'Jersey Shore' ratings: Yup, they did it again


Again. Again. Again. Jersey Shore has, again, set an all-time MTV series record.

Ready? The show delivered 8.6 million viewers and a 4.4 in the adults 18-49 demo last night.

Now those numbers are off the map. (And bigger than Grey’s Anatomy last night too). They’re up slightly from last week’s eye-popping season three premiere number.

We’re running out of ways to headline Jersey Shore record ratings stories. Any suggestions?

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  • Joe B.

    It just says so much about us and this time. Seriously.

    • jordan

      Oh please, being entertained by shallow people goes back way further than Jersey Shore. Just read Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders. Just give it a rest. Do I watch the show? No. Can I understand its appeal? Yes. What you watch does not indicate your intelligence, just how you like to spend your TV time.

      • bwahaha

        so you’re comparing reading about about shallow people to a tv show that has no plot or script but just follows the exploits of shallow people…ok you’re a moron.

      • Michael

        bwahaha…is it too difficult for you to understand more than one sentence at a time? The comparison was to very similar forms of entertainment in very different times. Her comparison is quite apt. Your response, however, is moronic.

      • Mike

        Thank you Jordan, for saying what most people(without something dead up their —)already know, but still needs to be said for he aforementioned people.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Idiots will watch Jersey Shore. And idiots will believe in astrology. Same low IQs.

      • bwahaha

        no michael, you’re the idiot. They are not similar forms of entertainment. Forrest Gump is a movie about a moron, Les Miserables is about “poor” people considered trash of their time but they are far cry from a reality show. IT’s about how they are presented. It is moronic to compare the two just because they have the same subject matter.

      • Mark

        bwahaha; the point (which you missed) is not the subject matter, but what is indicated about the time’s entertainment.

      • Michael

        Where the eff does Les Miz come into play? Would you like a shovel to dig yourself into a deeper hole?

        Why does everyone presume that the only people watching Jersey Shore, American Idol and other light fare are idiots? Watching Masterpiece Theater, listening to Bach and reading Goethe doesn’t make you a better person. It just indicates that you have different likes, however elevated you might think they are. How about dealing with the simple fact that we all like what we like? Get over yourselves.

      • Jo

        “Idiots will watch Jersey Shore. And idiots will believe in astrology. Same low IQs.” And many other idiots believe in “God” and the reason why we are here… really guy… because you watch stupid people do stupid things makes you and idiot as well?

        How so?

      • steve

        Speaking of being entertained by low brow, vapid “reality” shows… this comment section “meats” that criteria in spades. hahaha

    • joblo

      Frightening. I fear for the future of our nation.

      • joblows

        I CAN NOT STAND WHEN IDIOTS USE THE CLICHE “I fear for the future of our nation/society”. I could eat alphabet soup and s h i t a better argument than that. Idiot.

      • Sanity

        I can’t believe how one sighted some people can be. Why is it so hard to fathom that someone who can appreciate high art can also enjoy a low based laugh like Jersey Shore?

        I know what I’m getting when I sit down and watch it…I’m not looking for a cerebral challenge. I get what I expect and like it a lot.

        If you detest it so much why watch it or spend so much of your precious time reading and responding to articles about it? Go to something productive. Read some Chaucer.

    • Liz Lemon

      I watched it…there I admitted it. I’M SORRY!!!

      • anonymous

        According to Barbara Walters, she did too.

  • Mike


  • Sharky

    Pauly D 4-eva.

  • Satan

    Oh look, another sign of the Apocalypse. Sweet!

    • Lilith

      ahahaha, yes master. Our time shall come!

  • Lili

    Americans are stupid.

    • Jason

      You seem upset.

    • Buffy Freak

      Jerry Lweis was the most popular actor in France. David Hasselhoff is a huge recording star in Germany. Ever seen those Japanese game shows? Americans hardly have the market cornered on stupidity.

    • Fog cue

      Your parents were stupid for naming you with only I’s & L’s.

    • chACHA

      run with your head down until you hit something. j.o.

    • Lj

      Do you seriously think you are any better of a person than the characters on jersey shore? By stating that Americans are stupid what kind of an example are
      setting for anyone? To me you are beneath jersey shore.

  • Mario

    It’s not like we look up to these people. Jersey Shore, for many viewers, is just a good laugh. Who doesn’t love watching a bunch of kooks make fools of themselves, after all? Stop hating.

    • charles

      I don’t love watching them. Maybe you don’t look up to them (that would be difficult, as you can’t get much lower), but some do and that’s a shame. MTV sucks.

