Keith Olbermann's next gig: TV comedy writer?

Keith-Olbermann-Aaron-Sorkin_320.jpg Image Credit: Olbermann: Amy Sussman/Getty Images; Sorkin: Valer Now that Keith Olbermann is leaving MSNBC, could he be setting his sights on Hollywood and Aaron Sorkin’s next TV project? The Golden Globe-winning scribe behind The Social Network has long had a pilot script in the works about a cable news show, and Olbermann could be tapped to contribute rants, says a source familiar with the project.

Sorkin spent time on Olbermann’s set while penning the behind-the-scenes script (think Sports Night meets Countdown), something he did while juggling The Social Network and working on an early draft of the upcoming film Moneyball (starring Brad Pitt). Sorkin recently told BBC News that he also shadowed Chris Matthews and Fox News and that he’s working with HBO on the project. (Unfortunately, the pay cabler is not confirming anything.)

Any network giving serious consideration to Sorkin’s next series may want to wait until Tuesday’s Oscar nominations to make a bigger publicity splash since it seems all but guaranteed that Hollywood’s premier scribe will snag a screenplay nod for The Social Network. Sorkin already won a Golden Globe for writing the movie, which was also recognized as the year’s best drama flick by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In addition, Sorkin scored a BATFTA nomination.

Should the behind-the-scenes script become a series, it’s practically a given that Sorkin would call upon his trusted allies to help carry out his vision. Besides Olbermann’s potential contribution, Emmy-winning scribes like Kevin Falls (Franklin & Bash) and Eli Attie (House M.D.) — both of whom worked on The West Wing – could help Sorkin run the show, while Thomas Schlamme would be a natural to direct. And what do you say, Sorkin; how about Bradley Whitford as Olbermann’s doppelganger? Stay tuned.

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  • Tim Lade

    I’d get an HBO subscription just to watch that in a heartbeat!

    • Laura

      I second that…

    • LOL

      The comedy at Fox News just writes itself.

      • Esteban

        I don’t see fox noise as comedy; more like hate mongering and a distortion of the truth (a dangerous mix). I have no respect for their viewers. American’s that use fox to support their points of debate are shallow and don’t have a thought of their own; they are followers. That’s what makes fox noise dangerous. How many more Americans have to die and/or be shot at to prove my point?

      • Annia

        I don’t count on FOX Network for news. They are grossly inaccurate, to the point of idiotic. I do, however, watch ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN news and then I compare notes. Can’t wait to know what Mr. Obermann’s next move will be. I’ve always enjoy his show & find his point of view rather fascinating. Brutally hurtful & yet, truthful. Best wishes to him.

      • Miffy

        Olbermann’s hate speech indirectly led to the tragedies in Tuscon. If you are supporting that disgusting, immoral person, then you are complicit as well. Remember, hate speech incites violence.

      • Camille

        @Miffy – I believe you are thinking of Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They are the ones who tell their sheep to actually go SHOOT people. Olbermann calls people “the worst person in the world” it’s a damn joke!! Glenn Beck tells people “the government is taking you to FEMA camps to be slaughtered!” WTF??? You’ve got to be kidding me!!

      • Dee

        Sorry ‘Esteban. I usually stop reading a comment as soon as I see a grammatical error that doesn’t look like a simple typographic error (American’s rather than Americans). I read comments for their intellligent content, and this one obviously doesn’t have much.

      • Estaban’s lover

        Estaban baby,
        Primetime MSNBC is the same nonsense, except that their shows always fall third in the ratings. Olberman couldn’t hack it with O’Reilly, or even Parker/Spitzer (are you serious?!?!?!) And Maddow is third behind Hannity and Piers Morgan. But I am sure that your respect is important to their viewers, because YOU are somebody! Why don’t you find something positive to say instead of your fear and hate mongering?

    • jeff

      He ought to go on North Korean or Venezuelean TV, he be perfect in those anti-American communist countries.

      • scott

        Dude. You are an idiot. Go suck Bush or Cheney’s cack

      • Rodney Wollam

        We should have him put to death as soon as you and I and GUYS like us take over America. It’s only American.

      • jeff

        Scott, you sound like you are a uyoung person which today, makes you uneducated, ignorant and stupid! Living at home with your mommy.

        Baby, Puss! Dumbasrse!

      • Aarrgghh

        Nothing anti-american about Olbermann. but plenty anti-american about both of your statements here.

      • Predicta

        removing Olbermann was a public service. The guy’s a windbag and contributes nothing positive to society. A purveyor of hate.

