CBS president on Charlie Sheen: 'We have a high level of concern'

charlie-sheenImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagicCBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler told the nation’s TV critics this morning that “we have a high level of concern” about Charlie Sheen and the reported personal problems that he may or may not be wrestling with off-camera, but expressed confidence in his professionalism on the network’s hit show, Two and a Half Men. “I personally thought a lot about this,” said Tassler, choosing her words carefully. “We have a high level of concern. How can we not? Let me speak personally first. On a very basic human level, I am concerned of course. This man is a father, he has children, he has a family.”

“You can’t look at it simplistically,” she continued. “Charlie is a professional. He comes to work, he does his job extremely well. We are taping tonight. It’s very complicated, but we have a very good relationship with Warner Bros. TV. We have tremendous trust and respect with the way they are managing the situation. On a personal level, we obviously have concern. On a professional level, he does his job and he does it well. This show is a hit. That’s all I have to say.”

Earlier this week, a series of reports hit the Internet about Sheen and how he reportedly went on a bender in Las Vegas with porn stars last weekend. That in turn prompted a “Will he show up to work?” watch, which forced his personal publicist to issue a statement saying that he did, in fact, make it to the set on time.

In other news out of the executive portion of CBS’ press tour in Pasadena today:

  • Tassler said they may add a character to Hawaii Five-o next season, though it may not be a series regular.
  • Fixes are a given for a fledgling show like $#*! My Dad Says, the entertainment president says. “Like any show in its first year, you are going to make creative adjustments.”
  • No chance of yet another NCIS spinoff.
  • On American Idol moving to Thursdays: “Idol is Idol. It’s a force of nature. I think it’s going to be interesting to see with the new cast and the changes this year. The good thing is that The Big Bang Theory is a superstar, and we’re thrilled with how well it’s done on Thursday. I don’t know quite what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be interesting. The good news is that whenever you put hit shows in a time period, there are enough eyes to go around, so I think we’ll be okay.”
  • On Live to Dance: “I wish we could have done better the other night. I have respect for a show that sets out to do more than exploit. It sets out to acknowledge and promote the passion that people have for the craft.”
  • CBS plans to step up the scripted fare in the summer, in addition to its reality offerings like Big Brother.
  • Don’t ask Tassler any more late-night war questions. “Dave is our hero. It’s passé to talk about Letterman versus Leno. Those days are over.”

(Additional reporting by Tanner Stransky)

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  • FromChicago

    i’ve said it before. Any other actor would be gone from the series. Sheen must have the “goods” on the producers and Moonves.

    • HD

      I hate and never use the word “douche” but look at that photo! He’s an ass.

      • charlie

        The rules: Keep it clean, and stay on the subject – or we may delete your comment. If you see inappropriate language

      • Nshi

        Please remove your sexist comment.

      • jbrock


      • juren

        Finding love, falling in love, or maintaining love – all require patience. Don’t rush love whether your searching for it, or if you feel you’ve already found it. Time was invented so everything doesn’t happen all at once.

      • Not2serious


      • TexasDoc

        Yeah, bafoon…don’t you know it’s “douchebag”, how can you be so sexist?!

      • partyguy0311

        You mean,a total Badass!

    • Wottadoosh

      Yeah, they are called “ratings”.

      • thin

        Yep, business is business. If the star of one of the top-rated shows on TV keeps showing up to do his job, they’re going to keep him.

      • Joe

        If Osama Bin Laden were getting paid $1.5 million an episode (guestimate) he’d be showing up for work on time too. As long as the ratings are the highest and he shows up to work everyday he ain’t going nowhere no matter what goes on in his personal life. He must be one of the lucky few who didn’t have to sign one of those contracts that prohibits bad behavior in his personal life…

      • Hey Now

        His show was #2 in the ratings last week with over 15 million viewers. As long as he pulls in those kind of numbers he will never be disciplined by CBS. Plus, they only have to put up with him for another season and a half.

      • Jam

        I think because Charlie’s character is kind of a rascal..that his character & personal life seem to be blended can’t tell which is which..unfortunately..drugs and alcohol abuse can’t be neatly fixed in a 1/2 hr in the sitcom…where is his Dad with all this? He was always front and center on this ..but haven’t heard anything…CBS better put a clause in his contract..otherwise Charlie may take this too far and then it’ll be too late…

      • Doremifah Solatido

        How’s he gonna pay for all those prostitutes & tequila without a $1.5M per episode gig? Of COURSE he’ll keep showing up – if he was playing a priest on the show, they might want to yank him. But since he’s essentially playing himslf, it’s like water over a pebble.

