'Amazing Race' announces teams for all-star 'Unfinished Business' edition

amazing-race-18-castImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSAs long-rumored, another all-star edition is on the way for The Amazing Race. Eleven former teams who fell short their first go-round will return for The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, which premieres Feb. 20 on CBS. The pairs only go back to Season 12 — the previous All-Stars edition was season 11. The teams are:

• Father/daughter duo Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin: Season 17, 6th place

• Sisters LaKisha Hoffman and Jennifer Hoffman: Season 14, 4th place

• Cowboy brothers Jet McCoy and Cord McCoy: Season 16, 2nd place

• Fiancees Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka: Season 14, 8th place

• Former NFL cheerleaders Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal: Season 14, 2nd place

• Harlem Globetrotters Herb Lang and Nate Lofton: Season 15, 4th place

• Father/daughter duo Ron Hsu and Christina Hsu: Season 12, 2nd place

• Dating goths Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala: Season 12, 5th place

• Best friends Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew: Season 15, 9th place

• Mother/son duo Margie Adams and Luke Adams: Season 14, 3rd place

• Father/son duo Mel White and Mike White: Season 14, 6th place

According to CBS, this season, broadcast in HD for the first time, will find competitors traveling 40,000 miles through five continents and 23 cities. “Teams begin their journey around the globe from the second-windiest place on the planet, and travel to such picturesque locations as Sydney, Australia, where they find themselves swimming with sharks; Liechtenstein, where they must measure the length of the entire country while riding a motorized bicycle; and Tokyo, Japan, where they must endure the freezing waters from Mount Fuji as part of a spiritual ritual.”

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  • Lete

    Love that Zev and Justin are coming back. The way that they went out sucked.

    • Shannon

      Agreed! I smiled when I saw their names included in this list.

      • Allie

        me too! hopefully they’ll be careful with their passports this time! lol

    • Al

      There was another team that was eliminated for losing their passport. Toni and Dallas. It would have been nice to see them given another chance.

      • Tom in STL

        Maybe they asked Toni and Dallas and they declined?

      • davey

        They keep on showing them in the previews for the upcoming season – bummer they’re actually not in the race. They were one of my favorites of any season!

      • tickles

        I wonder if Dallas is still dating Star?

      • Saracen Riggins

        I loved them and was so bummed when they ended up having to leave. I wish they were on this list!

      • fireflystare221

        They were my favorite team so far! I would have loved to see them or Dan and Andrew (for the sheer comedy).

    • Dalia

      I agree!!!! My favorite line of Amazing Race dialogue is from and about them. “He was like the duck whisperer.” That line plus the image of (Zev?) herding ducks using ballet esque grace was too funny.

      • Allie

        haha i loved that! i kind of wish brian and ericka were chosen again. she was hilarious! “the least you could do is be supportive!”

    • tommymommy

      Where is team Cha-Cha-Cha????

      • LAJackie

        They were on the previous All-Stars.

    • RW

      Me too! I loved them.

    • Baba Booey’s Terrible Throwing Arm

      5 teams from Season 14? Seriously? That’s like HALF that season. They really couldn’t find better teams than Amanda & Kris, and the pee Sisters?

      • AK

        The “pee Sisters” were great! I really hope Kisha and Jen win the whole thing this time, because they were one of the strongest teams, and by far the most likable, on that season and it was disappointing to watch them lose like that.

      • abeeotch

        Better than Amanda & Kris?
        They were super strong! She should ALL of the other women up!
        I totally didn’t like that the models won that year. They were sooo vicious!

      • abeeotch

        My bad!!! I totally had the wrong team!!
        How embarrassing
        I was thinking of Kris & Jon from season 6.
        My apologies…

      • MattyWillWinSeason23

        I agree. No more than 3 teams from any season, thats how it should be

  • Russ

    As much as I liked Gary & Mallory and Jet and Cord, I’m sick of these All Star editions of shows when they’ve been done too many times already. Give some others a chance to win a million dollars!

