'Big Bang Theory,' 'Glee,' 'Bones,' 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room-11311Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS; Ray Mickshaw/Fox; Adam TayEditor’s note: This week’s Spoiler Room is rated PG-13 for references to male reproductive organs and discussions about Neal Caffrey’s upcoming philandering on White Collar. You’ve been warned — and likely enticed to continue reading because your filthy mind sustains itself on risque scoop. (One of us! One of us!)

For the PG set, we also have Bones scoop straight from executive producer Stephen Nathan, a relationship-related Glee tease, much more.

Send all scoop requests and complaints about decency standards to spoilerroom@ew.com or Tweet them to me at @EWSandraG.

The first thing to escape Mayim Bialik’s mouth when asked about The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming Jan. 20 episode, “The Love Car Displacement,” is a soft giggle. When merely thinking about an episode makes a cast member laugh, I call that a very good sign of impending hilarity.

“It’s ridiculous,” she says. “I think [the traveling] is part of the fun of this episode. There are a lot of car scenes. So you get to see what happens when you put different combinations of our characters in cars.”

And while Bialik welcomes the chance to work with some of the other characters “outside of the Cheesecake Factory,” the actress says we can (naturally) expect the opposite of flexibility from Sheldon as the gang travels away from their usual, well-controlled stomping grounds.

“The [car seating assignments] were set up and designed by Sheldon. In an earlier script, he had some point system by which he assigned how much he could tolerate people. [Laughs] But now they have it that he selects who goes where, and then you get to see what hijinks ensue and the sort of games they like to play in the car and what the characters like to do to pass the time on the way to Big Sur,” she says.

The episode also features a guest spot from Rick Fox as Bernadette’s ex-boyfriend and many more close encounters of the nerd-tastic kind as Amy struggles once again to “be a part of something” with the girls.

“Things are getting weirder and weirder between Amy and Penny because Amy really wants to be her friend. There’s a lot of social awkwardness,” Bialik dishes. “But I think we’ve seen a lot more flavor to her character brought out by [Penny]. I like to joke that maybe I’ll kiss someone else before I kiss Sheldon. So maybe it’ll be Penny.”

Don’t worry Sheldon/Amy ‘shippers, Amy’s still got her eyes on the males. Um, in fact…

“I get to say the word ‘penis’ more than once in the episode. That’s kinda bizarre,” she says, laughing. “So stay tuned to why I get to say ‘penis’ more than once.”

The first episode of House featuring Candice Bergen as Cuddy’s mom (which Lisa Edelstein spoke with us about weeks ago) doesn’t disappoint by any stretch. In fact, there’s really everything we could hope for in the episode: awkward first impressions, classic House-style avoidance of the inevitable first dinner with his maybe-one-day mother-in-law, and a dark, humorous scene that ends with two people unconscious at the dinner table. Pure gold.

But the surprise here is that while the episode (airing Jan. 17) is the first of a few for Bergen, you might find yourself most engrossed with Taub’s storyline, which finds him struggling to cope with the idea that his newly revitalized marital sex life might not be as great as one would think. It all leads up to something big that is likely to have consequences for the character for the rest of the season.

Thanks to Twitter, White Collar showrunner Jeff Eastin is very familiar with the polarizing reaction fans have had to the addition of Neal’s new potential romantic interest Sarah (Hilarie Burton) to the cast, especially following the still-upsetting death of Neal’s beloved Kate at the end of last season. And while Neal is indeed still healing from the loss, Eastin says, “I agree with fans, it’s a little too soon for that. He needs a little time to get over this. At the same time, many people have pointed out that Neal’s a guy who just got out of prison — and he’s not a eunuch.”

“The one thing I can say is that Neal and Sarah definitely have a spark. And if you’ve seen the previews, you know they have a little more than that,” he says of the promos featuring a heavy makeout session between the characters. “One thing that is not happening is that neither one is rushing into a relationship.”

However, look for sparks to fly toward the end of the season after some major revelations are made about Sara’s past.

“We definitely learn more about Sara and why she might be a little closer to Neal — why she might be one of the people who understands a little bit about what he’s been going through with Kate more than anyone else,” he says.