      • Stef

        Too true. I think at this point the only thing that would get him canned is murder.

    • A.F. for EW

      That’s the only reason I can think of for CBS and the producers putting up with Sheen’s behavior off-screen!

      Even if he does come to work on-time and does his job well while he is there, the work he does is in the public eye, and so is he. Every time he gets himself in trouble with his immature and self-destructive behavior away from the set, it’s not only a black mark on Sheen’s reputation, but on the reputation of CBS as well!

      • rerun

        Still a top-rated show. CBS makes their money, they’ll keep him on. If ratings dropped in half, he’d be gone. It’s as simple as that.

      • JoeEsq

        CBS has a reputation it needs to protect?? Haha. Like when Dan Rather was making up news stories??

      • Boetica

        LOL Right on JoeEsq!

    • ethel murtz

      As long as he makes big money he owns them. when he no make money they will send him off with the loghan person.

    • ethel murtz

      they are just mad because they are not invited.

    • Willow

      Why would they drop him? He has never let his behavior affect his work; never missed a taping. He is a very functional addict. And it’s still a hit show after 8 seasons.

      • Dain

        That’s one of the best oxy morons I’ve heard in a long time. “A functional addict!” Tell that to his ex-wife, whom he abused! I don’t understand why everyone thinks he is very professional, isn’t his character a douche too? He’s just being himself, and not very well!

      • Candacetx

        i dont think he abused Brooke Mueller – she is/was an admitted addict as well. Between the two of them, we may never know the truth of what happened.

    • Jennifer Morgan

      It’s called ratings you chump.

    • anya

      Though I hate this show, it wouldn’t be the same without Charlie’s character, in fact it probably wouldn’t even work without him. He’s one of the two men in the title. They’d probably have to cancel it without him.

    • Veroica

      Despite his obvious acute alcoholism, wild and unpredictable behavior along with the frequent womanizing and “player” characteristics he is a very talented and competent actor!

  • Norm Castle

    Outside of the rest of the cast being out of work. I could care less about the jerk.

    • Here & There

      Amazing at so many people using this phrase incorrectly. It should be could NOT care less.

      • had to be said

        it’s also regardless or irrespective… no such thing as irregardless. someone stab me for posting this.

      • bruceben9

        i know. in fact i don’t believe i have ever heard anyone use it correctly until you.

      • james freeman

        irregardless, I could care less. But it would be an effort.

      • derek

        “I could care less” is also correct. You are saying that you could care less, but you dont, because you don’t care enough.
        Irregardless is incorrect, but I still enjoy using it because it makes grammar nazis turn red and sputter.

      • jaom651946

        Isn’t that the truth?? And some of the retard’os that can’t write even a proper sentence? I had one “A”-hole that scorned me for my good English grammer (him) saying I did a terrible job at speaking English? I’m a High school graduate. I am 65 yrs. old. I know the English language. I am an American (native) and born here. I let the “A” hole who scorned me that it was not me who could not speak proper English?? It was him!!!!

      • AcaseofGeo

        Hey @ Here & There, Derek is CORRECT. You CAN say “I Could Care Less” and be accurate. It means “ehh, maybe I care a little, but I could care even less than that”. Its not as emphatic as “I COULDN’T care less” and its not as linguistically correct, but it is nevertheless acceptable.

      • @jaom651946

        I found 4 errors in your message , and only skimmed it. Maybe the “A”hole was right.

      • You can’t write Jaome651946

        I read it thoroughly and found 8.

        1.Can’t EVEN write a proper sentence.
        2.there is no e in grammar.
        3.2nd, third, and 2nd to last sentences are not questions, yet you end them with question marks.
        4.high school is only capitalized if you are referring to a particular high school, like McKinley High School. quotation marks around A in A-hole.
        6.missing word between me and that in the following sentence. “I let the “A” hole who scorned me that it was not me who could not speak proper English”
        7.You could combine the following sentences with commas so you don’t sound like a 3rd grader talking about their Summer.”I’m a High school graduate. I am 65 yrs. old. I know the English language.”
        8.Redundant. “I am an American (native) and born here.”

  • Pam

    I actually have a small bit of sympathy for him (just a small bit) because if he was not famous, the fact that he spent all weekend partying would not be all over the news.

