'Castle': Writers Andrew Marlowe and Will Beall dish on the big kiss and what's next -- EXCLUSIVE

Castle-Will-BeallImage Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC; Jesse Grant/Getty ImagesSPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Castle, do not read the Q&A below. You’ve been warned.

Three-and-a-half seasons of build up led to tonight’s heart-tugging episode of Castle, in which Beckett and her handsome devil of a partner sealed the deal in an alley — as part of a decoy. Well, at least it started off that way. As you’ll read in my interview with episode writer Will Beall (who recently signed on to pen the new Lethal Weapon movie) and creator/writer Andrew Marlowe, the repercussions of the pair’s long-awaited smooch will be just as real as that second kiss was. (Cheers here.) Read below for more on this highly anticipated episode (that I know you’re already re-watching) and sound off below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that it’s aired, how do y’all feel about the episode?
ANDREW MARLOWE: Speaking for me, I’m not feeling nervous about the episode. I think Will did a tremendous job scripting it. We feel that we’re giving the audience what they want from the Castle/Beckett relationship without pushing the relationship too far, too quickly. Certainly you know the circumstances of the kiss having seen it, but what was important to us was that both characters react to it. You know, it starts off as a diversion, but you can see in the midst of it, it becomes real and both of them have to wrestle with their emotions afterward. So we don’t feel like we’re cheating the audience or like it’s a wink like we’ve seen on other TV shows. We feel like the audience will understand that both of these people have to wrestle with the consequences afterwards. So I think that was what Will’s intention was. Do you want to jump in Will?
WILL BEALL: We’re really happy with the way the kiss turned out. And there are other aspects of the episode I’m really pleased with too.
AM: We think that we had a really great opportunity with this also to develop the Beckett’s mother’s murder story, and touch on a deeper conspiracy that will be satisfying to the audience in that they’ll get some answers, but those answers lead to more questions. That’s the best kind of storytelling for this kind of episodic TV, where you get some sort of resolution and you still have some stuff to look forward to.

Exactly. So you can confirm that the second kiss we saw was, in fact, not a decoy?
AM: Yeah. Absolutely. They get caught up in the midst of it and you can see when they both pull away. They both have to process what happened — it’s all over their faces.

They did such a great job with that scene.
WB: Yeah. They were fantastic.
AM: And then the escalation of it, where you go right from that to Beckett being in danger and Castle having to do something extraordinary to save her. The depth of his emotion when he starts beating up on the bad guy — I think everybody in the audience will get what they’re silently communicating to each other. It’s an extension of what they’ve been communicating to each other the whole time.

That was another great moment in the episode.
WB: I feel like early in the episode, there’s a great scene where Martha [Rodgers] sort of takes Castle to task and asks a question that everybody wants answered. And even though our characters never answer it directly, that’s one of the ways Castle — there’s something declarative about that act of courage that I think is a way of answering the question that everybody in the audience has been asking in some way for a couple of years.
AM: I think we’re at the point in the series — we’re approaching 50 episodes — where we have to get a little more insight into where Castle’s behavior is coming from and why he spends all this time down at the station. I think our loyal, core audience has that understanding. These two people are doing a dance. But to have Castle acknowledge it, I think, even if they have the same relationship going forward, it puts it on a whole new level. There’s a lot of tension.

How is that going to play out in the next few episodes?
AM: I think now that we’ve touched on it, it’s inevitable that our fans will approach the material feeling that they’re trying to wrestle with their emotions. Beckett is currently in a relationship and how does she process that? How does she feel about that? And Castle is looking for a relationship, but he knows Beckett is in a relationship. So we sort of play with that idea, and as we come into our sweeps episode, we play with it even more as we get into the explosive two-parter at the end of February. It’s something we continue to play with, but I think the recognition between the two characters — that there is this thing between them — it’s something they’ve tried to deny for a number of episodes. Now, they no longer can deny it and they have to figure out what they’re going to do about it, whether they’re too scared to do something about it, what other obstacles are out there. That’s all part of great relationship storytelling.

