Watch the 'Fringe' music video 'Echoes' -- EXCLUSIVE

Sound the Klaxons — Fringe returns with new episodes on Friday! And by Klaxons, we do not mean the trademarked vehicular horn or “alerting device” whose distinctive sound, according to Wikipedia, should be depicted in print as “ah-WOOOGA!” (I prefer “ah-ROOOGA!”), but rather the English alternative rock band Klaxons. (Of course, you knew that.) Fox has taken the group’s 2010 single “Echoes” and created a Fringe music video that recaps the season’s Two Olivias parallel world storyline and functions as a ‘shipper ode to the developing Olivia/Peter romance. As we reported last month, Fox is working hard and creatively to not only encourage Fringe fans to follow the series to its new timeslot, but to also grow the show’s audience by going after teens and young adults. Judging from the video’s dark romantic vibe, I’d say Fox is hoping to entice newbies by positioning the cult fave as a sophisticated sci-fi Twilight. Check it out:

Does the video contain hidden clues about upcoming episodes? I’ve viewed it twice, and I’m inclined to say “Nope”, but your Encyclopedia Brown eyes may yield different results. (FYI, I’m told Friday’s outing, the ironically entitled “The Firefly,” offers a good dose of The Observers. Also: Christopher Lloyd!) I’m impressed with choice of Klaxons, whose sensibility seems very Fringe. This is a band whose musical style has been described as “acid rave sci-fi punk funk,” that gives their albums names that could double as titles of Fringe episodes (Myths of the Near Future; Surfing The Void) and is prone to referencing¬† William Burroughs and Thomas Pynchon in their songs. Sounds like my new favorite band. This video does get me thinking of other potential audio/visual mash-ups that Fox could produce on behalf of Fringe. My suggestion: An ode to Olivia’s ponytail set to “Whip My Hair.” (Cut to: My body suddenly impaled with thousands of your angry little eye darts.) Feel free to pitch your ideas in the message boards below. And one more thing: ah-WOOOGA or ah-ROOOGA?

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  • Peter

    Ack…..can’t stand the editing, with jarring motion or cuts on every drum beat, and the audio mix between the song and the dialog stinks. I’m now angry because this made me LESS excited for Friday.

  • carson


    • Zombie Jesus

      Ahhh moving Fringe to Fridays. Everytime a painful memory of Fox’s amazingly poor decisions starts to fade they remind me how oblivious they are to real entertainment.

      Good job Fox execs. I was just starting to heal from the loss of Dollhouse. Jerks!

      Never Forget: Firefly, Terminator: SCC, Arrested Development….. help me out people what else have I left out?

      • Gurell

        “Firefly, Terminator: SCC, Arrested Development… help me out people what else have I left out?”

        If your asking what other horrible shows FOX has cancelled i believe that Family Guy can provide a decent list.

  • Rich

    Are we going to get the final LOST column soon? Really looking forward to it!

    • Peter

      Hey, yeah, that was absolutely promised for December.

      • Jeff Jensen

        Some life developments got in the way. All will be explained when I post, most likely on the anniversary of the Season 6 premiere. So Feb. 2, though maybe sooner. Thanks for your patience, and I promise: The excuse for my lateness is very, very compelling.

      • Peter

        Okay, Doc. You know we only get rabid because we love it.

      • Rich

        Hope all is well, Doc — agreed with Peter, our rabidness is due to how much we love your columns (and really miss LOST)!

      • Hubi

        Oh my, was there a Lost baby on its way?

      • Rush

        I might’ve accepted an excuse that it was eaten by your dog Vincent, or, y’know, LOST.

      • Big Walt

        I suspect he just can’t let go and by actually publishing the last Lost column he would have to accept that it is over. He hasn’t reached that stage of mourning yet.

  • Christine

    Love it! Fringe is such an amazing show and it really deserves more recognition and viewers. I hope that FOX doesn’t decide to give up on it. And I really hope people catch on and help it continue on for many more seasons!

  • PRbabe

    Why is this a “Fringe” music video when its nothing but OLIVIA! Stupid video.

    • Emily

      Oh lord, here we go again…

      • paulie

        The Joshua Jackson cultists only get creepier. I bet they send him bizarre letters and packages that he turns over to a security specialist.

      • PRBabe

        Look, I have EVERY right to be mad okay? They made Peter stupid just to make people sympthaize with Olivia all right? People hate him because of this stupid Olivia storyline.

      • Leithen

        Not watching the same show as I am, that’s for sure.

      • PRbabe

        really? Then what about Olivia’s hate-filled speech to Peter at the end of Marionette? “She wasn’t me, how can you not see that” and “I don’t want to be with you”. Or the hate-filled comments made by pissed off Olivia fans because Peter did not see the differences?

      • Peter

        She didn’t say she hated him. She’s mad at her alt-self for making it so that she doesn’t want to be with him. Try to keep up.

      • Leithen

        Peter came off in those scenes like a stand-up guy admitting a mistake.

        I just don’t understand why there’s a need to divide people into “Peter fans” and “Olivia fans.” It’s not a competition. I’m just a Fringe fan.

      • Peter

        Also, I don’t think Peter was oblivious. He hinted all along that he suspected. Really, the entire supporting cast was stupid for never even suspecting it. I was annoyed that Charlie didn’t notice the unmistakable hair coloring odor after Olivia first went red.

