'Bones': Details on the Booth-and-Brennan-are-stuck-in-an-elevator episode -- EXCLUSIVE

bonesImage Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/FoxBones returns Jan. 20 with its first new episode of the year, and there’s one thing you can count on: Brennan’s long-awaited confession of her feelings for Booth in the December cliffhanger will be addressed immediately, like in the second scene when Booth tells Sweets about it. The fallout from Brennan opening Pandora’s box again will be a major focus of the second half of the season, executive producer Stephen Nathan says. “We’re dealing with how does this make Brennan feel, how does she move forward, what is the pain that she now carries with her after this confession and how does it affect Booth and Hannah. Does Booth keep that conversation a secret from Hannah? That wouldn’t make their relationship very solid. If he does tell Hannah, how does that make her feel, and what does that do with her relationship with Brennan?” Brennan will try to compartmentalize her feelings, as she’s always done, but she won’t be as successful, he says. And a lot of this will be dealt with in the much-anticipated episode in which Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) get stuck alone together in an elevator.

This episode, which will air in February or March, will be directed by Boreanaz (who’s also behind the camera on Jan. 27, when the first of the three sniper episodes airs — check out Sandra Gonzalez’s Spoiler Room column tomorrow for more info on that). “There is a blizzard in Washington, which should really ring true to everybody in the East,” Nathan says, laughing. “All the electricity goes out in Washington, and the Jeffersonian is forced to solve this murder very, very quickly because they discover the body is of someone who has a highly contagious disease. There’s no evidence that this disease is out in the world, so the person who killed this woman could be Patient Zero, the person who starts an epidemic. And they have to do this with no fancy electronics or no fancy technology from the Jeffersonian. We’re going back to the days before CSI and grand technology to solve the murder. There’s one wonderful sequence where they have to take an X-ray with no X-ray machine, and they find out how to do it. During this, Booth and Brennan are trapped in an elevator in his apartment building. Alone. So we have all of that fun with Booth and Brennan trapped together, and Brennan trying to solve this murder, and the only thing they really have are their cellphones until their batteries run out. It’s gonna be a great episode for the people who want to see Booth and Brennan be in love and a great episode for all the geeks out there who love the science.” (FYI: This episode is not to be confused with the Feb. 17 Valentine’s Day episode, which has Booth and Brennan alone together. That one, Nathan is more coy about: “They both find themselves alone, both hating Valentine’s Day, and somehow wind up doing something which is very unique to Booth and Brennan,” he teases.)

Other scoop from Nathan:

• During that blizzard episode, “Angela and Hodgins are gonna have to deal with some news that they get involving Angela’s pregnancy.”

• He’s just starting cutting the Feb. 10 proposal episode, which has a murder set in the world of BMX. “The opening scene might be one of my favorite scenes ever. It’s Booth and Sweets just knocking back shots, getting drunk at a bar. Ohmygod, it’s very funny,” he says. Booth is offering Sweets counsel on his relationship with Daisy. We know there are two proposals on the way. Are they both in that episode? All he’ll say is, “That one is chalked full of goodies.”

• He’s looking forward to an episode revolving around a murder that takes place in the world of Radical Honesty. “It’s not a cult, but it’s a group of people who all believe that the world would be a better place if everyone were completely and totally honest about absolutely everything. So there’s no question that these people will not answer truthfully. There’s no such thing as a little white lie. There’s no such thing as stretching the truth. You think of that, if you are radically honest in that way, everybody’s gonna wanna kill you at some point. So it’s a very funny world for us to kill somebody in,” he says, laughing. “That’s just a little bit of sickness that we throw in every now and then.” Brennan should have an interesting take on that. “Oh, absolutely,” he says. “Brennan’s take on what honesty really means, and also Booth, who is probably the most moral guy on television, what honesty means to him and when it is moral not to be honest.”

• The body farm episode is shaping up nicely: “We find a bunch of feet that wash up on the shore of the border between Canada and the United States, so there’s a little border dispute about whose feet they are – Canadian feet or American feet – and they wind up taking us to a body farm,” he says.

