The CW reality project pairs haters with celebrities -- EXCLUSIVE

If there’s one celebrity you just cannot stand,* The CW might give you the chance to confront them — and the star a chance to win you over.

That’s the idea behind a new reality show in development at the network called H8R.

The CW has no comment on this early-stage project, but sources say H8R is casting for everyday people who really-really-really dislike a particular celebrity, and trying to pair them with the famous person of their dreams nightmares (now if only The CW could figure out how to get rid of comment board trolls too … just imagine, no trolls, no haters, why, the Internet would be all puppies and rainbows). Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey (Extra) is producing the project.

So let’s tee this up: If you were on this show, which celebrity do you totally despise … but would be willing to meet? 

*I’m looking at you, Josh Harnett

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  • Elizabeth

    Taylor Swift

    • Randi


    • mary q contrary

      I’m going with Kesha on the pop music front. As far as actors go, I guess I’d have to go with Tom Cruise or Blake Lively. I also really can’t stand that Lake Bell person.

      • etm

        Lake Bell looks very manly.

      • megan jenkins

        Tom cruise! Are you serious?!

    • stu

      whoopie goldberg

      • Monica

        So u hate Goldberg,Whoopieeeee! Its not like you matter!

    • Dan

      Definitely Swift. That talentless ugly bore should be #1 on the list

      • Monica

        She has worked very hard to be where she is today. Came up from where she was since a teen. Thats talent! She Deserves all she has and more.

    • dianaprince

      Jennifer Anniston

      • Monica

        whats not to like about her,Prince Diana?

  • Sarah El

    Can I pretend I hate a celeb I’d actually like to meet? Because I have no desire to ever meet Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen.

    If I’m allowed to pretend, Andrew Garfield.

    • ZF

      I’m with you. Can I pretend to hate Stephen Colbert?

    • mary q contrary

      I’m completely 100% on the Andrew Garfield train…… uh, nevermind. Unless he’s okay with it, that is.

  • andy


    • sha

      GAH! I would be hard-pressed not to stab that guy with a sharp object. CAN. NOT. STAND. HIM.

      • melly

        Totally agree

      • Jason

        Seacrest and Cruise top the list. Will Smith and any reality idiot follow closely.

  • Tara

    The Kardashians. Though I am loathe to call them celebrities, but they would totally go on this show.

    • Dakota

      You took the words right out of my mouth! I hate them SO MUCH! They do NOTHING all day and are famous for being famous!

  • Michael

    Tom Hanks

    • etm

      I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who hates Tom Hanks!

      • maxx02

        Tom Hanks is a talentless boar. That said, I have no interest in meeting him to tell him so. It hardly seems worth the effort-like yelling at oatmeal for being dull…

      • Kelcie

        Talentless?! Um, “Cast Away”…
        I don’t hate anyone. It’s “to big of a burden to bear”. Interesting concept, but I hope they screen participants carefully.
        And I do agree that we need something like that for Internet trolls. Some commenters on here are good examples of why…

      • Peanuts

        OMG, I hate Tom Hanks, too. He is like oatmeal. Yawn.

      • Monica

        hey maxxi -pad im shocked to see you speaking negatively about talentless boars especially when one bore you! u bore me!

  • Tvaddict

    Lindsey Lohan

    • Melly

      Kourtney kardashian can not stand her.

    • Monica

      Dont hate her,just start a petition to send her back to jail or rehab.. i think she started eating va-jayjays because she thought it was the cool thing to do…like people did with ciggarettes back in the 60’s.

  • Kat_uga

    Miley Cyrus

    • Mimme


    • Mocha

      Same here. I can’t stand her.

    • Cathy

      Miley makes me want to gouge my eyes and ears out with a spoon and feed them to a dog. She is horrible and I hate that she has ANY influence on the youth of America!

  • K

    They’ll only be able to get CW and soap stars and reality “celebs” on this show. And maybe the occasional C-list stalled-out film actor. So Hartnett might be feasible!

    • Kim

      Agreed. So if it will mostly be reality folks, I say Zak from Ghost Adventures. Or maybe I’d prefer to meet Nick to ask how he puts up with Zak…

  • Bruce L

    James Franco or Kristen Stewart. As an aspiring actor, I’d love to know why, despite their huge success, the former treats being an actor like his career is some kind of prank he’s pulling on somebody, and why the latter treats it like an imposition.

    • tracy bluth

      Is it technically “acting” if you just play your awkward self in every role? Because if it isn’t than Kristin Stewart should probably stop being referred to as an actress.

      • Jaded_gal05

        Yep…. And Thank YOU. She cannot act, unless the role involves; whining, moaning, bitching, crying, overreacting, fingernail chewing, eye rolling and last but not least chewing her bottom lip.
        God I can’t freakin stand her!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    OPRAH! But I’d be way to scared to meet her! She even cowed Jon Stewart, and he’s miles quicker and wittier than I am!

  • Sam

    Kesha. Or Ke$ha. The dollar sign is just one more reason I can’t stand her.

  • Ben Roethlisberger

    I would hate to meet Elle Fanning or that True Grit girl. Could you imagine how awkward it would be for me to try finding something to talk about with them! Maybe they like Paramore too… We could talk music and movies I guess. They’d probably want me to buy them beers and stuff. I couldn’t say no to that. Uggh! Omg i would hate that!!

    • Bruce L

      JOKE FAIL. Ben Roethlisberger may well be a rapist, but the regular kind, not the statutory kind.

      • mary q contrary

        Agreed. This was a bad joke gone awry.

  • Chris

    Will Smith! Just when I thought he was starting to go away for awhile his kids are all over the place.

    • Louise

      Bwa ha ha! That was true and hilarious.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      I would love to pretend to hate him so I could meet his family!

    • Yoja

      I can’t believe he is trying to do an Annie remake for his daughter. Pitiful.

      • Monica

        ok i dont hate him but the fact he is trying to make an annie remake for his daughter,im hating that. Bad enough he ruined the classic karate kid. now annie? Why does he feel he need to remake something but put his black ass spin on it? id like to sit him down and spin on him! YOWZA!

  • Kaci

    Renee Zellweger or Russell Crowe.

    • Heather

      Russell Crowe, I really wouldn’t want to meet and I’m a huge fan. The dude is scary.

  • Kaci

    Also, James – just out of curiosity, why can’t you stand Josh Hartnett?

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