'Skins' loses three more advertisers

Image Credit: MTV

UPDATED: MTV’s bad trip continues: Two Three more advertisers have pulled out of the network’s controversial series Skins.

Chewing gum company Wrigley has suspended advertising on Skins after running a commercial during the premiere episode, according to the LA Times.

And H&R Block, whose ad also appeared on the premiere episode, told TMZ their ad ran “by mistake” and it will not happen again.

MTV says they will not comment on specific advertisers, but issued this statement: “We have an ongoing dialogue with our advertising partners about the best fit for them on our networks. We know that not every show works for every advertiser. That said, we are confident that Skins will continue to connect with the audience it was created for and that advertisers will take advantage of the opportunity to reach them.”

Parents Television Council president Tim Winter, the man spearheading the protests, says “We’re beginning to wonder which companies actually wanted to sponsor Skins after hearing from both H&R Block and General Motors that neither intended to advertise on the program. We applaud Wrigley for making the responsible decision to separate its brand from a show that glorifies teen sex, teen drug use and teen alcohol abuse. Today, our members began contacting Subway asking them to defend sponsoring the baseless content on Skins that is being marketed directly to children.”

Tonight, MTV airs the second episode of Skins and it will be interesting to how strong its ratings are (A) without a lead-in from an original episode of Jersey Shore this week and (B) after a week’s worth of headlines throwing around terms like “child porn.”

UPDATE: THR reports Subway is out too.


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  • Nicotine

    Oh yes, I completely understand their outrage. This show is smut. Complete and utter smut. Don’t they realize that our children are impressionable? Surely, kids as young as 12 don’t know anything about S.E.X. these days. How dare they? This is obviously still the 1950’s. What do they think this is, the year 2000?

    Obviously, that was all satire… but it’s exactly what I feel people think like these days. It’s not the ‘old days’ anymore. Sex isn’t something kept private between consenting adults anymore. Sex is rampant amongst children and teenagers. And it’s time the world grew up and accepted sex for what it is now: A Lifestyle. The Status Quo.

    • Rich

      Yeah, everyone thinks that way until they actually have kids (and more precisely, a daughter).

      • K8

        EW can you please hire someone to prevent spamming on the message boards. It is so annoying

      • Dad

        Absolutely right! While kids may know more at a younger age these days, it doesn’t mean we need to condone it or accelerate it!

      • Jake

        Zing! Nice one, Rich

      • potch

        So don’t let your daughter watch MTV. Don’t have cable. Pay attention to what your kids do. Duh.

      • Rhys

        I agree with you, Rich, only I’m commenting from an older brother’s perspective. I am a huge proponent of free speech and anti-censorship, but how do you protect your 11 year old sister from this filth? It’s unrealistic. And as much as MTV would lead you to believe, not every high school in America is saturated with sex and drugs. Learn what the law is MTV and, just an idea, produce shows about… I dunno… teens from low income families who work hard to achieve their goals? Or look to Britain for more prime-time cloning.

      • Traci

        I have a daughter and a TV with parental controls.

      • Michael

        Here’s a novel idea: why don’t you turn off your TV? Most cable/dish providers allow you to block certain programs. If you don’t want your children watching Skins, why do you allow them to watch crap like Jersey Shore?

        If we allow PTC this victory do you think they’re going to stop there? Wait til they come after adult shows you enjoy because the show tackles a topic they object to.

        My argument is simple: if you don’t want your kid watching Skins, which BTW comes with a TV-MA rating, be a a parent and refuse to let them watch it. Block the programming.

    • Tarc

      Long ago, the PTC ceased being about good parenting, but became a the best example of BAD PARENTING. Or, hey, NO parenting. It’s stunning that these morons don’t follow the idea that, if they don’t want their kids to watch something, they should not let their kids watch it! Very basic parenting skills at which the PTC utterly fails. I hope everyone just ignores the PTC.

    • Kris

      Its on at 10pm. If you let your 12 yo watch MTV at 10pm, that’s your fault not the show’s.

      • T2

        Hey Kris, maybe you haven’t heard of the Internet, or a DVR?

      • JayNYC

        Hey T2 – ever hear of monitoring your child’s use of the internet or their Season Passes?

      • Steve

        Kris hasn’t heard of timezones either. (Note to Kris – 10pm Eastern is 7pm Pacific.)