      • cecilia

        I bet when you have something intelligent to share you will not have to resort to potty talk

      • Radtheman

        he is more patriotic than you bigots.

      • Steve

        So getting rid if Olberman is good for discourse, nonsense then pull the plug on fox News and get a muzzle for Caribou Barbie Palin and her bullseyes and trailer trash family. keith is hilarious, and he hits the Neocons right where it hurts, in a way few can. He’ll be back soon enough

      • rosh32

        I’m not a big fan of Keith’s but he was absolutely NOT un-American. However, he was very anti Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and Bachmann. If you think those people are “true Americans”, then I see where you are coming from.

      • Jonathan Ashton

        Hey Jeff,
        I am 59, an engineer, make $100K+, a Vietnam veteran. Your comments are stupid, extreme right wing and I can just guess your income potential over your lifetime.
        Keith was the voice of the people that don’t want what Rushpublicans want. He cared as I do about the basic SAmerican citizen not just the rich. These guys in congress now are, for the most part, the sam ilk that drove the economy into the abyss. If you think they care about your future, you are on drugs. Until you make over $250K you will never be a concern to the Fox news/Republicans out there. This mai is an idiot.

      • Chris M

        Jeff – Childish is not being able to acknowledge plurality in our populace. Not all opinions must agree with yours. Not all opinions opposed to yours are “communist” “socialist” or “un-American”. Olbermann’s vision of the country is just as patriotic as yours. We need to be decent to one-another. Let’s all acknoledge we love this nation and have more in common than different.

      • @steve

        it’s a shame that your answer for everything is CENSORSHIP. “pull the plug on fox” and “get a muzzle for caribou barbie palin”…really? it’s a shame that you can’t at least support a little thing known as the CONSTITUTION and support those even if they don’t agree with your warped view of the world. i despise olbermann, but let him run his mouth all he wants. i am at least adult enough to ignore him and change the channel instead of running around like a little baby saying, ‘shut up, shut up!’ just because i don’t like what the other people are saying. keep it classy, steve.

      • Fox Viewer

        funny how all the libs are crying about olbermann’s being dumped. Now that the truth is coming out and we see that he wanted more money. Seems 7 million a year isn’t good enough for him. Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t that considered greed? yup, i’m pretty sure that makes him greedy. the thing libs hate most isn’t it? greedy people who profit off of the backs of others. imagine if he were to give just 1 million back to his crew? the ones that put the show together and take his notorious abuse. No, instead he’ll just demand more money for himself, because 7 million a year just isn’t enough for a show that’s half as popular as the entire fox lineup.

      • Pete

        America is a Continent, not a country.

      • vegasguy

        To Pete: In you’re anti-American idiot mind only is America not a country. Please feel free to move South and enjoy your America.

      • TCP

        Very well stated Fox Viewer. Self hating liberals never cease to amaze…he was dumped because his audience was TINY…which equates to LESS money for the Liberal network…

    • Kellie

      No doubt! I’d watch Fox News if Sorkin was doing their writing. Of course, they wouldn’t sound much like they do now!

      • Pete

        Yeah like you watch right? I am willing to bet you don’t. Like most people of your mind set you have an opinion that was given to you instead of making up your own mind. Say what you want Kieth is off the air because of low ratings and greed. All the foaming at the mouth comments are not going to change anything. You are all about free speech as long as it what you want to hear.

  • Justine

    He should join Obama’s campaign as a democratic strategist. He’s be very good.

    • Rab

      Justin I can agree with you on that.

    • misterbee

      I thought he already WAS employed by Obama and the DNC.

    • da13ca23

      This guy was a comedian the entire time he was on MSNBC so I guess it is only rational that he would do a lateral move to write “comedy” for NBC.

    • James

      I’d like to see him as Pres. Obama’s new press secretary.

  • alan

    i hate to see keith leave the program, the couple of times i watched it he seemed to go out of his way to make others look real smart

    • Leftofleft

      Much like every one of your posts? huh what a coinky-dink

    • Rab

      I hve watched Keth Olberman.For many years on MSNBC i will miss him being there.

  • jordan

    He should join Al-Jazeera!

    • Blazer

      Al-Jazeera is way more patriotic than MSNBC, so I don’t see him going there.

  • Dale

    Keith and Aaron…….THAT would be something great!

    • jeff

      Keith and Muhammad, THAT would be something great!