    • john

      of course if he were not famous his partying all night would cost him his job

    • Andrea

      Pam, that said, the reason he has never done time is purely b/c he’s famous. He’s shot one woman (by accident, supposedly — Kelly Preston), there have been abuse accusations, threats, etc. Caught with drugs, prostitutes, etc. I find it hard to believe he would be walking around the streets if he were not “CHARLIE SHEEN.”

  • BeBe

    He needs to get his ish together! I love this show and hope that his craziness wont affect the it.

    • LEO

      they need to make his character go to rehab. the show can continue on without him, making jokes about his partying ways but in real life making it clear he can ‘stay in tv rehab’ forever if he doesn’t get clean in real life.
      If I were the mother of the boy who is on the show, honestly, I don’t care how much my son is making, I would take him off the show and teach him that some things are worth more than money. If the network won’t teach him that, his parents damn well have to!!

      • Diane

        I thought the same thing. If Charlie Harper went to rehab maybe Charlie Sheen would method act himself into a better place

      • Greg Kenrick

        That episode is reserved for the finale.

      • chACHA

        His PARENTS? He’s a grown man! It’s about time he stared acting like it. As long as the show is making mega bucks, he can come in and poop on Chuck Lorre’s desk, and it would still be ok.

  • UGH

    I can’t believe anybody actually watches this crap.

    • sparkle the gym bag

      great show great dude rock on Charlie!

      • Joey

        Have never seen this show.Why bother?THIS GUY’S THE GREATEST!!

      • Juneau

        Thank you for making the point that this show appeals only to the lowest common denominator and that’s why it’s successful. BTW – lowest common denominator means you’re uneducated, classless, and dumb.

    • Paulus

      I had never een the show until lat week. My opinion: Sheen’s character is an immoral idiot with no redeeeming human qualities. His roomate is less so but comes off as being pretty stupid. The boy acts as though he wants to emulate Sheen. Alcohol, drugs and sex seem to be the major themes. If the show is # 2 in ratings, then there are a lot of people who don’t mind the immorality and bad language.

      • steamdwarf

        yes, it’s a sad commentary on the current American public that they tune in to support this immoral garbage. And it’s too bad a certain TV watchdog with the word ‘parents’ in the title is so concerned about violence that they don’t focus more on the advertisers supporting this program.

  • Vicky

    He doesn’t need to HAVE-anything on them, it’s the simple fact that he fills everyones wallet. They don’t care him as a human being, only the bottom line.
    HE’s their cash cow. Pretty sad!!!!!!

    • Chad

      Its not that they dont care about him. He is an adult. If he asks for help thats one thing. If he wants to enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle and run his body into the ground thats his choice. You can care all you want but its really none of their business unless he starts missing calls or ends up in jail. He didnt do anything illegal.

      • Derek

        Um, prostitution and cocaine ARE illegal.

      • Mel

        Well, REALLY, REALLY, illegal then.

    • hf

      Prostitution isn’t illegal in some parts of Nevada.

      • ILoatheNY

        And cocaine use is REQUIRED in CA, judging by their election returns.

  • bruno

    on other words: “he’s making us sh#tloads of money and while i’ll pretend to care about what he does in his personal life (what. ever.) as long as it doesn’t interfere with said sh#tloads of money i really could care less.

    • Here & There

      You really mean you could NOT care less.

  • PJL

    Sheen makes them all a lot of money, and therefore they can express “concern”, but still keep the guy employed.


    • Annie

      You are right, it is crass. He is sick and needs help but they will keep him employed in order to keep the money coming in. Let’s hope while the network is taking this position he doesn’t kill himself in the process with his drinking and drug use. He is a talented guy, remember Platoon and Wall Street? But he is obviously off the rails and has been for the last year.

      • Kate

        Erg, I hated him in Wall Street. Thought he was embarrassing. But I think he has a real talent for comedy. Hot Shots is hilarious, and he showed killer comedic timing.

  • freddy

    It is all about the money, if CBS truly cared about Sheen they would get him help. He is addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex. Where is Charlie’s parents? Why are they not stepping in before it is too late?

    • Annie

      For years his father, and presumably other members of his family, worked to get him some help and refused to give up on him. And I believe Charlie was actually sober for several years. So they are probably disappointed but they are aging. What are they really supposed to do? They have been dealing with him and all of his “stuff” since he was a teenager. They are probably exhausted.