      • ch

        I guess you have not heard about on-demand or reruns. Any 12yo will be able to easily watch this show without Mom or Dad knowing. It doesn’t matter if kids know about this stuff or not. Showing it on TV only encourages the behavior.

      • Jules

        @T2 Seriously… if your 12 year old is on the web unsupervised this show should be the least of your worries.

        There are serveral things on at 10pm that children shouldn’t be watching. South Park for instance.

      • Denise

        Have you not heard of school or phones. Web access is available at school and phones can now play video/youtube. Parents cannot monitor everything their child sees but they can protest what is put out there. You would not want to infringe on their free speech to protest the show, would you?

      • goose

        so then nothing is allowed to exist unless it is rated G because it is easy for kids to have access to anything? Is this really what the world is coming to? We just aren’t allowed to have anything exist unless it is perfectly acceptable to expose children to?

      • chris

        Denise, I find it hilarious that you mention the first amendment when you are advocating getting a show thrown off TV because you don’t agree with the content. What about MTV’s first amendment right to air a realistic depiction of teen sex and drug abuse? Parents need to start parenting and stop trying to limit the entertainment that others can enjoy simply because you chose to procreate.

      • Cassie

        @steve even though 10pm Eastern is actually 7pm Pacific, Skins is aired at 11pm Pacific.

    • Sherri

      “Skins” picks up two more advertisers: Trojan condoms and KY You and Me.

      • miss k


      • Steph

        At least they are encouraging responsiblity…

    • ch

      Nicotine, you obviously don’t have a daughter, or a clue.

      • Nicotine

        What does having a daughter have to do with anything? I could have 10 daughters and still have the same opinion.
        Instead of getting upset at the television for showing ‘pornographic’ activity, talk to your kids about what you deem appropriate to watch. If they respect you, they’ll listen. If they don’t, then you have an entirely different problem on your hands.
        It’s time for people to quit blaming their problems on everyone else but themselves. Makes me sick.

      • whatevs

        So obviously no child respects their parents because I have yet to see a kid who actually does what his/her parents say.

      • mjh

        obviously he doesn’t have a child…or 10

    • Michael

      We don’t necessarily have to accept it but we do have to take some responsibility for it. Are out children promiscuous because of TV or is there are market for shows like skins because our teens are promiscuous? I grew up in a time of censorship and wholesome family shows. We weren’t much different than teens today when it came to our libidos. If we have to ACCEPT anything it’s that our teens, more often than not, will be exposed to sexual content. The focus should be on their education. Like always, though, the PTC is a headline whore of an organization. What exactly is the advertising boycott going to do? Call more attention to the show? The PTC gave Skins free press and added controvery which always ends up with higher viewership.

      • A-K87

        I couldn’t have said it better. I can’t believe how conservative you Americans are. Maybe there is a problem with real sex education in the US that people have to turn to TV as an excuse for the way people behave. Do we blame Saw for murder??

    • Really?

      It was reported last week that a school teacher was suspended because he didn’t notice that two of his grade two pupils were engaging in oral sex during class…is this the status quo you are speaking about?

      • Nicotine

        When I was in the first grade, I was propositioned by a girl to touch her “privates” in the cubby room.

        Children are learning about sex at younger and younger ages, so parents need to catch up.

        It’s not that difficult to talk to children about sex. My mother taught me everything about sex at a young age, so nothing I learned at school or from friends caught me off-guard. I don’t understand what is so difficult about this.

      • Junaid

        Hi Nicotine, I agree about parents being involved in their kids lives. I don’t think thats the issue bothering most people though. the issue is that kids should not watch such shows, because they are impressionable. and the target audience for this show are kids. just like the show has a right to air, parents and any organization (Subway, H&R etc) have an equal right to dissociate themselves from what they think is dysfunctional behavior glorified in the worst way possible.

    • Nelly

      I always end up laughing at clueless parents who thinks most teenagers are virgins and don’t do alcohol or drugs. Get real!

      And if you are so worried about your kids don’t let them watch the show and explain them why. Or better, watch it with them and maybe, MAYBE you can take 5 minutes of your time to talk to your kids about the subjects that are presented in the show.

