'American Idol': Casey Abrams' 'I Put a Spell On You' sexiest performance ever?

Casey-AbramsImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxAfter Casey Abrams’ screaming, growling rendition of “I Put a Spell on You,” which closed last night’s American Idol, judge Jennifer Lopez told the contestant, “You’re sexy, Casey. You know that?” I was feelin’ it, too, so much that I rewound the performance three times. For me, it was all about the confidence he had onstage. In his mind, there was no question that he was going to sound good, and there was no debate that we were going to enjoy it. He has that Michael Bublé quality, where he’s able to act out the song, but make it feel genuine because he’s in the song for that moment. In the end, I wasn’t fantasizing about being an Abrams groupie, but I was fantasizing about seeing him in an intimate club or theater where I could stand or sit close enough to the stage to feel that intensity and get swept up in it (and catcall the way one does when someone has committed that fully and wails). So yes, totally sexy. In fact, I’d name it one of Idol‘s sexiest performances ever.*

Watch it below. Agree or disagree?

*Even if Casey does remind some of Will Ferrell in SNL‘s “Lovers’ Hot Tub” sketch. (Kate Ward: “I say that as a good thing.”)

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  • JJ

    Hope they explain how Brent (who worked for Wernham Hogg) could run into a Dunder Mifflin (Sabre) employee

    • damian

      Similar to how when you run into someone on the street who flips burgers at burger king even though you do it at McDonalds.

      • Allie


      • C Men

        excellent. embrace the dark side.

      • OH SNAP


      • Clarence Beeks

        Simply perfect!

      • Nikki

        that’s kinda what I was thinking lol.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      JJ you have an extreme lack of imagination.

    • Tye-Grr


    • Alan

      Dunder Mifflin is still a paper company, albeit a division of Sabre. David Brent long worked in the paper industry, so I think it’s possible that they meet at a paper event, function, gala, etc. I don’t know why people are so confused.

      • C Men

        I’ve also heard of people changing the company they work for.

      • D’s Advocate

        I’m still trying to figure out how Scooby-Doo met the Harlem Globetrotters.

      • TSmith

        hahaha nice one Advocate!

    • strummer101er

      Hope they explain how Brent (who worked for Wernham Hogg) could run into a Dunder Mifflin (Sabre) employee<<
      I bet it's got something to do with a rip in the space/time continuum. It's the only plausible way.

      • Michael Scott Rules Over Brent

        Oh great, now they’re going to turn it into an episode of that fruity Dr. Who show? Wonderful.

      • murley

        hahahah! hilarious.

      • Sharlin

        Doctor Who is the best television ever.

    • dirk

      >>Hope they explain how Brent (who worked for Wernham Hogg) could run into a Dunder Mifflin (Sabre) employee
      Yea, reminds me of the episode where Michael meets the manager of the bar and starts having an affair with her. Ridiculous – who ever heard of meeting somebody at a bar?

  • Elle


  • Jackson

    Jan 27 – first and last time ‘The Office’ will be funny this season.

    • Alan

      I thought it was funny on the episode where they all had to wave their arms and do a dance every time they wanted to lights to go on. But that’s maybe my juvenile humor.

    • Bones Mic Mic

      Maybe Threes Company will make a comeback since The Office is bit too nuanced for you.

    • SSjean

      You obviously haven’t been watching this season.
      The Sweeney Todd/Andy in the play episode? A classic.
      Dwight getting Jim back with the snowball war? It’s been pretty good all season.

      • OH SNAP

        Office is still decent, but older episodes are far better. Ever since it became the Jim and Pam show, it’s been a steady downhill slide.

      • Cam

        The office has been disasterous for a few seasons now. Maybe 1 of 5 episodes is humerous. It used to be fantastic, Michael used to make my skin crawl which is why the show was great, now he’s the voice of reason sometimes…they’re trying to make you care about him more and more each episode. That’s why David Brent was the best, he was a douche 99% of the time. Pam & Jim…couldn’t care less about them now, they got together and had a kid, case closed. They should quite and move away.

      • murley

        i still love the office and it remains one of my all time favorite shows. i have begun to realise that those who don’t like it anymore liked it for different reasons than me in the first place. after the snow ball war with dwight i don’t get how the case can be closed on jim (or pam) as a character but i guess i just like them for other reasons. i am excited to see david brent on the show. i had hoped they would do this somehow.

  • Casey

    I love both shows and characters but this doesn’t make sense. I wonder how it will be done.

    • Mike

      You are over thinking this….

      • Jim

        Maybe you’re under thinking this.

      • Alan

        Casey should write a strongly worded letter. Or a strongly painted picture.

      • SSjean

        JIM — great quote :)

      • Casey

        No, I’m really not Mike but thanks for caring.

    • Zakry

      I vote under thinking. It’s called writing. You know, they pay people to do it!

