'Castle,' 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Detroit 1-8-7,' 'Justified': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

spoiler-roomImage Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC; Prashant Gupta/FX I feel all tingly inside, Roomies — and that’s not just my body responding to that Swanson I ate for breakfast. Frankly, it’s because TV shows are coming back from their breaks (a.k.a. the cold, dark months of TV hell), and there’s a lot to be pumped about.

First up this week, we have Castle scoop, info on Detroit 1-8-7 (SAVE IT!), and what you can look forward to from Pawnee (besides a sunnier life in general) now that Parks is back. There’s also casting bit on Smallville, Chuck EP Chris Fedak responds to our cries for justice, Chris Colfer weighs in on Kurt’s return to New Directions, and much more. Eat up. Go ahead. Make a pig of yourself. All I ask is that you feed me your scoop requests in return. (E-mail them to spoilerroom@ew.com or Tweet them to me directly @EWSandraG.)


It’s almost here, Castle fans (who have been begging me all week for dish on the show’s big Jan. 24th episode). Almost. Here. The smooch you’ve been waiting for. And I’m happy to say that the episode is completely worth the wait. But not so fast. Don’t start picking out china patterns for the pair just yet. While the kiss is, indeed, not a dream, you know that this is still Castle. This is still Beckett. And there’s still a very important case — the one of Beckett’s mom’s murder — being investigated. That’s all I can say. On that note, however, the kiss, in my opinion, isn’t even the best part of the episode. (You probably guessed that they wouldn’t put the best part of the episode in promos, right?) I’d say there are two better moments. The first comes before the smooch when Castle is talking with his mom about his most recent brush with death, and he admits to her (in his Nathan Fillion melt-me-into-goo voice) that his time with Beckett is “*** ****t *** ****s **y****.” And the other comes sometime after the roughly 13-second smooch. After the episode airs, be sure to check EW.com for my exclusive chat with Andrew Marlowe and Will Beall, who penned the episode.


You’re probably still reeling over the premiere of Parks and Recreation last night, and I don’t blame you. It was A-MAZING. And guess what? It’s about to get even better — I’m talking the top of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. In the next episode, look for Ben (Adam Scott) to make a major gesture in showing his growing affection for Leslie when he visits her in the hospital and brings her soup and waffles. (Collective: Awwww.) Andy also makes a bedside visit to ailing April, and the two share a moment that may put the famed shoeshine-ist on the path toward redemption. But that will only happen if he can find enough time for her between his busy schedule of building giant straws and bonding with Ron. (He introduces Ron to what the mustachioed hero calls “ethnic” food — a.k.a. a meaty burrito.) And then there’s Ann. If you followed the days when I recapped the show, I was always tough on Ann. I always found her to be…erm…less interesting than the rest of the outstandingly vivacious cast. Not so upon the show’s return. In fact, there’s a moment coming up where you might (in the words of April) like Ann more than you ever have before. (coughbecauseAnnactslikeahugebitchcough) And it’s awesome.


Detroit 1-8-7 star Michael Imperioli knows his freshman show does not have the viewership it deserves, but the show isn’t letting the news of low ratings get in the way of its creative flow. In fact, the story of Det. Louis Fitch and the rest of the homicide unit is about to get even better in upcoming episodes when Fitch’s 13-year-old son Bobby (who will be played by Imperioli’s real-life son Vadim, possibly on a recurring basis) comes for a visit in episode 17, along with another, more daunting figure from his past. “[Fitch] left New York because there was this gangster who was threatening [him],” explains Imperioli. “He was working on this case and the gangster turned the tables on him and basically said, ‘Look, if you don’t leave town and leave me alone, your family is in danger.’ So Fitch split. Then, what happens is we find out the gangster has come to Detroit for some reason. So now, Fitch’s son has come to Detroit and the gangster has come to Detroit, so there’s a recipe for a lot of tension.”

