'Wonder Woman' project finds a home at NBC

Wonder-WomanImage Credit: DC ComicsThe ol’ girl may fly this fall after all: NBC has picked up the Wonder Woman pilot from David E. Kelley. Ironically, NBC was the final network to pass on bringing back the superhero over a week ago, but that was before the new regime was officially in place in light of the impending Comcast takeover. Robert Greenblatt is now spearheading primetime as chairman. (On Thursday, head of programming Angela Bromstad announced she was leaving).

The pilot’s cost may not be a concern to Greenblatt, the wunderkind who revitalized Showtime with critical faves like Dexter and Weeds. One factor that seemed to have sunk the Wonder Woman project the first time around was the price of rebooting the series, with the studio requiring a rich license fee to bring the iconic character back to life. But then, NBC has been down this road before: It rebooted Bionic Woman. Kelley’s take incorporated the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the script, and insiders said it was a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character. For years, various writers and producers (including Joss Whedon) have tried to bring back Wonder Woman, but the character has proved difficult to resurrect.

Kelley is already executive producing Harry’s Law for NBC, the new drama starring Kathy Bates. The pilot, like all the others ordered by NBC during the current development season, will have to pass the final smell test this spring before its ordered to series in May.

In other business Friday, NBC also ordered a drama pilot from Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City), dubbed Mann’s World. It chronicles a celebrity hair stylist in Los Angeles.

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  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    no one is going to watch this

    • Fred

      I will

      • Joe

        It’s going to suffer the same fate of bionic woman, the cost is too high and unless they are pulling in NCIS type of ratings it’ll be canceled before you know it. I hope it’s not another smallville, where it takes 10 seasons before it gets good…

      • Billiam

        Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Bionic Woman sunk by the fact that it was… not good?

      • Aztrazolo

        I wish there was a “like” button for these posts. I would use it on Billiam’s reply.

      • LouieD

        The Bionic Woman was done in by the writer’s strike and production politics. You can find the existing 8 episodes on DVD and they’re actually quite good.

      • Jay

        ‘Quite good’ may be a stretch. I watched all the episodes of Bionic Woman. The show was at best ‘just okay.’ Characters and story lines were just so-so.

      • Mike

        Smallville didn’t take 10 seasons to be good. It’s been good the entire run of the series. Sure there have been a couple episodes that were crap, but that happens with every series.

      • Brian

        Totally agree, Mike. There are only 4 episodes of SV that were absolutely bad, IMO.
        As for WW, my biggest wish is that it’d be at least loosely connected to SV’s continuity. I’d love to see Welling and Durance do a guest spot as Superman and Lois, or have some of the other heroes show up. I know it’s not likely though, given it’s a different network and producers.
        I also really hope NBC keeps the mythological aspects of the series. I can definitely see them starting out with Diana having been adopted by the Princes and not having any knowledge of why she has powers so that they can reveal all of that throughout the course of the series, but they’ve gotta bring the Greek pantheon into this to make it work.
        I’m still thrown by her being a “corporate executive,” though. I don’t see how that’ll relate and resonate with her vigilante alter ego.

      • Charles

        Me too.

      • Bobby

        I will too.

      • BKWurm1

        Smallville sucks, at least the stuff related to not so Super man and lamest of the Lois Lanes. What a waste of 10 years. Will give WW a shot.

    • angelcop74

      I will too. As long as it’s better than The Bionic Woman was.. Too bad Joss Whedon DIDN’T do it. Then you KNOW it would rule!

      • TJ. Church

        Not everything Joss does is great, or even good.

      • Luiza

        Word. TJ. No need to hate because you didn’t understand the brilliance of Joss. It’s cool. There are enough Joss fans to love him in your place.

      • thin

        It would also mean that it would be inexplicably relegated to niche status and never get the wider audience it would deserve.

      • Chris

        I’m a big Joss Whedon fan, always have been, “Buffy” is an all-time fave, but TJ is not wrong. Let’s keep some healthy perspective here.

