'Glee': A major New Directions couple will break up -- EXCLUSIVE

We’re only a few weeks away from Glee‘s ginormous, post-Super Bowl episode airing Feb. 6, but, here at EW, we’re already thinking about the rest of season 2. There’s been a slew of fresh romances this season — Tina & Mike, Sam & Quinn, Artie & Brittany — but EW can exclusively reveal that one of those couples will be biting the dust soon. SPOILER ALERT!

The pair that will be joining Rachel and Finn as the latest New Directions exes are the show’s resident hot blonds, Sam and Quinn. Says co-creator Ryan Murphy, “I got bored. They were too perfect.” But that doesn’t mean that Sam will be on his own. “He starts dating Santana,” says Murphy. “He needs a little salsa spice.” Murphy adds that Quinn will also find comfort in the form of her old boyfriend, Finn. Shocking!

For more on the second half of season two as well as exclusive details from the set of Glee‘s Super Bowl episode, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands this Friday.

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  • alice

    drama for the sake of drama. typical glee. kids can’t be happy for more than 5 minutes before it’s ‘boring’
    newsflash: school for the most part, is boring.

    • Breckster82

      typical high school maybe, where most couples last 5 minutes or less.

      • Kelly

        I just miss Finn and Rachel – this show and its unnecessary drama is boring. Bring back the focus on overcoming adversity, rising to the top, and love!! What is boring is unnecessary drama

      • Michelle

        I miss Finn and Rachel too – they are the best part of the show. I just don’t understand this direction they are taking – I don’t want to watch anymore…

      • Zazazing

        Brekster-you are soooo right. My daughter is a junior and keeps me updated on all the drama. Not only do the couples last less than a week, but they seem to take turns dating those in their circle.
        And by dating, I mean texting, not actually going anywhere.

      • Jmaxx30

        @Kelly – are you kidding me?! Rachel and Finn were by far the least interesting story line in the show. Now Artie and Brittany that is a great story line. Great show, but Rachel’s presence is overwhelming and her relationship with Finn was ridiculous.

      • Pat

        I agree that Artie and Brittany are a really interesting couple. And I like Sam and Quinn together a lot.

      • Many

        I was hoping Rachael would end up with Ross

      • patv

        um HELLO did no one here do any reasherch if u did u would know that rachel & finn make up extreamlly!!! in this episode or the next!!!

    • Mike

      Hopefully this means Dianna is on her way out of the show… She is way too good for the crap Glee has become.

      • Michael

        That’s hilarious. She’s the weakest singer on the show and isn’t exactly an accomplished actress.

      • Jenna

        LOL Michael. 100% AGREED! She’s the weakest actress and singer. She’s pretty lucky to still have Glee.

      • Raymond

        Who needs to be accomplished or talented when you’re blonde and pretty?

      • Kelly

        true – glee has really gone down hill. The last two episodes were horrible, depressing christmas episode and sectional, well – wasn’t really about sectionals. The whole Glee club is like an after thought to all of the stupid, soap opera, drama. This show has lost it for me. Bring on the Big Bang Theory – where it is ACTUALLY a comedy…

      • Hannah

        What do you guys mean she’s not the most accomplished actress? You do realize she’s made like four movies in the past year, right? She’s done more outside of Glee than any of the other actors.

      • knycks

        Dianna is a fantastic actress (just because she isn’t in-your-face doesn’t mean she is not good) if you really watch her serious moments, such as telling her parents about the pregnancy, they are really wonderful. The voices NEED to be different, you can’t have a group full of alto belter’s (Lea Michele) and Amber Riley’s. In order for a group to have depth you need a range of voices, and Dianna’s is quite beautiful.

      • Nelly

        Sorry but Dianna is a million times better than Lea I only have two expressions.

      • LD

        Dianna has an Awesome voice!! I think she sang Colbie Caillat’s song better than Colbie Caillat. Her voice is more on the jazzy side and I love it. And it is true that she has had more experience on the big and small screen than any of the others. Plus she is the prettiest one of all of the girls.

      • defending Dianna

        Dianna has a lovely voice. You people need to stop watching American Idol, which is teaching America that “good voice” = “loud voice”. Dianna’s voice may not be powerful, but it is very pretty. And, she is a stronger actor than any of the other students except for Chris Colfer. Her story arc (and her performance of it) in season one was the highlight of the show for me.