• The episode that would feature The Locator, the character being considered for a potential spinoff series, will likely air in April. They’re hoping to shoot in February, which means we should be hearing some casting news any day now. Booth and Brennan will travel to Key West, Fla. for a case. That’s where the spinoff would be set. “There have been a lot of terrific actors who have come in, a lot of people who everybody has liked. With a character like this, you just have to find the perfect fit. So even if someone is a brilliant actor, somebody you love, it might not quite work,” Nathans says. “It’s all casting. You want to find people you want to see every single week do one unique character. That’s why when you have Hugh Laurie, who is essentially playing a very unlikable character, you love to see him. And that is a rare, rare quality to find. And the finder won’t be an unlikeable character, but because it is a unique character, it’s difficult to find just the right person.”

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  • ST

    Can’t wait for Bones to come back on!

    • Ehh

      They are obviously trying to excite viewers for the return, but seems like there’s no reason to tune in for the next couple of episodes- more of the same triangle mess.

      • dd

        Especially if we have to endure a Booth proposal to Hannah. I think she’s around until episode 14 at least, so pretty much no reason to tune in until then anyway.

      • Shiny

        Still stuck on the foto tho; Brennan and Booth are so cute together!

      • Lynn

        No go for me until this storyline is over, and the online reports are that the chemistry is back. And not holding my breath about spoilers. How many times has the show messed with spoilers? I’m waiting for concrete reports on episodes that have aired.

      • Liz

        @Ehh You got that right. I’ll tune in when the blond is gone.

      • Blame Leno!!

        @Lynn so true. They’ve fooled us before. The chemistry is dead between Booth and Bones. It will take a miracle to build it back up. You know I was actually fine with them not getting together. Even ok with them finding love elsewhere but I don’t like how this was handled. To kill our hope they’d killed the chemistry which is so untrue to me. There are people I know I’ll never be with but the electricity can still exist. I also don’t think there is anything believable about Hannah. I never had issue with Booth falling in love but give Bones a formidable opponent. Hannah just BUGS me. I want a smart clever woman for Booth who’s voice doesn’t grate on my nerves LOL!

      • MM

        Agree with all of you. Out until real reports of actual progress. The only positive side to this is that HH and SN must be nervous about the ratings. These spoilers and one I just read on TVLine sound desperate. I’m not even sure I want the show to recover- I like the NBC comedies just fine.

      • Faye Williamson

        While, like most, I want to see the “chemistry” return between Bones and Booth; every “love story” has it’s ups and downs. However, the love story is not all there is to the show. There are other aspects and characters on which to keep tabs. It might not be what we want to see, but it is all part of the story. I’ll tune in regardless because one should view the low points to better appreciate the high points.

      • JJ

        Well, love isn’t all chemistry. I agree that B&B have lost some of their chemistry, but I also believe that they’re still in love. Faye is right; every relationship has ups and downs.

    • leah

      The episode with the elevator and the empiric science sounds really exciting. Like a “go back to basic” for every character: science wise or relationship wise. This ep has great potential and I’m glad David Boreanaz will direct it.

      • jayme

        I agree! Hopefully there is still hope for that chemistry we all love

      • Robin

        I agree. I think you “hit the nail on the head”. Should be interesting to see how this develops.

      • Kate

        Me TOO!

    • Rhonda

      Booth can’t marry Hannah the show would be boring

    • Rhonda

      Me too

    • nauseous

      Also, don’t forget, Hannah and Bones as BFFs, the most unlikely storyline EVER to play out on screen still has to be shown. VOMIT.

      • Geordie

        That really IS ridiculous and I don’t believe they ever became friends because they haven’t shown any of it.

  • Rob

    I’m cautiously optimistic about these developments. Bringing Hannah on has made Bones ‘I don’t care if I miss it’ TV. I just hope it’s not too late.

    • Dalia

      I was just thinking about this as I cleaned my DVD collection of dead weight. I found my first 3 seasons of Bones and thought how much I used to love it. How great it was to see Booth and Brennan banter and dancing philanges. After the 4th season it’s just been a little off. It sounds like all the stuff coming up though is going to refocus it.

      • LJ

        Ah, the good old days, with dancing philanges. How I miss them! I’m not sure I share your optimism for the upcoming season, but I’m hoping it turns around.

      • Liz

        The exact same thing happened to me! I bought the first 3 seasons, then watched until this one. I watched the first episode, got disgusted, didn’t recognize my show or the characters, so I stopped.
        I’ll watch again when the stupid plot device is gone.

      • Jennifer

        I got the first 2 seasons on DVD for Christmas, and I have watched some of the eps on them. (I’ve seen all the eps in re-runs many times.) So far Season 5 is my favorite. Season 6 has been dragging so far, but I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

        I agree with everyone else: Hannah is very irritating. I also can’t stand Daisy. Maybe they’ll both get sniped before the season ends.