      • Dave

        TJ is not wrong. Buffy and Angel were great shows. Dollhouse was not good. Not everything Whedon touches turns to gold.

      • Ryan


        Did you give Dollhouse more than one shot? While it admittedly started off slow, it actually got very good once Echo started retaining memories…

    • LAJackie

      I’ll give it a try. I love Wonder Woman.

      • DJ

        I’d like to love Wonder Woman. I really, really would.

    • RJ

      Jamie Alexander FTW! She played Jessi on Kyle XY and is Sif in the new Thor movie….

      • Archie

        Just Googled her. Physically, not a bad choice. But, can she act?

      • MIchael

        serinda swan i think is a more perfect match for ww

    • Katja

      My husband and I will!

      • donb

        Who watches the foxy lady to see if she can act?

      • Brama

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    • renner

      Sure, no one’s going to watch it.I guess fans of Wonder Woman, DC Comics, Smallville, superheroes, David E. Kelley and female driven action series are all going to pass this up?Yeah, that seems very likely.

      Unlike original shows, this already had a built in, hardcore audience.It would be surprising if it wasn’t a hit.

      • forrest

        if ‘the cape’ and ‘chuck’ is any indication of NBC’s style and track record, I don’t give the genre much hope regardless of the source material.

      • Jenna

        Chuck is an incredible show with perhaps the best guest casting on television. Give it a chance.

      • katie

        With the new leadership in place, it will actually have nothing to do with the choices previous leadership has made. We have to wait and see with the new ones.

      • Celeste Martinez

        I agree whole heartedly with that comment, thank you.

    • Jean Genie

      I’m excited about this, too. Why hate on it? Because it’s not a sausage fest/fanboy wet dream? Lynette Rice was a bit rude in calling WW “the ol’ girl” – how about “icon” instead, Ms. Snarky?

      • Kin

        You’re so right. Rice was a bit rude. I hope they do it justice (league) and don’t turn it into a sausage fest

    • Amenhotep

      I will too!

    • Tajah

      Bridget Regan from “Legend of the Seeker” needs to be WW. She is perfect! She is gorgeous, intelligent, and has done a fantasy/action type role and nailed it.

      • Benny

        i’m thinking more Nadia Bjorlin

      • Jinx

        I love Nadia Bjorlin. However, I love Bridget Regan too. I agree with Tejah. Bridget Regan would make a perfect Wonder Woman!

    • Kin

      I love women superheros. I’ll watch it. And then they’ll cancel it like they do everything else that’s decent on television.

    • Celeste Martinez

      Whatever people, doesn’t matter who they get(remember Lynda Carter was an unknown when she was cast as the lead) people are going to watch even if those of you took the time to read this article and post negative comments dont plan on watching, although you probably will. The simple fact is there is a HUGE WW fanbase out there and it’s about to get bigger. WW is an american icon. Speaking for myself, I cant wait and I plan on inviting all my friends over for a WW party on the night this pilot airs…

  • No One

    You’re right, I will. And I’m very much looking forward to it! : )

  • Monica

    Megan Fox as WW might garner some interest!

    • angelcop74

      Blech. Besides, i can’t see her moving to TV when she can be typecast in any action flick as “the vixen.”

    • Miss Talk

      Thank you, Mon!

      Okay we’ve been really harsch on her and her movies but TV seems like a better place for her.
      Time to start eating, Megan, this role is definitely for you.

      • Zamiel

        If Megan Fox is even working as a janitor on this show, I won’t watch it. She’s a waste of oxygen.

      • B

        Zamiel is gay… but there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Kris

        She got her start on television (Hope & Faith) I don’t see her going back to it. For most actors who transition into movies its like going back a step in your career.

    • D.

      Megan Fox is not Wonder Woman material at all…she is not even pretty. I find her to look very boring, even when she’s trying to be sexy. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy NO Megan Fox. That being said, I am very nervous about the show and who they cast, but I will still check it out. I hope they do Wonder Woman justice, she is my all time fave super hero.

