'Castle' teaser: Watch Castle, Beckett seal the deal

castleImage Credit: Michael Desmond/ABCAs Stana Katic teased to EW in November, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Katic) are finally going to seal the deal this month. “They are going to get super close,” she told us. “Closer than they’ve ever gotten before.” Well, the moment has finally arrived, my friends:  TVLine has a pretty hot snippet of the smooch that fans have been waiting for – though the way Beckett darts her eyes while laying a wet one on Castle suggests that maybe her heart (or her mind) isn’t fully invested in the moment. What’s going on, woman?

For her part, Katic keeps saying to anyone who will listen that these two belong together. “They are meant to be. I think they can be a couple and still be spicy and funny,” she told EW. “Everyone else is like, ‘Oh no we can’t do that. That will ruin it. That will kill the show.’ [A Moonlighting] curse has come up. But no way, man. Don’t believe in it at all.”

The episode airs Jan. 24. Meanwhile, Castle has already received a full season pickup for 2011-12.


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  • cregis

    I liked Moonlighting but that show has a lot to answer for, this sealing the deal has gotten really old, from this show to Bones. Can’t we have some new story lines?

    • SueN

      This show has only been on a year and a half. It hasn’t exactly been “dragged out” and that is the key. If they did drag it out, nobody would care after awhile. But to “go for it” could actually make the show more interesting.

      • sofia

        you got that right! they should totaly go for it! not like Bones, that are in season 6 and so far we haven’t seen anything other than disappointment… it should also be a curse for waiting that long.

    • Iz

      For me, I think that the true Moolighting curse is bad writing and that it’s difficult to keep the “spice” once main characters get together, but that’s also on the writers. Also, they way I’ve heard it that in addition to the writing declining for ML, Cybill Sheppard and Bruce Willis hated each other at the time, and it came accross onscreen…

      • Europa

        Thank you IZ!!!!!!!!!!
        I’ve been saying the same thing until I’m blue in the face. Finally, someone else who knows and remembers the real deal of what really went wrong. Thank you!

    • MCO

      Moonlighting curse ?
      That’s a myth and even Bullshit.
      I will quote Wikipedia about the cancellation of Moonlighting and there were more reason about that :
      1) “Neither of the principal stars was vested in the last season of the show. Bruce Willis, fresh from his Die Hard success, wanted to make movies. Cybill Shepherd, having just given birth to twins, had grown tired of the long, grueling production days and was ready for the series to end.”
      That’s one.

      2 “he March to August 1988 Writers Guild of America strike[22] cancelled plans for the 1987–1988 Moonlighting season finale to be filmed and aired on TV in 3-D in a deal with Coca-Cola (though Coca-Cola did a 3-D TV deal with NBC’s broadcast of the halftime show of Super Bowl XXIII in January 1989 instead) and delayed the broadcast of the first new episode until December 6, 1988. The series went on hiatus during the February sweeps, and returned on Sunday evenings in the spring of 1989. Six more episodes aired before the series was cancelled in May of that year”

      3) “in the fourth season Willis and Shepherd had little screen time together. Jay Daniel explained that, “we had to do episodes where there was no Cybill. She was off having twins. Her scenes were shot early, early on and then you had to integrate them with scenes shot weeks later. You were locked into what those scenes were because of what had already been shot with Cybill.”[18] Bruce Willis was also making Die Hard during this period. When that movie became a box office success, a movie career beckoned and his desire to continue in a weekly series waned. In a series that depended on the chemistry between the two main stars, not having them together for the bulk of the fourth season hurt the ratings.”

      4) “The series lost Glenn Gordon Caron as executive producer and head writer when he left the show over difficulties with the production”. It isn’t always a good Idea to have a change of head writer.

      So. I will ask a question. Is it really Maddie and David becoming a couple who had hurting the show ?

  • susan

    Katic is right! The problem with “moonlighting” is that they went from truly disliking each other to being lovey-dovey, and it changed their whole way of relating. Even if Castle and Beckett were a couple, it wouldn’t change their basic roll-your-eyes-but-I-kinda-like-you vibe. They’d be one of those couples who love to spar. I say yes!

    • Bella Paige

      I agree with you, if the writers are great enough, they can keep that spark goin and the show interesting … I put them up to that challenge

  • Kiki

    I think they could be kind of like Chuck and Sarah on Chuck: a solid couple that is cute but stays interesting. The writers would have to be careful to maintain the chemistry, but I could see it working.