The role of Fitch’s ex-wife is still being cast, and if you — like me — were hoping for a Moltisanti/Adriana reunion, sorry, not gonna happen. What you can count on, however, is seeing Sgt. Longford (James McDaniel) “grappling” with his decision to retire per his deceased wife’s wishes. “He’s asking himself really big questions. Questions about family. What does life really mean? What the job means,” McDaniel says. “It’s big question time.”


So Chuck finally proposed to Sarah, but why’d they have to ruin the moment?!?! Tell me there’s something coming up to make up for it. — Tracey
The moon. The beautiful ring. Sarah helping Chuck not make a dork of himself by slipping the ring he dropped back into his pocket. Sigh. Yes, it was perfect. And while I can’t tell you that something soon will make up for the lost moment, executive producer Chris Fedak can: “Yes. We have some really sweet moments coming up. Of course, most of them are between Casey and Morgan. But you never know, maybe Chuck and Sarah can have one, too.”

Any Smallville scoop? Preferably Chlollie related ;) — Mer
I’d love to submit to your winking face, but spilling on Chlollie’s big reunion moment would surely guarantee an end to my life. It would also ruin the surprise about whether or not there are sinister intentions behind that pretty, innocent smile. But I do have a casting bit for you. I can confirm rumors that Days of Our Lives actor Eric Martsolf will be playing Booster Gold, and I hear that they are expected to pick a Blue Beetle any moment now. You might want to keep checking back for updates…

I’m so glad to see Justified getting some publicity and am hyped for the return. Is Boyd Crowder part of an overarching story or just a constant nuisance? Are they sticking to the episodic format? I liked it — they felt like short stories more than generic ‘procedural’ mysteries. Is Raylan moving out of his motel room? Are we going to explore beyond Harlan like the CA episode? Does Harlan have minorities? — LochNessTess
I feel like I’m about to dig into a pie and I have no idea where to start. Deep breath. Okay, let’s see. Boyd is most definitely part of an overarching storyline this year, but also does a great job getting under Raylan’s skin, as usual — especially when Raylan finds out Boyd’s been sleeping under a roof that Raylan knows very well. And there’s a great (and somewhat brutal) Boyd moment coming in episode 3. Q2) Format’s about the same, I’d say. Good thing, right? Q3) Raylan is still hanging his hat in the motel at least through episode three. But don’t worry; he’s not lonely. Q4) We’re spend most of our time in Harlan at the beginning of the season. Q5) Not sure, but what I do know is that when Rachel accompanies Raylan on an investigation, they’re not very welcoming at all.

I’m missing my favorite show Sons of Anarchy! Scoop the pain away! — Kat
You mean that show with GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER Katey Sagal? Sorry, I can’t mention that enough. I literally screamed because it’s so wildly overdue. Anyway, her hubby Kurt Sutter was pretty excited, too, and he’s also geared up for the new season, which starts production the first week of May. “It will be a little over a year between seasons in terms of timeline. So [Gemma will] have a little bit of time to catch her breath. And she’ll have a new car!” Fancy! And in news that’s small but greatly important to me, look for a much-anticipated return of Gemma’s acrylic nails! Says Sagal: “She’s going to do her nails again, for sure. They had to cut all my nails off because I was on the lam. As an actor I don’t like them, but I think Gemma really wants her nails back.”

Mayim-BailikImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSThanks for the BBT spoilers last week. Would love something Shamy related!! — Meg
I tried to get something out of Mayim Bailik when we chatted last week. But truth be told, she is as eager as we are to find out what’s in store for the odd couple. (Production wise, the show usually works about two episodes ahead of what we see as viewers.) But she did propose an idea that I think would certainly catch the attention of at least a few of the guys on the show: Amy in a mini-dress! “I’d love an ugly duckling episode where I get to be in a mini-dress and stiletto heels,” she said, laughing. “As my outfits get more and more hideous…There comes a point — it’s kind of like the physics principle — there comes a point where there is no return. [Laughs] We might have reached that.”

