Kate Gosselin gets the 'E! True Hollywood' treatment

kate-gosselinImage Credit: James Devaney/WireImage.comMy, this took longer than expected to produce: Kate Gosselin will (finally!) get the E! True Hollywood treatment on Feb. 2.  The program will feature “exclusive insight” from Gosselin’s former nanny who alleges having an affair with Jon Gosselin (which he denies), along with interviews with family, friends and neighbors. It’ll also chronicle Gosselin’s childhood and her rise to “celebrity status,” E promises. “Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person.  To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world.  To raise kids properly is the hardest,” Eric Roberts, supporter of Natural Child Project, tells E!.

Adds Polly Kahl, author of “Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Reality TV & The Selling Of The Gosselins” adds, “Kate’s fans admire her for being a working mom, having a lot of kids, managing a household and basically doing it all…when it’s very hard even for the average mom to do it.”

Meanwhile, Kate Plus 8 specials continue to run sporadically on TLC but the network has yet to announce an airdate for the next one.


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  • Sarah

    Go away.

    • Michael

      SERIOUSLY, Boooooooo Kate! You don’t even deserve an E True Hollywood Story. (And that’s saying something).

    • Mia

      Kate’s not going anywhere. And thanks for commenting. You are showing the interest we all know is there.


      Why do you haters swarm to every story about Kate?
      And leave lame a** comment’s like Go Away? You Kate haters need a life other then stalking Kate Gosselin with your hateful venom.

      • Michael

        I really want to know, not out of venomous hate, but out of curiosity, what is it that interests you about her? Why do you like her? I mean, she’s just another person who’s famous for being famous; it’s not like she’s some great talented actress or singer or something. Really, what is so intriguing and interesting about her?

      • Gem

        ummm Michael, maybe its the fact that she has 8 kids in 2 pregnancies. Only a mother would understand! Its hardest job in the world and I only have 2 kids, I think going to work every day from 9-5 is a walk in the park compared to looking after children all day every day!

      • Bubbles

        Ummm, Gem…she *doesn’t* look after children all day. She pretends like she does for the premise of the show, but in reality she has at least 2 nannies, a “bodyguard”, and multiple other “helpers” who run her household.

        Having 8 children in 2 pregnancies is unusual, but actually PARENTING 8 children is what counts. She’s done such a poor job that she has 2 six-year-olds that got expelled from Kindergarten for their bad behavior, and then she pulls them all out of school for 9 extra days over winter break to haul them halfway around the world for “work.” Should 10 year old and 6 year old children have a job?


  • emily

    Not a bad person? Good grief. E, do your homework. Purposely having sextuplets for money and then mistreating them does not make one a good person

    • truth

      Stop believing anonymous comments on hate blogs. Anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence knows this is a lie.

    • crackheadgabby

      HOW did she purposely have sextuplets? What a moron you must be. When you have fertility problems you think at the most it might be twins,she had no idea it would be six and did not plan them in advance so she could have a reality show. OMG some people.

      • emily

        By having sex when her ovaries were overstimulated and against doctor’s orders. She carried the McCaughey’s book around as a teenager and wanted high order multiples for the fame and to cash in. You can choose to believe it or not, but the woman is PURE evil. And one thing cannot be

      • Gem

        Read her books. you dont ask for sextupets.

      • Gem

        oh and also she has that thing (i forget what its called) where she dosn’t ovulate. thats why they had fertility treatments.

      • mama

        crackheadgabby- So in agreement with your statement. People are such morons aren’t they? Proving that with every hate comment on here and on other sites.

      • A Real Stay at Home Mom

        Perhaps not purposely. There is a procedure known as selective reduction that Kate chose NOT to have. Yet, in fact, Kate did know that she was having sextuplets. Also, if you have read the book, Multiple Blessings, you would know that according to Kate, there were 7 embryos in the beginning.

    • lisak

      How would you know that she “purposely” had sextuplets for money? You are just speculating. That is what you would have done if you had been given the chance. With fertility drugs you don’t know how many babies, if any, you are going to have.

  • Jen E.

    “Reality” TV isn’t the problem, it’s the mindless drones that watch it — causing shows like Arrested Development to be canceled, while “Who Wants to Be My Stepdad’s New Singing Wife that Dances with B-List Celebrities while Trying to Lose Weight and Find Island Treasure” celebrates it’s tenth reunion. Now a E True Hollywood Story for one? These people aren’t celebrities, they’re just wannabe actors reading bad scripts (yes, scripts). Why anyone would want to watch reality is beyond me, but watching a behind-the-scenes show about the so-called star? That’s just… pathetic.

    • Bababooey

      omg, i LOOoove Who Wants to Be My Stepdad’s New Singing Wife that Dances with B-List Celebrities while Trying to Lose Weight and Find Island Treasure!! Is the new season starting already!!??

      • Monty

        going to have to get the tivo season pass

    • Beth

      Please bring back Arrested Development!!

      • Cindi

        Let’s get AD back. I’ll be in the hospital bar if you need me.