      • LW

        EXACTLY. It’s better to talk to your kids about these subjects then shelter them from it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

      • Lars

        Let me guess, you were a whore in high school?

      • Nicotine

        Oh, and I suppose you waited until your wedding night before you had sex, right?

        In fact, I’m willing to bet that most, if not all, the people in here bantering about this show did not remain a virgin until they got married. Yet, all the people in here worried about their kids expect them to do so.
        I don’t know about anyone else, but I live in the real world. In the real world, kids have sex. Teens have babies. People die. People kill people. You’d think on that hierarchy, the whole ‘murder’ thing would be the most worrisome, but no, it’s the sex.
        God forbid your kids have sex or watch a show pertaining to sex, but let’s do nothing to stop the gruesome murder shows on TV….
        (And no, I am not a proponent of stopping the police procedural dramas or shows like ‘Dexter’. I was only making a point. Although, if we could get rid of the CSIs, that would be great. Those shows suck!!!)

    • Really??

      It was reported last week that a school teacher was suspended after he failed to notice two of his grade two pupils engaging in oral sex during class…is this the status quo you are talking about?

    • Em

      I agree. “skins is aimed at children” WHAT? its rated MA 15+ / R !! played late at night, if parents are worried about their children watching it, DONT BUY IT FOR THEM, DONT LET THEM STAY UP LATE TO WATCH IT. The show IS satire!!! anyone who is actually a skins fan knows that the show is a glorified, hyperbolic representation of a particular social group. even more is that skins is a reflection on some of the youth today. By all means, live in the past and refuse to beleive that people have sex and do drugs, buyt at least skins can be commended for telling the truth.

    • Caiman

      Can’t wait to see what what your kids turn out like. Do me a favor and keep them far away from mine. Thanks.

      • Nicotine

        My kids will turn out to be well-informed, productive members of society.

        Your kids are going to get exposed to the real world and it’s gonna hit them like a freight train.

      • Junaid

        Hi Nicotine, Unfortunately thats not how it works.

        Unless you are implying well informed about various kinds of drugs and productive as in teenage pregnancy.

    • Scott

      That’s not satire, It’s sarcasm.

  • Pete

    How they love their censorship

    • It’s a fact

      Censorship or is this telling of how you think dear Pete. Would you want this available to kids younger than 15, younger than 13, your as young as 8. This is not a choice of censorship but rather what TV is putting there and how Parents are able to monitor or decide what the kiddies should watch (yes minors should not have the choice to watch). This is a load of crap – just turn it off.

      • Candacetx

        advertisers have the right to buy ads for a show they don’t find agreeable. No one is censoring the show… it is still being produced and aired. They are more than welcome to find new sponsors who want to advertise with them.

  • SLB

    This show looks like a hunk of crap.

    • etm

      This show looks unwatchable. I can’t fastforward through the commercials for it fast enough.

      • Cammy

        LOL, when you prefer watching commercials over the show, then you have a crappy show. I wouldn’t watch this show if you paid me in fear of losing too many brain cells while watching it.

    • miss k

      Oh god yes. It’s not even entertaining in the trashy show kind of way.

  • M

    Personally I found Skins extremely offensive. Bad acting, bad writing, and bad production values should have no place on American television!

    • davey

      You’re describing HALF of the programs on tv today!

      • Ron Coletta


    • H

      This show was never meant for an american audience. If anyone bothers to remember, skins is a wildly popular show in the UK. You can blame the bad acting and the bad writing on MTV’s attempt to translate the show’s premise to america. It doesn’t work here.

      • Carol

        Skins is very popular in Britain but it gets the same types of protest. Not everyone is crazy about the graphic sex there either.

      • A-K87

        Hold on, Carol, who told you that? I live in the UK and live in the city where Skins is set and as far as I know it was nothing but critically acclaimed for accurately portraying youth culture in that city.

      • MojoJojo

        A-K87 is right, we don’t see skins the way you guys do, I guess its just differences in cultures. I wonder what they would say if MTV decides to broadcast the British show “the joys of teen sex” (gives teens explicit advice on sex; straight, gay and ever which way). Thats the kind of stuff some parents complain about over here.

    • Colin

      Skins is a television show that is dealing with real issues teenagers face head-on (no pun intended…don’t get offended, PTC) instead of sidestepping them. The garbage I see on TV is not Skins, but Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami. Let’s not deprive the US of having a decent show.