      • Mary Ann

        I agree about the old episodes. They need to bring back the Brennan who kicked butt and wanted a gun. She needs to get mad as hell at Booth now that she’s cried. And while I hope they don’t kill Hannah, she needs to find someone who will travel (ie, leave the country!) with her. And, I kinda like Daisy!

    • carol

      That’s exactly how I feel – Bones has now become “I’ll watch it if nothing else is one opposite” – Don’t like the Hannah character – it’s obvious that Booth and Brennan could be together and it would be a LOT more fun to watch. It’d go back to my “can’t miss” category. But I ALSO still miss having the Zack character on too. He’s great – that personality along with the others was great!

      • Tara

        completely agree with everyone! i looked at my beloved Bones DVD season 1-4 and thought “wow, i really miss how it used to be before they brought out the cliche Hannah story.” it has made me not tune in b/c she (and the story line) is so annoying. if she were a better actress, maybe i could have bought it…but let’s face it – she’s horrible! but, i will say that she is very pretty…all of these spoilers coming out are probably just to try to get their viewers back…which means, it’ll be a big tease and then nothing…just like usual. i’ll believe it when i see it, but honestly, i’m really in the apathetic category right now. if i’m not busy i’ll watch it, but if there’s something else to do or watch i probably won’t. that makes me sad!

      • poodle

        They’ll tease and tease, just like they always do and then finish with another epic fail of a finale. Just like they always do. And then follow that up with a leaked spoiler minutes after the closing credit that ‘will take the relationship between B/B in a direction that ultimately the fans will like’, like a new love interest for Brennan. If I rolled my eyes any harder, they’d fall out of my head. They’re playing the fans. AGAIN. Don’t fall for it people.

  • F.Jane

    Booth is sad as Hannah is away on work on Valentines and The Valentines epi is before the propasal epi. Inside info.

    • Chrissy

      The proposals were supposedly both in the V-Day ep. Up until recently nothing after that ep had been spoiled on here or any other “major” site. I’m hoping Hannah says no:) (no matter when the proposal happens)

    • Mole

      I think the producers are being very coy and very secretive, and my theory on that is…that Hannah is the one killed by the sniper. Think about it! Major recurring character! Killer is someone they dealt with in Iraq! Hannah not around for V-day! New Brennan/Booth tension in that Brennan trainwrecked their relationship and it going unresolved like that! These aren’t spoilers, just theories.

      • Bailey

        in Tv guide this week, they pretty much come out and say that the Gravedigger is the major character that is killed. Which is bittersweet :/ yeah she’s gone, but that means Hannahs still here

      • Karina

        Think about it… Hannah will not be the one killed by the sniper b/c then Booth would have to go into a mourning period, which then would require an appropriate amount of time to pass before he gets back into the dating thing…which then would leave Brennan (regardless that he’s loved her all along)in the rebound (sort of) categorie… doesn’t make sense to me… IMO Hannah will come to realize that Booth has loved, does love, and always will love Brennan, and she will do the right thing and quietly fade into the sunset.

    • urname101

      well that sux y cant hannah be gone by then

  • Rack

    I’ll judge if its any good after I see it; so far this season has been very disappointing.

    • Auth

      I am so glad the show went well for you. The variety and ilauqty of artists sounded wonderful. Your paintings look great and I am glad you sold enough to cover your costs. Meeting Rosie was pretty cool. I know how you can get tongue tied around someone famous. I have met a few rock stars. I just calm myself, listen to what they have to say, and react slowly and with a smile. I can’t wait to hear about what is next on your agenda!

  • daisyj

    A “stuck in an elevator” episode? Really? I thought that had passed so far into the land of cliche that only the cheesiest sitcoms did them anymore.

    (Also: “chalked”?)

    • amylovesnewwave

      Yeah, it’s “chock full.” I don’t know what’s scarier, that Mandi (who writes for a living), or Stephen Nathan (who writes for a living), made that mistake. And go ahead and commence all the hateful comments about how I am a Grammar Nazi, etc. I really don’t care.

