'Vampire Diaries': Sara Canning talks Aunt Jenna's future, Uncle John's return, and Elijah sticking around -- EXCLUSIVE

Sara-Jenna-Vampire-DiariesImage Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CWSeason 2 of The Vampire Diaries has brought more action for Michael Trevino (Tyler) and Candice Accola (Caroline). Could it be Sara Canning’s turn next? The actress who plays Jenna, Elena and Jeremy’s aunt, says a significant storyline is on the horizon for the character. Will it involve her finally finding out that vampires, werewolves, and witches have been in her house? Okay, that she still can’t say. “Truthfully, I have no idea,” she admits. “I’ve gotten that feeling before and it hasn’t come to fruition. They say, ‘It could happen in two episodes, or it could happen in two seasons.” (That, we can confirm: Exec producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec will tell you they change their minds about when Jenna and Zach Roerig’s Matt will finally join The Knowing on a week-to-week basis. Do Canning and Roerig have a bet on who finds out first? No, she says. “But we were thinking of making T-shirts that said Team Oblivious Human. I think Zach and I have the same attitude in that we think it’s pretty cool that we’re two of the only characters left that don’t know. There’s still a huge question mark on how our characters will find out and how their lives will be changed, and we still get to have the fun of playing that when a lot of the cast has already gone through that.”)

So what can Canning tell us about how Jenna gets more screen time in the second half of season 2? Well, look for things to get interesting when Uncle John (David Anders) returns to Mystic Falls. (That’s by February, Plec says.) “We’ve seen to what degree already John affects Jenna. We know they’ve had a past relationship. We know that he’s making trouble for her in terms of guardianship of Elena and Jeremy. He just kind of irks her in every possible way. But I think the more significant thing that we’re gonna see is the tension that it puts on the relationship between Jenna and Alaric (Matt Davis),” Canning says. “In the first season, that was a lot of Oh, he’s got a dead wife, or so Jenna thinks, and he was dealing with Isobel returning as a vampire. It’s just been a shenanigan of a relationship from the get-go. But now they’ve kinda got a nice thing going, and I think they’re really crazy about each other. But the major thing is the secrets that Alaric is a part of that Jenna is oblivious to. I don’t think John is going to make their relationship an easy thing. He’s got his own motives. He may need to use Alaric in some of those motives. So we will see. The great thing is that we’ll see Jenna become more involved because he’s back, and because of what’s going on between him, and Alaric, and Damon, and Stefan, and Elena, and everyone else in the world who knows there are vampires.” Producers won’t confirm when or exactly how Uncle John returns — does someone reach out to him or does he come to them? — but if has knowledge about the Originals, Elena and Co. will have to listen. (Pause as we stop to think of Uncle John and Damon, who’ve tried to kill each other, reuniting: “They have to figure out how to work together, unfortunately for both of them, and there’s a lot of double-crossing that could go on,” Ian Somerhalder tells us. “You never know what’s around the corner. Uncle John is not wearing that ring, and Damon would love to do nothing more than just literally rip the guy’s head off. But he can’t, because that would pose even more problems.”)

Speaking of the Originals, we know Elijah (Daniel Gillies), who’s posing as an author researching small towns, has already met Jenna, who got roped into playing Historical Society hostess in the last episode. Will they be seeing more of each other? “Yes,” Canning says. “When Elijah first comes to town, they have a pretty introductory kind of ‘hello, what are you up to here, this is what I do’ relationship. But we’ll see that grow into something else. And that is all I’m saying.” Could it turn, gulp, romantic? “She’s been with like every other guy who comes back to town,” she says, laughing. “My dad, every time he watches the show, he’ll call me right after and say, ‘Really? Another guy?’ Which is pretty funny. He’s like, ‘What is going on with your character? She has been around the block.’ Elijah is very charming. That would put her in a weird position, because we all know what his deal is, and I’m sure he’s not gonna tell her. That’d be fun.”

Our fingers are crossed for Elijah using Jenna, and for Jenna having more sex scenes with Alaric. (Sorry, dad.) Canning’s not sure when Alaric and Jenna will be shown post-coital again. “Any more awkward, ice cream bowl, pantsless scenes? I don’t know yet. I can just say that scene was superfun to shoot. I think Matt Davis and I have the most fun when we have to address a really awkward scene,” she says. “I think if we had our way, they would awkward their way through everything in life. If they do have more sex scenes, I hope it’s just like ridiculous. We see a lot of passion on the show, but it’s nice to see the real human side of how things can get between two people as well. Maybe they can hold down the fort in that spectrum.” Fun fact: Canning was originally supposed to be wearing a bra and panties in that scene. “I actually walked into the fitting before I read the script, and there were bras hanging everywhere, and I was like, ‘Okay. What’s all this about? Why is there a bunch of underwear for me to try on?’ It’s funny that that’s sometimes how we find out about scenes like that. But then we ended up trying on the man shirt, and we thought this seems more like Jenna. We thought that was almost more intimate.” Plus, it was a legitimate excuse to have Matt Davis shirtless.