      • Kin

        Lucy Lawless would be fantastic.

      • Lana

        I think right now the best choice is Nadia Bjorlin

    • SoBored

      Megan Fox has too many tattoos to deal with. And, as Miss Talk insinuates, she is definitely too thin to look like an Greek goddess.

    • STanford’09

      Not hot enough for high ratings, need someone like Julia Louis-Dreyfus to pull in the big numbers.

      • Sasha

        I second your Julia nomination.

      • Brianna

        I agree. Let’s face it, men will not watch the show unless they have a voluptuous actress like Julia playing the part.

      • Tina

        I hate to agree with you, but the show does need a curvy (Big ass, big breasts) actress in order to survive. Julia fits the bill. I vote for her as well.

      • KarlHall

        Julia Louis-Dreyfus certainly has the sex appeal to draw a large younger male audience, but will women viewers be turned off if the role is given to Julia simply for her body?

      • DJ

        They said it’s not a campy version.

      • DJ

        P.S. She just turned 50. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I’m guessing they’re going younger. I’m thinking Jessica Biel.

      • Dan

        I don’t think Julia’s age is a factor, I thought she was 35 to be honest. Tina is right, men will only tune in if the lead is very curvaceous like Julia. She has my vote.

      • Kelley8

        Well if big breasts and a big butt are the only criteria, then Julia Louis-Dreyfus has to be in consideration. Karl, everyone knows Julia’s large boobs were the main reason she was cast in “old Christine”, and that show still attracted a decent female audience…granted it was 80% men watching to see Julia….women still tuned in.

      • Jean Genie

        Julia is a terrific performer, but she’s too old for this role. Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce or Sofia Vergara all have smokin’ figures, but they’re too big for this show otherwise.

      • Laura

        I can confirm that Julia is officially in talks with NBC for doing the role. I’m so excited!!! I really think she is the only actress who could do this role well. I hope they pick her!

      • STanford’09

        Laura, how can you confirm this?

      • Laura

        My brother-in-law works for NBC and apparently Julia is in the top 5 girls they are considering for the role. Olivia Munn is also high in the running, but he said he couldn’t share any other names :(

      • Beto

        Wait that can’t be right. Isn’t Julia starting a new show on HBO now?

      • DJ

        J L-D? Never…going…to…happen.
        I don’t care who they cast, just, please, bring back the song. ‘In her satin tights, fighting for our rights, and the old red, white and blue…’

      • Chris Hent

        DJ: You gotta keep the faith. Julia is one of the only women in hollywood who has the necessary physical features to play the role. I don’t see who else you do it as well.

      • Chris Hent

        DJ: You gotta keep the faith. Julia is one of the only women in hollywood who has the necessary physical features to play the role. I don’t see who else could do it as well.

      • DJ

        @Chris Hent-
        I faith that whoever casts Wonder Woman will see that J L-D is all wrong for the part. I like J L-D, she looks good for 50, but WW is statuesque, Julia is petite. Now if they’d bring back Puddy as The Tick with Elaine as American Maid I’d pay to see that.

      • Camille

        DJ I think you’re mistaken. Julia seems to be the only logic choice to me. Pretty, bosomy, and an actual good actress. People simply won’t buy into the show if they cast Meagan Fox or Jessica Beale. Julia is the best choice by far.

      • DJ

        @Camille–She has a nice figure for a woman of 50 but I think she’d be surprised to find out that she’s ‘bosomy.’

      • Rebecca

        I think Julia has quite a big chest.

    • Krzysztof

      Valerie,Tell Thomas he is doing an amazing job and when I ever I get to see your dad I try to ask about him. I know you and all your fmlaies are proud of him. Just tell him that school comes first ( in mind at least), and to have fun at whatever he does.Dennis Mattox

  • Jon

    Kelley desperately needs to get away from lawyer shows. Maybe this material will revitalize him.

