only children get fooled by empty promises. Btw, you don’t have to be a liberal to dislike Palin. There are a lot of Republicans and conservatives that don’t like her either. Don’t mistake a personal preference for the truth of the world.

      • dneely

        There sure were alot of childminded people that voted in 2008!!! And they really got FOOLED!!!

      • A real American

        To Tuut–sounds like another dumbocrat spouting off from your ocean of hate………

    • Mark C

      “Your” the dumb ones LMAO!

    • Tina

      As an Alaskan :) I don’t hate her … I simply know that she is a bald face liar and quits her “sworn oath” when the money is dangled in front of her gaping maw

    • TA DA

      …well there you have it donna, be careful when you label someone. That label is”sticky” on both sides…

    • donna we todd did

      donna, you obviously never graduated from high school. Please return and learn how to punctuate.

      • A real American

        To donna we todd did—–Don’t you know how to Capitolize your letters–or are you just a flunky and assume others who miss punctuation are also.

    • SHELIA

      Are u sure about that? Being recognized isn’t always good. Hitler, Gangas Kahn, Sadam, Ben Ladden, Stallen, all were well known and look at their evil contributions to society. She has a problem of knowledge, not recognition.

  • Cindy

    I think she should continue the show and gie us a taste of what life is like in the winter time in Alaska.

  • filmboymichael

    I’m canadian – and I think she’s an idiot, but I actually enjoyed the episodes that I saw….she seemed like someone who enjoyed her family and liked the surroundings where she grew up…that, and I would now love to visit alaska….don’t tell anyone I said so, though!

    • Alaine Cullions

      I’m Canadian too and I cannot understand the hatred americans have for this vivacious and patriotic women. Any time you are in Manitoba Sarah, please visit Plum Coulee, my home town where you have a big crowd of followers.

      • ExtremeDemon

        Palin is hated because she can’t or won’t accept that her 15 minutes of fame ENDED waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2008 when Team Obama/Biden CRUSHED her pathetic joke of a Presidential ticket with the crazy old war guy. All she does is fawn over President Obama while he ignores her, and blames the “lamestream liberal media,” when in fact, she IS the lamestream liberal media she complains about!

      • @Alaine Cullions

        My cousin’s wife is married to a man from Plum Coulee, small world.
        Sarah Palin is a huskster. AWESOME body though. KILLER.

      • Alex Ginzo

        It’s so much hatred as that she really is just an opportunist. She may be a very intelligent woman but she prtrays the image of a stepford-like dimwit

      • Lavender

        So if you were raped you wouldn’t mind paying for your own rape kit?

      • donna we todd did

        Just because you are Canadian does not mean that you have anything valid to add to the conversation. Butt out, a-holes

      • A real American

        To donna we todd did—-maybe you should follow the Canadians rule. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met and have just as much right to voice their opinion considering we all live on the same continent. Perhaps a flunky like yourself didn’t know that. HA HA HA.

    • Tina

      she didn’t grow up here … she’s an import

      • canadeb

        Wait … your cousin’s wife is married to a man … isn’t she married to your cousin? LOL I’m confused!

  • dave

    Waiting for her to run for POTUS so we can put out all the stupidities she had said since 2008

  • tom

    but who’s more of a hater than sarah palin? she does nothing but trash people who disagree with HER, every single day she’s bashing someone… or is that somehow allowed? Palin is a professional victim and her ‘fans’ eat it up ..the dumber she is, the more they defend her! amazing reflection on our society…

    • me

      tom is absolutely right. i don’t particularly agree with anything she says, but she has been someone who has been very judgemental towards people. she has EVERY right to her opinion, but bashing others is not right. yes it is wrong for people to bash sarah, but she does the same to others, and that’s hypocritical.

      • section9

        Actually, she hasn’t. If you look at her actual record in Alaska, she wasn’t judgemental at all. That was just a fiction created by the Obama Campaign team that was parachuted into Alaska in 2008. She doesn’t make a habit of bashing gays, or blacks, or anyone. Like most Alaskans, she’s quite libertarian, although she’s an Evangelical Christian. It’s just that the news media is a propaganda organ for the Obama Administration and we tend to get one slant on the news these days. Palin was never this right wing, Christian fanatic the press has made her out to be. That was always a manufactured lie.