I can’t wait for the White Collar flashback episode. Scoop, please? — Chalene
Between the Matt Bomer interview and showrunner Jeff Eastin’s scoopage I’ve given you in the last two weeks, you’ve gotten plenty — but I don’t blame you for wanting more. It’s one heck of an episode (airing Jan. 25).  And would you believe that there’s much, much more where that came from? “The original draft was about 120 pages. It was twice or three times what we normally do because there was so much stuff. In the original draft, we had young Neal when he was 12, Mozzi’s entire backstory when he was in Detroit. There’s all this stuff we really wanted to use. But at the end, we really had to pick and choose what would fit in an hour,” Eastin told me. That’s right, we almost saw an itty bitty Neal! Be still my heart! But not to worry, some of that will likely make its way into another flashback episode that is planned for season 3 that will focus mostly on Mozzi and explain the origins of his nickname.

When’s Kurt coming back to McKinley High on Glee. Things are falling apart without him! — J. T.
Um, why would you advocate splitting up the adorable pair gracing the cover of this week’s EW? Child, please. And it doesn’t sound like the show’s in a hurry to get Kurt back to New Directions either. Before learning he was a Golden Globe winner this weekend, we spoke with Chris Colfer on the red carpet, where he told us: “I think eventually I will be back with the old gang but we haven’t filmed that yet so I don’t know how long I will be away from McKinley.” A spy tells me the gang is now wrapping the episode that will air in mid-February, so it definitely won’t happen before then. But again, I ask, is that really what you want? Take sides in comments, readers. Does Kurt belong at Dalton or McKinley? It’s on, J.T.! (P.S. – I’m short and feeble; please don’t hurt me.)

GREEKImage Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/ABC FamilyGreek me! — Lia
How do you do on guessing games? Here’s one regarding next week’s episode. (Don’t hurt yourself figuring it out like I hurt my brain making it.):
* One character thinks “I’m going to be late” sounds like “I’m going to masturbate.”
* One character will do a strip tease.
* One character admits that his upper body strength comes from using the Shake Weight For Men.
* One character will be involved in a major break up.
* One character will be involved in (and win!) a fight. (Watching next week’s awesome promo might help you with that one, and “win” is defined by who walks away unscathed.)
* One character will become one half of a new couple.
* One character will get between a major couple.
The answers to three of those will be The Beaver, two will be Cappie, one will be Rusty, and one will be Evan.

I LOVED Being Human. Do you have a bit of scoop for a new fan to the series? — Kris
I loved it, too. I especially have a soft spot for Mark Pellegrino, who you’ll see next week in a brief Civil War flashback with Aidan. And while I’m a huge fan of flashback scenes of any kind, it’s not the best scene of the episode by far. I think you’ll much prefer the tense face-off between Bishop and Aidan at the police station. It’s a lot of sexy brood in a single scene — and I like it.

The Big C was a fantastic show. Any idea when we’ll see it comes back? — Lee
The cast doesn’t start back on season 2 until March, according to John Benjamin Hickey (who plays Cathy’s hippie brother Sean on the show). Though he hasn’t seen a script yet, Hickey wasn’t shy about telling us what he hopes to read: a twist return for Marlene, who killed herself in the penultimate episode of last season. “We are all campaigning for a ghost twist for season 2 of The Big C so Phyllis [Somerville] can come back. As sad as you are, we the cast are even sadder. It is actually feeling a little unthinkable to go forward without Phyllis. I have a good faith feeling she may be back somehow some way.” Somerville concurred: “I just did an episode of Fringe so maybe I can get those sci-fi folks to hook me up with a gadget that will allow Marlene to come back to life and bug Laura Linney some more.” Yes, Fringe!

(Additional reporting by Lynette Rice and Carrie Bell)

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  • Will

    Parks And Recreation is one of the best sitcoms of all time.