Okay, I know that did little — if anything — to soothe your concerns about the maybe-couple. But this might: “We’ll see Neal bounce around a little bit. Even at the end of this season, there’ll be nothing subtle when it comes to him and relationships,” he says.

And speaking of the end of the season, Eastin confirmed that the mystery around Kate’s death and the music box will be wrapped up and give way to new storylines for the show’s third season, which he and the other writers are already hard at work on.

So what, exactly, can he say about the finale?

“It’s not a traditional cliffhanger. I can say that it’s just [Matt] Bomer standing in a room,” he dishes (CRUELLY!) “It’s a pretty phenomenal shot, and it sets up the entire next season.”


I absolutely love Hannah but would love a non-related spoiler. Have you any deets on David Boreanaz’ sniper epi he directed? He is a fabulous director. Thanks. — Traci
As EW’s Mandi Bierly promised yesterday, we indeed have scoop on the much-awaited sniper episode, which is technically a series of three that will air during the rest of season. Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells EW that the first installment is the one where the Gravedigger story wraps up “in a way that was a surprise to all of us.” “The beginning of that [episode] could possibly be our most shocking act that we’ve ever done on Bones. It really did sort of [put to] rest the Gravedigger plot out of Bones and replace it with another one equally compelling.” He stops short of saying she bites the dust, but we all assume she does…right?

Have heard great things about Booth sniper story! Any details please? How bad will it get and how will it affect Booth and squint squad? David is directing so it will be amazing anyways! — Mandy
I think he’s great behind the camera, too, but I’d rather have him in front of the camera forever and ever (Ed note: preferably shirtless.) Tackling your question, the episode will very much affect Booth, according to Nathan, because our favorite Fed is going up against someone he used to know from his own sniper days. “It’s really a sniper pursuing a sniper, and Booth forced to confront his own past and his own life as a sniper.”

Any scoop on what’s in store for Brennan in the upcoming epis of Bones? — @SpartaInMay
Staying on the sniper subject, if I may (and I can), look for Brennan to play a big factor in Booth’s reaction to the emergence of the sniper, particularly in the second sniper episode. “Booth scared [the sniper] off, essentially, in the first sniper episode, and in [the second one], the sniper reappears, and it just proceeds to get more and more personal for Booth. And it also affects Booth’s relationship with Brennan because he is afraid that she is going to see him in the same way they view this other sniper, who has become a very bad and amoral man.” After all the good he’s done, does it break anyone else’s heart that Booth can ever think of himself as a bad man? You’re killin’ me, Seeley.

BONES! – Michelle
(What? No foreplay? I feel so used…) Nathan has one last piece of dish for us on an upcoming episode, which will be written by John Francis Daley and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein. Can you say Mythbusters? “[They’re] writing an episode for us on MythBusters, sort of using the MythBusters background to stage a murder. It’s just gonna be based on that world and those kinds of shows.”

You all have been spoiling me with Glee scoop. Seriously. And you know what? I NEED MORE!!! — Maggie
Maggie, control yourself. I have it on good word that another major Glee couple will be breaking up soonish. And really hold on to your wits for the second half of the season, because there are some pairings in there that you haven’t seen before…and might not see coming. Let’s hear your guesses below!

Alex-O-LoughlinImage Credit: Mario Perez/CBSWhat will happen with McGarrett and Catherine on Hawaii Five-0? Been so anxious to see them together again. — @Jax_Tara on Twitter
I’m hearing Catherine will return in the Jan. 23 episode. And I MIGHT have a sneak peek at the H50 post-AFC game episode very soon. Just sayin’…

I need Big Love, please! — Annie
I almost thought this was spam when it popped in my inbox. Apparently the word “scoop” and “spoiler” are vastly important in this case. That said: The season’s third episode (airing Jan. 30) will take you into the Henrickson household as they prepare for Christmas Day, and in keeping with the tradition of the holidays, there’s a family (and possibly public) scandal! A wrongdoing from one of the wives’ past will be revealed and turn the other two against her.

I’d love some scoop on Criminal Minds? – Mitchell
You’re in luck. A spy tells me that star Matthew Gray Gubler (who in season 5 directed the rather creepy episode “Mosley Lane”) is hard at work prepping for his upcoming second turn in the director’s chair. The source tells me shooting will take place in the first week of February, which by my count means the episode should air in March or April. Stay tuned.