      • Erin

        “the news media is a propaganda organ for the Obama Administration and we tend to get one slant on the news these days”

        Ahhh to live in your paranoid, delusional world…

      • Stosh

        Oh,my God, Section 9, are you serious? Haven’t you heard or read anything she has said since the beginning of her VP campaign? Unbelievable!

        I’m not worried about her running for President, though. She’ll quit halfway through. She’s already shown she can’t take the pressure of being an accountable pubic official. That is whay she is doing what she is doing now – there is no accountability in being a celebrity.

      • Mark C

        @section9 actually moron, she bashes people CONTINUOUSLY. Every time she opens her moronic mouth.

      • Tina

        @section9 – yes, please look at her record in Alaska .. start with her attempt to ban books from the public library in Wasilla and on into using her position as governor to try to get the State Trooper that was once married to her loser sister fired from his job … Yup, a real national treasure, this one is.

      • Terre08

        @Section 9

        “Like most Alaskans, she’s quite libertarian,”
        Given that each Alaskan is federally subsidized at about @23,000 per person per year which is about 4 times the amount the second state receives. I am quite surprised that you are libertarians, sounds more like socialism to me?

      • Mocha

        @section9: Maybe she was libertarian once, but she’s shown next to no libertarian or moderate views since she came into the spotlight (and refused to leave). She seems to have wholeheartedly embraced right-wing beliefs.

      • ?

        Patriotic, huh? She belonged to a group that thought that Alaska should seceede from America. There were rallies in which Pres. Obama was called ethnic slurs from the audience and she didn’t tell her followers that that was wrong. I have more respect for McCain who belonged to an organization that had ties to white supremacy, because he told a protester who called Obama a terrorist and said he was plotting against America that she was wrong and that Obama was a good family man. What Palin is good at is being an instigator for unstable people and the teabaggers who have ties to the white supremacist movement. If she gets in we’ll get more than most have bargained for, and not in a good way.

      • ?


    • Maria

      Agree. Can you imagine a second season airing during the 2012 Presidential campaign? Every other word out of her mouth would be some childish remark about the Obama’s. I can understand why TLC wouldn’t want to be associated with that.

    • Thorne

      Yes Section9. It is all Obama’s fault. His people hacked into her twitter account and put up all that garbage. Yep. Sure. You’re so right. And her children learned to bash gays just cause it was there. It just happened. Whoops. What’cha gonna do. Cause we all know good Christians aren’t judgmental and you can’t be both. Now let’s talk about this bridge currently residing in New York and how it can be yours for a few small payments. I don’t know what you’re shoveling but it sure does smell.

      • ryan

        The only people who support Obama are the ones that live in section 8 housing like you Thorne.

      • JimComments

        I’ll take zingers for $1,000, Alex.

      • Mark C

        @Ryan Wow, halfwit, I guess that means that half the country lives in “section 8 housing” because he polls ahead of every single Republican.

      • Stosh

        Ryan, are you that big a fool in real life, or just here on the internet?

      • Don

        Yea barky polls so well that the dems won 63 new seats in the house,whoops my bad that was conservative republicans led by palin,see ya in 2012 lol.

      • Measl

        @THORNE – Is that you Thorne? Long time no troll!

        Palin is to government what condoms are to corpses: useless.

      • True Blue

        Ryan –

        Why the racial overtone to your comment about section 8 housing? Most bigots just come out with their hatred. They don’t normally interweave racism into asynchronous comments, especially under the anonymity afforded by their computers.

  • tom

    by the way Donna, based on that last post, why not have Kim Kardashian run for office too, if TV exposure is all it takes to get fame seduced sheep to cast a vote?

    • ExtremeDemon

      And while we’re at it, why not Snooki, The Situation, Paris Hilton, Lady BlahBlah, Kanye West, Taylor Swift… heck why not Justin Bieber?

