No Justin Bieber episode for 'Glee'

Contrary to a previous online report, EW has learned that Glee will not be airing a Justin Bieber tribute episode. Let’s hear the deets from Mr. Glee himself, Ryan Murphy: “Those [tributes] are reserved for artists with big catalogs,” he explains. “Bieber comes up in episode 13 as a small plot point. Sam (Chord Overstreet) sings a JB song to win Quinn’s (Dianna Aragon) approval.” The episode, which is called “Comeback”, will air later this winter and also feature Rachel (Lea Michele) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) diva’ing it out on a tune from Rent. (“Take Me Or Leave Me”, please!) Are you disappointed or relieved that Glee won’t be saluting Bieber this spring? And what song from Rent do you want to hear? (Reporting by Tim Stack)

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  • Carol

    Thank god!!!

    • Jonathan

      I’m right there with you. Mullet boy does NOT deserve his own episode.

      • Miss Talk

        I can’t even figure why he was “considered” – by his stans or his agent – for a tribute on Glee. Do people really think he will still be relevant in 3 years from now? C’mon son.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Justin is a white boy acting black and that should never be encouraged! America is going to Hell because of Political Correctness, and white children should never be encouraged to lower themselves to minorities so there is a level playing field. Minorities should learn English and strive to be fit in, and not expect this country to conform so that we bend to their culture. The fact that affirmative action and that we now have to push one for English are the norm should be seen as signs as to why this country is now in decline. Raise the weak, don’t hobble the strong so there is equality. If black people want to be equal then they should work towards attaining class, instead of applauding a white kid who lowers himself to their lack of culture. Justin is a whi gger, and should not be reward for tarnishing his race!

      • Tor

        Lisa, I find your opinions…disturbing. I’m not a Bieber fan (he’s an overgrown Muppet Baby), but by your logic we should all be speaking Cherokee or one of the native languages. Face it, we’re on the verge of becoming a minority. Studies indicate that we’ll be living in a post-racial America by 2042 at the latest.

      • Tor

        hmm…I should probably affirm that I disagree with Lisa’s stance on racial disparity every bit as much as I disagree with her logic.

      • Lisa and her bigotry

        Lisa take your racist self out of here, and go back into that hole you crawled out of, you horrible person.

      • Christina

        @Lisa- I find it ironic that you’ve chosen to comment under the name “Lisa Simpson” when that character would believe the exact opposite of the BS you’re spewing. You’re probably just a troll trying to get a rise out of people, but c’mon. Grow up.

    • Jorge

      I second that Carol!

      • stickittotheman

        Why all the hate for JB? His songs are catchy. If you give an episode to Lady Gaga (uses “artsy” nonsense to sell so-so songs) and Gwyneth Paltrow (not even a real singer just plugging her new movie) then JB should get a chance too. Just sayin…

    • Tarc

      I’m not sure that bieber’s ever had a hit. I’ve certainly never heard a single thing he’s done – aside from plastering his twinkie mug all over the press. But music? Nope. And I’d assume that one would have to be great to have a tribute, right?

      • Daryl

        I love Glee but if they have that little Bieber troll on there, that’ll be one episode I’ll miss.

      • Larry Davie

        White kids should not act black, hell black kids should not act black. All this ghetto attitude is killing this country and anyone who buys into this sh!t should rid of as well. Someone should slap this kid so hard until he’s white again.

      • Juke


        I breathe in music like oxygen. I’m willing to listen to anything once, but I can’t name a single Bieber tune or even hum a few bars of one. When you’re more famous for your haircut than you are for your music, you should be modeling for a salon, not singing.

      • stickittotheman

        Uh oh, sounds like you guys are hating JB just because you aren’t keeping up to date with new music. “Smile” is a GREAT song! Open your mind, people….

    • Jenny

      Have to agree with you there!

    • JoshP


    • Summer

      YES! THIS!

    • Jodi

      I concur…so over Bieber!!

    • Kiki

      My exact words!

    • BB

      @Carol, my thoughts precisely. :)

  • Rach

    I actually hope they lay off the tribute episodes for a while…while the Madonna one was great, the Britany one (though good) seemed a little forced.

    • Jamie

      I feel the opposite. The Britney one made me laugh, but I could barely get through the Madonna one. Aside from Sue singing, I thought the episode was a waste.

    • BGTO

      I agree. Enough with the tributes. Use songs that drive the plot! That’s what made season 1 so great!

