'Charlie's Angels' pilot greenlit by ABC! -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s on: Charlie’s Angels just got officially greenlit as a pilot at ABC.

This move has been long expected, but now the project is firmly moving forward, along with Smallville writer-producers Miles Millar and Al Gough. The new modern-day version of the show will be set in Miami.

The producers (Leonard Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen), Sony Pictures TV and Flower Films will now dive into casting to figure out the tricky task of finding TV’s new Angels. We hear there’s an offer out to Mark Piznarski (Gossip Girl) to direct.

Remakes have traditionally struggled to find viewers on broadcast, though CBS’ showed with Hawaii Five-0 that you can pull off a primetime hit with a classic title. And Angels is certainly on-brand for a network that has a strong female following with shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

If Charlies Angels is on ABC’s schedule next fall, will you watch?

For more about fall 2011-12 development: Will remakes of The Munsters and True Lies become great hits? Are you ready for a new take on Sherlock Holmes?

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  • Andrea D

    Oh wonderful- another retread. Yawn…

    • stu

      joan rivers….as charlie

      • Jank

        Ugh, remakes need to stop, I just hope they stay away from my beloved PI shows from the 70s/80s including Rockford Files, Simon and Simon, Magnum PI

      • Jenna

        to Jank:
        The only way I’d watch a new Magnum PI is if they cast Josh Holloway in the role. MMMMMHHHHHMMMM.

      • Johnathon

        at least 2 of those are slated for remakes. Rockford is on the shelf for the moment, but they are trying to greenlite it & Magnum is also tryin to get rebooted. Can’t see Josh Holloway as magnum, since they want him on the Rockford one.

    • kellybelly

      NEW people! UNKNOWNS!
      People will tune in BECAUSE it’s “Charlies Angels”.
      Put the money and stars in the WRITING. And hire good actors.
      Have a “name” for Charlie and Bosley.
      Wait — will this be a campy spoof series or a series drama? It could be really good if it was updated and taken seriously.

  • jeffrey bryan

    Oh please oh please oh please let them cast Katie Cassidy. She needs a high profile project that isn’t on the CW.

    • Amy

      She would be great!

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      Agreed. Katie Cassidy should be #1 on their lists.

    • Jenna

      YES! You can’t go wrong with Katie Cassidy. However, after Melrose Place she may be a bit weary of reboots.

      • Jerome

        Katie Cassidy, Summer Glau and Julianne Hough!

      • Icon

        Glau is on The Cape.

      • jj

        i could take that, except julianne hough. and i wouldn’t necessarily expect the cape to be on long.

      • Frank

        evengiline lilly would be perfect for this show

      • Jeff M.

        I agree frank 100%

    • Great Idea

      I like the Katie Cassidy idea, but definitely no Julianne Hough. Summer Glau could do it, but it is not sci fi so I doubt she would consider it.

    • reason

      Cassidy would be good, Sarah Michelle Gellar would be better

      • DJ

        Sarah Michelle gave up her shot at a real career long ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like her… but It’s time for someone new, fresh and with less ego. A show with 3-4 stars would need someone who plays well with others.

  • Dalia

    Ugh. No more remakes! What happened to original ideas?

    • jordan

      …obviously you have not watched much TV in the past decade, because there are plenty of original ideas. There is always a place for revamps of classic TV in my opinion. If they screw it up, people won’t watch. If they don’t, people will. Big deal. I’m pretty optimistic about this one.

    • Dominic

      Remakes are fine so long as they’re good. If done right this could be fun – the idea still works as the movies have shown.

    • tomm

      “Original” ideas get bad ratings. Averge TV viewers ignore anything ‘not heard of’.

    • A-K87

      I honestly don’t think this is going to be cool.

      The film with Diaz, Lui and Barrymore worked because culturally we were at the backend of girl power movement with the likes of The Spice Girls.

      Now TV needs to be gritty

    • Buffybot

      Original ideas such as Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Firefly and Wonderfalls. Apparently America doesn’t want original ideas for their tv because these 4 shows were so magnificent and no one watched them. America likes boring precedurals and it’s a d*mn shame.

