ABC wants 'Incredible Hulk' ratings smash

Marvel Entertainment

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee says the chance of The Incredible Hulk and other Marvel titles joining network’s schedule is pretty high. (ABC and Marvel are both owned by the Walt Disney Company.)

ABC has been developing a slew of Marvel properties, including superhero-turned-detective Jessica Jones and the return of the not-so-jolly green giant.

“I’m thrilled we have Marvel within our family, it’s a superb opportunity for us,” he says. “If you’re going to bring back a franchise, it’s easier to launch a well-known franchise, but what really distinguishes these are the showrunners — we have A-list showrunners.”

Indeed, Jessica Jones has Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter exec producer and Twilight screenwriter) and Hulk has Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick (Hellboy director, and Battlestar Galactica exec producer, respectively).

“We would love to make a Marvel franchise work on the network,” he says. “They probably won’t be the only two Marvel things we do.”

That last line sounds like a pretty strong endorsement of getting a comic book series (or three) on the air.

Which Marvel title would you like to see ABC bring to life? And who should ABC cast as The Hulk?

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  • TLZ

    Thunderbolts! With the original storyline of villians posing as heroes.

    • whereisit

      US1 or Dazzler

      • Kebert Xela

        Please no Dazzler.

        I could handle Longshot, though.

      • billso

        US1 FTW! ESPN can do NFL SuperPro.

  • Todd

    Peter David’s current run on X-Factor

    • TLZ

      Nice! Haven’t read it but I’m a big PAD fan. I have his entire Incredible Hulk run.

    • paige

      yesssssssssssss! or Runaways!

  • Brett

    EW is doing this more and more and it’s getting on my nerves… Nowhere in this article is the phrase “ratings smash”. If you’re going to say ABC “wants a ratings smash” then you need to prove it. Did someone at the network say that, or are you interpreting it that way? C’mon EW, journalism 101…

    • Dave

      Hulk’s catch-phrase is “Hulk smash”. They are making a play on that.

    • Katja

      Dave is right, man. It’s just a bit of Hulk humor.

      • Bill

        Do you think ABC *doesn’t* want a ratings smash? Do you think they want a flop?

    • Rissa

      Brett smash logic!

    • Jam

      Is Hollywood obsessed with the Hulk becoming a success? You had the big blockbusters Hulk in 2003 & The Incredible Hulk in 2008 ..both disappointments ..though yes I know they still grossed over 100 million ..they always have to throw in the worldwide totals , dvd , merchandising to hype the numbers…I just think we all always just remember the 1970’s tv show and leave it at that…with chicks we break it to them “Just not that into you” ..and sorry Hollywood & the Hulk..we are just not that into you…

      • Delon


    • mcfly

      Lighten up Brett. I think “Hulk smashed” your sense of humor.

  • tomg

    Anything written by Jeff Parker. Agents of Atlas would be very cool. I’ll second Thunderbolts.

  • mage?!

    Moon Knight- the original or a mixed series with episodes about different characters and storylines. I love the idea of a Marvel TV series or three.

  • Jay

    Marvel on TV!!! I love the idea!!!

    -Punisher: Batman without the Bruce Wayne… whats not to like

    -Hulk: Its obvious that the movies aren’t doing him justice, but if Bill Bixby can do it…

    -Daredevil: No Ben Affleck!!!! combo of a lawyer/vigilante show. Think, Defenders meets Human Target

    • BlackIrish4094

      You have two winners there. Either Punisher or daredevil could play out well on TV. Punisher would have to be a 10 PM (actually Daredevil too if they are going to stay close to the mythos).

      • pdy

        Agreed with BlackIrish4094! However, a Punisher series would have to tone down the gun violence to run on broadcast TV network like ABC. On the other hand, a Daredevil series could be made on the cheap since it would not require so much special effects. And there could be a cross-over appearances between the two shows.

    • Brian

      Jay you are aware Bill Bixby is dead right?

      • Jay

        Of course…. the point I was making was that his Hulk show was reasonably successful, and if HE can make a Hulk show work, it can be done again with someone else

  • Justin Orr

    I think remake of the Hulk would be a good idea as long as it’s done right your not going to be able to have some big muscular guy painted green to be the Hulk

    • Psac

      With Mark Ruffalo set to play The Hulk (or at least Burce Banner) in the Avengers movies, I wonder if they’d look for someone “similar” or not care and go in a different direction.

      • pdy

        Or would the producers go with a CGI Hulk as they did in the movies? Otherwise, if they’ll just do a Lou Ferrigno, they will have to find a tall, big and muscular guy willing to be painted green with minimal dialogue to boot.

  • Franky

    Heroes for Hire

    • Dan monaco

      Luke Cage and the Immortal Iron Fist

      • Mike

        Nailed it. No other series need apply. This would be GREAT.

      • Adam

        Luke Cage is married to Jessica Jones – maybe he’ll show up?

    • doug

      Franky – I had to think about that for a minute. At first, I thought you were referring to DC’s “Dial H for Hero.” Too funny.

  • Franky

    Oh, and I love that ABC had to rename Alias (the comic).

  • B

    Please. Don’t. At all.