    • Dalia

      The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness proved that Parks and Rec is the best sitcom ever.

      • JBD

        Yes! to both Will and Dalia’s comments.

      • LochNessTess

        You just know Leslie has a Knope Pyramid of Excellence.
        I was at the grocery and I saw skim milk. Avoided it.

    • zimzyma

      Wow, what a ridiculous statement. P&R is a straight rip-off of the Office (and no, I don’t count the Office as a rip-off because they have gone far beyond original and gave it an distinct American feel).

      • Will

        You don’t even know what you are talking about. Just stop.

      • Davey

        Seriously? P&R is nothing like the (beyond awful) US remake of The Office which is 100% definitely a rip-off. Shame on you dissing P&R.

      • Jean

        False. The first season was a little Office-y, just like the first season of Office was a little like the original. But since then it too has developed its own identity. And it is awesome.

      • katie

        Yeah, I think it’s clear that Zimzyma gave up on Parks in season one, when it was decidedly like the office. You are really missing out if you never saw the brilliant second season and what is shaping up to be a great third.

      • Anna

        I’m sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. P&R has turned out to be nothing like The Office; it’s actually turned out to be a much more enjoyable show overall.
        And, I have the utmost confidence that, once P&R has put in a few more good seasons, they’ll go out on a high note. The Office should have stopped making new episodes a couple seasons ago. Seriously, it stinks now.

      • Louise

        The first season was not good. The second season, however, was ahhhmazing! It is so much better than The Office. The characters on Parks and Rec are so much more likeable. It is a pure joy to watch this show.

      • mickey

        in fact, the shows have a lot in common in that their first 6 episodes were really, really derivative of other sitcoms (the office of the uk office, using the same scripts, and p and r of the office, where the formula was identical). they’ve both completely transcended their source material since then.

    • Breesy

      I watched P&R S1 but gave up on it after 3-5 eps in not because it was too “Office-y” but that I just didn’t find it funny. I’ve read that S2 and on have been great, so my question is will I be missing out on anything great (references/characters, etc) if I start watching from S2, or would it be more satisfying if I go back to the beginning? I’d prefer to not to waste any time on the unfunny if at all possible…

      • John M.

        I don’t think it would hurt to see all of Season 1. Especially with a character like Andy, you appreciate what he becomes in Season 2 a lot more if you know who he was in Season 1. Plus, it’s not like S1 was the worst Parks and Rec ever. That distinction belongs to the only episode in S2 that I don’t rank at least ‘good’, Sister City. Unfortunately you can’t skip it because it just became partially relevant to a S3 plot.

      • Billiam

        It would actually be pretty funny if you gave up after the fifth episode, because I thought that the sixth was pretty great (and hinted at the coming greatness of season 2). I might recommend watching that sixth episode, but you could skip to season two without much confusion.

      • Kettle

        I agree that the sixth (and last) episde of S1 *was* pretty great (Mouse Rat!) — and it’s streaming on NetFlix right now. Watch it! You don’t have to have watched previous seasons of Parks & Rec to enjoy this season, but if you watch now, you’ll want to go back and catch up. This show is WONDERFUL.

    • DGH

      Its good I’ll give you that but greatest of all time not even close!

  • Jackie

    Kurt DEFINITELY belongs at McKinley! He and Blaine can still be a couple if they go to different schools. While Dalton has the zero tolerance policy on bullying, which makes it a safer environment for Kurt, he can’t possibly be happy there. His friends at McKinley accepted him and loved him for who he was, and he stood out from the crowd. At Dalton, he has to conform, and he fades into the background. The Kurt we’ve grown attached to would never accept that.

    • Jenny

      I agree. Keep Kurt and Blaine (so freaking adorable!!) but put Kurt back at McKinley. I miss him with the rest of the gang. And I think your assessment of him is spot on

    • Liz

      I agree, Kurt needs to go back to McKinley. That is where his friends are.

