'Smallville' casts Blue Beetle -- EXCLUSIVE

Bet you didn’t see this one coming.

As we confirmed for you earlier today, Days of Our Lives actor Eric Martsolf recently booked a gig as Booster Gold on an upcoming episode of Smallville. Now, EW has learned exclusively that Jaren Brandt Bartlett has been cast as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle in the 17th episode of Smallville, titled “Booster.”

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, “Who?!” And truth be told, Bartlett has a slim IMDb resume, most recently appearing on episodes of Nickelodeon’s live-action Canadian series The Troop. But as he makes his introduction into the world of DC superheroes in the episode, which will show Beetle’s origin, we predict he won’t be unknown for long.

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  • Joker-El

    Um cool.. I like how they are giving these big roles to unknown actors.. these roles will seriously boost their careers!

    • Flip

      Eric Martsolf doesn’t need a career boost—he’s a full-time cast member on Days of Our Lives.
      Actually, this stint will reunite him with former Passions co-star Justin Hartley!

      • Carrie #2

        And maybe they can bring Justin Hartley’s wife Lindsay on for a really awkward Brady-Arianna reunion! I don’t watch Supernatural but I remember reading she guest-starred on it recently. So…bring her back!

      • Carrie #2

        OMG, I mean Smallville. Comment ruined.

      • IReadBannedBooks

        She was already on an episode…Abandoned, I think was the title.

      • JEFF

        The article was not about him. It just mentioned him. It was really about Jaren Brandt Bartlett

      • Flip

        Eww, not Brady/Arianna—THERESA & ETHAN!!! Now they were the money couple on Passions!

    • TJCrinc

      your forgetting welling was a nobody before clark kent! and now, we wouldnt have young supe’s any other way!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    I just wish they’d do more than appear in just one episode, and then just pop up in cameos from time to time (Black Canary, Aquaman, Hawkman, Jonn Jonzz, Zatanna)

    • Big Time Rush

      I just wish they would bring Lana back, I have been rewatching Smallville from the beginning with the episodes they post on the wb website – right now it is on season 3 and WOW – she is beautiful, talented, and seems so wonderful – I want her and Clark to be together, boo Lois. Watch the last scene of the season 2 finale where Clark is leaving Smallville and Lana tells Clark she loves him and tell me that is not better than anything Lois and Clark ever had.

      • Tony

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I dont dislike Lois, but I LOVE Lana. Of course she’ll never be back as this is the last season.

      • cal

        I couldn’t DISagree with you more. Lana’s presence was a real downer for the show. Clark was weak, insipid and unheroic around her. Lois inspires him to be a hero and is just the person to be there when he finally takes flight as Superman.

        We the audience were constantly told by the (presumably smitten) producers how great and perfect and wonderful Lana was supposed to be, though she never did anything but turn Clark into a Super-mope. Lois is a woman of action, does what needs to be done, and IS obviously a fantastic partner for Clark.

      • james

        Lana was awesome – from the way she talked to her mannerisms – she was incredibly beautiful, Lois on the other hand is more rough and has zero chemistry with Clark – and her voice is incredibly masculine for my taste – Lana was the best

      • Poe

        Really? Lois and Clark have zero chemistry? Have you even seen Smallville?

  • Troy

    I’m sure he’ll be great. Great to hear that the role has been casted.

  • McNulty

    Dear Geoff Johns,

    We want Ted Kord back. No offense to Jaime, but Ted will forever be the Blue Beetle. Apparently this argument was enough to bring back Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, but not Ted. Bwa-ha-ha, DC.

    DC fans over the age of 12

    • Leithen

      Apparently, getting your brains blown out is a little more permanent than other forms of death in the DC universe. I think they draw the line at explosion (see Green Arrow) for resurrection. …Nah, they probably don’t.

    • Flip

      I’m over 12 and I prefer Jaime to Ted. GTH.

    • MM

      So send Hal and Barry back. I like Ted, but as far as I’m concerned, the kid can stay.

    • Orac

      Yeah, good luck telling the Jaime origin story on Smallville! And I just don’t see him being paired with Booster in quite the same way that Ted Kord was.

    • Evan Waters

      You see, I love Ted, and would like to see him back eventually. But right now, with the DCU the way it is, Ted coming back would mean something horrible happening to Jaime, just like making Ray Palmer the Atom again required killing Ryan Choi. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Eric

    Yeah! Blue Beetle! Jaime fan forever! Keep him going DC!

    Eric, 19 year old DC fan

  • Steve

    Looks like they’re going with Jaime Reyes over Ted Kord… much as I love Ted, Jamie’s grown into the part. Can’t wait to see how the armor will be portrayed!

    • john

      I read on another site that they are having Ted Kord on, he lost the scarab that Jamie finds to become Beetle.
      Maybe CW will have a Blue/Gold series with Ted as a mentor. Better still, a series rotating various DC heros, similar to the old Mystery Movies NBC had in the 70’s, two hours in length, featuring the JSA, JLA and all the heros that Smalllville introduced.

  • Doug

    They ruined Spider-man!

    Oh sorry, wrong company.

  • Vanessa

    I Can’t wait for this episode

  • dee123

    This makes me miss Passions all over again.

  • greg

    I’m pushing sixty and I like the new Blue Beetle, too. And it’s not like Ted was THE original Beetle. There was Dan Garrett before him.

    Times change . . . .

    • Orac

      By that argument they may as well bring in all of the Charlton Comics heroes. I’d be up for that but I don’t think it would go over well with the masses. The Question would be perfect given the current storyline. As would Captain Atom.

    • Poe

      Great radio show, The Blue Beetle, by the way.

  • DJ

    You’re right EW, I am thinking “Who?” Not ‘who’s the actor?’ but who’s the Blue Beetle?

  • Gene Bannister

    Blue Beetle is a comic book hero that dates back to 1939. His most popular run has been within the last few years as part of the “Countdown to Infinite Crisis” story line.

  • Michael

    Im I the only one who find it odd that with all that has happen on these show No Member of the GL crops has shown up

    • Poe

      With the GL movie, no current GL is allowed to appear from what I understand. Alan Scott, however, did appear briefly in Absolute Justice, and we even got to see his ring to the surprise of many.

  • robinepowell

    I’m confused as to which actor will play Blue Beatle. EW says Eric Martsolf, character named Reyes, while TV Guide says Sebastian Spence as Ted Kord.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    • Lorrie

      Yeah, I just read Ted Kord will be in the episode, too, which I did not expect. Ted was the 2nd Blue Beetle, until he was murdered. Then teenager Jamie became the 3rd Blue Beetle. Booster Gold and Ted were best friends in the comics. Of course, the comics and the Smallville versions of characters are often very different, so who knows what the story will be.

  • rey

    the blue beatle is both the titular hero and the name of the device. the beatle imbedsitself into a host and gives them powers. i refer to him as a space age spawn. the beatle armor can morph into weapons, shields, and various other contraptions.

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