    • Sissy Dewoody

      So its pathectic to watch e true hollywood stories? Oh I’m sorry then why are you reading the blog? just sayin

  • Dicazi

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet??

  • stef

    I didn’t see any E! camera crews here in Reading so once again, yet another half assed, one sided interview. How about interviewing those of us who have had to put up with her crap for years?

    • truth

      What exactly have you had to put up with? Polly Kahl says Kate talks to no one. You proved you are nothing but a lying troll. Get a life.

    • PamelaJaye

      I’d actually watch that, stef.

    • crackheadgabby

      Irene stop you whining.

  • The Dolt

    A picture of Sweet Kate herself! Those poetic eyes and hair of gold. I can’t stand up from all of this swooning! Sweet Kate, I am blinded by your brilliance!

    • emily

      I know, I’m dazzled by the beauty!! The wonky eye! The horse teeth! The overdone filler makes her look a monkey. The silly putty mess of a frankenbelly with its wrinkly testicle skin and belly button right under the boobs make men swoon! All that lipo and plastic surgery and she still ain’t hot.

      • Mia

        I’m sure “Emily” is way more attractive than Kate. Who wants to bet on that one that?! Bueller. Bueller. Anyone?!

      • The Dolt

        I am a master of hyperbole and iambic pentameter. Don’t make me hurt your feelings!

      • Bite Me Kate


      • sal

        I thought her belly button was ‘weird’.

      • intrigued

        Mia, I’d put good money on “emily” being waaaaay more attractive than Kate. And I bet “emily” didn’t even need a tummy tuck, hair extensions, implants, a professional trainer, a stylist, and hair and makeup people to do it.

  • Jerry

    Why can’t this tramp go away?

  • Miss Talk

    The Kardashian shows air on E!, right? Enough said.

  • Laura

    What a hoot, can’t wait to watch!

  • SLB

    Seriously? Who cares about this b*tch anymore?

    • truth

      You do. You took the time to comment.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        Doesn’t mean he cares about her. It’s called feedback.

  • Kee

    Probably is, people will watch this and thus, we will be subjected to more of this train wreck.

    • Kee


  • Seana

    Sounds interesting.

  • Justin

    I hope you give a fair accounting of Kate. She has been so villified and misrepresented by the press and hateful bloggers.

    Much of it started with the feud of sister-in-law not getting big bucks to stay on the show.

    Please also interview blog owners at Imperfectwomen.com and thesagewayexpress.blogspot.com and ziggyflo.blogspot.com and gosselinfamilyfansite.blogspot.com

    At these sites you will find people who have done the “due diligence” in researching the truth about so many rumors regarding Kate. These women know their stuff and have outed the ridiculous claims of hateful bloggers.

    • Breckster82

      she’s a famewh0re, plain and simple.

    • PamelaJaye

      Sageway and whatever other blogs were offered interviews for Polly’s book. Most did not reply, one said No. Then again, maybe the book was not enough fame.
      PS – article writer: you used “was” twice in the same sentence.

      Dear fascinated: what “success”? She may be rich and somewhat famous but that does not equal success.
      Do I feel inadequate? Yes. But when I look at Kate, I definitely feel better. She reminds me why I chose not to have children (some people should not be mothers – Kate and I are two of them). She even makes my father look like a good parent. (by comparison, he was).
      Am I like her? In a lot of ways, yes. But no children will have to suffer for it, in my case.

      • Mia

        The rantings of PamelaJaye. Always good for a chuckle (or groan).

    • gingy

      I agree Justin’ “Applause” for your comment.

    • Eagle

      Baa!! Baaaaa!! Sheeple alert. Kate has been vilified because she is a horrible person.

    • You’re an Idiot

      Right…those are the weirdo people sites. Ya know the ones with the ladies that need a mental health eval. Let’s interview those nut-jobs…LOL! Brilliant idea!

  • fascinated

    I find the comments here very interesting. People state they don’t like her and that her fame is over, yet they feel compelled to comment as if their voice matters to those that like her.

    I suspect your comments are based on projection; whereby you feel inadequate in your own lives so you project those feelings onto her giving you a reason to hate yourself through her. If you liked yourselves better, you wouldn’t feel the need to comment. You would be excited for her and feel that her success enhances your success too.

    Instead, you complain and in reality, you are complaining about yourselves.

    • chakana

      so your wife makes you sleep in the garage too but convinced you it is helping your relationship. Wow. You and Jon have much in common

      • Bre

        A personal attack…way to prove his point chakana

    • intrigued

      another way to look at it is that “fans” of Kate are projecting their own self-martyring, whiny, desperate, controlling, put-upon lives onto self-martyring, whiny, desperate, controlling put-upon Kate’s lives. She is your pathetic queen and makes your own sad, victimhood feel meaningful. Anyone who only cares about how messy her children are, and is more concerned about getting a free product-placed kitchen then saving her marriage, gets every piece of venom thrown at her. That is the price SHE paid for PUTTING HERSELF AND HER CHILDREN in the public eye.

  • fascinated

    Good comment Justin.

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