Fox on 'Fringe': 'Don't write the eulogy'

Fox executives told TV critics at press tour that just because Fringe is moving to Fox’s sci-fi death slot on Fridays doesn’t mean the show is necessarily going to suffer the same fate as Dollhouse … and Sarah Connor Chronicles … and Prison Break … and Wonderfalls … and Dark Angel … and — sniff — Firefly.

“I appreciate the support in this room, and I beg you not to write the eulogy prematurely,” said entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “Friday is a troubled night. We are continually looking for a solution on the night. I was happy that Fringe turned up on a number of top-10 lists. We’re looking for it to go a little bit broader with ratings. I really hope fans go with it. Right now, we’re down to a core loyal audience.”
After Fox’s panel, one critic asked if Reilly is worried about Fringe facing The CW’s sci-fi show, Supernatural.

“It’s already been up against much stiffer competition [on Thursdays],” Reilly pointed out (including Supernatural, for that matter), then added that he didn’t know Supernatural was in the same slot so, really, that’s how unworried he is.

“It’s probably a little difficult to join it in progress,” Reilly admitted of the Fringe storyline. “But the show is where it should be. It’s now playing to its fans.”

Reilly also refused to write off another, even more troubled, Fox show, Lie to Me: “It can come back. It’s really found its groove. It delivered a very loyal audience wherever we put it.”

Who here thinks Fringe (which costs quite a bit more to produce than Supernatural) can survive on Fridays?

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  • willie meikle

    “playing to it’s fans” ?

    Buck up chaps — you’re supposed to be able to write.

    • Mole

      Having just played super-catch-up on Fringe, I have to say that I’ve never seen a show slope uphill so dramatically over the course of its run. Season 3 is some of my favorite TV ever, so far. I have a tough time recommending it to people though, because season 1 is the definition of a “homework season” to me – aka the one you have to slog through to get to the goods; the Brussel Sprouts season. I do talk it up, though, and will definitely be watching on Fridays.

      • Gina


        Do I think Fringe is in the same danger as Dollhouse? No. Dollhouse started out on Friday and its viewers were [for the most part] only Whedon devotees who chose to stick around. If FOX is truly satisfied with Fringe’s numbers at the moment and we all stick by it, then it should be fine. And as far as I’ve seen, Fringe only gains viewers – it doesn’t lose them. Not after s2 anyway; during s1 it lost some people, but know plenty of people who came back to it or are about to do so. Unfortunately, we’re not the ones with Nielsen boxes, and we prefer to not watch the show online. But again, if they’re good with the present number of viewers and it remains the same after the move (which I believe it will), hopefully that’s enough for a renewal.

      • Jgo

        YES TO THIS. Season 1 had its rough patches, but at this point the show is just simply fantastic. My favorite show by far.

      • Mindy

        For sure, I was a little iffy on Fringe in season 1. But, Season 3 has been much better. This is now turning into one of the better shows on air. This has to be the most critics top 10 lists it has ever made. I hope it doesn’t die on Fridays.

      • smith

        I almost gave up Season 1 and I’m glad I didn’t. This is my favorite show on the air right now and while the move to Friday stinks, I’ll do whatever I can to support it and I hope it gets solid ratings on Friday.

        We need more TV like this, less reality show garbage.

      • Delon

        Fringe has come a long way since the early episodes of season 1. It was a cheesy gibberish crap. Now, it’s must-see TV. Fringe Forever!

      • jay

        hey i like brussel sprouts

      • Carrot

        yes! it’s a fantastic show, and after the first half of the first season, keeps getting better and better. I really hope people give it a chance. I’m hoping that DVR/hulu/etc. make the time slot less important.

      • LEO

        I’ll follow whenever and wherever it goes…same goes for Lie to Me

    • Erin

      Its more wishful thinking than actual belief that I say its gonna stick, I love this show, and sincerely hope it stays.

      • CMaz

        I am a new fan and went through Season 1 on vacation a few weeks ago – just finished watching Season 2. I LOVE Fringe! By far my favorite show now that Stargate is gone. Stargate Universe sucks and should suffer the same demise as Caprica – soap opera crap! Will DVR Fringe anyway so I don’t care when it airs.

  • Kermode

    Bring back Firefly!

    • Jayne Cobb

      It’s time to move on. Firefly’s dead. Most of the actors have other work now. It’s okay to let go.

    • Jeff M.

      Really? Dang Kermode you need to get a life pal Firefly is deader than my Grandma!

      • Shifter

        According to Fringe – NOTHING is ever really dead. xD

      • onlymystory

        Don’t worry Kermode, I’m sure Faux-Livia’s favorite show in the Alt-world is Firefly.

  • ro

    i think so. i will follow it where ever it goes. it has improved consistently and i push the show to everyone i know. i’ve also pushed the first 2 seasons dvd’s so that people can fall in love and catch up!

    • Kate

      I’ve been doing that too, I’ve already got a number of my friends to watch. And I made my mom watch all 51 episodes in the three weeks. She loved it and she normally doesn’t like science fiction.

      • Bette

        Kate, That is sweet. It’s a family affair. Glad your mom has an open mind.

    • OhioJoe

      Who cares when it’s on? I hardly ever watch TV shows “live” any more since we got a DVR. We record the shows we like, and watch them when we like. We also fast-forward past the commercials — people will ask whether we’ve seen a commercial, and usually we haven’t.

  • Styrch

    I think that Fringe will be around a little longer but not much. As much as Fox likes to say it’s not giving up, I’m sure it will. It usually does.

    As for competition with Supernatural, as a person who watches both shows… That’s what DVRs were made for!

    • Anne

      Keep in mind Fringe already went up against Supernatural, last year, in a tougher time slot, against CSI AND Grey’s as well.