      • PRbabe

        I don’t care. Its HATE. Everybody hates Peter because of Olivia.

      • Leithen

        No, they don’t.

        I know most people reserve their actual “hate” toward non-fictional, real life problems. I know I do. It’s sad to hate in general, even sadder when it’s about fictional characters.

      • Peter

        Peter is a character. If the writers made him detestable, then Peter the character by definition is detestable. He can’t be something that the writers don’t make him. While I don’t hate him, any negative feeling I have toward him is based on 1) his own boringness and 2) the way he’s reacted to Walter.

      • PRbabe

        oh so now Peter is boring? Let;s run down every single put down of Peter

        Peter is stupid
        Peter is a jerk
        Peter is also boring



      • Peter

        Well, no, not just now; he’s *always* been boring.

      • Peter

        Let me frame it this way: why on earths should I like Peter?

      • PRBabe

        Go to hell Peter and take Anna Torv and John Noble with you!

      • ILuvPeter

        PRBabe, have you ever been in a relationship? Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever said something mean that you wish you’d never said? Have you ever thought you really knew someone, only to discover that you really didn’t. I don’t hate Peter. He had a tough time and was just happy to have something that seemed real to him. It was a lie, and I hurt for him. I also hurt for Olivia. If you want to hate a character, hate Altlivia. But even she was duped by Walternate. Heck, hate Walter for keeping Peter after he was cured. The list of possible blame is endless. But it is human nature to find a scapegoat.

      • Peter

        I’m glad you finally agree. Go to hell, Peter, indeed.

    • Amelia

      Okay WHAT THE HELL is your problem. Olivia is the strong female role women should look up to. She can do anything and she kicks ass at it. She does not need a man to save her. She can save herself. And yeah I am incredibly sorry for Peter and I know he didn’t do anything wrong. But neither has Olivia. Heres a good question to ask yourself. What if what happened to Olivia happened to you? What if someone took you away from your home, tortured you and stripped you of your identity. And the only thing that keeps you who you are is the memory of the one you love and the promise of the life you could have together when you got back. And then when you FINALLY got back, you find out everyone you love didn’t even notice you were gone. They didn’t see that you were gone and that someone else had replaced you. And on top of all of that, the man you love, the only thing that got you through it, had fallen for the wrong you. He also had no idea, he had no doubt in his mind that your doppleganger wasn’t you. And Olivia is still standing strong.

      • PRbabe

        Of course Amelia, praise the embodiment of perfection that is Olivia while bashing Peter. You’re my problem.

      • Lisa London

        Amelia – don’t bother. PRBabe goes onto EVERY Fringe post to say the same thing. It’s like she watching a different show than the rest of us…

      • ILuvPeter, IMDB, every youtube video, every article. Gah, go away deranged lunatic.

      • fiona

        I’m telling you, Joshua Jackson’s security team has PRBabe watched every time she creeps up to the set with her tattered, Havisham-like bridal veil on, ready to drag him away to be her eternal love. I hope Anna Torv’s security team does too.

  • Anitamargarita

    Woooga, definitely.

  • tracy bluth

    I have missed Fringe sooooo much! Can’t wait for Friday!!!!!!!
    PS. I prefer Roooga.

  • chocolateislove

    I can’t wait for Fringe, especially with Christopher Lloyd guest-starring! And I vote for Wooooga.

  • Beth

    Okay Doc, I have to admit that you almost lost me with “a sophisticated sci-fi Twilight,” but the vid was worth it. I’m looking forward to see where the show goes in its new timeslot. thank you!

  • Big Walt

    I prefer K-Oooger.

  • mac

    Here is the problem that TV execs. don’t seem willing to consider. Friday nights are not for the younger TV demo. There are far too many other things for people to do on Fridays. Maybe I am selfish here because there is no way I am going to miss my child’s basketball games on Friday night to watch Fringe (I’ll have to wacth later) but the reason shows struggle on Friday nights is simple, the audience can’t consistently commit and have a social life as well. I know there are other ways to watch I’m just saying… Fox will show 3 nights in a row of AI 10.0 but won’t commit to one of the best shows on television.

  • Diva

    Don’t compare Fringe to Twilight. Twilight shouldn’t even be in the same article as Fringe. Fringe is in a higher dimension.

    • tracy bluth

      Can Twilight and the other Olivia (yes, I HATED that character… although I think I made that obvious when I referred to her as “Holivia”) both be sent to some secret third universe and never be heard of again?

      • who cares

        only if PRBabe goes with them

  • Adrienne

    I think it kicks ass.

  • mack

    You have to hand it to FOX they are doing more for FRINGE than any other show that was free falling.

    • tvgirl48

      I completely agree. You really have to give FOX their due for sticking behind the show and proving that they aren’t just dumping it on Friday to die a quiet death this time.

      • Lisa London

        True but where are these clips broadcast? Apart from us fans, who’s going to actually see them?

      • Aimee

        I have converted 3 people I know personally to watching Fringe by posting videos and talking about them. People ask questions about about the show on forums and on Twitter. I’ve had many people express interest in the show by talking with them about it online. Word of mouth goes far for a cult fandom.

  • mack

    LONG LIVE FRINGE. The critics love it, the fans love it, its just that middle America aren’t smart enough to keep up with it

    • switbo

      Only because they can’t follow a plot more complicated than “Survivor”. They are to be pitied really.

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