Well, we took three-and-a-half seasons to get a kiss. So, they’ll be in bed in the season 7 finale?
AM: By the end of season 7, and the TV gods allow us to get there, we know we have to continue to evolve the storytelling. I think the greatest fear someone has in my position is that if you don’t capitalize on the relationship, the characters can start to feel like brother and sister — the romantic tension goes away. For us, we know we have to try to keep that romantic tension there. We also know that we have to satisfy the audience from time to time. I think there are enough complexities in the human relationship that people don’t really live happily ever after. There’s a hell of a lot of storytelling after that so we will take our time, pace ourselves but also be true to these characters and honest about their emotions.

Speaking of emotions, Beckett is coming closer and closer to solving her mom’s murder. As she finds closure there, how is that going to affect her relationship with Castle? They seem to correspond…
WB: Yeah. I definitely think there’s a correlation. It’s that aspect of their partnership and the show will sort of come to a head in the season finale.
AM: One of the things Will has done extraordinarily well for the show is developing all their guys as really great cops, but hand-in-hand with developing the Castle/Beckett relationship. Our most significant episode before this one was last season’s “Sucker Punch” that Will wrote. And the very last scene, after Coonan is shot and killed in the precinct, there’s a nice moment Beckett accepts Castle as being her partner. I think the vulnerability and depth of emotion that Beckett has for this case allows her to recognize Castle’s genuine nature. As we touch on this case, this is Castle at his best. He’s not a jackass, he’s not poking too deeply because he knows how sensitive this area is. In a lot of cases, this case draws out the best in Castle at the time when Beckett is most vulnerable.

So is it safe to say that as this case rolls toward resolution, that she’s going to be more free to move on in other aspects of her life? If you know what I mean…
AM: I think that’s going to be complicated. When you’ve had so much of your life defined by a particular choice in your life in response to a moment, I think the moment she has resolution in this, it’s going to challenge her as to who she actually she is. I think there’s a lot of interesting storytelling to come after it. I don’t think it’s as simple as “Now I can move on.” I think she has to wrestle with who she is as a cop, why she’s doing what she’s doing. The strength of Beckett is that she’s always the one who carries the torch for the victim because she knows what that’s like. She’s been on the other side. So once she has resolution there, what happens to her passion? I think that there’s some real identity issues that once we get to the resolution in this story, that she’ll have to wrestle with. But when we get to a resolution with this story is a question for another day.

Tell me about the decision to let Ryan and Esposito really take the heavy weight of this case in a very Castle/Beckett-centered episode. I thought that was interesting.
WB: Part of it was I wanted to see Ryan and Esposito exercise in a way we haven’t really seen before. And the case, obviously, her mother’s case exercises Beckett and Castle in a different way. In some ways, I think one of the most interesting aspects of her mother’s murder is, like you said, is the way it acts on their relationship. That was something I wanted to explore between Castle and Beckett and that gives Ryan and Esposito to carry some of the procedural weight.

Speaking of that exploration, I’m curious about the decision to make the kiss a decoy. Were there ever discussions about making it straightforward and traditionally romantic?
AM: We always like things with a twist. The thing about Castle and Beckett’s relationship is that it’s always surprising and always seems to sneak up on them when they’re not looking. And so to go into something like this, which is something they’ve been denying, and put them in a position where they’re forced to embrace it and then have that moment where they sink into it; it felt like the most authentic version of their relationship. For us to build up to that, where it was a pure, straightforward, romantic out-and-out relationship kiss, carried with it too many consequences in terms of a change in storytelling. Like I said, I think the audience will see it as the next step in the relationship because they both acknowledged what it meant to them in their reactions afterwards. It’s not like they move on from it. It’s a real moment for them. It starts as one thing and ends with another. You see that they’re both wrestling with it, even in that scene of the aftermath in the ambulance where she’s adjusting his bandages. There’s a moment there where they’re back on either side of the divide and pining and trying to figure out what this means to them. But there’s also that unspoken undercurrent that they’re dealing with that I think ends the episode on a really delicious note.