    • Rashy

      Chuck is absolute garbage.

      • Lorrae

        I actually adore Chuck.

        But on the other issue, keeping the series interesting is about the WRITING! You can have a fantastic show after a couple gets together by writing it well — sheesh! Bones is driving me nuts –the writers are either terrible or the producers are wimps.

        I hope they don’t make this mistake with Castle. The will-they/won’t-they stories get just as dull (see: Bones)as putting a couple together and losing all the sparks IF THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE IT!

  • Kim

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! This episode is going to be awesome. We get a case about Beckett’s mom and a kiss. It does not get better than that! Also so excited that it’s already been renewed for next year. That was the best surprise of my week!

  • Sammie

    Well goodbye castle.

    • sofia

      why? there’s no point in having sexual tension is that tension is never going to be broke!

      • sofia

        if that tension

      • Elena

        I agree. Plus, just because they kiss doesn’t mean they are gonna be a couple anytime soon. I think that will happen eventually, but I doubt it will happen now. If it does happen now I think these two characters have a special chemistry that will allow them to remain interesting as a couple.

  • Margie

    The show isn’t really about whether those two will or won’t anyway. I don’t think their getting together would ruin the show. I watch it for the humor. They could be kind of funny together. But I would HATE to see them break up in the future, so if they are put together, they’d better stay together.

  • Kate

    We need context. These sneak peaks are deliberately misleading, and there’s clearly something more going on in that scene.

    • LEO

      I think he kisses her first (pic showed her hands at her sides, body language surprised), then they look at each other and it becomes real – and she kisses him back….it is an undercover situation (beckett looks out of the corner of her eye at their target) but it also is a very real moment and I hope she doesn’t just close up after that.
      I think they could totally be a couple and very little in the show would change (except we’d all be giddy happy to see their romance progressing)

      • Suzanne

        I completely agree Leo. The kiss looks like it has to do with the case, but hopefully Kate sees fireworks & is shaken to her core! I can’t get enough of Beckett/Castle!!

  • Tee

    I think it could be interesting. Either that or just put the possibility to bed forever. It gets tiring watching all these crime-solving shows having male-female main characters with chemistry but can’t be together because of _____ (insert one of a bajillion reasons that feel more contrived as the show goes on). Either have them together or don’t, but all the back and forth is so so done.

  • dan

    castle has to see the doctor for whatever reason becker calls him a pompous ass castle calls him mean and then they lock

  • Sue

    So Excited..We all know something is going on during the kisses, but I am more into what happens after. This will definately amp up the sexual tension between these two if that is at all possible..

  • talkin’

    Weell folks, just remember – a kiss is just a kiss. (I’m not going to watch the teaser. Spoilers have really messed up my enjoyment of tv shows. I’d rather see things in context.)

    • Juan

      Melissa: I know, isn’t it? It’s so odd that as a publicity stunt ABC will put out *books*. Who does that. Kelly: you’ll love it. Maybe not as much as Firefly, but you will. Promise.

  • Merano

    Too much is made of the “Moonlighting” curse. That show died because the actors (esp. Bruce Willis) and the producers didn’t want to do it anymore. If Castle fails because of this it will be due to a lack of writer imagination–and there’s no evidence of that with this excellent show!

  • Leithen

    They could definitely be together on the show. After all, are the writers of Castle not up to doing something the writers of Hart to Hart did for five years?

    Can no one write a happy couple anymore? I want me some Nick and Nora action here!

  • T

    I’m so excited for the ep…If it ends up being part of their “cover”, then I’d love to see the kiss become more passionate than either of them (Kate especially) expected. One of those just-doing-this-to-keep-us-from-getting-killed to I’m-completely-invested-in-this-moment kind of kisses would be fabulous. Either way, I think it’ll definitely open up a cans of worms with those two. They’ve been so careful to keep it teasing and flirty, but still partner-like… this could really cause some (more) sparks to fly between them.

    • Suzanne

      Completely agree, T. You’ve nailed it. Hopefully Kate is shocked by her reaction to his kiss. These 2 dfinitely belong 2gether!!

  • Crystal

    why do people continuously use Moonlighting as an example?? How long ago has that show been off the air? What were the REAL reasons the show failed? None of that translates to the situation at hand!!!

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