    • Alan

      I don’t see how it doesnt make sense. David Brent worked for years in the paper industry, let’s say that since the UK Office ended, he has re-entered the paper business. Michael Scott also works in the paper industry. Maybe, just maybe, the paper industry has functions, conferences, conventions, etc. that two people working in the industry might both attend???? Why the confusion?

  • John

    I am impressed with how committed EW is to misspelling “Gervais” in the article. Otherwise, this is brilliant news.

  • Brandon D

    OMG! Finally an episode I’ll bother tuning in for. This show has been SUCH a disappointment lately. Be nice to have a fresh (but familiar) face on there! Marking the date in my calendar as we speak!

    • This Guy

      OMG! Finally a comment I’m glad I read. This thread has been SUCH a disappointment since it’s been posted.

      • Archie

        Ha! This Guy is great!

    • i, Jimbot

      Yes, it’s been disappointing and yet YOU STILL WATCH?

      Hint: It’s not the writers, it’s you.

  • John

    Ah, since been spellchecked. Well done.

  • Alex

    Not suprising really. Wasn’t this speculated months ago?

  • Tyler

    Finally a reason to watch the American version of the Office.

  • kyle

    this is great news, I wonder if his character will be involved at the end of the season??

    • Shania

      I’d like to see some kind of “roast” of Michael Scott after he announces his retirement, and Ricky hosts it, as a former boss of his. The two of them do a great duet as snarky competitors.

  • McNulty

    Please bring the guitar.

    • Bunk


    • orville

      Oh please let David be busking in the subway or something.

  • Eric

    Speaking of The Office, I realize now that it’s Pam and Jim who I wish would leave the show.

    While the show’s hit and miss these days, they’re the ones who have “ruined” it for me.

    • Shania

      I’d have agreed a few weeks ago, but I find both their characters (and their interactions) have noticably improved lately.

    • The Turth

      Agree. Everyone else is awesome. We need more Meredith, Kreed, Philyse.

  • A-K87

    I have to express that while the US Office gas churched out half a dozen seasons, the Original Office developed two seasons of absolutely timeless television and is regarded as one of Britains most loved comedies alongside the likes of and Fawlty Towers.

    We have a phrase overe here: ‘Quality is better than quantity.’

    • Anne

      And we have a phrase over here: “There is no show so great that it cannot be ruined somehow by network executives.”

    • Jeff

      sure british shows tend to knock out a whopping 13 shows or less and while they may be considered great by many, it doesn’t give them such a long life afterwards (aside from die-hard fans). yes, as shows get older, they lose something. however, there are many office episodes that i have seen multiple times in syndication – but i know there are more than 8 others floating out there for me to see. if something is good, there isn’t a problem letting it go for many years. people will knock it no matter what your personal opinion of it happens to be. the internet is made for people to complain – hence what i just did about those people

      • Zakry

        well said

    • sangjmoon

      In the US, it’s “What have you done for me lately?”

    • MultiPass

      Oh Yes, and thank you ever so much for Benny Hill, Michael Caine movies, James Bond films, AbFab, Eddie Izzard’s one joke, Oasis’ 2 songs, The Rolling Stones, Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais, your entire automotive industry and Madonna. They sure knew how to hang it up before they got redundant and crap – and such quality!

      ..Madonna is British now, right?

    • Shania

      “gas churched out” – what on earth does that mean? Could you write in English please, for those of us that are uni-lingual?

      • pastafarian

        Ima guess it is supposed to read as “has churned out”. Overreact much?

    • PullMyFinger

      We have a phrase overe here: ‘Quality is better than quantity.’

      Obviously this doesn’t extend to your cuisine.

      • Drew

        Oh yes, because the average American diet of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, flamin’ hot Fritos and Mountain Dew is the epitome of quality :-/ The UK beats the US in quality hands down any day of the week…

      • Seth G

        That’s what she said.

        Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      • simps

        but us beats uk in dental care HANDS DOWN

    • The Turth

      It’s the American TV Model: Every show has to be run to the ground. Milked to the last drop. No such thing as go out with a bang or end on a high note. As long as it keeps making money, a show stays on the air and doesn’t wrap up until it loses popularity and ratings due to creative dead-ends. Otherwise, The Office and many, many Amercian shows could’ve had their entire run labeld as “great” and “timeless”. Some would have even been considered masterpieces.
      Capitalisim *sigh*.

  • DawnT

    Wow – just last weekend I watched my much-viewed DVDS of the complete series, marvelling anew at the brilliant evil creation that was David Brent. I’m beyond thrilled that he’s making a new appearance.

    • Cris

      I re-watched them again recently as well. Still funny, still uncomfortable, still brilliant.

  • fastball

    Right on with the “quality vs. quantity” remark. I’d rather have a season or two of an INTELLIGENT show with a solid beginning, middle and end….rather than watching Season 13 of Friends. Brits seem to be more into the entire story, while Americans are more into individual episodes.

    • Shania

      Sounds like a pretty big generalization.

    • William

      I’m not American but the biggest fans I’ve ever met of the show Friends were British and Irish…

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