      • gleekforlife247

        um Lea Michele is a soprano not alto knycks and to Hannah, Lea Michele has been nominated for Tonys for Spring Awakening and quite frankly, musically, Broadway is more of an accomplishment than small films…I love Dianna, but hate Quinn, and when people diss Lea…Sorry if I offended anyone….

    • Neil

      Yeah it is boring. Which is why I don’t quite get all the carping about Glee’s romance storylines. What else is going to happen to a bunch of high school kids? They’re not going to cure cancer or investigate a serial murder or defuse a ticking bomb.

      • Liz

        They could, you know, actually practice BEING A GLEE CLUB? Isn’t that the whole point?

    • Erin

      Yea, Im reeeeeeally getting sick of all the break ups, seriously… Its EXHAUSTING. By the way, EW, this isnt exclusive news. Its not even new news, Ive known about this breakup for like, two weeks.

      • Erin

        Oh, and also, to perfect Ryan Murphy? Do you mean, like, a happy couple? How shocking, god knows a happy couple is boring…. And really? Quinn and Finn? I mean, really? THEY were boring, the first time round. And I dont even want to get in to Santanna and Sam. UGH. And why cant Mercedes get any love?

      • RichoTB

        The reason she doesnt get any love is because she is fat and unattractive. Like you Erin. Face it babe tubby girls don’t score relationships OR popularity, sorry to crush your dreams. Now go eat a twinkie

      • Jason

        Geez Richo, I’m a guy, but you’re a b****

      • DiMi

        I’d like to so Mercedes get some love, also. Erin here, on the other hand, doesn’t deserve to be loved. Amber Riley is a successful actress and singer, and nobody knows who you are so the fact that we’re discussing her – and that we all despise you – proves that you’re not just wrong and mean, you’re stupid, too. Karma’s going to eat you alive, Erin.

      • DiMi

        Oops, not Erin, I meant this Richo person. Sorry, Erin, I meant that Richo doesn’t deserve to be loved. I got the names confused. Have you ever noticed that the guys who complain about “fat chicks” are always ugly and under-endowed. Anyhow, yes I’m tired of the racism that is keeping Mercedes from having a romance.

      • Samantha

        Richo, you’re probably fat too

      • Effie

        Richo is probably some loser sitting on his computer dissing people cuz he has no life or friends. In my opinion, a fat person is far better of a person than a douche bag.

      • IamaGLEEKforever

        You guys really need to do your homework the break ups on Glee happen because the people that are popular do’t mix when so they break up and keep trying until they find the right guy or girl. It sounds to me like your saying the characters are up themselfs cause they all think they can date every hot guy or girl in the school!!!!

    • Rush

      I don’t care. I watch for the musical numbers. Sometimes I channel surf between them and Sue’s bits.

      • bcup

        How could nobody have mentioned Sue by now? Seriously her insanity and desire to destroy the Glee Club makes the show for me. Maybe I’m just a cynic…

    • flandra

      i agree i mean DRAMA! like totally, finn broke up with rachel because she made out with puck and he wont forgive her; but he’ll get back togetjer with quinn after everything…

      • LT

        I think Finn needs to forgive Quinn before he can forgive rachel.

      • IamaGLEEKforever

        I agree. Finn would get together with Quinn i mean she had sex with and had a baby. Quinn lied to to (hot) finn’s face and still he wants the slut.

    • Jules

      actually in high school couple last few minutes, so they don’t to be bored or wait..actually they get pretty bored very quickly so they split ! lol
      And on a tv show a perfect couple is not interesting at all !
      But i don’t want Quinn with Finn, horrible pairing..grr..bad choice Murphy bad choice..Puke and Quinn That is a couple and i have lot’s of other far more entertaining ideas than Quinn with dull Finn..boooo Murphy again Boooooooo.

  • Sue

    Glee is like a soap opera now, with everyone inter-dating. Ryan Murphy, work on coherent storylines instead of trolling fan fiction sites and doing whatever celebrity of the month wants you to do. This show won’t last past its 3rd season.

    • Sue

      And by inter-dating I mean everyone has dated at least 3 people in the club but no one seems to care or notice that there are more than 12 people in the high school.

      • murley

        i don’t know what your experience of high school was but in mine, groups formed and then everyone just dated within their group. my friends all dated the same boys, everyone was always basically switching boyfriends! it all seems pretty typical to me.