    • KarlHall

      It’s tough when he was trained as a lawyer.

      • Jon

        He’s done many shows that had nothing to do with the law.

    • Archie

      Diana Prince will probably be a lawyer….

    • Joe

      David E. Kelley is a multi-millionaire many times over because he produced several excellent shows — he doesn’t need to be “revitalized.”

      • Jon

        I’m actually a huge fan. But when did he last have a great show? Most of his recent shows have barely finished one season — I think “girls’ club” lasted two episodes. “Harry’s Law” seems like “Ally McBeal” and “Boston Legal” all over again. “The Practice” was the last time he had a really good show on the air. I really like the guy’s style, but he needs to be revitalized — which you’d understand if you understood the meaning of that word, which you apparently do not.

      • Brett

        “The Practice” was the last time he had a really good show on the air…Let’s see, in how many ways is this statement wrong? “The Practice” devolved into an unrelenting stream of shoutfests between the main characters. Meanwhile, “Boston Legal” garnered critical praise and awards. That being said, I hope he plays “Wonder Woman” a little more straight than he did “Boston Legal.”

  • MWeyer

    Great, this means every episode we’ll hear Diana go on a huge speech of the evils conservatives have done to this nation.

    • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen


    • Archie

      Ha! Very good, MWeyer!

    • Jean Genie

      So they should make her be like Sarah Palin?? ** CHOKE!!!!!!!! **

      • Amenhotep

        Better yet, they ought to beg Sarah Palin to do WW!
        First, it takes her out of the political forum and we can all say THANK GOD! Second, she can ACT and she’s not so hard on the eyes either :)
        She just needs to practice with the lasoo – ’cause her shooting aim is for the birds (pun intended)!

      • Archie

        Groan. Somebody just *had* to mention Sarah Palin. Big surprise. She’s become a national obsession (for the left).

      • Jean Genie

        Keep projecting, Archie …

      • Archie

        “Projecting”? Ugh.

    • forrest

      yeah, Harry’s Law already had that speech in episode 1.

  • Beto

    Why is this show not airing on the WB?

    • Summer

      Because the WB hasn’t been around for a few years.

      • Archie

        Fine. UPN, then!

      • Jessie

        Uh, their is no UPN either…

      • Archie

        Yes, I know. Way to take the p–s out of the joke, Jessie. ‘:-.

  • Jason S.

    Who should be Wonder Woman? And be realistic. No movie star is going to take the role. That means no Angelina, no Megan, and no Jessica.

    Since chances are V will not survive the season I’d go with Laura Vandervoot. Just make her a brunette. Eliza Dushku is too short! Michele Ryan has already burned her bridges at NBC. If Chuck is cancelled Yvonne could do the role.

    • angelcop74

      You’re so right Jason S~ Yvonne Stahovski would be awesome. Her current role is such a super hero type already. But i love Chuck! hmm

    • Orac

      I don’t know… Laura playing Wonder Woman AND Supergirl? Holy typecasting Batman! *snicker*

    • RM

      Jason: I was actually thinking Yvonne. Dye hair black? Voila. They could have her bulked up a little bit more in no time. And she’s so easy on the eyes…

    • Zamiel

      If they’re making her like in the comics, she should be 6′ tall and have muscles. You know, like an AMAZON should?

      However, they’ll cast some skinny supermodel with big boobs and call it a day.

      Also, Wonder Woman can fly under her own power. She doesn’t need a stupid invisible plane.

      And her costume is supposed to be metallic. It’s armor forged by Hephaestus, not a puffy swimsuit like on the old show.

      So in short, the comic fans won’t watch this because they’ll screw up all the good things about Diana, and that will just leave the guys watching to see a poorly-cast skinny bimbo in a swimsuit tying guys up.

      • Big-Boobed Supermodel

        I’ve already sent my head shot!

      • thin

        I hope it was a head-and-chest shot!