I’m thrilled that The Game came back to such great ratings. Seriously an amazing show! Anything exciting coming up? — Jo
That’s exactly what I asked the lovely Tia Mowry Hardrict when I spoke to her yesterday. (And, to my surprise, I was able to stop myself from letting my inner Sister, Sister fangirl get the better of me.) Her answer? More drama, of course! She reveals that Melanie will wrestle to keep the peace within her marriage while taking on the role as president of the Sunbeams and helping her hubby cope with his fame. She also says that Malik has a huge storyline this season that will mostly revolve around him learning the consequences of his crazy lifestyle. You’ll also see the return of Melanie’s parents (Claudette Roche and Gregory Alan Williams) and a guest spot from Magic Johnson, who plays a friend of Jason Pitts (Coby Bell).

So…I’m going to need much more on Justified than all the nothing you’ve given me. Please :) — Lee
The smiley face was definitely a redeeming factor here. Here’s what I got: With all the new faces popping up in Harlan this year, you can most look forward to the debuts from Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby) and Lost alum Jeremy Davies, who are introduced in the season premiere (airing Feb. 2). Margo plays Mags Bennett, a lady so deceptively sweet that you’ll just want to mosey into her shop and drink a tall glass of her custom brew. Tip: Don’t. Drink. The. Brew. And if you’ve seen any promo pics, you already know this, but the hat is back!

I literally jumped for joy when I heard that Raising Hope would be returning for another season. What can we expect from the rest of the season? — B. Halls
You’ve probably already heard that Amy Sedaris, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and J.K.Simmons will be popping up. But I’m most excited about Coach alum Jerry Van Dyke, who will be in episode 16, titled “Cheaters.” Apparently, he has his eyes on Maw-Maw. Rar! And I promise never to type that again.

Royal Pains fans need some love!   — Diane via Twitter
The Jan. 20’s episode, the first new one since August (!), will feature some tender moments with Henry Winkler (whom I love despite the fact that he quoted John Mayer in the episode) and a Tom Cavanaugh’s guest appearance as a veteran golfer with a cringe-worth hand condition. Oh, and Evan is given the nickname Cap’n Crunch. I like it.

I’m afraid for my favorite show V because it’s tanking in the ratings. If it is canceled, will this season be left on a giant cliffhanger that we’ll hate to end on? Or is there potential for closure? — Alex
If you believe the tease from star Elizabeth Mitchell, it’s most likely a giant cliffhanger. “I wouldn’t say that episode 10 is a series-ender by any stretch of the imagination. It definitely lends itself towards the next season,” she tells us. “It leaves you really ramping up for a big fight. It’s not a wrap-up, for sure. I’ve always been a big fan of the 24 mentality, where at the end of every episode something great happens, and then they’re onto something else.” Short answer: Get this renewed or hate yourself forever for not trying harder. On that note, no one is allowed to mention the word Terriers.

(Additional reporting by Mandi Bierly and Darren Franich)

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  • Brandi

    Alright Sandra, you’ve won me over with the mention of Matthew Gray Gubler and Criminal Minds. I officially love the Spoiler Room. More please.

    • NewarkCrimeTV

      I was just thinking that! Even though it’s not really a spoiler, the fact that CM was even mentioned made me so happy. Plus all the Bones scoop. Can we do Castle or NCIS next week?

      • Ashtrash

        NCIS Please!!

    • Katie

      I agree! More coverage of Criminal Minds, and I loved the bit on Hawaii Five-O. I also wouldn’t mind some CSI:NY (non Danny/Lindsey, preferably some on Det. Flack), or some Chuck. K, thanks!

    • Anne

      I am a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler, he is compelling to me, would love to see him in other things (saw Aquatic.) I’d tune in to see him direct. But I don’t watch that show much. I think I watched a half a season or more early on. I’ve only seen it here or there since. I’m more into edgier serialized shows and lose interest in episodic shows even if they are good (like House, haven’t seen it for a few years.) I like ones that try to maintain a balance, like Veronica Mars and to some extent Good Wife now. I was annoyed that show about a guy jumping through time with that good actor who turned up on Grey’s was cancelled–sorry for forgetting the names. It wasn’t great but good enough and I wanted to know what the larger arc was about. But really I’m more a Lost, Heroes (wtf happened there?) Breaking Bad type fan.