      • jeff

        I’m the marine the reasonable people who disagree with my views kill in friendly fire

  • Geraldine Ciesielski

    Boy what money can do. Just keep us in the darkas to what these republicans are up to. People should be furious. Comcast will never get any of my business.

    • jeff

      Yeah Geraldine, how intelligent you are, you’re right, it’s all a Republican plot.

      You are very smart. Keep up the good work.

      • jeff

        Yea Geraldine, lick my balls and suck it. I’m right and your wrong. If I could yell on the keyboard I WOULD!!! Keith is a true American, but you are a terrorist

      • I’ve never been to Darkas . . .

        But I hear it’s nice.

      • jeff

        Whoever wrote the second jeff, you are a queer, you would have ‘gerald’ lick your balls. F*gg*t.

        See how sick you libs are. Tour like being queer. Like your old man.

      • Aarrgghh

        It is you whom is sick Jeff. no doubt about it.

      • Predicta

        His ratings were in the toilet and losing money. That’s why he got bounced.

      • John Jamison

        Hopefully they have your picture at the local gun store. You’re a foul mouthed psycho!! You the next nut to shoot innocent people?

  • Rhoy

    This guy shouln’t even be on tv. His onesidedness tells it all! Liberal, Liberal, Liberal.
    Yeah, he’d be great for Obama.

    • Pucenavel

      So, you’re saying that because he’s one-sided he shouldn’t be on TV? Have you seen Fox News?

      Or is it because he’s a Liberal that he can’t be on TV?

      So, free speech only applies to Conservatives? Wow – what a hypocrite you are. Glad we live is this “free” country.

      • sweeney

        Don’t even try to understand anything a “conservative” says. Does anyone with any brains understand anything that FOX news spouts every day, NO! That’s why we love Keith and will follow him any where. If he goes to HBO, I’ll be there. COMCAST…you can go to H…! Keith, keep us posted.

      • Leigh

        Keith Olbermann shouldn’t be on television? And I suppose Glenn Beck should be. At least Keith is intelligent. Can’t say the same for Glenn.

      • terrythompson

        its okay for him to be on tv just not the news. I could care less what he thinks but he should be independent when he reports the news. It should be unbiased or have disclaimer stating that is his personal beleifs and not the news station. Or he should have a show like hannity does where you know its bias but not the news.

      • Happy American

        Yea, Fox is responible. Look at the ‘please note this is fair and balanced’ before the shows. That’s right Red nation check THAT out. GO RED!

      • topoopon

        So it’s okay to make up stuff to support your opinion, but presenting facts to set up your opinion is wrong? I’ll take facks over beliefs any day.

      • Rodney Wollam

        Terry’s right. Even though Keith had all the facts to back up his opinions, what he was saying was treason against the Constitution, real Americans, and Ronald Reagan’s soul.

      • Obie ONE

        Maybe Fox isn’t as far right as people think. After all, they seem to represent the opinion of not a few.

      • Mary

        terrythompson: Keith’s show has never been billed as news. It is commentary. If you want the News you should read the newspaper or watch the networks.

      • jwallker

        I am so disappointed in MSNBC for relieving Keith Olberman of his duties. He is one of the very few news correspondents that would speak the truth and wouldn’t be afraid to do so. The republicans play a dirty game and will go to any lengths to bring anyone down who is not on their side. They need to be investigating Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly, and the spokespersons for the entire Tea Party. I guess things will never change in our country. I guess it will take another tragic incident on “their” side before somebody wakes up!! People need to wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    • BN4Real

      Keith kept it real and shame on. MSNBC for their actions. I would watch MSNBC every night from 6 to 11 pm. Will be channel surfing from now on except for Ed Show and Rachel. The exec that made that decision needs to be fired not Keith!!!

    • Rhoy

      You are correct Kieth did have the facts to back up his reports. But I am not interested in fact. We need good old fashioned religious fear driving this country off the cliff… like it was in the good old days of slavery

    • rosh32

      I’ll grant that Keith is one-sided. But his motivation was be a voice against the Beck, Limbaugh who are even more one sided and a good deal less honest.