Will it become spoken any time before the end of the season?
AM: It remains to be seen at what level this becomes spoken. Beckett plays her cards very close to her vest, and this is such important territory to the Castle character that he’s not going to tease her about it because then he’s going to know he’s giving away everything it meant. So, yes, we will be dealing with emotional aftermath and how they feel about each other as we roll toward the conclusion of the season. I don’t know if they’re going to address it directly. They may. There are a couple of key episodes in their relationship that we’re working on and breaking right now. But it’s certainly going to form the relationship as we move forward.

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  • CP

    I’m in a state of Castle bliss so the only coherent thought I have right now is Gahhhhhhhh! They’re going to need the fire department on hand when those two finally get together.

    • Big Time Rush

      Meh, Sam and Diane from Cheers was the best will they wont they in tv history, this pales in comparison. Personally my recent favorite would have to be the will they wont they of Clark and Lana on Smallville AND the tension between Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett on iCarly

    • Suzane

      I completely agree. I’m in Castle heaven right now! The kiss was surprising & SENSUAL. Castle/Beckett’s expressions during and afterwards were perfect!! True to the characters! WOW, WOW, WOW

      • Donna

        I agree with Suzane. I am always in Castle heaven. This episode was done top drawer. The kiss was fantastic. We need to see more of the two of them together. Koudos, Koudos, Koudos!!!!!!!!!

  • NV

    I’m not sure what to make of it. It was awesome, but I dont know if it took the story anywhere?! I’m hoping the upcoming episodes will move Beckett and Castle’s story along.

    • GregBu

      No offense, but I couldn’t disagree more. We saw great movement on the back story and the two of them move closer to becoming a couple. Fantastic episode, so many juicy bits with real substance.

      • Joe

        I was disappointed, they went the cliche of kissing to distract someone like every other show always does. I wish it was a real kiss they both wanted, had they done it in some intimate setting where they both passionately kiss and then they struggle to come to terms about it I think would have made for much better drama than an accidental fake kiss.

      • Josephine

        Joe, it started out as a decoy, but that second kiss WAS real for both of them. Just look at their faces!

    • VN

      No offense, but did you even read the article, much less watch the episode? Of course it did. The acknowledgement was there, but the emotional aftermath for both will be the forward movement that will come from the event…

      • Luggages


      • Kari


      • Jazmin


      • Leslie


        With how Stana Katic portrays Kate Beckett, her facial expressions are what tell you everything. I don’t know how she can convey so many emotions with one look all the time, but she does.

        Anyways, it’s not so much the kiss itself I was looking forward to, but the inevitable emotional aftermath that will move the relationship forward.

      • Julia

        Is it terrible of me to absolutely love that Beckett technically cheated on Josh?

  • hmmm…

    Wow! Great episode! Anyone know, what was the song that was playing at the end?

    • Wendy

      Not sure of the title but the band is definitely The Frames (Glenn’s voice is very unique). Loved the episode.

      • K_becks

        Yes it sounded like Glen Hansard to me, definitely.

    • Amy

      Rise by the Frames :)

    • Lauren

      The song was “Rise” by The Frames

    • Jen

      Amazing episode! Castle just keeps getting better and better. I also thought, what is that song? It fit so wonderfully into the end. I have never heard of The Frames, but I think I might have to buy that song. The show kind of reminded me of the show Grey’s Anatomy’s two-parter after the Super Bowl when they had that song playing while Grey had her hands stuck in that guy. (Back when Grey’s was good; before every episode ended with a cliche song.)I love Castle and Becket, but I also equally love Ryan and Espisido.

    • aleksa

      If you’re able to watch the show with the closed captioning on, it says the name of the group and song.

