'Torchwood' gets new title, mad brilliant plot

At TCA press tour, Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies just revealed that the upcoming international version of the show is getting a new title, and spilled the show’s plot.

His storyline is genius. Really.

First, the title. Gone is the previously announced Torchwood: The New World. Now it’s Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I know. Sort of like the first time you heard “The Phantom Menace,” isn’t it?

But wait ’til you hear what the season is about…

“The premise is a miracle happens in the world,” Davies says. “One day, on Earth, no one dies. The next day, no one dies. The day after that, no one dies. The [people who are] dying, keep dying … but don’t actually die. The possibility of death ceases to exist. Which is great for some people. But it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying … What is society going to do now? Some of the answers are beautiful and brave. Some of the reactions are terrifying.”

The opening scene has Bill Pullman, playing death row prisoner who’s a murderer and pedophile, receiving a lethal injection for his crimes … and not dying. (Critics in the room — and they’re a tough crowd to impress — went “Ohhhhhhhh” when Pullman revealed this).

Naturally, the Torchwood team is called in to try and tackle this very unusual problem. And, of course, Davies promises plenty of chases and explosions and action too (btw, if you haven’t seen Torchwood: Children of Earth yet, rent it ASAP, it has a similar Twilight Zone-influenced moral dilemma sci-fi plot).

The series will air on Starz in July.

What’s your take on the plot?

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  • Hayley

    Sounds kind of like the opposite of “Children of Men”. Instead of everyone suddenly being unable to conceive, everyone is suddenly unable to die. Sounds interesting though!

  • stan

    Russell Davies writes like a madman. The title may be hooey, but wait until you see the finished product. That dude thinks of EVERYTHING!

    P.S. Starz sucks for stealing the show away from Beeb-USA (unless it re-airs)!

    • Rachel

      Yeah, I wish it was on BBCA. Then at least I could watch it and not have to pay extra for it.
      Either way, so so so so EXCITED!!!

    • scott

      the one good thing about the showing airing on Starz is that it will likely be available via Netflix “starz play”. So it’s go that going for it!

    • veronica

      i love torchwood everything russell davis make is fabulos and captain jack harnes is the best of the best

  • Erin

    This sounds really cool… It doesn’t sound like it will be so intense as COE from the description which could be good or bad. I’m super excited for this though. COE was some of the best tv I have ever seen, and hopefully Miracle Day (why??) will be good too.

  • phxunderground

    OMG, I the first 2 seasons of Torchwood and Children of the Earth, but that title sounds AWFUL as does the plot! I mean if you’re comparing the title to Phantom Menace, then that may not be a good sign. Ugh, I was really looking forward to this “reboot” so speak, but my anticipation has gone down severely. :(

    • Phil

      Phantom Menace was killed by Lucas – not the title! Empire was so fantastic because he did not write or direct the movie. Davies has proven himself with Doctor Who/Torchwood – who really cares what it is called as long as it is great!

  • Michelle

    So the whole world turns into Captain Jack?

    • Lisa Simpson

      That would be great if they all looked like him, too.

      • Michelle

        Yes, then we wouldn’t have to fight over him! :D

      • Ruth

        Shades of “The End of Time”…

      • Donna


      • Rosey

        Maybe some could be straight or bi as well?

      • jules


      • cathy

        Uh, Rosey…Captain Jack IS bi…

      • tina

        oh cathy … the good captain is omnisexual

      • chattafuup


        Capt. Jack is a trisexual, he will try ANYTHING.

    • rory

      will they all get their own ianto?

      • jacqueline

        I am afraid we will all get our own Gwen….

      • Chris Abney

        Nice thought, but there will only ever be one Ianto. He has to come back.

  • Larry61

    sounds great. the last time i saw this plot was on the Hercules TV show and i would expect Davies to take this in a great direction.

    • squeegy

      Don’t forget Family Guy, will Capt. Jack have to kill the cast of Dawson’s Creek too?

    • Star

      That’s what I was thinking of-Hercules. I wish it was still on BBCA though-hopefully re-air it there since I don’t get Starz.

  • Christy

    Don’t just rent children of the Earth, watch season 1 & 2, as well. While you’re at it rent all the Doctor Whos where it all started. I love those shows!

    • orville

      Especially the one in which Rose “resurrects” Jack–sort of explains why he can’t die. I’m sure that Jack’s immortality will factor heavily into the plotline.