      • nate

        So true rosh32 Keith at least let them lie then knoted them in the head with facts. And thats how you discredit most of what fox news says facts and truh

    • Ed

      i am not one that normally blogs but i am on this because i was particularly interested in seeing what syberspace was saying about olberdork as he is called. i am glad he is gone and if it had anything to do with comcast’s merger, even better. olberdork needed a piece of humble pie. it was not his ratings. it was his mean spiritedness, his anger and the venom that he spews out of this idiotic mouth. olberdork as many call him had become a liability, put simply. he had pissed off too many people and the arrogant fool thought he was untouchable. well, mr. olberdork, here was your wake up call. business still runs this country- thank god. olberdork was was too far left and his stupid comments and left wing preaching had become a problem, even for the idiots at msnbc. hopefully ed schultz and that nut rachel maddow are next. for all of those on this post that are american haters, please do us all a favor and leave. we dont want or need you here. go to france or canada, or elsewhere in europe where they are imposing austerity measures because their wild spending on yes, healthcareand other socialist agendas have crippled their countries and bankrupted their treasuries. let me know how you like socialized medicine, food rationing. boy will you get a reality check. i came from a communist country and i have lived communism/socialismfor half of my life so this is not some “tea party” nut talking here. it doesnt work. it kills human enginuity. it makes people lazy and it destroys countries as it did mine. the “enlightened” liberals on this blog aned in this country, like all of my college professors are sorely misguided. you have been brainwashed by the idiots teaching in our public schools, unions and the fourth branch of government- the media. yes, i agree that bush/cheney screwed alot of things up. i will give you that. but all you people can talk about is bush cheney. get over it. obama has been in office 2 years and many no regret voting for him. gee; i wonder why. because he and other liberals do not believe in the beauty and uniqueness of america. you hate this country. then do us all a favor and leave. we dont need you here. you try talking trash in other countries like mine and you would be executed for sedition and treason. you that were born here dont appreciate what you have. if things continue going the way they are, i guarantee you that you will not be singing liberalism’s praises. you will be like those in greece, france, spain and other socialist countries that are havign a hell of a time because of their debt problems in large part becuase of socialized health care and other “kumbaya” legislation and you may even take to the streets like they have. ever wonder why they have $8.00 per gallo gas and a 50% tax rate? so they can pay for these idiotic social programs.

      liberalism is all emotion based. there is no reason or logic. emotion- that is the same way that hitler took over germany and fidel took over cuba, my homeland. there was an old saying in nazi germany, look for hitler in your heart, not your mind. why, because the “sane” germans knew what hitler was doing was morally and legally wrong so they told the population to rely on their emotion, not their heads in order to look past the crimes he was committing. same thing with liberals.

      for those of you that think comcast is tipping the scales, no, they are leveling the playing field. the liberal media runs everything. apparently, you liberals dont like it when conservatives beat you at your own game with your own rules. grow up. listen to a bit of conservative talk radio and travel to other countries and maybe you will learn something and learn to appreciate this country. do we have problems. of course we do. no doubt but if you think our problems are going to be fixed by liberal agendas you are in for a rude awakening. just as mitt romney how his health care plan in mass is working. its not. the only reason it survives is because the feds subsidize it. ask canada if their med system works. it doesnt. the director of their program recently announced tha they are going more to a privatized system. why? because they have figured out what many in this country have not- socialized anything does not work. socialism did not build this country but it will surely destroy it. many of you need to wake the hell up.

      • rage67

        GREAT POST ED!!! You are 100% CORRECT!!! Keith leaned so far LEFT he couldn’t even walk in a straight line…for all the Liberal’s who jumped on the Arizona Tragedy and immediatley started pointing fingers over the so-called “Right Wing Rhetoric” Olberman was just as bad if not WORSE for it. But it’s OK for Liberal’s to call people names because they are SO SMART!!! GOOD RIDDENCE TO KEITH!!!

      • Mary

        And what about the weird rantings of people like Glen Beck? Is that OK? I suppose he reports “the news” right?

      • zack

        I wonder to myself how much of what your write here you really view as a solution to the problems that face America. It seems like you are better at blaming than coming up with any real solutions. Keith’s spewing of hate is no worse than Limbaugh’s or the others who do it on the right. Until we accept that liberals (oh that nasty word) and conservatives both make up America and work together to find solutions, the problems will only get worse. I actually liked Ron Paul (not Rand Paul) as a candidate because he seemed not to take sides but realized on what we needed to cut but realized the deficit was a huge problem. The rest of the spewing words that come from either side about how the other side is ruining America have no purpose

      • @mary and zack

        wow…did you two even READ what he wrote. nope. you just immediately said, ‘what about THEM?!?!’ how bout looking inside your own heart (if you have one) and your own brain (if you can find it) and start THINKING for yourself instead of being mindless followers. i think he gave a very good post and showed that he has LIVED in socialism and he SEES the way we are headed. but, i guess we all have to get there on our own before we open our eyes. as for zack, i’m sure you would sit there and listen intently to anything he came up with as a solution, right? how bout running your HOUSE like washington is running your COUNTRY and see how long you last. it doesn’t matter if you are a R or a D, let’s use some commone sense people and get ourselves out of the mess we are in.