      • Sybil

        Not to mention that most of the Glee kids don’t have any other friends, so who else would they even date? Haha.

      • Mara

        That would make sense, except for the fact that most of the Glee kids DON”T EVEN LIKE EACH OTHER!

      • Yuna

        @Mara: Well, the ones who don’t like each other don’t date. Do you see people tripping over each other to date Rachel?

    • yeah

      Have to agree. It might last beyond that, but it’s rapidly losing what made it special in the first place. Can’t believe the show’s already falling into old dumb cliches. It’s two years old!

    • Zack B

      Agreed. I miss the build-up and release style plot from the first half of season one. Sectionals remains the best episode of the show for character and plot development, and musical performance. I recall reading that they thought it may be the last episode when they first broke the story: take that as advice, act like every few episodes may be the last so that the story arcs don’t languish in the doldrums.

      • sarah

        I agree wholeheartedly. I really enjoyed the beginning of the show, which makes it disappointing to see how far it’s fallen, at least in my opinion. I don’t mean to bash the show, because I think the overall premise is really solid, and I think a lot of the musical numbers are a blast. But the plot, and frankly, a lot of the dialogue, is weak and very repetitive. Plus, the character development is nonexistent. They figured they hit the nail on the head with the first Kurt storyline, so now that want to relive the same storyline over and over. I’m waiting for Glee to improve, but I don’t see it…

    • Rush

      I think the current Kurt arc about high school bullying is both topical and important.

      • suebrody

        I totally agree, but a lot of people don’t, unfortunately.

      • Stophate

        And they are the bully’s or to old or to ignorant to care. This bullying is a biggie, hurtful, and has to stop.

  • emma

    Only the second season and already they have to start recycling couples. Bored now- the show is all about who is going to guest star and who will soon break-up or get back together. How did it beat Modern Family?

    • McNulty

      Any song that Dylan sang (particularly the instant classic “In the Moonlight (Do You”) was infinitely more impressive than Glee’s musical numbers.

      • tracy bluth

        So true.

    • Michelle

      They wouldn’t have to recycle couples if they would give Mercedes a boyfriend. I find it racist, Mercedes can’t get a boyfriend and a black boy can’t even make it on the show.

      • Come on

        Yeah, the show is racist. That’s why there are asian kids, gay kids, jewish kids, latino kids, a guy in a wheelchair, and a girl with downs syndrome. Yep, no signs of diversity on this show.

      • Um, Who’s Racist??

        Michelle, you seem to be the one pre-occupied with race, so that makes YOU the racist. Besides, she had a crush on Kurt – who turned out to be gay – and had a brief flirtation with Puck, so it’s not like she’s gotten no love. Besides, what high school did you go to where everyone was part of a couple? It’s perfectly reasonable for there to be some “single” kids too.

      • Angela

        i guess some people didn’t watch season 1 when there was and African American boy in the glee club! He just didn’t make it to season 2.

      • Jules

        There are a couple of really cute black guys in the Warblers. Give them a chance. Maybe if you thought about it, you’d see Mercedes’ storyline is about everyone NOT having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school and the heartache that goes along with that, just as there is heartache with most couples.

        I think the writers are brilliant – it seems that a lot of the audience has short attention span or no capacity to associate portrayal with what our kids actually deal with on a day to day basis. My kids tell me it’s spot on with a bit of cheese to make it lighter.

      • one

        Glee isn’t racist but maybe they should give the racial minorities real storylines. And the black guy in the glee club last year had no speaking lines or storyline. Mercedes is a great singer who had a crush on Kurt, likes tator tots and goes to church…that’s all they’ve shown of her so far.

      • Michelle is right

        GLEE’s treatment of the minority kids is pretty disappointing. For the first half of the 1st season, all they did was sing back-up for the straight white kids. When the show finally started to focus more on the “supporting characters” we got lots more screen time with the white supporting characters (Curt, Quinn, Puck, Artie) than we ever have of the supporting characters of color (Mercedes, Tina, Santana). It is getting harder and harder and harder for me not to call this show racist.

  • Topher

    Agreed. Also, it is lame and predictable that they had a Quinn/Finn reunion planned and that Sam would go to Santana. It would have been far more refreshing if they tried something better like having Quinn and Finn just be friends or having Santana just be more than the Latina temptress. What happened to Quinn’s growth as a person that happened last year? It is all gone and forgotton like her friendship with Mercedes. This just gets worse and they keep racking up award nominations.

