'Off the Map' ratings not exactly off the map for ABC

off-the-mapImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCThe debut of Off the Map – ABC’s latest medical drama that is (or isn’t) Grey’s Anatomy in the jungle, depending on who you ask — had a lackluster start on Wednesday: It only came in second in its timeslot among adults 18-49 (a 2.2 rating/6 share) and attracted a mere 7.5 million, according to preliminary ratings. That’s not exactly riveting news for ABC’s heavily-promoted drama, which comes from the auspices of its most important showrunner, Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s, Private Practice).

To be fair, the President’s address from the Arizona Memorial Service disrupted all the network schedules, and ABC, in particular, was forced to air an abbreviated rerun of Modern Family before jumping into the Off the Map premiere. ABC put a happy face on Map’s debut by saying it brought 70 percent more total viewers and 83 percent more adults 18-49 to the hour — but the network had to be hoping for more from Rhimes’ show. Maybe that’s why ABC decided to reschedule the show tonight so folks will get another chance to watch.

ABC still won the night among 18-49 (2.9/8) and viewers (9 million), thanks to the huge fan base that continues to follow Modern Family. Barack Obama’s address messed up the comedy’s start time, but the combo of the President and Family earned a 3.6/10 and 10.2 million at 9, while an original of the sitcom and a partial rerun of it posted a 3.7/10 and 10.1 million at 9:30. An original of The Middle at 8 earned a 3.1/9 and 10.5 million.

NBC was second for the night in the demo (1.8/5) and viewers (6.3 million), with the Peacock’s coverage of the memorial — combined with a special repeat of Minute to Win It — earning a 1.6/5 and 5.4 million from 8-9 p.m. From 9-10 p.m., the Arizona coverage and the second half of a Minute to Win It earned a 1.4/4 and 5 million. Law & Order: SVU posted a 2.5/7 and 8.3 million.

CBS came in third in the demo (1.4/4) and viewers (6.1 million), after airing repeats of The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement. The combination of Obama and Live To Dance earned a 1.3/4  and 6.1 million, while the combo of Live To Dance and The Defenders got a 1.5/4 and 6.1 million. Fox aired a repeat of Raising Hope, Fox News coverage of the memorial, and a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares. It tied the CW in fourth place in the demo (.5/2).

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  • paige

    any news on when theyre gonna repeat that episode of Cougar Town that wasnt shown?

    • Mike

      Well since it never aired it wouldn’t be a repeat…so I would just assume it will air at 9:30 ET next Wednesday. And now there will be one less week before May when there WILL be a rerun.

    • Kate

      It will air next week instead.

      • Dave

        It aired in Canada … and it was effin’ funny!

  • Bebe

    Why did ABC show the last 10 minutes of a “Modern Family” rerun instead of running the whole thing and just pushing the schedule back 20 minutes, like the networks used to do? Because of DVRs? Showing 10 minutes of a program out of context is kind of a weird programming move. Just sayin’…

    • J

      Because at 10p it was the premiere of their highly-promoted new show (see the entire article you are posted on). They didn’t want to risk losing viewers by not starting it on time.

      • Zach


  • Dalia

    COUGAR TOWN! Where is my Cougar Town?

    • Just Me

      I KNOw!!! I thought it aired on the West so it would be online today but I think they just took it off entirely!

    • LOL

      Off the Map looks like pure crap.

      • matt

        It is crap. Look at that stupid picture above. I could only get through 10 minutes of it.

  • Rack

    The address threw everything off; but I was watching the Defenders and will probably stick with it in the future.

  • Richard

    The cougar town episode will air next week. I saw it on twitter already.

    • Jillyro

      CG actually played in Canada right after MF, good episode too!

  • MAP

    Cougar Town- and bring back its recap, too

    • Heather


  • Taylor

    Well I don’t know if off the map is gonna do well but I know I discovered an amazing actress : Caroline Dhavernas aka Lily Brenner on the show. INCREDIBLE

    • Zoe

      Check out Wonderfalls for a lot more of her.

    • LEO

      I liked the show actually and think I might become a regular viewer. The characters were interesting and the scenery is just breathtaking. Plus I liked the whole angle of the culture they were in and how to respect it.

  • Kevin

    Better with you will be on next week too right?

  • Leehung

    So NOT interested in another shonda rimes show…Not sure what the brass at these networks are thinking….They order up more reconstituted crap, and I am not interested…..

  • Barry

    Thank you Obama for messing up Human Target. We’re tired of seeing & hearing your tired a$$ rhetoric on TV.

    • Leehung

      You got it Barry! Nuthin like a tragedy to kick off his 2012 campaign…

      • C.C.

        your dumbass comment is why tragedy has happen. Why in the world would he be thinking about his campaign when a 9 year old has died because stupid political animosity. It was a memorial service, how about you have some tact.

      • johnc

        Obama and his cronies are! They would take advantages of every crisis. I don’t need Obama to console me! Whatever he said would not bring the dead back! He is not God!

      • B

        John C show a little respect, would ya? I live in Tucson. I and many, many, many others appreciated the President and Mrs. Obama coming here for the memorial to pay their respects and offer a message of unity.

        And Barry … check your priorities, please. This wasn’t a political speech. It was showing respect for loss and injury. Why don’t you go to Hulu and watch Human Target if that is such a loss to you?

      • johnc

        Respect to whom? Obama! I think the people would be better off with him staying at DC.

      • @johnc

        Your hatred is scary.

