Golden Globes backstage: Christian Bale swears, Chris Colfer tears up, and David Fincher runs for his life

chris-colferImage Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.comThere’s a major difference between the Golden Globes and the Oscars when it comes to reporting backstage. At the Oscars, the press is stationed in a room approximately three Rhode Islands away from the Kodak Theatre. But at the Globes, you’re in a Beverly Hilton ballroom that’s literally next door to the ceremony. This proximity to the celebrities adds a certain amount of excitement to the task at hand. Need to make a stop at the restroom? Oh, there’s Colin Firth strolling by with his Globe in hand. Off to the concierge desk to set up your wireless Internet? Why hello, Brad and Angelina, so nice of you to waltz through the lobby now and remind me of my actual place on the good-looks hierarchy.

And then there’s the press room, where winners are interrogated about their careers, their dresses, their pregnancy fitness routines (Natalie Portman swims), and their ability to evade questions regarding Sarah Palin. (There were two Palin questions, which is two more than there should have been.) Most winners handled the media circus like pros (see Chris Colfer, Annette Bening, and Melissa Leo), while others (namely, Robert De Niro) appeared to be having as much fun as a 5-year-old forced to watch C-SPAN. Thus, I hereby present the 3rd Annual EW Backstage Awards — a collection of the press room’s most flavorful moments.

Biggest Robert De Niro fan: Christian Bale, who clarified the bleeped-out portion of his acceptance speech for The Fighter. “I spotted [De Niro] right there, and I just told him that he’s the s—,” said Bale. “You see an actor of that caliber… I was proud to be in the same room as him.”

Biggest Ricky Gervais fan: Also Christian Bale, who praised the Globes host for pushing the envelope. “That’s what comedy’s supposed to be about,” said Bale. “The guy’s a genius. I remember when we were in Iceland before starting on Batman Begins, I was watching his The Office endlessly, just crying and laughing.”

Most Visibly Happy (tie): Glee‘s Chris Colfer and Danish director Susanne Bier, whose In a Better World won Best Foreign Language Film. First, Colfer said he was attempting to hold back tears. “I have my big-boy pants on, so I am trying not to [cry],” said Colfer. “It’s insane. I have been watching [the Globes] since I was in embryo.” And did the actor think his victory had any positive social ramifications? “I think one of the best things for all the kids that are watching tonight who don’t quite understand that Kurt is a character and that we are actors, they saw Kurt Hummel get an award for just being him,” said Colfer. “I think that’s a great thing they are seeing right now.”

Second, Bier, whose movie surprisingly beat the likes of Biutiful and I Am Love, was asked what her award will mean for the Danish film industry. I thought her response had a beautiful simplicity to it: “It means that a tiny country of 5 million people can actually manage to communicate to the rest of the world.” Bier revealed that In a Better World will be released stateside in March.

Most Aware of His Tendency to Ramble: Al Pacino. While in the middle of a particularly lengthy explanation of where he keeps his awards, Pacino stopped himself. “Boy, I am giving long answers,” said the actor. “I can almost put myself to sleep. I start talking and I can feel myself drifting off.”

Most Lethargic: Cecil B. DeMille Award winner Robert De Niro. Despite reporters’ repeated attempts to jolt a semi-enthusiastic answer out of De Niro, the actor wasn’t having any of it. Where do you get your tenacity? “I just keep working.” Do you love watching any of your films? “No.” What satisfaction has acting given you? “I have had a good life.” After awhile, De Niro stopped trying to make eye-contact with whichever journalist was speaking. Instead, he simply stared off toward the back of the room.

Most Creative Use for a Golden Globe: Claire Danes, who won a Globe in 1995 for My So-Called Life, received her second Globe for her performance in the HBO movie Temple Grandin. “Now I can actually stuff my bra because I have got two,” joked Danes. “I need a little stuffing.”

