'The Game' season premiere on BET draws 7.7 million viewers

The-GameImage Credit: BETPrepare to pick your jaws up off the floor! BET’s revival of former CW series The Game premiered to a whopping 7.7 million viewers last night. That’s right, 7.7 million viewers — a figure that is sure to be making other cable and network execs salivate right now. The number is stunning because when the sitcom — which is produced by Kelsey Grammer and stars Tia Mowry Hardrict (right) as the wife of a football star — last aired on The CW during the 2008-09 season, it only mustered a measly 1.8 million viewers, which ultimately led to the show’s cancellation by the fledgling network. (Its Friday night time slot didn’t help either.) BET’s new comedy Let’s Stay Together saw its series debut last night, right after The Game, and drew a very healthy 4.4 million viewers. The lesson of these successes? A little promotion can go a long way, especially when your network isn’t cluttered with tons of other originals.

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  • rerun

    I’ll pass. Thank you.

    • T.

      It’s too bad, cuz it’s the best show on TV. Guaranteed to be better than whatever you watch, especially if you watch any show on NBC.

      • AJ

        Best show on TV? That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?

      • clevelandcola

        The big story is BET’s foray into original programming after decades of videos, movies and awards shows. Any other network showing double digit growth year after year with NO coverage? Don’t you guys deal with the business side of entertainment, too?

      • blkbandit

        I rather BET show “Frankie and Neffe” for the rest of my days and not have to endure tripe like “The Game”

    • Blaze

      I’m happy that the Game received such huge ratings, and kudos to BET for picking up the show after it was canceled by the CW. However, I tried watching it a couple times, but I just can’t get into it. The whole dramedy thing doesn’t seem to work and the characters are not that funny(especially loud, ghetto, and brash Tasha Mack!)
      It does have a large following though, so if the fans want to continue watching, then much love to them. This just proves that you can’t underestimate the power of the minority viewing audience. And I agree, ew should at least do a cover story, I mean it did reach a whopping 7.7 million viewers!
      Now I hope that they give The Wayans Brothers a proper ending!

    • what did you think?

      Its a black show on a black station. I know how this sounds but it plays well on BET because most black people dont watch the CW. hell even most white people dont either. I am glad this show found a home and can grow to be even bigger good luck Game.

    • Artha

      Jehosh27 on October 20, 2011 Well, the csnteot is over now, but I think The Last Samurai would be great. You start off with a gun, and know next to nothing about swords. (how about the indian raid for the tutorial?) and as the game progresses, factions come into view, and you can side with whomever you want. Multiple, alternate endings, and even alternate fighting styles. Maybe Algren fights AGAINST the samurai at the end? it would be a very fun game, I think, especially if Bioware made it.

  • anthony

    the move to BET is successful because it caters to their audience. If jersey shore was on Bravo it would be just a coed version of bad girls club, but since it’s on MTV, it reaches it’s target audience. Great news. great show

    • Hmmmm

      The move was successful because it was heavily promoted (and had a fan following). The CW never promoted that show.

      • Sweetilocks

        Ditto Hmmmm!

      • S.

        I never saw any promotion for The Game on BET (if they just advertised it on BET, well CW did the same thing). I didn’t even know it was picked up by BET.

    • Kacper

      What are you stating, man? I know evyneores got their own view, but really? Listen, your website is awesome. I like the hard work you put into it, especially with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

    • Pooja

      this is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much psosian. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. You’ve got a design here thats not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as what youre saying. Great job, indeed.

  • j

    JFC, that’s ridiculous, that’s more than most shows on NBC!

    • “B”

      Ahhhhh Yeahh
      ‘The Game’ season premiere on BET draws 7.7 million viewers …Jan 12, 2011 … TBS: We’ll air ‘Conan’ forever at these ratings (but O’Brien says he has other plans) … Great to see, hope the show continues to be successful, glad it’s back! … I mean, “The Game” just made television history! …

      “The Game” just made television history! …

  • ST

    wow, those are good numbers! Good for them. I’ve always liked that show (and for reference, I’m probably not the “target audience” of that show). It’s well written and well acted. Plus, the cast has good chemistry. I totally forgot it was on or i would have watched it b/c i hated to see it go in the first place. I’ll remember to tune in next time. I think that does prove that promotion can go a long way. Take note for Life Unexpected CW!