      • johnc

        I don’t hate Obama. I just have no respect for Obama!

      • @johnc

        You obviously have no respect for anyone with differing political opnions, which makes you a big part of the problem. Your response to B was appallingly insensitive.

      • johnc11

        Is there in the constitution that one should respect the President? I have no respect for both Obama and Biden. They are both liars and imbeciles! The economy is still in bad shape after 2 years with Obama in presidency. They did not keep most of their campaign promises.

        I don’t agree with Bush and Clinton on everything but I respect both. I even respect Hilary.

      • @johnc

        I don’t care if you respect the person in office, but you should respect the office of the President. Part of what he does, as mentioned below, is to console the nation in times of great tragedy. You basically said to B that since you don’t like the President that he should not have gone to Tucson to help the people there. You have placed your own political opinions over the needs of the city of Tucson and the entire country. That is selfish, boarish, and insensitive.

      • @ johnc

        Maybe show respect to the people that are devastated from this tragedy and found comfort the president’s words.

      • johnc11

        Did you watch? People were cheering for Obama, it looked like a football game. I thought it should be somber and serious.

        I felt sorry for the people who die in the tragedy. However, many innocent people were killed violently everyday, why did he not do the same thing for these people? He did this because there was political gain for him and his presidency. Obama is not qualified for the presidency.

      • @johnc

        Yes, how dare he recognize the people who acted bravely to prevent even more carnage? The people were cheering not for Obama but his words, the news he brought about Rep. Giffords, and for the heroic actions of the people he recognized. I understand that your hatred blinds you to recognizing that, but please be aware that many, many people did find comfort in what he said and that your political opinions are only yours and that your insistence on placing them about all other considerations is childish.

      • johnc11

        I can say the same about you!

        I ask you why Obama did not go to other memorial except this one. One of my friend was gunned down by a mad understaff. Where was Obama? s

      • @johnc

        Are you seriously suggesting that the President of the United States go to the memorial serivce for every single person who dies a violent death in this country? And you expect him to get anything done? Yes, people die every day from gun violence, which is a national tragedy. However, the event in Tucson goes beyond that, both in and of itself and what the media made of it. It was appropriate for the President to respond. That is part of what he does. That’s what Reagan did after the Challeneger explosion and what Bush did after 9/11 (and should have done after Katrina). It’s what Lincoln did after Gettysburg and FDR did after Pearl Harbor. I repeat, it’s part of what a president does.

      • johnc

        Obama can do whatever he wants. It is a good thing that he did go to Tuscon. But why just choose this one? I am question Obama and his office the ultimate motives. Also, it is the media that makes the tragedy in Tuscon a sensational event. There are many mad persons and gun violence. The Tuscon tragedy is one of the many tragedies happen in this country everyday, why the media sensationalizes this particular tragedies? Because this one has political value.

    • If You’d Been Paying Attention…

      …You’d know that addressing the nation in a time of tradegy is part of what the President (or any Head of State) does. Did you complain when Reagan or the Bushes addressed the country after tragedies?

      • You must have just fell of the turnip truck

        Barry Hussein has had more prime time addresses than the last 4 presidents combined and he has only been in office for two years!

      • Arguing with you…

        …is like arguing with that turnip truck. Or a turnip. You have as much intelligence and sensibility.

      • You must have just fell off the turnip truck

        Nice rebuttal “guy who likes to use his name to start his comments”

      • At Least I Know Proper Grammar…

        …guy who should be calling himself “You Must Have Just Fallen Off the Turnip Truck.”

      • You must have just fell off the turnip truck

        Wow, a douche and a grammar Nazi. Can I be like you when I grow up?

      • I Sincerely Doubt…

        …that you ever will grow up.

  • Damon


  • JDP

    I like to call it Survivor: Grey’s — but I will be watching Defenders!!

  • Abbey

    Please bring Cougar Town recaps back!

  • C.C.

    It actually reminded me more of ER than Grey’s so people on here obviously did not watch OTM. It was good though.

  • Chris

    Was looking forward to off the map. Completely turned off. Five instances of American bashing. Since when are we the bad guys when were all over the damn map helping people. To ABC thanks for nothing, you just lost a viewer. Hope off the map tanks rapidly.

    • C.C.

      How is it American Bashing when it is true. I am American and everything they said for the most part is true. We are lazy which is why we are the leader of obesity. And if we were actually helping there would have been more medical help. please learn before speaking because yes we help but it not enough.

      • johnc

        Many of my friends and myself have been to many medical missions all around the world. We are always welcome there. We would like to go every year but could not because of our jobs and family obligations. We are all proud to be Americans!!

      • jules

        Are you kidding? It is a known FACT that we give more aid to people and countries that need it than any other country in the world. A few examples: Earthquake relief aid to Haiti last year, Tsunami relief to Indonesia, money for prescription drugs and education for AIDS relief in Africa. And those are just a few examples over just the last decade. Maybe you should learn before speaking.

    • Tara

      You do realize that american television bashes just about every other country in television shows but when they bash themselves, it’s a crime? Learn to live with it, I’m a Canadian and went to help in Senegal, they kept calling us stupid americans because we talking english between each other. Little did they know, we understood french and everything they said. It’s a show, learn to deal with it. Thank god you are American or else watching tv would be impossible for you.

    • caryn

      I agree. Bashing American society in general, as long as it’s true, isn’t the problem but bashing the actual people that are there to help you is rude.

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