      • Anne

        I totally agree

      • moionfire

        Lost and desperate housewives are(in the case of lost “was”) very popular and they were original scripts.

        “24” also was an original.

  • silverrose

    Summer Glau. nuff said

    • amie

      Good call! She would be excellent!

    • jordan

      YES YES YES!

    • DJ

      No, everything Summer does ends. I’d like to see this work.

  • ww

    I think Summer Glau would make a great “angel.” She even resembles a young Kate Jackson, like “Rookies’ era.

    • Flip

      She’s on The Cape.

      • Dave

        For now

  • elcamino

    Taylor Swift to play as Farrah.

    • LaurieZ

      That’s a joke, right?

    • gag me

      no. seriously. gag me.

  • G8rfan

    Hawii Five-O is a very good remake, don’t knock it. And Katie Cassidy would be a great Sabrina. And Summer Glau would be a great anything. I could look at that girl all day.

  • Rob Grizzly

    As long as there’s no wire-fu, this should be okay. Seeing it from ABC, I’m hoping for a bit of an “Alias” touch to it, so hopefully Angels isn’t all 20-year-old sex appeal and has some great action and story to it as well.

    • Flip

      Drew Barrymore is producer, so THANKFULLY the Angels won’t carry guns, as in the movies.

      • IrishAngel

        Shockingly real police / detective types carry guns – something to do with the bad guys having them. Of course this is Charlie’s Angels so reality has never had much to do with it. LOL

      • Paul

        What’s wrong with guns? Are you having a left wing moment?

      • Tim (@rural_juror)

        Agreed. Too many guns on TV already.

      • Dalia

        I agree I’m all about the right to guns but come one, it’s like they are everywhere. I hope it is gunless as well.

      • Flip

        @Paul, I’m a Liberal. Obviously you’re not. Deal with it!

  • andy a

    I see nothing wrong with this pilot. The movie had different female characters than the original seasons (of course, Bosley and Charlie are the same). If it’s got good writing, I’ll subscribe for my Tivo Season Pass!

  • Jay

    “Angels is certainly on-brand for a network that has a strong female following with shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives”

    -I think ABC is getting thier target audience all wrong. For a new Charlie’s Angels to succeed, it should appeal to MEN wanting to see hot chicks kicking butt…. not the Grey’s Anatomy fans

    • Flip

      ^^ Sexist.

      • jordan

        I’d say realist. I’m sure ABC is taking the male demographic into account, but it’s not something they would admit to in a press release or something like that. The male gaze is inevitable, but the good/bad news is that the female gaze is fast approaching.

      • jordan

        Oh, and I should probably add that some(/most?) men don’t just want to see “hot chicks kicking butt.” They also want a good story.

      • Jay Speaks Fact

        What? Jay only speaks the truth. We want chicks on tv!

      • Stevex

        When the original show was on, there were two things I wanted to see on every episode (granted, I was a teenager at the time). Both of those things were shown during the opening credits, when Farrah was running toward the camera.

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      It should really appeal to BOTH.

    • Jenna

      Exactly. Like the CW did with Nikita this year. Another re-make about a hot woman kicking butt and (SHOCK) it appeals mostly to men. However, this isn’t the CW’s target demo so they’re doing everything in their power to get girls to watch instead of embracing their male following and quality overall ratings.

  • Flip

    Really hoping this series follows the continuity of the original series and films.

  • Diego

    It’s Amazing i’m will watch, sure!!!

    • googie

      Oh, who knows anymore! “little” shows doing great, “big” shows down the tubes! Also, the best part of Hawaii 50 is Scott Caan! WOW!

  • DavidJ

    If it’s fun and witty, and isn’t just another glorified cop show (like the new 5-0), I might watch.

  • msThankg

    I definitely on board! Can hardly wait for it!

  • JFWilder

    Oh..censored me…let’s try that again.

    NBC= Now Broadcasting C R A P
    ABC= Already Broadcasted C R A P
    CBS= Continually Broadcasting C R A P

    • JFWilder

      CBS = Continually Broadcasting S H 1 T (ooops).

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