Starz' first 'Camelot' trailer -- EXCLUSIVE

Swords, sorcery, sex, forests!

Starz’ reboot of the King Arthur legend Camelot gives viewers a lavishly produced update of the classic story along with top-notch talent like Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green. Below, presents the first official trailer for the show, which debuts on the premium channel April 1.

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  • Jake

    Looks like an awesome show, but man, why did they have to use that music for the trailer? Don’t they want people to take it as a serious fantasy?

    • Sven


    • Jenn

      I know! Painful!

    • Matt

      Yeah, I agree. I loved the music at the beginning but the ending just seemed sooo cheesy. Still looking forward to it though!

    • Jacob

      Agreed. Kinda ruined my excitement a bit.

    • Brian

      100% agreed. Also, good luck to Camelot going up against Game of Thrones, HBO’s first take at Medieval/fantastical drama, which premieres the same month.

      • Lisa London

        I thought about that straight away. GoT looks better to me…

    • Nathan

      Yeah, whatever that crap music was instantly cheesed the hell outta the whole thing.

    • jared4ever

      Yeah the song made it sound more like an episode of Gossip Girl than a serious fantasy/period piece

    • Niix Starkyller

      Seems like Twilight packaging of a series which may actually accomplish the feat of wasting Eva Green. And, wasting Eva Green should be an indictable offense which compels the FCC to pull you off the air.

    • LeCrosse

      Agreed. The music cheapens it to the level of a CW teen-angst-vampire-werewolf-socialite “drama.”

    • Michael

      It’s really too bad, because like everyone’s saying here, it does like like an awesome show, but that song in the second half immediately brings the viewer to a whole cheap/tweeny level that I’m sure the creators/producers of the show don’t want. Whose decision was it to use that song… they should be canned.

      • Michael

        I just realized that I commented a few months after this article was written! Haha! Oh well… (it came up when I searched for articles on the show, so that’s why).

  • Jenn

    This had me at James Purefoy. I was going through a withdraw since Rome.

    • Louise

      Me too!!!!

    • Noelbelle

      I know!

  • Amber

    Yeah, the cheesy pop song almost killed the trailer for me. I’m also distracted by Fiennes’ shaved head, but Eva Green is looking fierce and powerful as Morgan Le Fay. I’m presold for this one.

  • Kate

    This looks like the Tudors but greener and on a beach. I’m pretty excited, not going to lie. I love Camelot reinterpretations and it will be nice to see a serious one after the fun but frivolous BBC Merlin.

    • Danae

      It is frivolous, but I still think it’s awesome. I’m pretty committed to the Merlin and Arthur bromance to accept Merlin as a pushy all-powerful magician, per more usual interpretations of Arthurian legend.

  • Leithen

    Fiennes looks good, and Eva Green is looking damn fine as usual, but the rest of the cast looks like they were cast out of the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Such pretty people, for not having toothpaste.

    • kimberly

      Arthur looks like a not so much older version of Arthur from disney’s “the sword and the stone. “

    • M

      HAHAHA!!! No toothpaste or a John Frieda salon with full blond highlights and large barreled curling iron so as to achieve that perfect Real Houswives of Beverly Hills wavy hairdo!

  • Mikka

    Wow, Starz is spending some real bucks on this. When does their Torchwood reboot start?

  • Devo

    This starts up around the same time as HBO’s Game of Thrones and I gotta say, GoT looks a helluva lot more entertaining so far. As an avid Merlin fan, I don’t know that I’ll care for another Arthurian reboot.

    • GoT

      Agreed. GoT looks a LOT better and, as much as I would be interested in a Starz adaptation of Arthurian Legend, GoT is what I have the time/money for.

  • Lauren

    It looks really good except for Arthur. Terrible, terrible casting. He’s creepy looking, and somehow Arthur is never blond in my mind.

    • Sharon

      I agree. I still think that Sean Connery or perhaps Russel Crowe. (I know they are getting a bit older, but so am I!)Not a young blond GQ kinda kid!

  • Josh

    Yikes, I don’t know. I studied Arthurian Legends for a semester in school and this just looks silly…After the Game of Thrones trailer, which just looked EPIC, I really have to choose GoT. I love both stories but this just looked too over the top and some story choices are questionable(Arthur/Gwen having a forbidden romance seems hard to fully invest in, considering that Gwen gets with Lancelot…so really Gwen cheating another a guy just makes her look skanky instead of being in a marriage she never really wanted and with a man she never really loved).

    So come Sunday, if these two shows are against each other, I’m choosing GoT.

    • AAR

      Josh, since you studied this let me ask a question. In the trailer, Morgan says something along the lines of “My father died without a legitimate heir. This kingdom should be mine,” which seems to indicate that she and Arthur share a father. I thought they were half-siblings on their mother’s side (Igraine). Thoughts?

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Morgan’s father was Igraine’s husband, her husband was a high lord (it looks like from this interpretation they are having Morgan’s father possibly have some claim to the throne…maybe if Uther had no heir?) but yes Arthur and Morgan were half-siblings.

    • Sharon

      I already posted this but it got lost somehow so if this is a repeat, sorry. I just finished re-reading this best series on the Arthur legends written by Bernard Cornwell and they were nothing like this. I am hoping this is as good as the Tudors but I have a feeling that after reading the Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur, that my expectations may be too high.

  • isolde

    Not digging the anachronistic music, but I’m definitely checking this out!

  • Justin

    Starz did great with Spartacus, so I think Camelot will be no different. Count me in!

  • Brett

    Nothing will ever be better than Boorman’s “Excalibur,” but this looks like it might be fun. Nice to see Eva Green working again.

    • K

      I just rewatched Excalibur and it’s a terrible, terrible movie. Helen Mirren is gorgeous, but that’s the best that can be said for it. This looks way better, I’ll probably check it out. Much more exciting for Game Of Thrones but there is room for both in my life ;-)

  • Michelle

    I was already going to watch this, mostly because I’m an Arthurian legends junkie. But I’ll be staying for Joe Fiennes and James Purefoy!

  • sok

    Eva Green…mm, lovely! Always looking cool.

  • Diane

    I would have never guessed this was a Camelot retelling from the trailer. It could be any fantasy DVD anywhere

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