      • Big-Boobed Supermodel

        Giggle, giggle!

        Wait, what?

      • Brett

        B-B S, I’m a huge fan of your work. Hope you get the job!

      • Big-Boobed Supermodel

        Tee, hee! Thanks!

        Wait, what?

      • Comic-book veteran fan

        In what alternate universe is “comic book fans” not largely a subset of “guys watching to see a bimbo in a swimsuit tying guys up”? Trust me, I’ve been there… and Michelle Ryan (definitely “busty”) has at least proven she can look hot while running in skintight jeans and high heels. Plus, since WW is Greek, they might be able to let MR use her natural voice and her acting may improve as a result.

    • leroygrey

      How about Gina Carano? Ex-American Gladiator… read she just did a movie with Sodebergh, too.

    • RJ

      Jamie Alexander is a perfect fit!

      • Aline

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    • Dave

      Evangeline Lilly.

      • jules

        that’s what i was thinking.

    • Danny

      I think Nadia Bjorlin will make a good wonder woman

      • chessster

        I second that. Nadia is perfect!

  • Fred

    If the people in charge are wise enough the show has potentile to be good.
    Everyone who complains about TV needs to lighten up or start to realize it’s not cheap to make good TV. [the Cape is an example; one of the better & more original hero shows I’v seen.]

    • D.

      The Cape? Seriously? Worst show ever.

    • Archie

      “The Cape” would be better titled “The Crap.” It has *no* potentile.

      • Darrin

        What exactly is “potentile?” Is that anything like potential?

      • Brett

        “Potentile” = really amazing tile flooring. They have NONE of it in “The Cape.” All hardwood floors and concrete, with a little shag carpeting.

      • Archie

        I don’t think Darrin got that I was poking fun at Fred’s misspelling…. But well done, Brett!

    • tek

      I was wondering who liked “The Cape”. Now I know that it’s you; no more looking for a needle in a haystack. Worst show on television to be sure. I have tried to like it, and cannot.

  • SidsNancy

    Thank God Megan Fox won’t be involved and I don’t think David E. Kelly is the right person to handle WW!

  • Stephen Monteith

    Good. Now they just need to cast Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman, and they’ll be all set.

    • RM

      Emily Deschanel is an easy homage to Lynda Carter.

    • Emma

      Bones will probably get another season or two, so good choice, but probably wouldn’t work. Chuck might actually get another season too, so I don’t think either of the Chuck actresses are looking for another role presently.

  • David

    I bet it will bomb. I don’t want it to because I am a big comic book fan; but NBC has not been having any luck lately with developing their TV shows right.

  • kelson64

    Over at my website last year, we had a pretty lengthy discussion on realistic choices for Wonder Woman. Keep in mind that if this is a “serious” take on Wonder Woman, she should be tall, fairly exotic looking and in her late twenties (she is Wonder Woman, not Wonder Girl). That being said, even if it was realistic, Megan Fox is too much of a shrimp to play the part. The four realistic favorites on our site are Nadia Bjorlin (who told me “hell yes!” when I asked her if she would like to play the part), Erica Durance (who actually is a really good fit), Morena Baccarin (who coincidentally was Josh Whedon’s choice to play the part) and Bridget Regan from “Legend of the Seeker”. All of these actresses probably will be available for the part if they are interested.

    • Tajah

      Bridget Regan would be perfect for WW! She is beautiful, intelligent, and has played strong characters. I hope they choose her.

      • Jason S.

        I don’t know who any of these people are except Erica Durance and Morrena Baccarin. Moreena would have to wear a wig at this point. Is she tall? I hadn’t noticed!

      • Javadude54

        Bridget Regan, Erica Durance or Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist). Any one of those gals would be perfect.

      • Sarah

        Here’s my vote for Bridget Regan (from Legend of the Seeker). I thought she would be perfect as Wonder Woman the first time I saw her.

    • Liz

      Yes!!! Bridget Regan FTW!