      • Jason

        Thanks for your concern about people you don’t know, your a real Mother Teresa.

      • Michael

        Some people look up to Sarah Palin. To me, that’s a bigger travesty. I’d rather the world were full of Situations than Sarah Palins.

    • gmp

      It’s just sad that people like that get paid so much money just because their willing to exploit themselves, so that unhappy people can watch their show and feel a little better about their own life at the end of the hour. Not to mention the poor young kids who already have crappy parents, then they look up to people like that as role models. Remember when MTV played music videos? Man I’m old.

      • Happy

        I’m a vey happy person and I watch it. I think it might be unhappy people that try to take the joy out of others lives that just want to watch a tv show.

      • Michael

        They aren’t exploiting themselves. They are exploiting the American public. Politicians and celebrities have done it for years. Why shouldn’t they get a piece of the pie. I don’t want to know any of these people, but they’ll be sitting pretty for the rest of their lives. Good for them.

  • heather

    can you say Season 4 people?

    • Dominic

      Hopefully their STDs will do them in before then.

  • ari

    I really wish this show would go away. Please don’t put them on the cover EW

    • Liz Lemon

      OMG! That’s totally going to happen.
      I’d bet money on it.

  • Caiman

    Pathetic. No wonder the world hates us. I hate us a little bit too for allowing this drivel to exist in the universe.

    • Kevin

      Do people actually believe we’re the only country with dumb entertainment?

      • Ktct

        Thank you, Kevin.

      • Buffy Freak

        The French thought Jerry Lewis was a genius. The Germans buy David Hasselhoff records and give him awards. Big Brother started in Europe and is a huge success there. And then there are those Japanese games shows. So spare me the stupid American crap.

      • Trigg Palin

        yes, we all know we’re retarded

      • Lala

        “The French thought Jerry Lewis was a genius. The Germans buy David Hasselhoff records and give him awards.”

        Not true, American moron.

    • Happy

      The world probably hates you because your a judgemental grump who can’t mind their own business.

      • Lj

        Lol!!! Love it!

    • Lj

      If they hate us so much then why are they risking their lives to come here? If you hate the United States move away!!! The last time I checked we have soldiers risking their lives so you can have the right to express your hate of where you should be grateful to live!!!

  • David

    Stupid how the media reports on these shows. Simply stupid.

    • Curious

      Yes stupid for entertainment media to report on an entertainment show. Is it stupid that you are reading it and commenting on it? Hmmm.

      • Tara Reid

        Raaaoooww! Catfight!!!!

  • Jed

    With those ratings, I know a Season 4 is coming and that makes it that much more disturbing. To actually look at these numbers and this is what Americans view as good TV? PLEASE! Again, MORON TV!

    • James

      I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen a whole 15 minutes of this show, so you’re no one to judge.

  • v

    Sorry for my ignorance, but can you contextualize “all-time ratings record”? Does that mean it had more viewers than any televised event in history? If so, I find that hard to believe.

    If it means something else, then this article is unbelievably misleading. Or I’m an idiot (one of the few who doesn’t watch Jersey Shore.)

    • baj24

      I agree… “all time ratings record” for cable? for MTV? for this show?

    • James Hibberd

      Ah, fair point. I’ll clarify in post. It’s a series high for the show and most-watched episode of any MTV series

  • ddk

    this makes me sad

  • RM

    We as Americans keep lowering our standards in every aspect of our lives. Now people lowered their standards for TV entertainment and watch this mindless show? It’s stupid! No plot, no actual humor. People who defend their liking of the show is like a kid defending himself after getting caught by his/her parent, “No..it wasn’t me.”

  • Rasha

    Who the heck is watching this show?

    • RM

      LOL! Everyone on welfare still living with their parents wishing they had that life style. Hmmm, wishing for that is probably why they are on welfare. LOL!

      • Jason

        You would wish you had that lifestyle too, they are getting paid $10,000 per episode to have fun. How much are you making, hmm? Im willing to set aside my pride to make that much money, raise a family and such. Besides 10 years from now no one will remember who these people are and the jersey shore kids lives will go back to normal, except they will be richer.

      • Adult livin

        I’m not on welfare and I own a house. My parents don’t live anywhere near me. I’m pretty happy with my life and dont want to live theirs but I do like watching it. Gotta go. It’s T shirt tiiiiiime!

    • SaraD

      Every teenager, every parent with a teenager, every 20-something with a DVR, most 30-somethings who are home on Thursday with nothing else for them to laugh at. (These are the people watching the show.)

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