  • bubbatwo420

    Fringe will survive, it’s just that good. The fans are becoming more loyal as the show progresses and I see it becoming almost a “Lost-Like” phenomenom by the end. Fringe is easily the best show on TV, don’t miss it people.

    • Megan

      It’s kind of already there–Fringe fans are diehard. Even though I came into it halfway through Season Two, I’ve seen the dvds through Netflix; there’s a several-weeks’-long waiting period

    • emma

      It just won a People’s Choice Award, so they know they’ve got a devoted audience. They’d be foolish to throw it away and think they can build a bigger one for a Friday slot from scratch.

  • kate

    this website is so wonderful, you can go and see it

  • maryb889

    I will most definitely be watching …

  • Angela

    I’ll follow it to Fridays, as I’m sure any fans will. And about not being easy to catch up on, I started it just this past season, and while I know I missed a lot of things, it wasn’t hard for me to get into the groove of the show. It’s fantastic. They better not cancel it.

  • David

    And we believe what the suits at Fox say because…..?

    • Jules

      I know, right? I never trust anything that comes out of network execs mouths, and Fox execs are an even more special brand of untrustworthy.

      I love Fringe. I hope it sticks around. But the Friday death slot is not making me optimistic.

  • Jay

    I cant wait!!! I miss my Fringe!

  • Phil

    How could he say that he wasnt aware SuperNatural was on at the same time on Fridays?! Thats carzy that you run a network, and you are unaware of what your competiton is!? Even if he made the statement to discredit the CW’s line-up it makes it look like a callous foolish a$$ and they wonder why fans get worried when they shuffle beloved shows around, let alone put what seems like ALL the SciFi shows on at the same time, so none of them have any real chance. This is probably the worst story i’ve heard about Fringe’s move yet, & we dont have to write the premature eulogy. With his own assine remark, Fox just did. If I were a part of the FRINGE cast & crew I’d be emabarassed and upset.

    • Wil

      I agree with everything you just said. This article sort’ve left a bad taste…

      Btw, it’s *asinine* unless you were just accentuating Reilly as an ass. lol

    • chase

      I totally agree w/ u Phil from the future..

    • AltDave

      Phil needs a valium (and to get laid)

      • Jeff M.

        yes he does good call altdave

      • Phil

        I dont need drugs to right myself, but apparently I should be locked up for having too much hindsight. If the Fox execs used half the intelligence I did to make my original comment, then perhaps FRINGE would have enough of a following to not need to be shuffled around.

    • mrswinchester248920

      Really stupid move, I agree with Phil. Not only has he lost viewers (because Supernatural fans are extremely loyal) but he also insulted every Supernatural fan (many of which are Fringe fans) so did he just insult his own viewers? Supernatural owns all other TV shows.

      • teej

        “Supernatural” is NOT Sci Fi (but it is SyFy – a network that has delved so much into the Paranormal I rarely watch anymore.) Many of us who love “sciency” Sci Fi are insulted when we’re lumped in with that paranormal, fantasy S**t.

      • Nate

        Although I also hate that he made that comment about The CW’s schedule, I can’t really agree with your post because its suggesting that people should or shouldn’t watch one of these shows because of a comment made by a studio executive. People are going to watch what they want to watch. I don’t think anybody will bid adue to Fringe and go watch Supernatural instead because of this guy’s remarks.

    • Zakry

      Whoa! How did we get here?? All the man said was that he didn’t know Supernatural moved. ALOT of people don’t know Supernatural moved! And, loving SN as I do, its not such a ratings juggernaught that Fringe and SN can’t both survive. This is not the first time two shows we liked were on at the same time, but we survived it. Re-lax. Phil and everyone else. Just because a guy at Fox doesn’t know what’s on the CW is not an insult!

      • Steph

        you have to admit though, as a tv exec it’s pretty dumb to go into an interview about a timeslot change and then admit you don’t know what shows it’s up against. That’s how much tv execs care about Friday night TV. It’s a dumping ground.

        HOWEVER, Fringe is quality and I think it will stick around. The only beef I have is that I hope it doesn’t take away from Supernatural’s ratings. These are the 2 Must Watch shows for me. DVR solves it for me but I hate to see a show like Supernatural lose out against a show that has a similar audience.

  • chocolateislove

    I’m definitely following it to Fridays. It’s become my favorite show right now, and I don’t think it’ll be replaced anytime soon.

  • Darren

    I’m not going to be able to help in any way since I don’t live in America. I have to wait for Fringe to be shown in my country by the station that has its rights. But I will say that in the space of 3 weeks, time I watched season 1 and season 2 I got hooked on Fringe and it without a doubt my favourite show that is on the air right now. I really really hope that the American fans go with Fringe to Fridays and it continues for another 2 seasons at least.

  • Jackie

    I have been a loyal follower of Fringe and Lie to Me since their respective beginnings and I still love both of these shows so much! Fridays at 9 really is a horrible time, but choosing between Fringe, CSI: NY, Ghost Adventures, Say Yes to the Dress, and Law and Order: UK (all of which I watch loyally) I’ll be setting my DVR for all the rest and watching Fringe every week.

  • Dan

    Fringe is one of the few genre shows out there which I think could become a bona fide valuable science fiction property. A franchise? Well, maybe not theatrical films… but comics, novels, etc. I’ve never seen core fans with such white-hot enthusiasm… or a show with a mythology and stable of characters this strong in a long time.

    • James

      I love this show. The writing and the actors are amazining. I don’t think that moving the time slot will kill the show, unfortunately, the numerous ‘BREAKS’ in airings are really frustrating and take away from of the shows intensity.

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