      • Lisa London

        I’m with you. I had to read three times the comment about Radical Honesty: “So there’s no question that these people will not answer truthfully.” So what, it’s sure that these people will lie? And then I understood he meant “there isn’t any question that these people will not answer truthfully”, as in all of their answers will be honest. Could it be that’s why I can’t understand Bones anymore? Poor writing? Oh, wait…

    • petrie

      actually it sounds great.
      the ‘stuck in the elevator’ is just the premise. read the full description of the episode and you’ll find things that haven’t been done on Bones.
      it could be one of the best eps of Bones.

      • Moira

        I agree

      • mel

        I agree too. Remember how Hodgins and Angela landed in jail together spending all that time alone. In the end of that episode they ended up getting married. I’m not saying that Booth and Bones will get married by any means, but it does sound very reminiscing. I think the episode has a lot of potential to be fun for the viewers wanting to see a reconnection between the two.

    • Sandy

      I had to laugh at you hoping the first round of carames did not come your way, and actually having an escape route. I can relate to that! So glad to hear it worked out so well & that you met other artists to trade with.

  • lysa

    WOAH !!!!!!!!!!! what a lot of spoilers….. we almost have all the rest of the season here…. can’t wait to be next week !!

  • Sara

    @F.Jane I think you are correct. Unless the Valentines epi is going to air after the day, then there will be episodes aired out of order. I also agree that Hannah is still around, just at a work event and Booth misses her

    • Bones-Kid

      Actually Hannah is supposed to be gone by the V-Day episode. He’s alone because they broke up. I might be wrong, but that’s what all the spoilers I’ve been reading recently say.

      • Kee-Kee

        I’ll hope hann is outer here by v-day. They didn’t have no spark

    • Natasha

      I agree Anon. I think Emily’s prganency really pushed them in this direction. I really doubt they were going to make her prego w/o the news of Emily. Thank god for Emily’s prganency b/c it brought 2 blessings….good things for Emily and good things for the show, a definite win win situation!

  • Adele

    Of course Hannah will be in the rest of the season. The B&B shippers are going to think she is gone but do they really think that her story will wrap in one epi and gone? NO WAY And Stephen Nathan never said that she is leaving, they aren’t going to say in an interview.

  • UGH

    Will she please get rid of that awful hairdo?

    • jeez

      Yeah, no joke!!! It makes her look a lot older than she is.

  • LM

    That should be chock full of goodies, not chalked full.

  • John

    Well any one can say they have inside info, I am Spartcus, lol! But I think there is a valid point made there. Who knows?

  • JK

    I am boycotting the show until the show
    1)stops punishing Brennan and making this season all about her “mistake”
    2)acknowledges Booth is not faultless/ his view of love if not perfect.

    It’s partly a protest against the suggestion that the kickass Brennan from earlier is lost w/o Booth and must conform to Booth’s ways of love, but really, the show has lost all the flirtiness from the earlier seasons.

    • Pavel

      I agree 100%. It seems like HH and SN are so in love with Booth while making Brennan a pathetic lonely woman. Last season was all about Booth longing after Brennan, but it was still mutually affectionate and respectful. At this point, I’m only watching again if Brennan gets an apology from Booth or gets to go on a few great dates with other men.

      • dd

        Word to all of the above. Plus, get rid of Hannah. The storyline has epic failed and sucked screen time away from all the people I do care about seeing – like you know, Angela, Hodgins, Cam etc.

      • elr

        JK-Pavel-dd I agree with all that you are saying except the boycotting. I still plan to watch. Have to see if Bones does get an apology from Booth. I can’t stand how they have made this whole thing Brennan’s fault. I also hate what they have done to the Bones character over the past couple of seasons. She used to be more open and fun loving, and now she just seems stilted in voice and action.

      • Bobbie

        I agree completely with elr on what they’ve done to Bones. I’ve lost interest in the show. I would have been happy if they’d developed a relationship OR if they just kept working well together and solving cases. The show has lost it’s fun center.

    • Marie

      I agree. I’d like to add 3)the show admits the Hannah story was a mistake. The EW reviews are spot on- she’s a Contrivance. I’ve watched I think about 3 episodes from this season. If they keep pretending Hannah was a necessary/positive addition to this season, I’m giving up.

      • Marie

        PS- Not asking for a public apology. I meant- I’d like the show/characters to admit Hannah was a mistake. So far, she’s SO AWESOME even Hodgins and Parker and Bones are all smitten.

      • Lynn

        Actually, I think HH and SN could use a slice of humble pie. They can dish it but they can’t take it.