  • Beckettfan

    Sounded like Kings of Leon playing at the end.

    • Dduellman

      It was the Frames. Glen Hansard was the singer.

      • Tom

        Sorry, my Shazam app says it’s The End by Pearl Jam.

      • Steph

        Tom, Shazam is wrong. Not PJ.

  • Tinuviel Undomiel

    LOVED IT!!! So hot! At first, Castle just pulled her in and then she really kissed him back! I don’t care if they were undercover, there was some really feeling to it!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I’m in a state of Castle bliss where all I do is replay that kiss over and over and over again

    • Steph

      I had to laugh after their episode there was a point to the website in order to relive the kiss.

    • Suzane

      Me too. LOL. Can’t get enough of Rick & Kate.

  • Courtney

    Gahhhh! I was essentially flailing for 10 minutes afterwards.

  • Dani

    I just about exploded when I saw it, didn’t know what to make of it, but was I the only one who thought they looked SO HOT together when they pretended to be drunk?

    • patti

      No Dan….. I too keyed in on that and thought ” WOW–they are really enjoying holding on to eachother and the closeness they were sharing. I thought–” I wonder how HOT they would look if they were really drunk?”!!

  • Garry

    I’m glad something finally happened between those two. We could be content with all of the lingering looks between them for just so long. A bit of “action” was in order, even though it was supposedly part of the diversion.
    And, good lord, Beckett was somehow even more gorgeous than usual tonight.

  • Leigh

    That was the Best Episode Ever. Brings in the past, relevant to the present, sets up to the future! Absolutely loved it. The actors ALL did a fantastic job and took their performances to the next level. It all sounds cliche but even those sum up how I feel about the episode. Terrific job!

    • tvaddict70

      I agree – great episode!

    • queue55

      Well said! While I love Castle’s playful,witty side, these episodes about Beckett’s mother’s murder bring out the best in both! Loved the kiss!

      • Dan Ippolito

        The episode was well done, but I enjoy the lighter, comedic episodes much more. I also think if the writers stretch out the sexual tension too long, they will start losing their audience. There is some vanity in the writers’ carrying on about the complexity of the human condition, etc, etc. I think it’s actually harder for writers to have sleuths who are a happy couple together and still solve mysteries; Nick and Nora Charles did it in the Thin Man movies, and Robert Wagner and Stephanie powers did it in Heart to Heart – it can be done, but I don’t think young, snarky, hip writers know how to do it because they have no idea of what a stable, mature relationship really is!

      • Fitch

        Good insight. This comment by AM bears out your observation “I think there are enough complexities in the human relationship that people don’t really live happily ever after.” The observation is just plain not nearly as true outside of Hollywood. After 42 years of marriage to the same wonderful woman I can say that in fact living happily after happens, quite often in fact. The problem with this series may end up being the inability of the authors to concieve of how to turn Castle and Beckett into a couple and move forward with even more interesting story lines.

        There is a big difficulty to over come in the basic structure of the series – Castle is completely unofficial and a guest at the department. If he and Beckett are “involved” how does that affect his status? Is it credible that he’s allowed to stay. Beckett has to stay, it’s who she is. It’s not easy to postulate how it works to keep the story going, but I think that is exactly the challenge that must be overcome to turn this into the long running series I hope it becomes.

        Frankly, I read the books by the real Castle and thought the relationship there had the problem solved. I loved the relationship in the books. That could go on till the printing machines ran out of ink with out getting boring.

        I thought this was the best episode of this series so far. they can’t all be this tense, and frankly I like all of them, just likes this one the most. Loved every second of it. Looking forward to more.

        I hated the ending of the last episode in season 2. It left me flat, and took the the fun out of the first several episodes of this year. The key to the series is the relationship between Castle and Beckett, not the blood and gore.

    • znachki

      I want to give “Vulcan Simmons”, played by Jonathan Adams, some of that praise. He was truely menacing. The interrogation scene was excellent.