    • Hill

      Thank you for calling him out on not having Santana have more dimensions than her sex appeal-honestly I watch the show when they’re doing a songs I like or the stunt casting is someone I like.

    • tracy bluth

      EXACTLY. One of the main reasons I stopped watching Glee was the terribly inconsistent plot.

      • Tom

        Stopped watching, but not reading about it. How inconsistent

      • john

        Just because you stop watching doesn’t mean you stop reading everything about it. I quit watching heroes because it totally sucked, but I still was curious about how they managed to screw it up worse. Same thing with Glee.

    • Jerrie

      Why does sam have to date anyone? Like seriously glee is so much better without him.

    • Emily

      However, Sam and Santana? Did not see that coming. Seriously, they seem even more random that Artie and Brittany, who at least have being “disabled” in common. We’ve never actually seen Santana in a monogamous relationship before, and the first guy she picks is a Justin Beiber/Ken-doll wannabe?

    • laylagalise

      Many of the characters are one-note (unfortunately). And Santana is more than a Latina temptress- she’s a really horrible person. At least she gets substantial screen time unlike Mercedes and Tina. What bothers me about the Sam-Santana hook-up is that beyond her hotness factor and cheerleading status, I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to be in the same room as her because she’s such a hateful person. I think they really need to work on giving her a little softness and not make her actions (how she treated Britney and outing Finn to Rachel just for the hell of it) so reprehensible.

  • Gabi

    Mr. Murphy, you wouldn’t be getting bored if you were working on character dynamic on your own show. Finn and Rachel were a wonderful fun couple and suddenly you break them up…in such a inconsistent and stupid way. No wonder fans are turning off this show.

    • Suzy

      Exactly. It’s not even the breakup, which of course was going to happen at some point, but the horrible, obviously manipulative way it was written. Ryan Murphy can say it’s” just like Ross/Rachel on friends” a million times, but that isn’t what the writers are writing. Ross/Rachel made sense and they didn’t act like different people from episode to episode. Their characters were solid.

      • Kelly

        I want to hug you Suzy – absolutely right. The writers are making this show go down hill fast. Rachel was so out of character to cheat on Finn… it was horrible and forced. You wait how long for them to actually get together, and now what, wait again? No thanks – I will turn on other shows that are happier – and yes – have continuity and trueness to their characters.

    • Mads

      The only time Murphy isn’t bored is when he’s writing about his favorite kid, Kurt. Seriously, he gives him all these different stories and deprives less annoying characters the stories they deserve.

    • Amy Leigh

      He got bored with Finn and Rachel b/c they were horrible together. This is also another reason why pretty much anything RM says about storylines especially when it comes to the couples should go in one ear & out the other. As a Nip/Tuck fan, I remember how quickly he would do complete 180s on storylines. That’s just the way he works.

      • Jackie

        Finn and Rachel were not horrible together. The audience was only shown a couple of happy, “coupley” scenes and was shown one episode where they functioned as a team. They made it thru months as a couple off-screen, but we weren’t allowed to see any of this.

    • Kel

      I agree, I actually liked Finn & Rachel together but I knew it was inevitable that they’d break up. Although that being said I never expected Rachel to kiss Puck thus leading to her & Finn breaking up. And now Murphy’s going to break up Sam & Quinn and push Sam towards Santana & Quinn back towards Finn, give me a break!!!! Why does every guy have to hook up with Santana?? and WHY do u have 2 go backwards by puttin Finn & Quinn together again. Why not let both Sam & Quinn be single for awhile instead of jumpin straight to someone else?? esp. since they loved eachother…it’s gettin really silly, I don’t understand why couples just can’t stay happy on shows, why they always have 2 break them up :( I really hope Sam & Quinn get back together, same for Rachel & Finn AND I sincerely hope that Artie & Brittany aren’t ruined next!!!

  • Barney

    Ryan Murphy is pissing off ALL sides of the fandom. He is ruining his own show. Can someone from Fox Broadcasting get a restraining order against him?

    • steph

      not me! I was scared the Asian Fusion would be breaking up. I don’t care about the other couples, just give me more mike chang. and his abs.

    • Hali

      I wish.