So in conclusion, being a clueless human on the show does have it perks. It’s something Canning has been thinking a lot about recently: “Even though Jenna isn’t involved in a lot of the mystery that goes on in the town supernaturally, I really think she’s one of the most mysterious characters on the show right now, because we haven’t seen a lot of her life. We’ve only seen her dealing with Elena, Jeremy, John, and Alaric. We never really see Jenna on her own. We know that she’s getting her master’s. We don’t see her doing those things. She’s out of the house very often, so I’m often wondering where is she? What is she up to right now? What I’m really excited about for the rest of the season is the fact that I think I will be surprised by Jenna.”

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  • B

    I love when there is Vampire Diaries scoop on this site, it goes on forever. Much better than the blurbs from “The Spoiler Room”. Thanks! Can’t wait for TVD to come back.

    • S.

      And it’s always a scoop that leaves you wishing the next episode was on right now. Argh – 2 more weeks for the new eps.

  • DebY

    I am thrilled that Elijah will be sticking around. David Ander’s return as Uncle John is fantastic.
    Jenna and Alaric are too cute, but I absolutely adore Alaric.

    • Dash

      I absolutely love David Anders. I don’t care what he’s doing. I think he should like be the next James Bond or something. Cuz damn.

  • Kate

    The fact that David Anders is returning made me extremely happy

  • kelly

    Sara is great. Lucky gal, Alaric and possible fling with Elijah…fingers crossed. LOL Uncle John’s return should be fun. Although without having his ring, he’ll probably die saving Elena. The Vampire Diaries is a GREAT show. Love how they’re telling more stories of the other characters on the show. Please don’t get me wrong damon fans. Damon is fun to watch just not every scene. Besides I actually liked the Damon from the first season when he was all tough, crazy, kill at the drop of a hat, sleeping and using different women for his own pleasure. This season I find his (Damon) character rather boring. Acting all childish/lost puppy dog following his younger brothers girlfriend around. He is very good looking I know, just think his acting talents are being hidden.

    • Megan

      I totally agree. I kind of overacts now and does that buggy eye thing soo much. It gets kind of annoying. He is kind of becoming predictable. I miss season 1 when he was more and dark and you never really knew what he was going to do. Also, he didn’t do that buggy eye thing ALL THE TIME.

      • tracey

        Funny and true. Jenna and two hotties, I’m there. Damon saving Elena, haven’t we seen that before and before and before and well you get what I’m saying. Love the old Damon who didn’t give a rats ass about anything that didn’t amuse or pleasure him. Damon the hot/crazy/killer/torturer/manwhore has become way to boring chasing after Elena.

    • keera

      Agree Damon’s character is not as exciting as S1 but he is still by far the best main character on TVD. Stefan and Elena are way too boring.
      And all those who keep saying Damon is chasing after Elena…really? Where do u see that? He’s not even pursuing her, at the beginning of S1 maybe just to annoy his brother but never since. There’s a difference between loving and chasing after her.
      Lastly, if we going to mention Damon’s eye-thing , then lets also mention Stefan hand-pointing and if u don’t know what I’m talking about then watch S2 episodes again.
      BTW, I am NOT a Delena fan. Ta-da…

      • amanda

        Um…are u watching the same show? Everytime Elena turns around Damon is there, ie..porch,bedroom,grill and on an on. LOL I’m just happy that the werewolf part of the show is in full swing. Hoping to see more of Tyler and his transformation and more badass Caroline.

  • rochellet

    GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I hate hiatus! I am curious about Bonnie and the new father-son witch duo… I hate to see Bonnie get her heart broken but… And Jeremy, I’m loving his newfound wisdom. He needs a love interest too! Just love this show!

    • mary q contrary

      Pretty sure Bonnie is his love interest. I’m sensing a temporary vibe with Luca, which is a good thing, since the guy playing him is a rotten actor. I think Jeremy and Bonnie have great chemistry, and there is no doubt in my mind that’s where the producers are headed, though this is The Vampire Diaries, so I’m sure there will be plenty of snags along the way.

      • selly

        Love Luka he is such a sweetheart. Jeremy cute and all, just a little too young for our sexy Bonnie. Now Bonnie and Damon as a couple, that would be beyond smokin HOTTTT. Fingers crossed.