    • William

      My only issue with Kurt at McKinley is it turns the message from “It’s ok to be gay” to, “It’s ok to be gay, but your life is probably going to be the worse for it and running away from the issue is the best solution.” Which is, all things considered, a pretty weird position for Glee to take.

      • William

        And by McKinley, I mean Dalton. My bad!

    • LGb

      McKinley needs Kurt, if nothing else the group fashion sense dropped about 20 points when he left. And there’s an easy way to keep them both together… bring Blaine to McKinley. he can be there to stand up for Kurt, join New Directions and wear something other then that damned school uniform.

    • Elle

      Yup, Kurt needs to be back at McKinley and Kurt and Blaine need to be a couple…personally, I want Blaine to transfer. He can make up for his regrets from the past and be with Kurt – perfect.

    • Ty

      I like the tension of seeing Kurt being away from school – it makes the story more powerful. And of course, I don’t want to see Kurt’s character too far from Blaine :) They should just kiss already!

  • swthompson

    Actually Fitch left New York and moved to Detroit.

  • Softy1

    Kurt belongs at McKinley WITH Blaine! I would like to see Blaine face up to his fears and join the public school system again, this time with Kurt at his side. They can be strong together and fight the bullies’ ignorance!

    • heidi

      I think the reality will be some version of that… and that’s a good thing.

  • Cielo

    I want Kurt in Mckinley, ND just feels a bit sparkleless without him.He can bring Blaine if he wants, I just want Kurt back.

  • Elizabeth

    Let’s talk about Parenthood, the best and yet most underappreciated program on TV right now!

    • s


    • Marion

      I completely agree! The show does such a fantastic job of showing family drama and humor sincerely without having “the crisis of the week” or characters overflowing with hormones that many dramas are guilty of. I’m looking at you Brothers and Sister, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc.

      • Kate

        I agree!! Parenthood is so smart and honest. Love it!

  • Jenna

    It would be weird to bring Kurt back before Sectionals. Since there hasn’t been any confirmation about whether Darren Criss is staying for next season, my guess is that Kurt won’t come back until next year and Blaine will come with him unless they get rid of him.

  • Beth

    THANK YOU for the Castle scoop! I can’t wait to see this Monday’s episode!

    And while I love Kurt and Blaine, I want Kurt back at McKinley because I want him to get some screen time. This minute-an-episode stuff is not cool.

    • Rosie

      You’re kidding, right? He’s had more main storylines than any other of the Glee teenagers. He’s had so many that other characters have barely had chance to be developed, such as Mercedes and Tina.

      • J

        Kurt has barely been in the last few episodes and it has just reverted back to Lea Michele crying while singing. ZzZzZz

      • B

        I agree, while I like Kurt, this season has been almost too much focus on Kurt. Sure, important message, but when they took the wedding and made it all about Kurt, I had to roll my eyes. And it seems that R Murphy has forgotten that this is an ensemble cast. For example, Mercedes (who’s supposed to be his BFF) has been forgotten pretty much all season. Heck, even the new “big girl” and even Becky (Sue’s asst) has gotten way more lines than Mike Chang and certainly more than the 2 lines Matt “Shaft” Rutherford had last season… maybe Ryan Murphy has it in for (racial) minorities… lol

  • P

    When is Beckett going to ditch Dr. Motorcycle Boy? Castle is apparently ready to move forward but I don’t want to see her continue to ignore his feelings and hurt him by staying with Josh.

    • Kari

      I’m with you on this! Lets get this show on the road — Castle is ready to go! Geez, I love this show. Monday seems like it will never get here.

    • B

      I also agree. I know that they are flinchig a bit because of the “dreaded Moonlighting curse”, but I think that is just more of a challenge to the writers and the actors, and both have been excellent up to now, so I have plenty of confidence that they can get them together and keep the interest up. It’s been done on “Friends” and more recently on “Chuck” and “House”… just don’t pull a “bones” and drag this out wayyy past too long.