      • Ed

        @zack and mary

        you have proven my point. your posts are emotion based. you cannot counter any of the facts i noted. rather, it is all about emotion with you folks. i dont care about glen beck and i dont care about rush limbaugh. they dont speak for me and they dont speak for other conservatives despite what you think. in fact, i dont like them and dont even consider them conservatives. they are entertainers and they have their shtick. you are free to turn the radio or tv dial if you dont like what they are saying. i find it interesting that you countered none of the factual or historical observations i made. why, because facts are to liberals what kryptonite is to superman. yes. i HAVE lived in socialism and i can tell you that this is exactly where we are going. let me give you a little insight. my aunt god rest her soul was a staunch anti communist. when fidel was in the sierra maestra consolidating his power with the peasantry, he did the same thing this country is now doing. its just more sophisticated. its called brainwashing and propaganda. many people in cuba didnt realize it but she did and she got the hell out in 1958. she always told me that she called him a “watermelon”- why? because he was green on the outside but red on the inside. it was all a rouse. she was smart enough to see him for what he truly was. my parents and in particular my father (her brother) were too brain washed to see it until he consolidated his power in 1959. and when reality set in, they were miserable and besides themselves. they got itand eventuaally realized they had made a big mistake. it took them over 20 years before they could leave the country, well after they had passed their primethey have never been back. in their words, i have nothing left there, america is my home now.

        my wife, god bless her, was a raving liberal like many on this blog, when i met her. so i traveled with her and showed her what her views stood for. it did not take long for her to wake up and understand why i was very scared the direction this country was heading. not just of late but many years ago. i invite those on this blog that are of the left to please travel. go to cuba. go to venezuela, go to north korea and let me know what you think. i will bet you money that you will have a different perspective.

        as for zack, i dont offer “solutions” as you say because we all know what they are but far too many people in this country dont want to stomach it. STOP SPENDING MONEY AND START RELYING MORE ON YOURSELVES- NOT THE GOVERNMENT. too many social programs and subsidies. ask yourselves why the hell we paying farmers not to plant? ask yourselves why we had some idiotic liberal judge shut down the san joaquin delta water supplies to protect the “delta smelt.” his action has destroyed the central valley’s farming businesses. that is what liberal agendas get you. everyone has a sense of entitlement. get through your heads that you are owed nothing by society or the government. i dont and i am not raising my kids that way. i will be damned if i ever take a government handout. im an attorney and make a good living. if god gives me continued good health, i can continue to to give my family a good life. if i lose my job, i will work 3 shifts at mcdonalds to make ends meet and I will cut expenses but i will NEVER ask for a handout. can any of you of the liberal persuasion say that? too many in this country remain in bondage by the so called “liberal elite” who seem to think they know best. they dont know squat. it is to their advantage to keep you thinking that way so they remain in power. only when people in this country realize that you are being snowed will you realize it.

      • zack

        @Mary and Zack

        The mindless follower probably could be said of you too. Apparently you didn’t read my comment that I liked Ron Paul in the last election. He was in favor of dealing with the debt but didn’t seem partisan of it at all. If you, Ed or Rage are assuming that socialism is killing America — all I can say is it is money being spent that we don’t have and certainly is no worse than spending money to start wars like the last administration (nobody seemed to be complaining the house out of order then yet I saw it as money being spent that we shouldn’t have). Whether you think it or not, we probably have something in common. But I do think it is a little crazy assume that socialism/communism are one and the same which is what Ed is trying to elude to. Canada, for all the problems it may have, are certainly not the problems of Cuba.

      • Ed


        i am not alluding that communism and socialism are one in the same. you apparently have not lived in a communist/socialist country like i did. it is all a matter of degree. it is, as karl marx said, a dictatorship of the proletariat. true, canada and cuba are very different because u suspect that canada’s electorate and ruling class has realized that full blown socialism/communism will not fly so close to the US. they only reason cuba remained that way is because kennedy chickened out and did not send the enforcements needed at the bay of pigs.

        if canada is doing so well, why did the director of SCHIP (their socialized med system) they are going to start privatizing 35% of the program- because it doesnt work.

        and i agree, it is not just socialism that is killing america. it is the entitlement mentality in this country causing us to spend trillions on medicare and other freebees.