    • emjay

      I’m in agreement. But I’ll take these occasional all stars versions as long as they don’t ask Boston Rob back again.

      • Ida

        Boston Rob is doing Survivor again for the 4th time. Not sure what he will do if that show ever goes off the air

      • Gasp

        Might he be forced to….oh my God…get a job?

      • tickles

        I adore Boston Rob!! He is my mostest favoritest ever!! But what about Charla? She should get to come back with a different partner. I hate Mirna.

      • Juneau

        LOVE Boston Rob and there are many of us so that’s why he’s always asked back. I’ll take him any day over having to listed to Margie and Luke whine all season.

    • jen

      how can you be sick of it, this is only the second time in 18 seasons AR has had an All-Star edition and they didn’t pull from the cast eligible for the last editions so there aren’t any repeat/fame/money whores ie Rob & Amber. I get it for other shows but not this one

  • Jerome

    Go Goths Go!

    • Marcy Runkle

      You stop this car, Vxysin!!

      • Mark

        That was too funny!
        his little hissy fit in the back seat,

      • caryn

        Love that!! It’s what I always think of when I hear about this duo :)

    • Alan

      I’m surprised more people aren’t mentioning Kynt and Vyxsin. I mean, come on! I hope this time they aren’t introduced as a “couple”. I mean, come on! Kynt is pinker than Vyxsin’s hair. But they were oddly fascinating to watch. Especially seeing them run through 3rd world countries looking like that, they must have looked like aliens from Mars to some of the locals.

      • LAJackie

        I love Kent & Vyxsin. I have actually gotten to know them very well since they moved to LA and they are such nice people. I hope they win!

    • Alan

      Also, didn’t he used to be “Kynt” not “Kent”?

      • LAJackie

        I believe Kent is his given name (Vyx always calls him that anyway) and after his father died at the end of last year he changed it back to honour him.

      • Alan

        I did love them, don’t get me wrong! But he’ll always be “Kynt” to me cause it’s more fun to say and more original. I hope they do well.

      • LAJackie

        I agree! Kynt is definitely a great name and goes very well with Vyxsin. I am so psyched to see them race again. I hope they get to the finals.

      • Alan

        But LAJackie, tell me….it still says “Dating Goths” in the above article. They can’t be “dating”, can they? You know what I’m saying, right?

  • Jess

    Margie an Luke again? Ugggh!

    • Alan of Montreal

      wonder if there will be more fireworks between them and Lakisha and Jen.

      Aside from a bit of eye candy (from both of them), I don’t know why Kris and Amanda were selected–I barely remember them. And why no season 13 representation? (or was that the family edition?)

      • Heidi

        No Season 13 wasn’t family edition. I went back and looked at the cast photos and I don’t remember a ton from that season. Must have been really boring. I think brother/sister Nick and Starr were winners.

      • Tom in STL

        Heidi is right. Nick and Starr were the winners of that season. Other than the frat boys and Toni/Dallas that season was not memorable. Kris and Amanda were probably chosen because they were one of the top teams on their season until they got U-turned and got eliminated.

      • Paul

        I still don’ understand why 5 out of the 11 teams chosen were from Season 14. Why even bother calling it All-Stars. TAR should call it Season 14 Redux.

      • jones

        Yeah, Kris & Amanda were the one team I could not picture when I read the names on a different side. I wish a different team had their spot.

      • Dalia

        I think they should have invited the frat boys back and made every challenge require a sense of rhythm. It would be hilarious.

      • Clark

        Kris and Amanda were the only team I had to google. They look vaguely familiar, but I don’t remember anything about them…
        Even though they were on last season, I was kinda hoping to see Brook and Claire again.

      • MattyWillWinSeason23

        damn her and her pregnantness, cause if not they wouldve been on this season

    • Eliza

      Thank god I’m not the only one who hates them.

    • Christopher Robin

      As Eliza said, Thank God I’m not the only one who hates them.