      • Casey

        @selly – Are you kidding? I’m with Mary, Luka is just a terrible actor, and the character bugs big time. He’s got one of the most annoying, cheesy smiles I’ve ever seen. Let Damon kill him to get him back in the fun!Damon mood.

      • Fiona

        Boremy is horrible. Jeremy and Bonnie are incompatible with both
        their personalities and ages. They
        do not have chemistry, it feels more like two people over-acting
        to force tension that feels
        inappropriate and out of place for
        their characters. It is the worst
        and most contrived pairing on
        TVD. It just feels so unnatural
        and wrong with Bonnie & Jeremy.
        She is way too mature and conscientious for him.

        Bryton is a great actor and he
        has played Luka just fine. He has a great smile.
        It is just Boremy shippers being nasty towards him. He and Bonnie had real sparks and naturalistic
        chemistry. Their scenes felt real
        and I felt their characters just
        connecting. The acting was so much
        better with them. Luka had a lot
        of potential. He was equals with Bonnie and could relate to her.
        However, the show is going to turn
        him into a villian to make Bonnie
        go to Jeremy which is so lame.
        Poor Luka, he does not deserve this
        hate because some people have the
        bad taste to like Boremy.

        I always feel like I am watching a bad`soap opera when I watch Bonnie with Jeremy. What I get is sibling
        vibes with occasional OOC behavior
        with forced sexual tension that is

  • Ashlee

    As long as Jenna’s not being compelled to hurt or kill herself, I’m totally cool with any of her potential storylines. Just really wish she was in the know! It’s so awkward!

  • Dominique

    All I read was “Elijah Sticking Around” and then I went to a happy place lol. Just ehm.. no to as romance with him and Jenna, she’s much more fun and cute with Alaric.

  • Misspriss_1

    Good to Finally read something about my favorite show! I am hating this hiatus thing also… Glad to hear that Elijah is staying! ( He is WAY hot! ) I just miss everyone and everything, about my show! I also never really wanted time to fly before, but I do now!!

  • Candygirl9890

    I think Jenna is gonna end up as Elijah’s puppet. Or maybe he’ll kill her! Sorry, but I”m not buying Elijah’s good boy act. He is so up to no good. And I love it!!! Poor Jenna, she just can’t catch a break.

    • Jeb

      I agree. Poor Jenna. :( But the more Elijah, the better! I’m always skeptical when a new character is introduced, but Daniel Gillies has been fantastic. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

  • jennifer

    the last episode i seen katherine and stefan were locked in to tomb but elijah made a deal with elana to get stephan out..damon had a episode with rose .. and she got bitten by a werewolf …andc that was the end is the season now over .. cuz i havent heard about any new one.. plz update me

    • conjunction junction

      I am guessing your apparent illiteracy is what kept you from reading the post above. How on earth do you function in life?

  • madisa

    I can’t wait for the new episodes to start. The spoiler was much appreciated. I like all these possibilities opening up for Jenna — John stirs the pot, Elijah has a way to making an interest, and Aleriic is an all around good guy with some secrets. Are there any wolves she can get involved with?

    • Antoinette

      she could have gotten with Mason…what i was hoping for when he turned a little triangle for her there…but it didnt happen…i thought it would have been perfect a past subdued love or something lol i had elijah going for elena..i didnt imagine him going for jenna at least Nina Dobrev isnt getting all the fun

  • Jeb

    So glad Uncle John is coming back! Now all we need is Isobel…

  • Nadin

    Now that would make Jenna and Damon a perfect couple – she’s involved with every man coming to MF and he sleeps with every woman that comes along his way [sarcasm]

    seriously, I hope that Sara didn’t mean any actual romance between Jenna and Elijah. I LOVE her with Alaric and I’ve been waiting for the to finally come together for so long! But I kinda like the idea of John stirring some things between them, as long as it is not a break-up or something else horrible :P

  • Will

    I love this series, but I am sick of the Katherine storyline.

  • Casey

    I’m with Will, I love this show, but frankly, I’m tired of them lingering on Katherine and the moonstone/sacrifice business. Let Kat go away and bring her back to play some other time, and get on with the Klaus business already! Last year I couldn’t wait for the show to come back from hiatus, especially when it was a week away. But this year…meh. I’m more excited for a new episode of Hawaii Five-0, which I think speaks volumes about how frustrated/bored/tired I am with TVD.

    • S.

      This is just so wrong in so many ways. Too much Katherine? Am I dreaming this post?

      • ava

        I have to admit I’m also very tired and so over the whold Katherine story. It’s lasted wayyy to longggg. Jenna and Eijah sounds fun. But most of all would love to see Damon with Bonnie. They are both so sexy.

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