  • Alexis

    Thanks so much for clearing up Boyd Crowder’s role in the next season of JUSTIFIED. I love that character so much and his bromantic chemistry with Raylan Givens is off the charts!

    • M

      ********Spoiler alert*******
      Ausiello revealed on TVline that Boyd is going to hook up with Ava. Ewww. But at least that will leave Raylan clear to get back with his ex-wife Winona. So I am happy about that

  • Lisa Lee

    Keep Kurt in Dalton and give him a spin-off!! That way Ryan Murphy can have his Kurt Hummel Show and Glee can return to normal.

    • Asha

      This would be good. I liked Glee up until in became the gay teen angst show, I had enough gay teen angst when I was a gay teen. I miss the show about music and friends and being the underdog.

    • charles


  • No thank you

    These spoilers bite. So boring. I think I will find another website to follow.

    • M

      Michael Ausiello has his own website now, go to TVline.com

      • MaggieQuack

        Slezak went there too.

      • Dalia

        It’s a much better site than EW is right now. They just need to poach Annie Barrett and they’ll be good.

    • izzy

      don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  • Lexie

    Um, Kurt needs to be back at McKinley yesterday. Glee is about New Directions for a reason – we don’t care about the Warblers, and judging from the amount of screen time they (and Kurt by association) get, we never will. It’s obvious that Dalton’s not the magical place Kurt thought it was, so bring him back with his friends. He can’t just chill there and be ‘adorable’ with Blaine + that bird (most obvious metaphor ever, RM) forever. He needs real friends, and I don’t think the Warblers made such a great first impression at his audition.

    As for the whole Blaine thing, I have yet to really care about him. I think he’s boring and gives bad advice, but I’m glad Kurt has someone he can relate to. As a friend. Because I honestly don’t think that whole ‘mentor/lol we are the same person’ relationship is very healthy. Kurt needs to learn that he can be single -and- fabulous, and then some cute boy can chase after -him- for a change. I can even think of the perfect one right now, who is currently at McKinley and is a mountain lion. Yet another reason Kurt needs to go back.

    • GRACE

      I LOVE YOU

    • minmin

      Glee is all about ND.
      Something needed to mix things up a little for season 2 or we’d all be bored to tears by now.

    • meomaow

      Also, yeah, I just don’t think Kurt should date someone who told him he tries too hard.
      How about that cute boy at McKinley? He sure seemed to appreciate Le Jazz Hot!

    • Jade

      This. Exactly this. Hearts in my eyes for you right now!

    • Jac

      Agree!! Blaine is a snooze-fest. Bring Kurt back to Mckinley, Karofsky to work out his issues, & have more Kurt/Dave time!

    • Michela

      All of this.


      • Lexie

        …Except I’m not actually on Team Kurtofsky, but I’m glad you like my thoughts? C:

      • xan

        Team Kum/Heavans, actually.

      • Lana

        WTF! How can you want Kurt with the guy who bullied him everyday, kissed him against his will and then threatened to kill him? Let Krafosky deal with his issues but not with Kurt!

    • Si

      I agree with Lexie.

      I understand that Glee fans really enjoy Blaine and Kurt, but think about this: Ryan Murphy wants Kurt and his boyfriend to be the new power couple of McKinley. What sort of message would he be sending by having Kurt’s boyfriend transfer schools for him to achieve that? Kurt will obviously leave Dalton eventually, but don’t be so blind-sided to actually believe Blaine will follow him there (New Directions is already too big.)

