'Six Feet Under' star Lauren Ambrose joins 'Torchwood' -- EXCLUSIVE

Six Feet Under star Lauren Ambrose is joining Starz’ highly-anticipated global edition of Torchwood.

Ambrose will appear in seven of the 10 episodes of the drama’s upcoming season, playing Jilly Kitzinger — “a sweet-talking PR genius with a heart of stone who’s just cornered the most important client of her career … and maybe of all time.”

Production on Torchwood: Miracle Day started Monday, and follows the show making waves last week at TCA press tour when showrunner Russell T. Davies revealed the season’s mind-bending plot:

“One day, on Earth, no one dies,” Davies said. “The next day, no one dies. The day after that, no one dies. The [people who are] dying, keep dying … but don’t actually die. The possibility of death ceases to exist. Which is great for some people. But it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying.”

More details on the new Torchwood here.

Ambrose is best known for her role as Claire Fisher on Six Feet Under, and in more recent years was in the series The Return of Jezebel James and she provided a voice in the film Where the Wild Things Are.

She’ll join Captain Jack and the rest of the Torchwood crew when the series debuts on Starz in July.

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  • Devomblr.tumblr.com

    Yes! Love her!

    • Big Time Rush

      Eh, the bigger news is that a new Big Time Rush is coming this weekend, can I get a WHAT NOW!

      • Rock Golf

        Big Time Rush? What?

    • BFD

      Torchwood rocks. Capt. Jack so rocks. Lauren Ambrose, even more rockin’ now.

  • geekgirl

    I’m so pumped for Torchwood. Great addition!

  • janie jones

    Have’nt seen Torchwood,but will watch now.Lauren Ambrose was awesome on Six Feet Under!The finale still chokes me up!

    • Will

      @Janie Jones; you are correct. I still get chocked up watching the series ending of “Six Feet Under”. Everyone got old and died. I cried like a baby because I loved all the characters. Rico was a riot too.

      • Fatih

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  • Joel

    Love Torchwood, but will NOT order Starz to see it. Not worth it, particularly in the Summer when NO one is home. BBC and BBC America are better outlets for it.

    • cc

      I’m hoping it will be available on Netflix instant stream a few days after it airs on Starz. They did this Spartacus last year year.

      • Snsetblaze

        And for Pillars of the Earth.

    • SimmFan

      If you watch it on BBCA then you’ll be watching a cut version, by at least 10 minutes. You’re paying the price for being cheap.

  • Anne

    No that I mind, but is there a reason why most of the cast is American this season?

    • Ruth Franks

      Well that is what happens when an American ‘franchise’ gets involved I guess.

      They have retained the characters of Jack and Gwen, plus Rhys, and I believe PC Andy. You have to remember a lot of the original UK cast have been killed off.

      Thus we have the ‘balance’ of the originals, plus new actors to add in – since most of the filming is happening stateside, it is hardly surprising they are selecting actors from the US etc.

      I’m looking forward to it regardless. Torchwood SO rocks!!!!

    • Lark

      I’m not particularly happy about the amount of American casting. To me the whole feel of the show is based on the setting in Wales and the British/European cast. And yes… Why Starz?! Needs to BBC America!

      • Bob

        Well, Lark, without Starz stepping in to co-produce, there wouldn’t be a fourth season of Torchwood. The BBC wouldn’t fund it in full and was willing to let it end, so the producers found Starz, and it lives another day. Unfortunately, I won’t be watching until the DVD is released. I don’t need another premium pay channel.

      • kronos

        Since it’s Starz, hopefully they’ll also make it available on Netflix Instant like they did with The Pillars of the Earth. As for BBC America, it was bad enough when they seemed to run nothing but Gordon Ramsay shows on a loop, but now they’re airing Star Trek: TNG and The X-Files. Very disappointing. Note that I like Ramsay, but only in moderation.

      • LW

        Kronos: What the heck is wrong with Star Trek: SNG and The X-Files! I love BBC America.

      • Joe B.

        It’s my understanding that most of the show’s action will happen in the US this season, so more Brits (unless the show was set in Santa Monica) would not work.

      • kronos

        Nothing’s wrong with those shows, LW–I’m a big fan of both. I just don’t think they belong on BBC America. I thought the whole point of the channel was to serve as a showcase for British series. I’d love to see stuff like Spooks, Silent Witness, the recent Dirk Gently adaptation, etc. BTW, I wonder what happened to the Bits ‘n Bobs feature here on Popwatch. I miss it.

    • Char

      With it being an American production now, they have set the series in the US.

  • Dave

    Denise Fleming is a tampon.

    • A

      LMAO! This girl will forever be Denise Fleming to me!

  • rj631

    Loved her on Six Feet Under. I’m so thrilled that Torchwood didn’t get stuck as a watered down remake on FOX but is still getting more international. It’s getting plenty of great buzz and the bigger name actors are bringing in more new people. This built on good will from the last stellar season bodes really well for this season. Can’t wait.

  • Will

    Lauren is my girl. I loved her character in “Six Feet Under”. I wondered what happened to her after “Six Feet Under” went off the air. I am glad to see her back on television. Claire Fisher was a riot. LOL LOL

  • Nina

    John Barrowman is the reason I’ll watch, but VERY pleased at Lauren’s addition to the cast.

  • dee123

    She’s not in all the episodes? It’s pretty clear she’ll die then (It is Torchwood after all).

  • marcel

    She had the coolest car, attitude and talent. So the show ran it’s course and we have Dexter and Torchwood, really fine ending!!!

  • dmac2498

    The casting just keeps making me wish it was on already. Bill Pullman, Meiki Phiifer, and now Lauren Ambrose!!! Does anybody know when the new season starts?

    • cc

      Whoa. I’ve missed some casting news…

    • Christine

      July 1

    • Ale

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    • Carolina

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  • jj

    will the character of bill pullman be the love interest of capt. jack?

    • Jenn

      Wow – I love you for suggesting this.

    • Joel

      Everyone is a love interest for Captain Jack!

    • Teesa

      I’m kind of hoping Mekhi’s character would be Captain Jack’s love interest. That would be epic.

    • znachki

      Very much doubt that. If you’ve read about Pullman’s character, you’d know why. I do however, suspect that Pullman is Ambrose’s client.

  • yhrhd

    Love her, my favorite actress on Six Feet Under. Can’t wait!!! :DD

    • Manami

      Your skript is great, used it eveyrtime in Firefox. Today i tried it in Google Chrome, but your replytracker is not shown on my Last.fm profile and home page. What’s wrong? Cheers

  • waya

    Torchwood had a very adult edge to it that I really liked. I hope the “Americanized” version keeps that edge and doesn’t turn into politically correct fluff.

    • Carla in Houston

      If it were going to be on American network TV, then I think you might have a legit concern. But since Starz is cable, I’m quite sure they will keep the “adult edge” (it’s certainly not lacking in the Spartacus series)

    • znachki

      Also, just having Pullman’s character will take it squarely into adult territory. I’ve found it very interesting, that while the casting info that we get from Starz and from the producers pulls no punches, I have yet to see any of the reportage on the character reporting that he is a convicted pedophile.

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