      • ash

        I will also add my vote for Bridget Regan. What a gorgeous woman!

      • timothy

        what about Evangeline Lily from LOST?

    • Russell Brooks

      Realistically speaking, Morena Baccarin would be a good choice, but she’s already on V, which is a hit for ABC. How would that ever be possible?

      Russell Brooks
      Author of Pandora’s Succession.

      • kelson64

        Morena Baccarin is realistic because most people expect “V” to be canceled. Of the four women I listed, Erica Durance is the oldest and Bridget Regan is the oldest. Here are their heights . . Bjorlin, Durance and Regan are all 5’8″ and Baccarin is 5’7″.

      • kelson64

        Er, I meant that Regan is the youngest. But all four are right around 30.

    • kelson64

      Just so you know, here are the other women that my site’s readers thought fit the bill . . Michelle Monoghan, 34, 5’7″, Katie Holmes, 31, 5’8″ and Katharine McPhee, 26, 5’9″ . . but really not many people thought either of these were good choices.

      • Jean Genie

        They all sound good. Tom probably wouldn’t let Katie do it anyway. I’d also consider Baccarin or Bjorlin.

    • pastafarian

      Well hellooo Bridget Regan

    • Juke Early

      110% for Bridget Regan + fervent hopes Kelley has finally learned how to make a non-barf inducing TV show.

    • kolorblindd

      what’s the url of that websiteyou’re talking ’bout, kelson64? would be interested in taking a look….
      but, if you threads didn’t make mention of Taylor Cole as Diana, not much for discussion there methinks. Taylor Cole: google her.

      • kelson64

        I’d share the url, but we’re currently (this weekend) in the process of moving the site to a new server.

      • Archie

        Just Googled her! Wow! Great discovery, kolorblindd! And she has experience with NBC, which makes her a more likely candidate. Taylor Cole FTW!

    • Jules

      Bjorlin in term of looks is perfect but she can’t act and on-screen she has a boring presence, Morena Baccarin is a great actress and beautiful but in term of looks she is not the best choice, Erica Durance well with dyed haired and blue eyes why not, she has presence but in your choices Bridget Regan is the best : perfect looks and talented.

    • Danny

      I think Nadia Bjorlin has the right look to play wonder woman

  • patty siao

    I vote Legend of the Seeker’s Bridget Regan!

  • Alex

    If it’s like the 1970’s series starring Lynda Carter it’ll be a hit, but if they change her too much it’ll flop.

    • Russell Brooks

      I don’t agree, Alex. With Smallville in its final season, fans of the show are going to need a quick fix. And Wonder Woman is one of the top characters from the DC Universe that did not appear on that show. If they don’t make the show closer to Smallville and more like the 1970s version, the show WILL crash and burn. And this Wonder Woman has to be powerful like Superman and tougher than Xena the Warrior Princess if it hopes to survive the first five episodes.

      Russell Brooks
      Author of Pandora’s Succession.

    • Brett

      I like “Smallville,” but I hope the new “Wonder Woman” is not a “Smallville” version of the character.

    • forrest

      pure camp was what he 70’s version was – too much time has passed to rehash that version. The Bionic Woman may be the newest example of NBC’s attempt at this type of show. I still think there is huge pitfalls with the genre since NBC is trying to fill the void left by Heroes.

  • Mario

    Charisma Carpenter would be an excellent Wonder Woman, and she would bring with her fans of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

    • Melissa

      Yes, totally agree! Beautiful and a wonderful actress.

      • Jason S.

        She would have been perfect 10 years ago!

      • kelson64

        Gotta agree with Jason here. Carpenter would have been perfect 10 years ago. But she is in her 40’s now, and that absolutely works against her.

      • Jason S.

        Althoug if she could play a sophmore in high school at 27 maybe she could play a 30 year old at 40.

      • kelson64

        She played a Mord Sith on “Legend of the Seeker”. She absolutely looked her age. Carpenter would be a terrible choice at this point in her career.

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