  • Holly

    I think all that ever happens anymore on Glee is people breaking up and other people getting together. This season is such a disappointment to me. No character development, no continuity, so-so music. I think the only episode I’ve really enjoyed was the one with “Make ‘em laugh” and “Singing in the rain.”

    • Amy Leigh

      I’m with you. The only episode I’ve truly enjoyed was “Never Been Kissed” when we first met Blaine (who I don’t really like anymore). The thing I hate the most is what they’ve turned Rachel into. So disappointing.

    • Allie

      Completely agree.

    • Lila

      So agree. I think my favorite episode was Duets. Yes, I know it was about couples, but all the kids got story lines, it was hilarious, there was character insight, the writing was great, and the songs were really amazing because they were actually about the vocals and the singers instead of being a spectacle.

      • Carolyn

        My favorite Glee episodes this year were Duets, Grilled Cheeses and Never Been Kissed. I also liked Furt. Pretty much everything about Kurt I enjoyed but the rest of the characters seem to be going nowhere. What the show needs is a new villain. The Sue – Will rivalry doesn’t cut it anymore. And Bieste isn’t any threat to anyone. Bring back Neil Patrick Harris and make him into a REAL school board member that causes troubles. Cuts funding for the arts or something like that.

      • Cin Salvatore

        Totally agree. As a matter of fact, Duets was so good, it might be my favorite episode of the show. Not that all of the storylines were golden, but it had a very good balance between all of the characters. That said, the only couple I have ever cared about on the show is Sam & Quinn and they did emerge during Duets.

    • TJ

      Agreed. I’m not a shipper, so pair up whomever you want, but the storylines don’t seem to be about anything but couples. Remember when Will joined Acafellas and that reinforced why he wanted to be a teacher? Remember Rachel pursuing outside performance opportunities like the matress commercial?

    • Tajah

      Agree totally.

  • Andrew

    Bring back Michael Ausiello and Ask Ausiello its much better than these so-called “spoilers”. Head to tvline.com Ausiellos new home.

    • j

      wait a minute – is he no longer associated with EW? I did not know. that is BAD!

      • Media Ho

        Um, since the end of November!
        Check out his new site, tvline.com, where you’ll also find spoilers on a greater variety of shows (including more from ABC and cable networks)….much better ones, too.

    • Cin Salvatore

      Michael Ausiello is also who broke the FALSE Glee “Bieber Tribute Episode” spoiler last Saturday on twitter and started a hurricane of backlash. He left EW of his own accord & they are doing the best they can and still getting some very good scoops without him. No need to come in this tread and be nasty.

  • just Me

    I have a sneaking suspision Kurt and Sharofski willbe a couple. That will be weird. :(

    • da

      Hopefully not, since Karofsky threatened to kill him.

    • Amy Leigh

      I think they’re referring to Puck and Lauren. Not Kurt and Karofsky.

      • Jenn

        I failed Gleek 101…who is Lauren?

      • Brigid

        Lauren is the girl from AV Club with the thick glasses who saved Puck when he was stuck in the port-a-potty. She joined the club so they could have enough kids for Sectionals.

      • Jennifer

        And apparently Lauren and Puck had “seven minutes in heaven” and rocked Puck’s world. I totally want them to be a couple because it would be an interesting experience for Puck.

    • Katie

      Ewewewewewew no!
      Blurt all the way!!! <3

  • Mollie

    UGH @ Neal and Sarah. Sarah is so unpleasant, please get her off the show.


      Yes, please. No more Sarah.

      • dana

        re:Sarah -to each his own. I love the chemistry between Neal & Sarah.Maybe you are remembering her from a previous show.

    • Rain

      DITTO! Was so happy when Hilarie left OTH, not happy she’s invading one of my favorite shows.

    • bah!

      How is she unpleasant. I think she’s a good addition. Stop bringing your OTH hate in to this. So she’s not swooning all over him, he, neal needs that. Go Sara

  • Bb

    Thanks for the House scoop! Can’t wait for Monday!:)

    • Kennedy

      I’m adding my thanks too for the HOUSE scoop. I’m really looking forward to this episode and I’ve heard the dinner is an excellent scene. Plus, I’m just eager to get my show back and find out what happens next with my favorite characters-House, Cuddy & Wilson.