      • Kel

        The episodes that explain Jack’s immortality in Doctor Who (for those who don’t have time to watch them all, though you should), are the two-part Bad Wolf/Parting of the ways from series 1 and Utopia from Series 3.

    • Robb

      Rent Seasons 1&2, forget the children of earth tripe (its castrates Jack and totally undoes all the character creation done previous to CotE)

      • drew

        Children of Earth was amazing

  • Kermode

    Hang on, it suddenly dawned on me, Torchwood must kill everybody!

    The new show: Tochwood: Earth Must Die!

    That’s more like it ;-)

  • dgregory

    Why is it on Starz and not BBCA?

    • Michelle

      Because Starz is co-financing the new series.

    • Sandiwich11

      Couldn’t agree more, the more spoilers we get for this the more it no longer sounds like TW. Where’s the aliens for Christ’s sake?!?!

  • Kal Dodgson

    Four words:

    Rest in Peace, Torchwood.

    • Sandy

      I hear you. As there is no Torchwood left any more. It’s like a regurgitated X Files plot. Or maybe like the British MI5 (INTERNAL security!) suddenly deciding they need to save the U.S.

    • NoThanks


    • Debbie

      I totally agree. Thank Christ someone finally has some brains. Thank you

    • liz

      oh waaahhh.. It is (and was) a good show and this sounds like a great segue to a new audience. Go Torchwood and RT Davies. You can spend a lifetime whining about how “it is never as good as the original” or you can STFU and enjoy the few moments that what you like gets a few minutes in the mainstream. Enjoy it. No one else really deeply gives a damn about Capt Jack.

      • Debbie

        Okay Liz first off, you have no freakin idea what our reasons are for not liking the new show and its none of your business anyway. But I will say that you are an idiot. No-one gives a damn about Capt Jack? Its his show you moron, so yeah people do care. And that isn’t even the reason why we don’t like the new one. So mind your own business and allow everyone to have their own opinion. And until you know what we are talking about you STFU

      • 3am

        So people don’t like the new one? You a time lord or something? Spoilers please and will my I survive my cancer?

      • Art

        @Debbie – if it’s no one’s business, then don’t post on a comment section. you are the idiot. stupid people sometimes…

      • xfreDDersx


  • Kristin

    SQUEEEEEEE!!!! This sounds amazing!

  • IJones

    Hopefully they bring Ianto back.

    • jules

      Not gonna happen. It’s pretty much set in stone, per RTD.

      • Sandiwich11

        Thankfully, wasn’t a fan of his acting :(

      • JPratt

        And that is why I won’t be watching it. Sorry…I’m proud to admit that I’m shallow like that.

      • Jay Beu


        Be proud! I’m proud of you for sticking to your decision!

        As for me, RTD changes his mind way too much it seems. “I’ll do this, no this, back to this, how about this…” all as they’re sitting there waiting for him to say “Action!”

        If you ask me, he needs to totally turn the writing over to people who understand the need for continuity and suck it up by sticking to it!

        And FYI- I remember seeing the preview for “Exit Wounds” where Jack is holding someone and saying “What have you done?!” Since all I could see was the hair, I thought it was Ianto and that he had died. It was later I realized that John Hart was snuggling up to Jack. To be honest, RTD should have just killed Ianto when he killed the other 2. It would have made more sense and been more poignant.

    • Chris Abney

      I will watch for two reasons: It’ll still be better than any CRAP American networks shove at us. And, I’ll keep hope Ianto returns. He. Simply. Has. To.

  • Austin

    The plot is a complete rip off of Jose Saramago’s book, “Death with Interruptions”. So it’s almost original. Keyword: almost.

    • DrTeeth

      Also see the 1988 episode of The Storyteller named “The Soldier and Death”, based on an old Russian folk tale.

    • BS

      I was going to say, it’s almost the exact plot as Death with Interruptions. That’s upsetting.

  • Grady

    Sounds just like the plot of ‘Reaper Man’ by Terry Pratchett—anyone else read that gem?

    • MM

      Pratchett is a good writer. RTD will solve this with a bad deus ex machina in the last episode where he reverses the polarity of the neutron flow again.

  • Kate

    Sounds truly insane and I think I’m gonna love it! I hope my mom still has her Netflix account in July so I can watch on Starz!Play…

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