      • 2×2

        Agreed! He was fantastic!

      • tvfruitcake

        Agreed! Makes me miss him on Bones! They should have shown that evil side of him on that show. It was delicious!!

  • Amy

    Amazing episode. Well done Castle cast and crew.

  • Silent E

    Holy crap! What a great episode! Loved the whole thing, from Beckett taking Castle with her to meet Raglan, “He’s someone I trust,” Martha going all mama-bear on Castle, just the whole thing was wonderfully written and brilliantly acted. I assumed we wouldn’t get complete resolution on who killed Mom, but we got more of the story than I thought we would.

    Great lines:

    Ryan: Look ass-clown . . .
    Esposito: They know about me and your Mom.
    Castle: I’m your plucky sidekick.

    Bravo! This is how your write and act great ensemble TV. Now, let’s just hope it lasts and doesn’t go the way of Bones. I won’t be able to take it if these characters become shadows of their former selves.

    • Amy

      I don’t think it will go the way of Bones. Beckett and Castle have always been a little more open to their mutual attraction than Booth and Brennan. Neither have the social issues Brennan has as an excuse to keep them apart. But seriously, Castle Powers That Be, please, please don’t pull a Bones!

      • The Bitter Ex

        Argh! You guys, don’t jinx it. Castle is not going down that road.

      • Cheery

        Exactly. Beckett isn’t socially ret@rded and Castle doesn’t take himself too seriously, so they already have a leg up on B+B.

      • VN

        I used to watch Bones and that was a great show until the showrunner kept dragging things out and created really unrealistic situations/character development until the characters (mainly Brennan) was a cartoon and feel that they’ve “missed their chance”…

      • UniGarden

        I really hope it does go that way.
        Dear castle writers, there is such thing as too long a foreplay – there comes a time where all you want is to be over with it and roll aside and you don´t care any longer for the outcome.

        You see, an other unhappy former bones fan ;o)

      • Kip

        Doesn’t sound like the writers are going to drag things on. And unless Beckett forgets to speak English, or Castle becomes full of himself about OneTrueLove, I think we’re safe.

      • cb

        hahhahahha are you serious kip? It sounds exactly like they are going to drag it out. Don’t expect to see them together until season 5 if we’re lucky

      • Leslie

        That’s exactly what I told my friend regarding why Bones is flailing, it went on far too long with contrived situations.

        Why Castle and Beckett would work as a couple while the show still running? The lack of major social dysfunction. I don’t think they’d be a boring couple at all. LoL

    • David

      I would like to say “amen” to this comment! Extremely well put. I must admit that I’m a late comer to Castle but I’m very thankful I found it at last. This relationship and story is compelling! Extremely well written and acted. Great television!!!

    • tvaddict70

      totally agree!

  • EM

    AMAZING EPISODE!!!!! I thought that it was handled in a perfect way and I just can’t even think straight right now.

    • Andrei

      Interesting review. I don’t know how or why but I miessd some of the high points of the episode. I’m glad I watched this review to help me clear up some confusion. You guys are the best. As for the books, I’ve read them and I don’t think Astor’s falling down that path, it would be nice to see but we sort of got that storyline with Miguel last season. Plus, it wouldn’t feel right if Cody wasn’t in on it too. as to who Trinity might be targeting next, I’d have to say he’s going for Dexter or Lundy. Both are great candidates but I think Trinity would have killed Lundy years ago when they first starting this thing. No where does it say that Lundy has met the guy and we don’t get previews of them meeting up. All signs point to Dexter for this one. I just thought of it but I think LaGuerta and Angel were both about to be those characters that have no family or social life, well other than hanging out with Vince, but anyway, they have no family and they were becoming lone wolves so I think the writer’s wrote them in a relationship so we wouldn’t single them out.

  • Kim

    I missed half the episode so decided to wait until tomorrow to catch the whole thing on Hulu. I hope it’s as epic as the previous comments make it appear.

  • Cynthia


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