ABC buys comedy with risque title

ABC is set to pick up a new comedy pilot with a title that could make waves like $#*! My Dad Says if it makes it to primetime intact.

20th Century Fox TV has sold a project titled Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, which earns points for being funny and memorable, if not exactly G-rated. Tough to see ABC not brainstorming something softer (then again, the network does have Cougar Town).

The story is about a naive young woman who comes to New York City and ends up with a trouble-making party-girl roommate.

Jason Winer, who directed the pilot for Modern Family, is set to direct this comedy. The American Dad team of Nahnatchka Khan and David Hemingson will write and produce.

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  • john

    I suppose that’s a comment on the sexism still prevalent and accepted in America today. Had it been “Don’t trust the (any racist term) in apartment 23″ I’m sure this wouldn’t have passed the embryonic stage.

    • Jeff M.

      Sounds like a great show! Can’t wait to see if ABC has the balls to keep the title the same.

      • Ed R.

        “Sounds like a great show?”

        From a dumb title and a one sentence summarry of the plot? This idea sounds stupid.

      • facepalm

        it has so become acceptable in the world to be offensive and used as an excuse to be funny. This is the world we live in.

    • j


    • Chris S.

      Maybe its a show about talking dogs that live in apartments. You don’t know.

      • Christine


    • sherri

      John that is a false equivalency and you know. The two are not equal and hopefully never will be and for you to suggest they are shows your ignorance.

      • Just Someone

        So you think that racism is worse than sexism for some reason?

      • lc

        Sherri .. you don’t see John’s comment as equivlent? What about the other show they have planned? Good Christian B_ _ _ _ _ _ _? Is that ok .. what if they said Good Muslin (_______) or Good Catholic or any other religion? Would that work?

        The word is a diagoratory remark against women – period.

    • RicardoCabeza

      change the tampon and take some midol Jeff you sound like a chick on the rag.

      • red

        I find your comment tastless to say the least, Ricardo, and extremely High School

  • Josh

    Holy sexism Batman!

  • Ash

    I hope this show gets cancelled after one show. ABC made a stupid decision here.

  • junior

    I don’t care what anyone says that title had me burst into laughter the very first time I read it. It is beyond hilarious. Is it sexist? Of course, but sometimes it’s the only word that makes sense…

    • AcaseofGeo

      I don’t really think its sexist. What would SHOULD be used to describe a person with applicable qualities? As for a risky title, you need more than that because “SH#* my Dad Says” is one heckuva wretched show, in almost every single way possible.

      • AcaseofGeo

        haha. What *word* that should have read.

  • Jobless

    I think it’s funny as hell.

  • Kathryn

    Oh please…my friends and I call each other bitches all the time.

    Does this make Inglorious Bastards sexist?

    • Hannah

      No, because it was originally “Inglorious Basterds.” Maybe they should change this to “Don’t Trust the Betch in Apartment 23.”

  • baj24

    I think it’s funny that people are getting so up in arms about a tv show that may never even see the light of day. The title amuses me but it’s too long. They should call it “Bitch in Apartment 23″ or something lol.

  • talkin’

    Show has a dumb sexist name and a stupid premise.
    Except for Castle , ABC sucks.

  • john t.

    i had a chuckle as well. and if the director of modern family’s pilot is doing this one, i just might tune in

  • Dave

    The title made me giggle a bit. Of course people are going to overreact because people are way too sensitive.

    • Josh

      Honestly, I’m usually not overly sensitive. But this is sort of something big. Replace bitch with any other derogatory term and its like “yikes, wow.”

    • m

      agree. personally, i think it is sort of funny, but i understand that some people won’t like it because of the title – but it really isn’t a big deal. there are worse things to worry about.

    • BLM

      Totally agree. I’m a woman and I find the title funny and intriguing. I just might have to watch it.

    • Holly

      What is so funny about the title? I am not offended by it, I am just not clear on why it makes people “giggle” and “chuckle”. As for the “swearing-in-titles” trend on TV, I am reminded of the movie “Idiocracy” – if you have seen it you know what I mean. It’s just one more way that movie is turning out to be true.

      • Greg

        Idiocracy may be one of the most frighteningly prophetic movies ever. “Meet the Fockers,” “Little Fockers” … at this rate, we’ll be eating at Butt****ers by 2012.

      • Rabbit

        I would say ‘In years to come, people will be amazed by the prophetic qualities of Idiocracy’, but by then, no-one will understand what it means. ‘Ow, my balls!’ Truly chilling.

  • Jen

    How about ABC’s new show: Crap My Network Airs. Sorry, but the title of this series alone means I will make a point not to watch it.

    • stickittotheman


    • Just Someone


    • red

      lol that was funny !!

  • K

    I consider myself to be reasonably feminist and invested in making sure there’s equal treatment between the sexes, etc…but I’m not sure I see the problem in using the word “bitch.” I’ve always taken the word to mean a mean woman, just as I’d call a mean man a d*ck or pr*ck. Unless it’s used to describe a man perceived as weak in some way, like “he’s such a whiny little b*tch.” Then, I could see an argument for sexism, since the word “b*tch” is linked in my mind primarily with femaleness. But I don’t get the problem with this title, as far as sexism goes – I thought it was funny, if a bit unwieldy to say.

    • Emily

      ” Unless it’s used to describe a man perceived as WEAK in some way, like “he’s such a whiny little b*tch.” Then, I could see an argument for sexism, since the word “b*tch” is linked in my mind primarily with FEMALENESS”

      Wait, so you think weakness is a female quality?? I find that much more insulting than the title of the show, which seems more like a vague negative term for a person.

      • Holly

        No K is saying that she is also offended when “femaleness” (there is a real word called “femininity” that fits great here, folks, but whatever) is used to imply weakness. You misinterpreted her; you both agree.

  • Buddy

    I’ll admit it, the title is funny and provocative, but come on ABC. Hey NBC and Fox, it’s your turn. The title “C–t” hasn’t been taken yet and “M—-rF—-r” has a nice ring to it. What is wrong with these networks?

    • Other Mel

      Excellent point. How about “Don’t Trust the M–F–ing C– Wh-re in Apartment 23″?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Broadway beat them to it – there’s a show opening this season starring Chris Rock called “The MotherF*cker With the Hat”

  • Matt2

    I thought that was just a working title for the project and that the title of the show would be called Can’t Trust. I read about it the other day on some other website. It actually sounds like it could be a super funny show given the plot and its connection with some of the heads behind Modern Family.

  • jason

    Sounds kinda cool…hope the writing is up to par with modern family..

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