  • Sina

    Girl Melanie, why…WHY WHY WHY!!!! Also get that little boy away from Tasha Mack. Is that fool suppose to be sexy? He has the body of a 12 year old boy! Give her a real man. Brit Brat looks like she’s aged 12 years. Who was that woman? The whole reality show storyline is wack. Why the freak is Tasha Mack scared of Kelly from something that happened 2 years ago? That was a sucker punch. Why is Tasha smoking a black? Where is Stacy Dash? I loved her character and Jason together.

    • Deeva!

      Amen and Amen to your commentary on the premiere…Lol!!

    • j19sweet

      All this is so true. I am glad the show is back but dna scam is bad. Hopefully melanie realizes she messed up to begin with and fix her husband emotional turmoil….what they did to Kelly is pathetic…I was just starting to like her.

    • key

      i agree with you why the hell is tasha mack running from kelly???????she was not the type to run from anyone on the last episodes. i think they did a poor job of storyline this time. i fell alsleep……and whats up with T.T? he is not funny this time around. but i will give it another shot tonight to see what happens.

    • 4Sher

      message to this group of commentors…do you want re-runs or new and surprising episodes. also, from your comments you guys are not getting it. people don’t stay the same and the glue is the changes that inpacted their lives is changing them. it should be interesting if you watch from that perspective. KEY: CONSIDER THE CHANGES IN THE CHARACTERS LIFES.

      • Marta

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    • Benjamin

      Good going on the writing!My Wednesday has been odd. I had lots of hetbarurn, some nausea, a mildly sore throat and way too much deep thinking. I am now dealing with a feverish Toddler who sounds way too snotty.I am off to bed shortly to sleep off whatever lurgy I have. Can’t be sick now that I am an athlete and all…

  • Mitch Logan

    Bring Back Girlfriends.

    • Teri

      At least give them a proper finale!

      • tee

        I concur

      • rip

        I totally agree. I watched Girlfriends and loved the difference in the women and their lives. Yea, it lost something when Tonie left but Joan deserved a real marriage after than incredible proposal. Even if its just a Made for TV movie. Joan and Aaron deserved a finale. We brought back the Game, now lets do a finale for Girlfriends.

      • Sina

        Rip, Girlfriends lost something after Tonie got with that white guy and married him. Her character did a completely 360. She wasn’t the Tonie I knew and loved. I couldn’t watch it anymore. I liked the Toni who slept with Joan’s boyfriend after Toni found out Joan told one of Toni’s boyfriends about Toni being with another man. That’s my Toni!

    • Teri

      Another lame move by the CW

    • MsCoCo

      I agree, I would love to see Girlfriends back on the air. But it began to tank when Jill Marie Jones left the show!

    • Willona Woods

      Since The Game is a spin-off of Girlfriends, can we at least get some closure with Girlfriends on an episode of The Game? Melanie can visit her cousin Joan, and the rest of the episode can serve as a series finale for Girlfriends. Somebody start the petition!

      • girl melanie

        mel and derwin should break up, when he finds out the baby IS his..(cuz what she did was DIRTY)…and mel goes in depression (story of her life) and goes to LA to talk to Joan….

      • rip

        What an incredible idea!!! You would literally be killing two birds, maybe three. Have her and Melanie reminisce about the Joan’s wedding (with maybe Tonie coming back??), Maya being pregnant and Lynn off on a world tour with her husband/manager. It would tie up a lot of loose ends and give one of the best shows a proper finale.

      • Ell

        I was thinking the same thing. Instead of bringing back Girlfriends, build some storylines into The Game that bring that show back to Joan, Mia, & Lynn. Oh, and Monica & William – they’re TOO FUNNY!

      • Aditi

        Gia Jimenez – Oh WOW!! You certainly ctepurad the spirit of the little ones running around, looks like they had almost as good of a time as Juan and I did!!

    • Tv watcher

      Yes! Girlfriends needs to come back and give us a proper ending. And TVOne needs to do another Living Single reunion show (that Queen Latifah needs to actuallyshow her face for-do it for the fans, woman!)

    • Chase


  • gamefan

    Great to see, hope the show continues to be successful, glad it’s back!

  • Jen

    Can EW finally give a proper write-up for the show now? For the last month, I just knew EW would write an article about the show’s resurrection — but nothing. A live action show returning after a 2 year hiatus is a pretty big deal (especially since it was prompted by the fans!). I mean, if this mag can still find a way to mention how much Arrested Development is still missed, I think a proper article on The Game is long overdue.

    And I hope the CW execs that cancelled the show to make room for Melrose Place are kicking themselves right now!