      • egeg

        Well, if you don’t agree with the storyline, whether you tweet Hart that opinion or not, you get called a ‘Dim Nasty’. Nice.

      • Liz

        Hart is just like Shonda Rhimes form Grey’s. They never recognize they made a mistake.

      • pj@sbin16

        I couldn’t agree more with elr.They’ve turned Brennan into a total robot.Even her forced idiotic laughter could be digitized.The episode where her father goes to trial and in the beginning they find a body curled backwards and Booth says it may have been rolled up in a rug and rotted away “the fleshy parts” her laugh was genuine.Now she’s on another planet oblivious to her surroundings and spouting out annoying and ridiculous facts/jokes? She had come so far but is now worse than ever.Lighten up, she is human isn’t she? The way they are twisting the show in knots, the next big spoiler in the “truth” epi, she’ll admit she’s been built by a reclusive genius living on a far away island, like “war games” with Matthew Broderick — 30 years ago !!! P.s. dump Hannah.She’s just sooooooo perfect and cool and pretty and tough and friendly. How well could they have gotten to know each other in seven months dragged apart by war. “Not a consolation prize – I love her”, Booth would love anybody after being away from Parker and all his comforts of frriends at home.Has HH never met a soldier returning from war? Wise up. 40 year old actors playing in a high school auditorium.

    • marple

      Agree totally. I can hardly stand this seasons Booth. He is such a jerk toward Brennan and isn´t even her friend anymore. When she dated he always came first anyway and the center always hold. That is not the case now.
      How are they supposed to get back to be the best friends or more when he has shown her how little she means to him.
      To be able to watch again i need to get an explanation for Booths jerk behaviour and a really good apology toward Brennan.
      About Hannah leaving they have said they will always keep the possibility to have her come back.
      This sl was such a mistake and made it turn into the soap categorie.

      • Lynn

        Absolutely. Brennan has always kept to her side of the “center must hold” ideal. If they gloss over Booth’s jerkitude (whether it was understandable or not), I’m staying away.

      • bat

        Booth is not a jerk. Not at all. He’s a brave, loyal, patient and caring man, scared by a traumatic childhood and war, who was rejected last year by the woman he loved/unknowingly still do.
        It’s a general sense of askewed feminism the one who makes some women take side with Brennan and lay all the blame on Booth. Even when the actress herself wouldn’t do it. Exacerbated feelings are dangerous and lead to wrong or hateful statements. Or it could be just spite.

      • Marie

        Booth has been acting like a jerk this season in the eyes of many viewers. It has nothing to do with gender, and rejection is no excuse for bad behavior. Many viewers understand why Booth has been this way. There’s no call to get so defensive. In fact, trying to gloss over Booth’s problems and faults is a disservice to the complex character, who also has the good qualities. I’m just annoyed by the pretense that Booth isn’t at fault at all.

      • viky

        I like Booth. I’m on his side.
        Brennan not so much, she’s either robotic and annoying, either pathetic and selfish in telling Booth to choose her NOW.

    • anonymous

      If either of those things happens, I might switch back too. Otherwise- support Community and Parks and Recreations!

    • :(

      Agree on both counts. It’s so odd to compare this season to season 1. I started watching Bones because she was like House- passionate about her work, independent, unique, etc. But this season, she’s like every romcom heroine who needs to learn a lesson about love from the perfect guy. I’ve gone from “meh” to “boycott” as well.

  • furiousk

    This show just needs to end. They’re stealing plot devices from 90210 and entire plots from The Nanny. Really? REALLY?

    • furiousk

      *I’m referring to the original 90210, not the new one.

    • Chloe

      THE NANNY????? I’ve seen just about every episode of that show and so far NOTHING in BOnes resembles plot lines from The Nanny!!!!

      • BatonRGirl

        Hannah’s voice.

      • Liz


      • Moira


      • Mari

        hahahahah !!

  • Dustin

    Man did ausiello beat you guys to this one.

  • Cherry

    David is an amazing director. He will do a great job. Looks promising epis. Good cases. And ITA with Hannah/Booth theories. It will take the rest of the season to resolve. It won’t get tied up in 1 epi. That is a serious relationship for Booth. For them

    • L.A.D.

      Word to you Cherry.
      Boreanaz has become a great director and it’s outstanding that he manages to direct and act in a heavy Booth action-packed episode, like the next one with the sniper, without missing a beat.

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