      • zack

        Ed, Thanks for your additional comments. I understand what you are saying. And I do believe the ‘entitlement’ idea is a problem. The modern state of politics is strange though in that both sides seem intolerent of the other. Tolerance and trying to work things through to incorporate opposing viewpoints is how democracy should be best served and neither party is doing that now. If socialism can turn into the communist regime that Cuba became, my thoughts are that ultra conservative ideas could be used as a proxy for the same type of regime (those in power intolerant of other viewpoints). In the next election, the ultra conservatives have a higher chance of winning because discontentment swings elections back and forth. I highly doubt what you mention has any reality of happening.

        Anyway, I can’t comment anymore because I have too much work to do but appreciate your response.

      • get help

        I think Yahoo news listed the happiest places in the world to live. Check it out. Maybe move there since you are obviously not happy here either.

      • NIck

        Is this post serious? You wrote a comment longer than the actual post… on an entertainment website. Just relax and go about your day.

      • Lala

        Oh, this comment is so retarded and 100% untrue (just to quote rage67) The world economy collapsed because of American companies stealing money from the people, you freaking moron.

    • Jeff CO

      Rhoy, One sided reporting never seems to be an issue at Fox News…

  • Rhoy

    Overman should be his name!

    • BN4Real

      But Doberman is his name and spelledcorrectly.

      • BN4REAL

        4 real, watch Fox or Glenn Beck. Get the real scoop. Oberman is the dem with balls. Perhaps CNN will pick him up???

      • Caroltec

        I am pushing for a general boycott of Comcast by January 31, can you guys join me? These corporate dictators must be taught a lesson. Since they have tilted the scale of opinion to the Fix News, let you people, men and women of good stand up for a true fair and balanced news reporting. Kick Comcast January 31.

  • kaydevo

    It’s being reported that insiders say Olberman agreed to not appear on TV for an undisclosed period of time. Dunno if a fictional series would be included in that clause.

    • forrest

      cnn reported no tv for K.O.

  • sigh

    As a regular Keith watcher, I feel that even though he did not hide his liberal convictions, he HAD convictions (clearly voiced the night of the Arizona shootings). He is extremely bright, funny and hopefully, he will surface on another network soon. He is one of a kind.

  • joe.b

    Im glad he is gone.he came across as a angry bomb thrower.msnbc will be better off without him

  • James Tate

    I am glad that he leaving.

    • scott

      Yea Rush Limbaugh follower. Great to have a media monopoly. Keep watching the golf channel

    • Derek

      You can’t even spell properly.

  • charles

    if i had a dog that looked like kieth olbermann i would shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards,democrat strategist huh lol lol thats just an early christmas present to the gop

    • Quinn

      You teabaggers have real interesting idioms. What does that even mean?

      • charles

        Ermmm… Just cause I like to train animals to do my will, doesn’t mean I’m not American. BTW, global warming= BS

      • topoopon

        Show me your scientific evidence that it doesn’t exist. I will believe the people with the degrees in climate and weather, thanks.

      • Rhoy

        They do not have to make sense. They just have to yell while they say things and that makes them right, and more importantly, American!

    • Rhoy

      Odd Kieth has a dog who’s a55 looks just like your face.. what a strange and fitting coincidence

  • Jim

    I am surprised some people actually care about this teleprompter reading idiot…. These talking heads of the mainstream media are the bottom of the barrel.

    • Jim

      Check out Hannity or Limbaugh. They never read others quotes. I like that they don’t push reading books on hard working Americans

      • Mild Bill

        UGTR…Shammity and Limpball TWIST other’s words around to their own agenda!If they started quoting others verbatim they could get away with lying so much!

      • Mild Bill

        “couldn’t get away with lying so much”…mm, mm, mm…my coffee is ready. Yawn.

      • nate

        Jim they don’t push books because they need everyone stuck on stupid or as stupid as they are.

    • Condoleeza Whites

      Unlike others, this man writes what he reads on the air all by himself. He, unlike hannity limbaugh and Beck, does not use a writer. Nor does he deliver “Hitler” filled hate speeches, like the aforementioned azzwipes do.

      • Tim

        KO spewed hate and venom all of the time. But I guess you don’t consider it hate and venom if you agree with him.

  • James Ciocia

    I will miss him. He is one of the most intelligent and articulate voices advocating for progressive issues. Oh, and, by the way, progressives are the true moderates in the U.S.

    • steph

      i really respected his speech regarding gay marriage a couple years ago. I thought it was beautiful and very eloquent.

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