  • sofie

    Ryan Murphy, YOU SUCK. He’s totally ruining the show and turning my favorite caracter, FINN, into a major hypocrite. Seriously, e breaks up with Rachel because she kissed Puck and turn’s to Quinn, who had sex with Puck, got preagnant and lied to FINn’s face. Please…

    • gabi

      TOTALLY AGREE. Are you going to turn your male lead into a freaking hypocrite JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE BORED??? Cory is such a wonderful actor. Give him better material to work with!!!

      • jen

        I was hoping for more recognition for Cory for his wonderful portrayal of sweet naive Finn, but now I guess that’s gone down the river. They’re assassinating his character.

      • sofie

        I Agree with you. Cory is an amazing actor and worked hard since the show started, and is being totally scruewed by the writter’s. Why doesn´t FOX puts an end to ryan. Ian and Brad would do just fine running the show without him.

      • sofie

        I think the same whay. Cory is an amazing actor and he worked so hard since the show began, and is being scruewed by the writer’s. Is so unfair…

      • olivia

        Cory is as good as Matt Morrison on Glee. He just needs better material to work with. Heck, Matt Morrison needs better material to work with.

      • Summer

        I am waiting for the day when Cory leaves the show and does something different. I guess the only character they can write for with any consistency is Kurt.

      • sarah

        YES. I hate when people bash Matthew Morrison. It’s my own opinion, but I think he is a fine actor, but has LOUSY material to work with.

      • ana

        I thought they’d done assassinating FINN’s character after the whole fiasco with Kurt. Haven’t these writers screwed over him enough yet? How low are you going to pull him down? Seriously, Cory must be really frustrated. I WOULD if I were him.

      • Hali


    • Randi

      Let’s not forget how many times Finn kissed Rachel while he was with Quinn…

      I’m glad this pair is breaking up though. They were boring, although I said they were too blonde. Plus I’m a fan of Quinn and Puck.

    • Tarren

      seriously! I totally agree!

  • Kate

    I agree, I rewatched the Duets and saw glimmers of the Quinn we were all rooting for last year and was so hoping that this year her and Mercedes would have conspired all summer to run the school in their own image. I mean, Sam brings that same girl who is the only one becoming a woman out of Quinn. And this is not Melrose Place (maybe I am dating myself there), but there are usually still girls in that age group who are still intimidated by the idea of boys (I assume vice versa, but I am a girl) let alone dating them or whatever. And seriously, a girl like Rachel, I am actually surprised they decided to get her involved with anyone other than a Jesse type guy. Girls like that are so focused that they look down on their peers, let alone date them. Just because you want some heartbreak songs sung, you could actually have Mercedes sing them if you bothered to do anything with her character.

  • Caitlin

    I’m honestly kind of happy about this. I didn’t really like them. I don’t really find them interesting. Though I didn’t mind it as much as I didn’t like Rachel and Finn. Then again, I dislike Rachel with pretty much anyone. I can’t stand her. Though if I did have to see her with someone, I guess I’d want it to be Puck. I like watching those two together.

    • sue

      Rachel is funny appreciate don’t hate.

  • Marc

    Plot? Really? Who cares? The show is entertaining because of the musical numbers – these characters don’t need a lot of dimension – it’s not CSI:SVU, and it’s not like Modern Family is more than a series of short sketches with one-dimensional characters and a punchline. Both shows are fine – neither will last more than a few years.

    • Emily

      But did you watch the first 13 episodes of the show? They were not exactly based on original material, but that was the point. Like, you weren’t actually supposed to consider these characters as fully dimensional, but as satirical, darkly comedic types -Puck and Finn were so dumb they thought a woman could get prostate cancer, Rachel was the new Tracy Flick-it was dark, sarcastic, and oh so hilarious. However, Ryan Murphy didn’t exactly plan ahead, and how can you have a modern tv show that sucees without fully fleshed out characters? He created his characters as stereotypes on purpose, because that was the type of comedy he and the other writers excelled at, the “teens are stupid and not very surprising except once in a while they make you believe” thing. But it’s probably BECAUSE of that original brilliance that the show is failing-how can you make real people out of purposely one or two-dimensional figures.

      • MusicFan


        That is very insightful.

    • Stophate

      Agree but the impact they are making is monumental.

  • Deeds

    I wish there was a woman writer on this show. So many things would be fixed (Like lack of female character development in anyone not named Sue).