      If Reagan and Arnold weren’t proof enough on why CELEBRITIES should NOT run for political office, then what is?

      • Mark C

        Wow, halfwit, I guess that means that half the country lives in “section 8 housing” because he polls ahead of every single Republican.

      • Marianna

        I don’t think Justin Bieber’s alllowed because he’s got the whole Canadian thing going on but perhaps one of the Jonas brothers could be persuaded to stand in his place.

    • ryan

      The only reason you want Kim Kardashian to run Tom is that you want a sequel to her awful PORN VIDEO.

  • I AM

    Who cares what this half-wit broad has to say about anything….

  • mat

    Why can’t a polar bear eat her all ready?

    • Tina

      I think they are planning an attack – after all, she wants to take them off the endangered list and invade their territory … pave paradise, put up an oil well (paid for by foreign owned companies who will, in turn, receive all profit)

    • aistob

      Is there a punchline?

    • A real American

      Because she is smart enough tot keep her distance.

  • I AM

    This screwball should move to Iran and stay there!She is nothing but a stupid, load mouth domestic terrorist!

    • ExtremeDemon

      Not even Ahmadjamabooboo would want to share a country with her, and THAT’S saying something!

    • Dave

      lol, do you idiots think before you speak, or do you just blurt out foam-mouthed rants decrying the “evils” of some Alaskan woman. All you have to do is mention her name and any liberal within earshot turns rabid.

      @I AM: Stupid, loud mouth… look who’s talking, chief.

      • Jeremy

        @Dave Yeah, and about half of the republican party have spoken out against her. They are scared she is going to destroy the party because she’s such a polarizing individual. Sorry to tell you, but Sarah Palin supporters are by far the minority here. In fact polls show she wouldn’t even win the republican primary and has her losing to both Huckabee and Romney. She can’t win the presidency if she can’t win the primary and by the look of things the whole party is going to turn on her soon and the only people left supporting her are the right-wing extremists and the lobotomized tea partiers. Since she can see Russia from her house do you think there is any chance Putin could just come and take her away?

    • A real American

      Sounds like another dumbocrat spouting off from your ocean of hate.

  • ExtremeDemon

    LMAO, about time. Palin is just another attention whore who is obviously infatuated with President Obama, which is why she spends most of her time Tweeting about him, while he just ignores her and pretends she doesn’t even exist. Palin is like the uninvited guest at the party who REFUSES to leave, no matter how much the other guests demand her to.

    • section9

      Why would anyone be infatuated with Barack Obama? That bankster’s poodle? I’m surprised George Soros doesn’t take the President for walkies! The sooner that Wall Street stooge in the White House gets the heave-ho, the better!

      • Thorne

        Ahhh section9, here’s a tip buddy… turn off Beck and try to have an original idea. I promise, the whole original thing only hurts the first couple of times and then I’m sure you will swing right into the habit of it. Or at least give Beck create for your blatant verbal poaching.

      • ryan

        Thorne it is sad that you don’t even realize that the First Lady is actually a Drag Queen and the two children were adopted out of the projects in Chicago.

      • Mark C

        Get psychiatric help now, section.

      • honestyingov

        section9… You were not bragging about the Award YOUR blog received before X-mas.Why?
        Conservatives4Palin won ” WORST BLOG of 2010″

      • Chuck

        Ryan, it’s even sadder that you have to resort to bashing the family of the president when talking about someone who supports him. But no point in trying to argue with a fool.

      • Kathryn

        I recommend you switch to de-caf.

    • A real American

      He doesn’t have the time to tweet her back. He is too busy playing basketball, writing childrens books and going on vacation.

  • illegalpointofview

    Sarah has a country to save sorry TLC Run Sarah Run!!!

    • shadetree

      Yes run Sarah run….. out of the country, and take Beck, Limbaugh and the other ditto heads with you

      • Rudy

        PALIN 2012-2014 1/2

    • barry

      So did Hitler!q

    • barry

      She should be arrested for incitement to assignation!

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