    • Steve

      “Mooommm!” Looks like we have to hear more of that again…

    • jen

      i’m in total agreement, they grated on my nerves last time and I pray they get out first so the rest of the season will be enjoyable

    • tickles

      I thought Margie rocked. And I was totally on Luke’s side over the whole elbow debate.

    • Alan

      I know! Luke made me realize that it’s okay to hate deaf people and just because you have a certain disability doesn’t mean you aren’t a whiny jerk!

      • Steve

        Margie wasn’t that bad – it was Luke that totally got on my nerves.

      • AK

        Actually, Margie was kind of an enabler.

      • Rina

        She was an enabler. I was glad to see that team go. I was rooting for them at first (the whole underdog complex) but after watching them for awhile, it just proved that he was a punk…deaf or not.

    • Laura

      Come on. My BF and I had great fun shouting “Go Bob Go!” anytime Luke was on the screen.

    • Mark

      I agree, not a fan of Luke

    • D

      I know…They got to be insufferable by the end. I was so glad they lost.

    • Uncle Jim

      I hate Luke. MUH! MUH! MUHHHH!!!!!

      • K

        Nothing is more disgusting than mocking someone with a disability. Shame on you. You don’t have to like them, but you should still be civil.

  • cattyfan

    Why only recent teams?

    • me

      it says on usatoday that the producer didn’t want to go back too far because “people wouldn’t even remember who they were”. like we’re all stupid.

      • emjay

        What’s funny about that is that I remember the earlier teams faaaar more vividly than the recent 6 or so races. When they said Kris and Amanda, I thought Chris and Amanda from season 4.

      • moi

        Such an insulting thing to say to actual fans of the show. I mean isn’t that the point of having an alstar season, to bring back favourites/controversial racers from seasons past for the fans to see again?

      • LAJackie

        I remember teams from the older seasons much more than from the more recent ones. Derek & Drew from season 3 are still my favourite team. I would have loved to have seen Kris & Jon back again too. They were a lovely couple. I’m excited for Kent & Vyxsin though.

      • sundra

        yea, i loved kris & jon. cutest couple ever.

    • Alan

      I think it makes sense. If the first All-Stars Edition was for seasons 1-10, doesn’t it make sense that this one would be for everything since? I mean surely there are enough memorable teams from seasons 12 onwards that we don’t have to go waaaay back. I mean, if a team from seasons 1-10 were interesting enough, they would have already been chosen for the first all-stars wouldn’t they?

      • Anth

        Not really–there were way more memorable teams in the early years. Ken/Gerard and Colin/Christie are just two of the most notable exclusions from the first All-Stars. Like someone said earlier, I remember more of them than I do of the recent ones, which all kind of blend in for me. They clearly had difficulty filling out this cast and should’ve gone back to the beginning because this is the most random All-Star cast ever.

      • AK

        Uh, nobody wanted to Colin and Christie again. Like, EVER.

  • Dave

    if this is just being announced today, did CTV in Canada jump the gun by airing the promo that revealed all the teams during the Golden Globes?

    • Eric

      I was wondering the same thing. I knew most of these teams would be involved due to the commercial CTV was airing for the last month.

      • Alan of Montreal

        they probably broke the embargo by accident. they may get a slap on the wrist from Bruckheimer or CBS

    • Mark

      I thought the same thing as I watched the Golden Globes. Luckily, Paul Giamatti still loves us, and that’s all that matters.

    • LAJackie

      They showed a promo for ‘Unfinished Business’ at the end of the season finale of the last TAR so ……

    • timfan

      They showed several teams that weren’t picked as well. The promo was a teaser for possible teams that would be included, but not officially announced until today. Of course, some of the racers’ twitter accounts went dark during filming so that was a good indication as well!

  • Stephen

    When they showed the preview for this season, I swore I saw Brooke and Claire in the clip.
    Saddened to not see them among the cast.