  • sarah

    What I find myself engrossing with a Taub-marital-storyarc?

    House-producers are really stupid. Nobody is interested in Taub. What about a proper and intelligent Chase and Wilson story-arc?

    • MikeC

      Because there are many people who actually CARE about Chase and Wilson and know that a decent storyline for them would actually elevate the show for a nice change, and we wouldn’t want that distracting from the excruciatingly tedious “Huddy” would we? That’s all TPTB at House care about these days, unfortunately.

      • Kamran

        I agree with your review Neal & Peter are osupsped to be friends yet Peter immediately accused him of stealing the treasure and wouldn’t tell him why. Even when Neal passed the polygraph, Peter still didn’t believe him even though Neal has never directly lied to Peter. That really hurt Neal. Neal is helping Mozzie with the treasure because of all that Mozzie has done for him, but Neal doesn’t really want to go and feels guilty trying to trick his FBI friends. If this continues for the whole season, I will be very disappointed because the show will have lost the warmth, friendship and fun spirit it had in Season 2. If Neal had been born bad as Jeff Eastin says, then Neal wouldn’t care so much about helping people Elizabeth, June, Mozzie, Jones and he certainly would not have risked his life to save Peter several times. Peter might be smiling now but it is more of a cheshire cat smile. Neal may smile, but it is not the same fun-loving smile of the last 2 seasons. Even Mozzie is not funny anymore as he keeps pushing Neal about leaving with the treasure. I loved this show from the first episode and I hope it gets back on track soon. I also hate the new intro music the other one was perfect. It’s true, who changes the theme song of a popular show! FYI, regarding Jones, I read that he is not listed as a regular on the show so that he can try for other shows whenever he wants. He couldn’t do that if he were officially a member of the cast.

  • Michele

    I’m excited about Neal & Sara on White Collar!

    • bah!

      oooh me too!!!

  • FL

    On the Bones spoilers, I am puzzled by the fact that they seem to suggest that suddenly Brennan is once again the most important person in Booth’s life. There has been no evidence of that this season, especially with the ‘Booth and Hannah are sooo great together’ chorus the writers have been singing. By contrast, the Booth/Brennan friendship has been so… nonexistent this season. The same for the interaction with the squints. So here’s to hoping the writers get back on track with this. But I’m fairly convinced it’s all just wishful thinking because really this season has been a complete and utter trainwreck so far.

    • tvaddict70

      I agree, bones and booth’s relationaship is the heart of the show and with Hannah in the mix we havent seen their interactions as much…

    • Chloe

      Agree. I used to LOVE LOVE this show and normally, I would have been highly anticipating its return after the winter hiatus, but somehow, I don’t care any more. Well, at least not like I used to and I blame it all on how the writers and Hanson & Co. just totally changed the Bones & Booth dynamic. I didn’t get that all of a sudden, thanks to the sniper, that Bones becomes Booth’s BFF again. Knowing how TPTB have messed with everything, my guess their relationship gets worse.

      ANd PLEASE GET RID OF HANNAH!! I bet they are sorry now they wrote her in the show for as many episodes as she has been in and will be since they must KNOW by now no one gives a crap about her and Booth together. THAT’S JUMPING THE SHARK, NOT having BOnes & Booth together.

    • Hello

      Agree. If they try to jump back to old dynamic, it will be so annoying. Booth has barely been civil as a work partner. For me, the duo have lost their spark (and not in the intentional tension way that HH and SN think they’re so clever in creating). Even the usually complimentary reviews have been pretty ambivalent about this season. I’ll wait for reviews.

    • Jess

      I agree with you. I guess the writersthink they must change Brennan some how – but I like her the WAY SHE IS!

    • Marie

      One more for the agree tally. The show can’t possibly ignore/deny that Booth’s been a bad friend, regardless of it’s understandable.
      Also- it’s super annoying when a character has to change and conform to another’s ideals, which is what seems to happening on Bones. If that’s what romance means, I’d rather they stay friends.