  • Will

    Relieved. Maybe I won’t be deleting Glee from the DVR after all

  • Megan

    Rent songs: Um…the whole catalog. Particularly “Another Day” if Rachel is still being annoying to Finn. Although I do like “Will I?”–my favorite out of the whole musical.

    • April

      “Will I” would be an amazing choice. It really fits the group as a whole.

      “Will I lose my dignity?
      Will someone care?
      Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?”

    • KarlHall

      Take Me or LA LA LA LEAVE Me, of course!!

      • Tag

        I’d like to hear them crank out “What You Own.”

    • bkwrm

      The final group number at the end of the episode has to be “Seasons of Love.” I’ve been dying for them to do that song.

  • da

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • lilkunta

    If artists must have a big catolog why is there a GaGA ep? She has put out just 1 cd, then a remix of that cd.

    That isnt fair.

    COe on, waht is the real reason Ryan?

    • Nick

      No lady gaga didn’t get a tribute ep. It was an episode spilt with songs from both kiss and lady gaga

  • Piper

    Thank you Cheesus

    • Charlene


    • Emme

      Yes, thank you Grilled Cheesus!

    • Finnster

      That was the first thing that came to mind. Finn’s Grilled Cheesus has higher powers!!!

  • Jackie

    I agree with the “Thank god!” to no Justin Bieber on ‘Glee’. As far as ‘Rent’ goes, I would love to hear a full-cast rendition of ‘Seasons of Love’. If they were going to do ‘Take Me or Leave Me’, I’d rather see Brittany and Santana do it, it kind of fits for them. For Rachel vs. Mercedes, I have no idea what they will do.

    • Anne

      I can’t see Santana and Brittany pulling Take Me or Leave Me off well. I think Rachel and Mercedes could do it far better justice. I like your Seasons of Love idea though.

    • Molly

      Um, Rachel and Mercedes are the best for Take Me or Leave Me vocally. And why does the song have to done as it is in Rent? They often do songs that have little to do with their original context, and often have nothing to do with the Glee plot. Plus, considering the current story arc of these two characters, and-spoiler alert-some spoiler about Mercedes encouraging Rachel to look on the bright side of being single, they’ll probably sing it to the rest of the club as a power anthem, independent women type thing.

    • Mocha

      I don’t know how it would fit into the plot at all, but I really want to hear Santana sing “Out Tonight”. But yeah, Rachel and Mercedes would do great with “Take Me or Leave Me,” and “Seasons of Love” sounds perfect for an all-cast number.

      • Molly

        Oh god, yes! Esp after listening to her during sectionals

    • MattyWillWinSeason23

      I say they do an entire rent episode. how about that

      • Kiki

        Good god, no! Not after the actual horror they inflicted on us with their version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. No, no, no.

      • Andrew

        Matty! I am right there with you…I think Blaine and Kurt singing “I’ll Cover You” would be cool!

      • Sassy.Selena

        I totally agree with you! Rent is amazing… Don’t really know how it would fit into Glee… But that would be awesome :)

  • Bea

    So relieved!! Like he needs his ego to grow any bigger!!

  • Casper

    I recommend to mr. Murphy to include some Dire Straits songs.Also, more songs from Springsteen, Chris Rea, Fleetwood Mac…

  • Ziyad

    SO RELIEVED! God, I was so depressed all day!

    • Julianna

      So was I! I can’t wait for the inevitable Artie-jib at Sam singing Bieber (Auditions, anyone?)

  • canuck1975

    Yes to no Bieber and the only song I can see Rachel & Mercedes dueting on would be Take Me of Leave Me (and it would fit into the plot points too with M feeling shunted to the side all the time).

  • Cindy

    Agree….that little he/she creature does not deserve a tribute episode. Creeps me out and don’t even like his music. I’d like to see a Aretha Franklin tribute.

  • Tom

    Glad to hear about duet with Rachael and Mercedes…LOVE the music from Rent and think that’s gonna rock the house.

  • Peter Griffin

    GOOOOOD BLESS AMERICAAAA!!!! that bowl headed little girl needs to go away

    • Riley


      • Larry David

        I agree Peter. slapped that pvssy until he’s white again

    • Sarah

      If you hate Bieber so badly then why the heck are you wasting your freaking time typing that? He is just a boy, living his dream! So shut up!
      And he is not black! and he is not trying to act black at all. Guys just hate him so much cuz their JEALOUS because there not Bieber.
      He already goes through enough so shut up

      • Dani

        Bieber does attempt to act black. That’s why he looks so much like a fool; he trys to act black, dance black, and dress black, and he doesn’t realize that he isn’t embarrassing nobody but himself.

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