    • Steven Barnes

      Sorry, but there’s only so much Claire the world can take.

      • Steven Barnes

        Meant to say Brooke.

    • Brian

      Brooke and Claire were asked to do it. As they told The Early show after last season, Claire is pregnant and would not be able to do it. I would have loved to have seen them.

    • lml

      Claire is pregnant.

      • Kurt Russell

        This just in: Claire just gave birth to 9 lb 4 oz watermelon! Splat!!!!!

    • Dalia

      Thank goodness that Claire is pregnant. I woudln’t be able to handle two season in a row of “CLAIRE CLAIRE YOU HAVE TO RUN FASTER CLAIRE CLAIRE CLAIRE CLAIRE”

      • Saracen Riggins

        ICK. Me either.

      • Dalia

        I feel like my ears are bleeding just remembering this.

    • TPK

      Promos also showed Nick & Vicki from this last season. It was a little misleading.

      • Laura

        In a good way, because had that sleazeball a-hole been back on my TV, I would have had a seizure.

  • Amy

    Cowboys have it in the bag!

    • naynay

      Oh my gravy, yes!

    • MattyWillWinSeason23

      They are so lame.

  • Gracie

    I’m so exited to see the cowboys again!!!!

  • bamalam

    I’m probably in the deep minority…but I hated the cowboys. Not enough to not watch the show, but enough to hope they go out early.


      If you are in the minority, so am I. Did not like the cowboys at all; but I am still going to watch the show!

    • Juneau

      I loved the cowboys and any team that didn’t scream at each other the whole race. 80 percent of the teams have no respect for each other and it’s cringe inducing to watch. for all you married couples that do that, I’ve got news for you, it’s not love keeping you together (ie Victoria & Jonathan). I can’t stand watching those couples on this show.

    • Know-It-All

      One of our favorite posters, Big Dave (who seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth recently) was also quite vocally not a fan of the cowboys.

  • Teresa

    Tons of teams were shown in the CTV commercial, including Brook and Claire. Many of the teams shown are not in the cast, probably in order not to reveal it before the official announcement

  • Wordchick

    I was a little disappointed to not see Brook and Claire, but then again, the “kiss count” and the “flair” were getting a tad old by the end of last season.

    Jet and Cord for the win! Those guys were very cool.

    • Stevex

      Right there with you on Jet and Cord, with Flight Time and Big Easy (the Globetrotters) a close second.

      • Kurt Russell

        How about Flight Time and Big Easy’s best buddy, the girl wearing the floaties who almost got pushed down the waterslide. I’m sure that couple is still dating!

    • Annia

      Yee haw for them. I’m counting the day to see my favorite cowboys ride again. I think this season will be the most fun to watch, all of the teams are pretty strong. Can’t wait to see Jet & Cord, of course, but also looking forward to see how far Justin & Zev will go. I don’t care for Ron & Kristina, simply because he always putting her down, and she being the submissive daugther that she is, she’ll never stand up to him. Sad & painful to listen to him berating her, really. Big easy is fun to watch, but he will rudely speak his mind when he can’t concentrate. Kynt & Vixen, yep, the goths with hearts, is another team that I am looking forward to see. As much as I like Mallory, however, I hope she takes her medication to keep her from overly spazz…LOL.

  • jermey

    Horrible teams. I’m only excited for Mallory and Gary. Too bad Brook and Clair couldn’t come back. And why did they invite Amanda and Kris back? they were placed 8th out of what? 11-12 teams? that’s what they call all star material?

  • question

    isn’t that jeff and jordan?? are they playing again?


      No, unfortunately, that is not Jeff and Jordan.

      • PJ

        You mean fortunately.

    • tickles

      I wish it was Jeff and Jordan. They are really sweet together. I was so proud of Jordan the way she stepped up to the plate and did everything without complaining that season. Jeff might still be doing his travel show.

  • AndrewJ

    Go Jet and Cord! Woohoo!

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