Ricky Gervais tells Piers Morgan: 'I didn't do anything wrong' (video)

From Piers Morgan’s interview tonight with Ricky Gervais (your booking team deserves a high five for that one, Piers), the comedian has a rare moment of public earnestness as he defends his Golden Globes hosting gig:

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  • James

    He’s absolutely right, its positively nauseating when the host tries to shmooze. I can’t believe nobody knows how to take a joke anymore.

    Next year, we need Daniel Tosh hosting. I really want to seem some spontaneous Hollywood headsplosions.

    • kok

      I hope you’re kidding. Tosh .0 is the most stupid unfunny and uninspired show. He is so lame and retarded

      • t.t

        i agreee we should get joel mchale to host!

      • Jay

        Tosh is one of the funniest people currently on TV.
        …and anyone who calls themselves “kok” is lame & retarded

      • Charleton

        kok, I’m sure that Daniel Tosh would find it far preferable to be unfunny and uninspired than to be arrogant and insipid.

    • billy

      Tosh would kill it! Joel McHale wishes he was Tosh

      • Brian

        I don’t purport to know his thoughts, but I can assure you, without ever having actually met or spoken to him, that Joel McHale does not wish he were Daniel Tosh, nor would he ever.

      • zimzyma

        Both Tosh and McHale are great. Personally, I think Tosh holding

      • Will

        Uhm, dude, other way around. Without Joel, there is no Tosh. McHale is king. Love to see him host.

    • Blue Silver

      Ratings were good this year! I’m quite sure Ricky Gervais will be back to host next year too!!!

      • Robin

        He already said he was done. 2 years was enough. I am glad, I loved him last year, this year, not so much

  • jessica

    He is rude. I only hope that someday he does not find himself ‘POOR AND SMELLY’

    • Jen

      Considering The Office is being remade in about 15 different countries, I doubt he’ll be sleeping on the streets anytime soon.

      • Jason C.

        Let’s not forget the immense popularity of Extras. Gervais has also got The Ricky Gervais Show and An Idiot Abroad. Gervais will be fine for a while. You know why he keeps getting shows? Because unlike you Jessica, the Brits find taking the piss out of someone funny. Here in the US if you make a joke about someone your offending sensibilities, and God forbid anyone gets their feelings hurt.

    • Svetlana

      Why can’t anyone take a joke anymore? Why do you want everything to be so bland and boring. Grow up, If people were offended then they should have changed the channel. It’s that simple. I’m so sick of all the PC whining.

  • Caiti


  • heidi

    I thought he did a great job and as Jennifer Lopez said, the only reason people didn’t laugh like they wanted to was because they were scared to be on camera, laughing at someone in their industry, potentially burning a bridge. That’s all there was to it. He was funny, he was accurate (even Angelina admitted she had no idea how she got nominated for The Tourist and she didn’t consider it a comedy, either!)…now, they were also scared at who would be their next target but come on, it was his job and I think he did it well. Its sad he seems to feel he needs to defend his performance. He’s clearly bothered by the response he got. Well, viewers seem to have liked him – ratings were through the roof and wasn’t there a poll that 77% of viewers thought he did a great job. I guess that means little if Ricky’s own community has shunned or berated him.

  • Breckster82

    please, HFPA should be kissing his a$$. when was the last time the globes got this much attention?

    • JLO

      I completely agree with you. He is elevating the ratings of this show. 99% of the jokes were hilarious

    • Liz Lemon

      I know right?! Know one gives a damn about the Golden Globes. Heck, I don’t even remember who won to be honest. Ricky was the only enjoyable/memorable part of that show. Except for maybe Robert Downey, Jr’s little bit…but even that got old after 10 views.

  • El Conde

    Ricky Gervais is the most entertaining person in Hollywood and the locals can’t stand it! He is also the most honest and the locals don’t even know what THAT is! We don’t usually watch award shows but Gervais kept us glued to the screen! God bless the Brits for bringing entertainment to the Colonies!

  • Kathy

    While I usually like Ricky I have been finding him very cruel lately. I don’t find the podcast funny because of this and I thought his “jokes” at the GGs was inappropriate. His job wasn’t to “point out the elephant in the room” it was to host a show. For example, I felt sorry for Johnny Depp and Angelina. It wasn’t their fault that film was nominated and they shouldn’t have had to sit there on camera and be humiliated by Ricky Gervais about it. Was it a classic film? No. But it was an enjoyable romp, just as valid as any comedy nominated.

    • Kevin

      I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be rude but , you feel sorry for Johnny and Angelina? I can’t imagine that. I’m sure they know they where in a s$#t film. And I’m also sure that they have enough self pride to get over it. Why are they not allowed to be made fun of bye someone who is actually one of their piers?

      • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

        I like what you did there with “piers”

  • Liz

    He was great!! I thought the show was hilarious for once! And he didn’t say anything untrue….

  • Kevin

    Did they interview again after the GG? I was positive that this weeks shows where recorded last week or even earlier….

  • Simon Jester

    Gervais was the best part of the entire broadcast. Ignore the prudes and keep it up, Ricky!

  • Miss Talk

    Who is still mad at RG 4 days after the GG? At this point, my bet is on the Scientology.

  • AC

    What’s funny is that very few stars have come out against what RG said. It was all the insufferable Hollywood press that jumped on the opportunity to bash him because they thought that’s what the celebrities wanted them to do.

  • KT

    I can’t believe this “controversy” is still going on after four days! Aren’t there more important things in the world to be concerned about besides a comedian who poked some fun at overblown celebrities at a silly awards show. I think the media should just give it a rest.

    • jnine


  • adamfan

    Let us just have Jay Leno host it and call it quits. Ricky Gervais is brilliant and too good for this crap. He was fantastic on Sunday.

    • Buddy

      If Jay Leno hosted the GGs it would make it official- it would be the worst awards show ever! Jay Leno is humor for shut ins and the mildly retarded.

  • Genie

    Right on Ricky! Unfortunately most celebrities do not have a sense of humour about themselves. That’s why they loved Billy Crystal and Whoopie hosting the Oscars, they like softballs not hilarious hardballs. They are so coddled and pampered and their asses are kissed so much they expect everyone else to kiss their ass, collectively in this case. These celebrities are so far removed from reality (for the most part) they have no idea what a good joke is, they just hear insult. Self deprecating is something “they” do in the toilet.

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