      • DTO

        Granted, it’s been a while, but it seems like I read back in the ’90s that Martin Sheen went so far as calling the cops on his son to try to get him help. He was reformed and humble for a while. Now that he’s a bona fide star again, he’s gone back into sleazy Hollywood partyboy mode. But hey, it took RDJ many tries to get his act together as well, and now he’s considered a class act. Maybe Charlie will come to his senses. Nonetheless, if he worked in an industry other than showbiz, that company would be concerned about the image their employee projects.

    • Laura

      His parents? Last I checked, he is a grown man capable of making his own decisions. He obviously made the decision to go to work on time..that’s his bread and butter as well. Who knows what really happened, but if he wasn’t arrested, caused a disturbence or didn’t show up to work for days on end…that would be more of an issue, correct?

    • Kiki

      The guy has millions of dollars. He doesn’t need any one to GET him help. He can GET help on his own. LIke all addicts, including the ones in homeless shelters or living in the house next door to you, Sheen has to WANT the help. Clearly, he does not. All he’d have to do is make one phone call and he’d have all the help he needs. Instead he makes arrangements to go to hotels and party with porn stars. HIS choice.

    • Doremifah Solatido

      The man is in his forties! What do his parents have to do with it?

  • Suzanne

    Charlie just doesn’t look like he is having fun on the show anymore. I used to really enjoy the show but it looks so forced now. Charlie get it together, sex isn’t everything!

    • Jay

      speak for yourself… I’d give anything for a alcohol feuled weekend of partying with porn-stars.

      • jbrock

        im with you jay she’ll go too!

    • jbrock

      yes it is

  • sara

    if everyone thinks sheen is a disgrace, don’t watch the show – that will sober him up. people who watch the show are enabling him.

    • zod

      i will help enable him as long as the ride lasts Charlie you live the life most dudes would kill for and the haters know it that is why they hate

    • marie kelley

      I have never watched Charlie Sheen’s show. Charlie Sheen is a
      JERK!! There are only 3 shows on CBS that I can watch–the rest are bad programming!!

  • Jay

    This is such a NON-story!!!
    Charlie has NOT been late for work… he has NOT been disruptive in any way.
    He partied with porn-stars… SO WHAT?
    What he does in his off hours are none of any of our business, as long as he shows up for work and performs (which he does)

    I certainly hope I dont get in trouble at my job for being on time! *sheesh*

    • DTO

      On a personal level, I’d agree with you, but in other professions people do lose their jobs for acting out of line in off hours, especially if it becomes public.

  • saint of E. 69th st

    Charlie is the man! rock on..haters are going to keep hating…Charlie lives life to the fullest the way he wants..while each of us might pursue other things were we in his spot it is his right to play his cards the way he wants…

    • LEO

      except he is the father of five children who have a sorry excuse for a loser father. he’ll die young and then they will more than likely follow his pattern with all the money they’ll inherit, they too can have his crapola life.
      When you become a parent you lose the right to play your cards. The cards are now theirs. He’s wasting the privilege of being a wealthy man with beautiful healthy children and a supportive family. Its so sad its pathetic

  • P

    As long as he makes it profitable for everyone involved, this and much worse will be forgiven and overlooked – at the end of the day it is a business.

  • seasick1

    I don’t see any real issues brought up in this story. He has shown up to work and performs his job professionally.

    • Jay

      I know, right!!! The first line says they “have a high level of concern” for problems “HE MAY NOT” even be having!!!!

      sounds like a non-story to me

      • Uba Thurman

        Who gives a rats ass if Charlie is a party animal? I’ll tell you who–a bunch of sociopathically pious people who cannot hold their liquor and prefer to live a “clean” life without prostitutes. Three cheers for prostitutes!

      • MikeC

        OR, Uba, they are regular people who are not “sociopathically pious” but are sick to death of seeing Hollywood losers get special treatment that NONE of us would get. I consider myself to be fairly open-minded, but I cringe when I see people like yourself who admire this idiot.

      • TM

        I like the show, but it’s ridiculous to call Sheen a “party animal.” He’s had plenty of accusations of abuse leveled against him. There’s nothing funny about that, or about how he’s surely being a terrible father. The damage he’s doing is real. The only question is whether or not that comes into play with the show.

    • Murph

      It’s his life. It’s still a free country. Don’t watch.

      • Dan

        I agree with Murph. The show’s still funny and Charlie is THE show. We don’t give a bat’s **** what he does off camera as long as he can still complete his episodes we’ll continue to watch and root for the guy

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