    Movies are already mostly made for teenage boys, with action and comic books stories galore. While television has definite low points (an overabundance of reality/competition and repetitious procedurals), it also has recently had really great dramatic series. Already NBC is doing The Cape (meh), and ABC wants to do more than one Marvel story? Hey networks, there really are adults out here who would prefer grown up entertainment. That 18-49 demo includes more than 18-25 year olds.

    • Wottadoosh

      That is sad, B only has one channel.

    • Kebert Xela

      Right, the Odyssey is definitely aimed at 18-25 year-olds.

      How about Road to Perdition? Another movie based on a comic book. Ever watch From Hell? There’s another.

      Not all heroes are for kids. Watch Criminal Minds sometime. If that isn’t essentially a super team, tell me what is.

    • Katja

      Count me as above the 18-25 year age group (not to mention a female), and I sure like having some interesting action/superhero stories around. Now, the Hulk has been done and done, so I don’t really care about that coming to TV, but this Jessica Jones thing appeals to me since it’s something I’ve never seen adapted before and I always enjoy a strong female hero. I was disappointed that the new Wonder Woman TV show didn’t get picked up, and I would looooove a Big Barda movie (not that it would ever happen).

    • Meg

      Or perhaps you could expand your horizons and recognize that just because a show fits into a certain genre, it doesn’t mean that show is necessarily aimed at a certain audience. Not all comics are for kids or young men. Sure, a new Hulk show might end up appealing mostly to teenage boys, but it’s possible that it could be the type of great dramatic series you’re looking for.

      Anyway, I just heard someone last week saying Daredevil could make a good Law & Order type show (with a superhero) and I can see that working. Personally, I’d watch a well-done Doctor Strange show.

    • BJG

      You’re assuming that these shows are just going to appeal to boys. If you knew anything about the actual Jessica Jones story, you’d hardly say that its only appeal is boys. There are a lot more stories for adults in today’s comic world.

    • Alan

      Comic book shows can be about more than just tights.

    • Gina

      Well, I’m a 40 year old female who loves comics and anime. I don’t mind this news at all and will be watching it if the stories are good. Bring it!

      Adding that I’d like to see Daredevil done for TV – if they keep it dark enough for fans but not so dark for prime time.

    • BigBoo

      B’s idea of “adult entertainment” are probably shows like “Greys Anatomy” where she can drool everytime one of the male docs takes his shirt off and cry each time a female doc can’t achieve an orgasm.

    • Rick

      Hi. 33 years old here. Those movies are made for me, too. And before you make any snide remarks, I’m extremely intelligent and make more money than you. And my wife is hot.

      I win.

  • Brian

    Daredevil would be another easy one for television.
    I’d love to see a X-men and a Spider-man show too, because both of them have way too many great characters and storylines to cover in 3-4 movies. They’d need bigger budgets though.

    • Jay

      I agree with you on Daredevil (see my post above)
      There’s potential there for a lawyer show (like Defenders) with action/vigilante stuff thrown in (like Human Target)

      Spidey & X-men would never work on TV because (as you said) the budgets would be astronomical, and if they they weren’t, the shows wouldn’t be any good.

      • bigbri

        I believe Spiderman could work- if it was done like Smallville- You could have it as a more of a season long battle with certain enemy’s. I do think it would be HARDER to adapt, but I believe it could be done.

        I am not sure xmen would work- It seems to have a lot of work to “transform” the mutants each day.

      • Brian

        Depends on which X-men they use.
        I don’t think you can do Spidey before he’s Spidey like they did with Superman, because it’s core to his origin that he’s NOT a hero before he gets his powers. The big issue budget-wise for Spidey IMO would be web-slinging more than anything else. But low-impact aerial travel? Could work.
        X-men could work if they picked the right team. I’d love to see Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler (with makeup, obviously), Wolverine, Storm, and Jean, and I think that team could work with minimal budgetary stress (though any hero show is still going to be expensive).

  • Kebert Xela

    Why not do the Inhumans r the Eternals.

    Do something that not everyone would be familiar with.

    New Mutants would be kind of nice to see on TV.

    • Meg

      Love the Inhumans but I’m not sure how it would work on TV. My dream is an Inhumans movie with Keanu Reeves as Black Bolt. Think about it. He’d be awesome!

      • Beepela

        That’s true. He wouldn’t have any dialogue!

      • pdy

        Beepela, excellent comment! LOL!

      • Rick

        Hah! Nicely put. Keanu Reeves as Black Bolt! Genius casting.

  • JJ

    Budget is definitely a concern since superheroes=special effects so considering cost I think it’s safe to say Silver Surfer won’t be getting a pilot.

    I’d like to see:

    Daredevil-lawyer/crime fighter, gives us human drama and action!

    Runaways-kids think their parents are evil…and they’re right! humor, coming of age, action all in one.

    She-Hulk – David E. Kelley would’ve been better off with this and Wonder Woman. Comedic female lawyer, wacky hijinks ensue.

    I also think some of the real world happenings of Marvel would be a great mini-series whether it’s the Stan Lee launching of classic or the 90’s mess/bankruptcy would be great stories.

  • Lia

    There’s no way this won’t end horribly. Please don’t do another Hulk show. Its ABC, you know they’ll ruin it and try to make him ‘family friendly’.

  • Adam D. Hall

    How about “Spider-Man” and “The Incredible Hulk”? I bet they make a great pair on ABC.

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