      • Kristina

        I actually think they way they handled the B/B relationship with the introduction of Hannah was very realistic. There is no way they should have the kind of relationship they did when he is serious with someone. If she was still the #1 person in his life, that wouldn’t make for a very healthy relationship with his girlfriend. As far as Brennan, there is no way a relationship with Booth would work work they way she is right now. They don’t even understand each other half the time. I don’t think it’s unrealistic for her to change as a character. They have been very slow with her evolution, so it hasn’t seemed weird or sudden to me. Personally, I don’t care if they ever get together, but I must be the only person in the world that thinks the writers are doing a good job with the story.

      • ?

        I don’t know about Marie, but even before Hannah, I got the impression that Booth was the one teaching her all the lessons about life and love. I’ve always caught at least the last 10 minutes before Fringe, and almost every last scene for awhile has been Booth teaching Bones. I agree that this was gradual, so I guess if you agree with Booth’s worldview, it’s a good storyline. Otherwise, I think they lost their balance. I’d like to see some scenes where Brennan teaches Booth the value of Rational Thinking as the basis of empathy, sympathy and mutual understanding.

    • ?

      I mentioned this in the other spoiler article too, but it’s like they keep giving Booth stories that make him into superman in the sack, at the FBO, etc. Meanwhile, they make Brennan socially retarded and give her the dorkiest boyfriends. Or she’s crying over a man. Emily Deschanel needs some leverage on her own show.

      • bah!

        Brennan is socially retarded but in a good way and i for one think hat’s what adds to her appeal. And non of her boyfriends have been dorky, Josh Hopkins and that warehouse 13 guy aint dorky. There was another guy but he too wasn’t dorky and she has never cried about a guy unless of course i missed that episode. she might have teared up for Scott i think it was but that was it

  • Gilly

    I want FINN and RACHEL back together on Glee. The writers need to put them back together again.

    • rainne

      Reunite Finn and Rachel! They were the best thing about Glee!

    • Kate

      No DONT reunite them, he ruined her as a character!

      • Stacy

        Oh and that’s Finn’s fault? It’s the writers who have ruined our favorite pairing! The actors were even surprised at how they broke up. Lea went to Ryan Murphy and said, “Look what you did” when she saw the fans’ sad tweets.

    • Leyla

      I AGREE! Finchel forever <3

    • Joe

      Oh gawd, NO! If anything, GET RID OF RACHEL AND FINN. These two were the most annoying couple on TV and I hated the fact that Glee used to be so focused on them. Reminds me of “Will & Grace” — when the supporting characters were so much better than the stars. EVery time they showed Rachel & Finn, I fast forward my DVR.

  • peter

    Probably talking about Puck and Lauren on Glee. Zizes For The Win!!! Girl, get it!!!

  • ShannonW

    Melanie in charge of the sunbeams? Disgusting. I’m liking her character less and less, and that was even before this season’s premiere.

  • billk

    Nothing on Fringe? WTF?!

    • Jacob

      wordddd what up with oliviaaaa??

  • Peng9803

    I want to see a relationship between Neal & Alex. She was fantastic on the show, someone he had a past with, is cunning like Neal and is stunning.

    • tvaddict70

      I totally agree!

    • Billie

      I second this!! Bring back Alex.

    • ….

      I never got why Kate was so special either. Do we blame it on the writers who never developed her character enough to think she was “special”? Or do we blame it on commplete miscasting bc the actress didn’t have enough zing to buy that she was worth pining over and committing crimes for? Neal definitely had more chemistry with EVERY other women on the show other than Kate. I don’t see that Hilarie Burton is going to be much of an asset as an addition to the cast, but only time will tell. That being said, I am more than willing to volunteer myself as a love interest for Matt Bomer onscreen or off anytime!

      • dana

        Love your comment. Don’t we all agree!!

    • bah!

      yeah please add another reformed thief in the mix because that is what we need. Can’t stand Alex. Too bad Diana is gay. Bring in someone new if they must but please please no Alex. But unfortunately i see it happening, y else would they make her go straight.
      Mozey had better be part of a miracle b’se if he aint that is one blow i can’t stand.

  • CRW

    Cannot wait to see the beautful bomer on tv again – been too long of a wait.

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