Glee Scoop(s) of the Night: Showrunner Ryan Murphy mentioned that he had just run into Anne Hathaway, who “has created her own role” as Kurt’s lesbian aunt. “I said we would definitely be interested,” Murphy added. Also, the upcoming Super Bowl episode features the series’ biggest budget yet, according to co-creator Brad Falchuk. “There’s a huge Cheerios number that involves people with flaming whips and BMX bikers, which bother Sue Sylvester to no end,” Falchuk explained.

Most to the Point: After Annette Bening fielded a question about how The Kids Are All Right director Lisa Cholodenko and many other female filmmakers were overlooked for DGA nominations, Kids co-star Mark Ruffalo stepped up to the mic to deliver a message directed at Oscar voters: “I would just like to say to the Academy members, why don’t you grow a pair and vote for Lisa Cholodenko as well!” Of course, his plea was a couple days late — Oscar ballots were due last Friday.

Biggest Press Room Gaffe: The moderator introduced Colin Firth as Colin Farrell. It happens.

Shyness Award: The Social Network director David Fincher, who didn’t make an appearance backstage. “I think David ran in terror about coming into this room,” said Kevin Spacey, an executive producer for the film.

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  • Ramsey

    Seems as though backstage was a bit demur, from what I could see it looked like Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr and Sofia Vermega were enjoying every moment at their tables.

    • stu

      Colfer needs to man up when Glee ends. Send him to boot camp.

      • Kate

        I suspect he is more of a man than you are – it takes such courage to post an on-line slam.

      • nan

        Amen, Kate.

      • da

        He is quite good with sai swords. Maybe you’d like to challenge him?

      • Lily

        Eh Chris Colfer is already in bootcamp. The actors on GLee work 12-15 hours a day.

    • stu

      I hate when actors kiss butt another=Bale to Deniro.

      • Sarah El

        Why wouldn’t you want to profess your respect and admiration for someone who exemplifies good work in your shared field?

  • kate

    DeNiro’s non-acting self is so painful to watch. He is either childishly mute as John Young describes (also see his recent appearance on Letterman with Dustin Hoffman) or he is making obnoxious comments about ensuring his kids stay in private schools. God forbid your kids have to associate with the lesser beings who attend public schools.

    • Will

      The skit on Letterman was just that, a skit. DeNiro’s not like that all the time genius, plus he just doesn’t like interviewers like in the press room. But did you see his acceptance speech ramble? it was hysterical and a clear sign that he’s a legend, he knows it, and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone on an EW comment section thinks.

    • Brett

      Oh, lighten up, Kate.

    • Amber

      As a public school teacher, I want to thank DeNiro for keeping his kids in private schools. We don’t need the distraction.

    • Dean

      It isn’t about lesser beings, but lesser education. Stats don’t lie. The truth hurts, qq. BTW, I’m class of ’08 from one of the “best” public schools in Texas. HAH, I felt like a deprived buffoon when I went to a private university, attended by mostly kids from private schools.

    • Mike

      I personally love it when legends, who’ve defined their trade for decades, use their merit to keep it real…or to do w/e the F they want to. Power to DeNiro.

    • Jill

      Unbutton your collar, Kate!

  • jessica

    why did everyone act like christian bale threatened to kill evveryone in the Kodak theater, if he ‘only’ said that de niro is the SHIZZZ?

    confused here. I hate the bleeping bleeping of speeches.

  • tracy bluth

    First of all, Anne Hathaway is way too good for Glee. Second of all, so what if Al Pacino and Robert De Niro aren’t great at making speeches/interviews/etc? I’d rather have those two than some untalented actor who talks like Miss America.

    • Barry

      Let that Ms. America person stay on Glee.

    • Jade

      Anne must not share your opinion, seeing as how she has done several interviews saying she wants to be on Glee and, as reported above, went to Ryan Murphy himself to pitch her ideas.

    • Miss Talk

      She said she wanted to do Glee a couple of times. She even gave a Standing O to Chris Kurt Colfer. I like that. If you’re in to kiss *ss, do it with the tongue. If she ever gets a role, I’m 100% sure Ryan Murphy will nail her storyline.