      If viewers took the time to watch this season of Glee objectively, they would see where this story is headed. The parallels between seasons 1 and 2 have been blatant in all ten episodes so far. And guess who this season’s Finn is? Sam Evans. Sam has dealt with his oddly strong desire for popularity — a quest that begs the question: what is he afraid of? What reason does he have for feeling like he will be the target of bullies if he does not become the top guy at McKinley? So who this season’s Rachel? Kurt. He’s dealt with the same feelings of loneliness and detachment that we watched Rachel suffer through last season. (She even left the Glee club herself temporarily!)

      These comparisions have been drawn on by the characters themselves. As this season’s Rachel, who is Kurt’s own version of Jesse? Kurt said it himself: Blaine. He is everything Kurt has been hoping for, just as Jesse was basically Rachel’s male counterpart. And it is just like Kurt to cling on to someone like Blaine (just like with Finn, except hey! At least he’s gay this time!) because Kurt has not accepted that ‘kindness, friendliness’ does not have to equal to romantic love.

      You see these similarities in other places: Sam and Quinn are like Finn and Quinn. A couple who are with each other because it is what is expected of them, and it’s easy when they’re on top. They are perfect to look at, but are they truly together because they love each other? No. And just as Quinn kept a big secret from Finn, we also have Sam confirming he has his own ‘secret he’s ashamed of’. (And I’m sorry but his excuse about ‘dying his hair’ does not cut it — and is not comparable to teen pregnancy.)

      Take a moment to observe the parallels. Blaine transferring to McKinley only adds to confirm his ‘Jesse’ parallel. Of course, I don’t believe that Blaine has an ulterior motive. But the parallels between the characters is there — and clearly, as Jesse did, Blaine’s role in Kurt’s life is to help him. But ultimately, he is not what the show creators had in mind for Kurt’s endgame boyfriend, even if they do have a short relationship.

      People assume that the ‘closted boyfriend’ storyline has been dropped but take the time to realise that the storyline is still there if you watch closely enough. And if you realise that the parallels are there, you will see who this season’s Finn and Rachel really are. The Kurt/Blaine hype is clouding everyone to Sam’s real role on the show. Frankly, I think the Sam/Kurt fans have been some of the only fans looking at the bigger picture here. If certain spoilers are anything to go by, we will soon be seeing the image Sam has created for himself begin to crumble.

      And just as Rachel finally let go of her chase for Finn, so too will Kurt learn to allow himself to be chased for once and stop trying to search out love wherever he thinks he’s found it. Hence where Sam enters the picture.

      • .l.

        WORD. Also, Sam is a mountain lion. TROLOLOL

      • Emily


      • meomaow

        Hearts in my eyes because of this comment! HEARTS IN MY EYES.

    • .l.

      LEXIE! I think I saw you on GF.
      Kurt needs to get his ass back to McKinley because seriously, that’s where he belongs. I don’t give a flying f*** about Blaine. He can GTFO for all I care.

  • IG

    Detroit 1-8-7! Thank you for giving this show some attention. I love the Detroit backdrop, the grittiness, the characters, and the show still manages to avoid easy cynicism and give us some humor. Please give this a chance!

    And… Leslie Knope for President!

    • MsSuniDaze

      I agree. Detroit 1-8-7 is fantastic. The acting, the stories and location are amazing. I wish more people would watch it.

    • detroitgirl

      Good to see an article on Detroit 1-8-7, it definitely needs more publicity, and to be renewed for Season 2 so it can really take off with what they’ve started building so far!. Cannot wait until it reutrns on 2-1-11!

      • pattycupcake

        i agree; i’m a fan. i think it hurt the show that it was gone a few weeks here and there while the network decided whether or not to order new shows. they need to support the show and do more publicity for it. michael imperioli is a cool, schleppy wonder and the rest of the cast is not sitting down on the job either!

    • Lucy

      was looking for some comments on Detroit 187. It is a super show!!

  • Amy Leigh

    Um, I haven’t seen the next episode of Being Human yet, but from what I saw in the previews if the part your talking about with Bishop is when he turns Aiden, the uniforms they’re wearing would belong in the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War.

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