    • Confidential

      you are absolutly right. The Wire, Girlfriends and The Game were pretty much ignored by the media. (I know and appricated EW Wire TV watch but you guys were almos the only ones that paid any attention to the Wire, the best show ever written)

      • LW

        I didn’t follow the wire until the last two seasons, and I was HOOKeD and have to watch from the first episode from day 1!! Soooo real… Almost TOOOOO real!

    • P

      Well said Jen. I 100% totally agree! It’s a shame what gets attention in mainstream entertainment media. There are so many gems that go unnoticed in terms of mentions or full write-ups by EW that my friends and I absolutely love. Seems like there’s a few more lessons to be learned, and those lessons should be applied to more than just the network promotions department. (I love you EW, but I gotta tell the truth. Sorry.)

      • Sweetilocks

        I’m glad someone said it. I like EW and was a subscriber, but the lack of coverage is ridiculous! I mean, “The Game” just made television history! THAT is a story and deserves a cover! Wtf? I thought this was Entertainment Weekly?

      • Gemma

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    • FDS

      Jen, you hit the nail on the head!! I am also a EW subscriber and couldn’t believe there had not been an article on “The Game” the big comeback. I hope to see an article soon, and more than a paragraph or the Must List.

    • Anna

      Thank you! If EW can write a weekly recap for 90210 with it’s 3 million viewers, can you please show The Game some love?

      • cocolopez

        And how about some EW love for “Let’s Stay Together,” BET’s first original scripted comedy that followed? 4.4 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at either. Take that, CW!!

    • shanshan

      Ditto. Ditto. A show coming back after being canceled for two years is HUGE, especially for a show with an African American cast. I think the articles will happen now since the show pulled so many viewers. Way to go BET.

    • Melissa

      I came on this site to make the exact same point. I love EW and am a faithful subscriber but in this weeks mag there was just a lil blurb about this show while my facebook and twitter could NOT stop talking about it!!! Is it because its a show whose “target audience” is African American or because its on lowly BET whose programming continues to disappoint?? Either way… The Game accomplished what EW consistently yearns for from its favorite shows like Arrested Development and the like… fans coming together to bring back a show that is nothing like what on TV. Seriously, if your looking for a show whose cast is mainly minorities and like something other then Tyler Perry fare or some reality housewives/ex-baller girlfriend show… The Game is the ONLY show you can watch. Its a sad that EW hasn’t been giving this the credit it deserves.

    • mella21

      I remember way back when, Michael Ausiello mentioned the show. But it was in a completely offhand way and he essentiall said something like ‘thats a show with a different audience’ or something like that. I was SHOCKED…here I was, reading through smallville spoilers and whatnot, but an all-black show was out of the mainstream? okay, fine.

      And btw-the writer of this article mentions the game’s “low#s”, but compare the show’s numbers to Gossip Girl and 90210, despite them not getting 1/10th of the promotion those 2 shows were getting AT THE SAME NETWORK! The Game routinely outperformed or tied 90210 in ratings.

  • Lana

    I didn’t like it. Just b/c you write it doesn’t mean people will believe it. A test is not going to come out a false negative just b/c the intern was sleepy. And why did she run it several more times? And it was one cotton swab. She couldn’t have run it more than once. None of the characters are likable, except Derwin and the motivation for the characters’ behaviors is lacking. Why wait TWO years to swab the child? Why didn’t D get a paternity test on his own? And old girl should stop saying b*tches. She sounds ridiculous.

    • C Me


      • Auth

        Sitslikeinu on February 5, 2011 @astrangeone The funny thing is that she is Japanese, but she’s wearing her inmoko wrong. Traditionally the inmoko is folded left over right. She has it folded backwards, which is the way burial dress is worn. She basically looks like the walking dead, minus the triangle on her forehead.

  • mea.house

    yll did so good on your show and i wish you many more

  • Michael Schaeffer

    If the game can be revived, then so can FlashForward.

  • pam

    I’m very glad it’s back – and I am definitely not BET’s target market, but, it’s a well written show that is alway well acted. The show is meant to be a sit-com, not a drama and it is funny, and clearly, the characters are not afraid to go for the laugh. As much as I love Coby Bell on Burn Notice, it’s nice to see him back as Jason too!

  • jessica

    I loved The Game and had this premiere on lock. I am happy that it got good ratings. CW did mess with it and did not give it a chance. Its the same thing they are doing now with “life unexpected” another well written show that is different from the rest.

    Anyway, love me some Tasha Mack and all the characters are well developed. Kelly’s character didn’t seem true to form but I am sure that coming episodes will explain the transformation.

  • Joyner

    I loved it! I’m so glad they’re back…

  • alison

    great show!!!

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