    • Angela

      I think Anne Hathaway would be wonderful on Glee. Just because you don’t like Glee, it doesn’t mean other people can’t like or enjoy it. Anne Hathaway is apparently in the latter category, as am I.

      • SaraD

        I like Glee, but I am sick of Anne Hathaway and say NO to a guest star on Glee. Can’t it go back to first season, which made everyone fall in love with it in the first place? Why does it have to be a breeding ground for A-list actors to show off their singing chops??

      • Megan D

        I would love to see Anne Hathaway on Glee, I think she’d be hilarious

  • MikeM

    De Niro did ramble but offset his insensitive comment about private schools with great social commentary on immigration. Chris was magnificent; as was his perfect duet on the Christmas show. It is refreshing to see that the GG really meant something to a person, the character he portraits and the youth he and the role inspire. The Miss America comment meant as disingenuous and mean-spirited actually could have been better stated as giddy. Ricky was acid tongue witty. Matt and Robert were not but watching actors try stand-up was endearing. All-in-all a wonderful night.

  • Rocky

    I almost bought a blueberry pie at the grocery store last night. But I didn’t.

  • MIchele

    I’m glad Chrisian defended Gervais. I really don’t think he was that offensive. I’ve always thought Gervais is a genius as well. Besides, wasn’t Chris Rock just as offensive when he hosted awards shows??

    • andy

      i aqrree–Ricky was great!

    • tracy bluth

      Loved that he had the balls to say what everyone was thinking about the Depp and Jolie nominations. The Scientology joke was a little old, but Jim Carrey totally deserved the spot taken up by Depp’s Tourist nomination.

    • Miss Talk

      Christian and Ricky are British and British/European/Rest of the world people don’t kiss celebrities *ss that much during award shows. Only in America. Sometimes they need to lighten it up, in the end, they’re all comedians on that red carpet, they don’t cure malaria.
      I’m really glad Ricky Gervais called out Johnny Depp and “The Tourist” because both are overrated at this point (EW, you know it’s true). I admire Johnny Depp and everything but he has become too commercial for me. He needs to take a break.

      • Mike

        I could be wrong, bit I believe Christian Bale’s American, not British.

      • Jess

        Bale was born in Wales to English parents. (I had to look that up- )

      • Megan D

        He’s British, born and bred

  • Dan

    Gervais was hilarious! The Globes is supposed to be a party and a good set of jokingly nasty insults make for a fun evening.

    If I was someone in the room not insulted by Gervais, I’d be insulted he didn’t do it…

    • Megan D

      I agree!! I also think that in order to have a good sense of humor you need to be able to laugh at yourself and the person who’s making fun of you. Besides, those poeple don’t live in reality, jabs at celebrity never hurt anybody

  • Rocky

    I mean don’t get me wrong. I really wanted to buy the blueberry pie, but don’t they stain you teeth?

  • Valerie

    So incredibly happy that Chris Colfer won! In your face bullies!

  • Dee Jones

    Serious type actors, Robert DeNiro should not try to make jokes. The joke he made about the Foreign Press going back to the foreign country and some of the waiters too was just too much, offensive even.

  • andy

    i thought DeNiro was almost as funny as Gervais! it was fun to watch a room full of overpaid narcissists squirm at a little bit of biting humor…Bruce Willis, in particular, needs to grow a pair!

  • kathryn

    Chris Colfer is so lovrly, deserving of that award more than anyone. Adore him to pieces. He was so humbled, and watching him win last night was so beautiful to watch. Also: Lea Michele could learn a lesson in humility from him. Can’t stand *her* for sure.

  • Dean

    “Why hello, Brad and Angelina, so nice of you to waltz through the lobby now and remind me of my actual place on the good-looks hierarchy.”

  • Emily

    Kate’s right! Chris ROCKS!

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