    • Alice

      Agreed! if you’re a female on this show your OCD, dumb, a slut, or starving for attention. Can there be at least one female character who bases her actions on what she wants to do instead of looking for attention from a boy?

      And how are NONE of these girls friends? Brittany and Santana are the only females that are actually besties … and then they makeout. Its insulting and its not real!! females can be friends without wanting to make out or stab each other in the back

      • Suzy

        The only women they write well are the semi asexual female adults: Sue and Coach Beiste. Because they write them almost as men.

  • sofia

    What i want to see is Rachel and Quinn bonding with each other to revenge themselves of Santana because she is always stealing their men. Puck, Finn and now Sam. She’s a wh*re.

    • Corina

      I could not agree more, I was and still hoping for Quinn and Rachel to bond over that as well and sing about woman power. I am tired of the rachel bashing and kind want her to stand up for herself. I want to see some quinn and puck interaction too!

    • nunu

      that is a good one!! girl bonding over the idiot guys!

      • sofia

        it’s for revenge. Santana need to be taught a lesson. And i’d also like to see Rachel and Quinn being friends and that bonding for revenge would be great.

  • Dave

    I think Glee’s going to pull a Heroes, started out strong then cancelled after crappy follow up seasons.

    • Carly

      I’m starting to feel the same way. Heroes also suffered from inconsistent characters (Silar’s evil, no he’s a good guy with evil tendencies, no definitely evil, scratch that only sorta evil sometimes…) and not paying attention to onscreen chemistry.

  • Cin Salvatore

    I am NOT happy about this. Sam & Quinn were my favorite Glee couple, probably ever. Unlike Mr. Murphy, I was FAR from bored. But this is Glee, I should have expected it.

    • >>>

      I know, right?!?!? I thought the fact that they were so ‘perfect’ was a refresher, considering almost every couple on this show has soooooo many issues!!!! And, I have no idea how Sam would go afer Santana, it just seems totally out of character. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would date her. The only way i could see this, is if same wants to make Quinn jealous or soemthing.

      • >>>

        BUT, maybe if Sam actually changes Santana, and they actually have like a real REALATIONSHIP, instead of just like, a random hookup, i might acutually like them. It just depends how Murphy approaches this.

    • IamaGLEEKforever

      Sam and Quinn were like the star couple. It’s pissing me off… I need a couple i like!!!!!!

  • Zack B

    What is that horrible sound you ask? It is the wretched unnatural sound of something both sucking and blowing at the same time. Who knew Ryan Murphy had checked out the Tim Kring school of show production?

    • murley

      ha ha! while i have a different opinion about the show and this spoiler, this comment is really hilarious.

    • Elle

      I’m sorry, but anyone who watched Nip/Tuck knows what they’re in for with Ryan Murphy. This guy does everything on a whim so why wouldn’t he break characters up, have virtually no continuity, and truly puzzle viewers as he has before? At least you weren’t as attached to Nip/Tuck’s characters and it was pulpy from the get-go unlike Glee which really had potential and still does. Oh, and I’m in the episode Sam and Quinn break up in. Called “Silly Love Songs.” It’s the Valentine’s Day ep. What a great day to break up on. I get to be right in front of Cory who was way nicer than Finn comes off in the episode. They really are messing his character up.

      • Erin

        Ellie, I agree with you that anyone who would be familiar with Ryan Murphy prior to Nip/Tuck would expect this. That said – Nip/Tuck characters were just as awesome if not more awesome from the get go. And they had two amazing seasons before it spiralled the drain of suckage for the next 5 seasons. Glee lasted one and I dont hold out much hope for the rest of them.

      • Erin

        Ugh I mean prior to Glee not Nip/Tuck.

      • Mike

        Ellie I agree with you, but I honestly think people are looking at the first part of Season 1 through the haze of fond remembrance – or rose colored glasses, whichever tickles your fancy. Remember all the complaints about Will and the baby drama? The little screen time for anyone other than Finn, Rachael and Quinn? How about the complaints about the stories chalked up to it being the early shows? Now, it was the “golden days” to everyone. This is Ryan Murphy – from Popular to Nip/Tuck to this – some episodes are tighter than others, some arcs stronger than others, but ultimately, just loose and fun.

      • Suzy

        I never watched Nip Tuck and I don’t want to watch it now. I want to watch Glee, the show I fell for last season, a show with some sort of overall plot or story.

        Guess not. Sigh. You suck Ryan Murphy.

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