Syfy's 'Being Human' more 'gritty' than 'Twilight'?

Press tour critics want to know: Syfy’s new supernatural drama Being Human is about a vampire, a werewolf and a girl … soooo did that give producers a moment of pause? Since the show might strongly remind everybody of a certain other title?

“Not a moment of pause in that way — if we’re talking between the lines to each other,” said executive producer Jeremy Carver about the remake of the Brit hit, which premieres Monday night. “What we love about the show is how grounded it is. It’s set in an urban environments. Our characters are all living double lives. There’s a certain grittiness due to the realism to the show that peels off our show from competitors.”

Plus, in Being Human, the girl is a ghost, so there’s that.

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  • Jay

    This headline is a joke… Sesame Street is more “gritty” than Twilight

    • Mac

      Damn that was going to be my comment, except i was going to go with Muppet Babies!

    • M

      OMgoodness. That is soooo funny!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Not another American remake of a perfectly good British show. Tenner says they ruin it.

    • Meg

      I know, right? It’s so frustrating… I just pray to God there isn’t a remake of Misfits.

    • Tommy

      You do realize that Britain does the same thing right? Oh that’s right, you don’t think about that stuff.

  • Kiki

    Funny that these critics’ first thought it that it’s too similar to Twilight, rather than too similar to that British show called “Being Human”! Next thing you know, the remake of Wizard of Oz will be accused of being derivative of Harry Potter, because it has magic and wizards and banquet scenes…

  • znachki

    Even if it’s a pale imitation (rim shot) of the UK version, it will be grittier than “Twilight”. Anyway “the girl” is a ghost, so, there is that.

    • lefty

      That’s what I was going to say…she’s a ghost. EW was TRYING to make it sound like Twilight.

  • holly

    I hate how americans copy all of the british tv shows. Watch the original british version.

    • Jay

      Americans hate it, too. Blame the networks

    • pink petunia

      I tried to watch the British version….I just didn’t get it. Maybe the American version will be better for the American audience.

    • laxin

      Same, I wanted to like the British Version but it was nothing special

    • David

      Have you een the British remake of Law and Order? Bullocks! It’s terrible!

    • Jza

      I agree. I’m American & I hate what they did. The original was a great show, it didn’t need to be re-cast or re-written, it was epic how it was. Looks like they American cheesed it up! I won’t be watching unless the original come back to BBC.

  • Steve Berner

    I’m not saying that I don’t think the series will fly because American TV can’t begin to handle the complexities of the original British series, what I AM saying, however, is that I don’t think the series will fly because American TV can’t begin to handle the complexities of the original British series.

    • Sean

      Steve, while I hate remakes of British TV shows, please don’t make such blanket statements criticizing the lack of complexities in American TV. One only needs to look at original American TV shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Lost, Damages, even Battlestar Galactica on Syfy to prove you wrong.

  • anona muss

    My loaf of white bread is grittier than Twilight. And the UK of Being Human is great. Mmmmm, Mitchell. I can say that here. Not so much on the Modern Family recap.

  • Bubbles

    How did we get to this point on the page without mentioning Sam Witwer’s lips? Neither Twilight nor the British ‘Being Human’ has lips like those…

    • dizzie

      Have you SEEN Aidan Turner?

      • LW

        I KNOW! He pales in comparison to Aidan turner (the UK verssion), just like he show itself will pale in comparison. How stupid!

      • anona muss

        Every time I dream! The question is, has he seen me? Well, since he hasn’t shown up on my doorstep in real life, I guess so.

  • Lia

    I love the British Being Human so (ignoring that they changed the characters names) I’m really hoping that this one works out. I’m gonna watch the first couple and hope its good. Because I lost BBC America when I switched to DISH and I MISS THIS SHOW.

  • TB

    What isn’t grittier than Twighlight? The Brit version of BH is grittier, this version looks pretty limp.

  • A

    Wizards of Waverly Place is grittier than Twilight.

  • Luggages

    I’m a Twi-tard, but even I can admit that Twilight is not gritty. I love the original Being Human. I hope they don’t muck it up.

  • ks

    I am willing to give it a shot, I Love the British version, we’ll see……

    • Solange

      Same here KS, I’m willing to give it a go ’cause I love the British version as well.

  • Josh

    Umm, first off, seriously to this title and second off, this tale is not about a vampire, a werewolf and a girl, It’s about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. Annie, at least in the phenomenal British version of this show, isn’t just a girl. She’s a ghost(which you guys point), and she is going through the same things the boys are going through, as in she is trying to figure out “How to be human”. Plus Annie isn’t torn between the wolf and the vampire. She’s their friend, their confidant, their sister, their equal. So I don’t get how any critic who saw the show(not you guys) could question a twilight comparison. And that’s not even taking into account the differences in quality.

    Of course then this isn’t the same show. Maybe the SyFy version of the show doesn’t exactly show what an equal Annie is the boys.

  • nate

    The best British supernatural show was Hex I’m still pissed they canceled it but if American do a remake ill be so fucking pissed but glad as long as its as dark as the British version

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