      • ch

        Colin, I agree with you about Two and a Half Men, but this show is even worse crap then that.

      • Kevin

        I am a teenager, and totally agree with this. Most teen shows are extremely hard to relate with, since I am not an extremely wealthy or incredibly good looking person. This show shows me that I am not the only teenager that goes through these thongs. And I feel it is a very important show.

      • Kelly Groen

        Just because you throw up some sex and smut on T.V. doesn’t mean that it is realistically portraying teen life or actually discussing problems that teens face today. There are ways to really discuss real world issues and have a dialogue without producing child porn. My So Called Life was very realistic toward teen life, but also wasn’t smut. My mother and I used to watch it together when I was 12/ 13 years old.

    • Hank

      Ya but there’s a lot of dummies out there that are gonna go see it because of this publicity stunt. Just shows how classless they are.

    • Please!

      Honestly what i think is most interesting is this show is a REMAKE! The oringinal Skins is a British Television show that is now in it’s 4th or 5th season. And the one on MTV is almost word for word the original script! Puhlese! As for stopping kids from viewing the show..lets see most cable boxes have a lock out system were channels can not be accessed without a password, under the dvr section parents can block specific shows. Technolgy is such that is a parent makes the effort certain things can be discouraged. Computers should be placed in a family area, so you know what your child is doing. If you think it’s a smart idea to let a child have a computer in thier room, well then your giving permission for them to have access to whatever they want. Bottom line, be a parent first and a complainer second….

  • Fog cue

    I’m sure Jackson-Hewitt & Ford won’t mind taking their place.

    • Anon

      The same Ford that advertises on American idol? I don’t think so!

  • Eran

    I’m sorry but i have to agree with Nicotine. Too bad it’s not a jesus themed don’t have sex until you are married show, but it’s not just a party sex drugs show neither. It gives us realistic problems like Cassie for instance..

    • brian

      Cassie is realistic? This show has to have the worst acting in US history. Can we get some mature talented youngsters to do some actual good work?

      • Pete

        Do you really think the greedy sadistic people that work at MTV would pay more money for real actors? I don’t think so!

    • me2

      Eran, you should turn off the TV and take an English class.

    • Nelly

      I agree with Eran. People are way too uptight in the US. I’m sure everyone who’s complaining it’s 30 or older.

      • Timothy Michael Lynch

        I’m damned near 60 and I like the show. It’s fairly realistic for the times we live in. My kids grew up watching whatever they wanted with at least one parent available; at 32 and 35, they are both productive citizens with no hangups about sex, drugs or rock ‘n roll. I don’t chew gum and never have needed H & R Block. I’ll continue to watch regardless of advertisers. I hope kids will be able to.

  • rich

    saw the show..its a little racy but its being blown out of proportion.People should use the show to open up a dialogue with their kids.H R block advertised lol whats next will the makers of depends pull their ads too??

    • Nancy

      Have you seen many Depends ads on TV? I’m sure the alcohol companies, beer companies and probably condom companies will jump at the chance of showing their commercials during this trashy program. I’m sure teens from trailer parks around the country are watching.

      • MojoJojo

        Now thats not a nice thing to say. Just because someone lives in a trailer park, doesn’t mean they have no morals. Sometimes people are born into those circumstances and spend their whole life trying to better themselves or at the very least be good people. Am sure you were born in better circumstances, but it does not make you better than them.

  • whatevs

    Good. If you want gratuitous sex with no redeeming qualities such as plot development or acting, go watch porn.

  • Kiki

    Ford, Wrigley, and H&R Block? Is this show directed at people in their 80s? I don’t think so. So why can’t they find advertisers that want to sell to teens? They wouldn’t have such a problem with the content as long as the show brings a big audience in their target demographic. It seems like MTV would be better at finding such companies by now.

    • anya

      MTV will take money from what ever advertiser is willing to shell it out. And this controversy is probably getting more people interested in checking out the show, so it might actually end up working for them. And besides, teens do buy gum, and sometimes Chevrolets.

  • Rho

    Do we not have parents in this country anymore? If you don’t want your kid(s) to watch it then turn off the flippin’ tv. This show is obviously not for young’uns & it’s on late so it’s not as if little ones will see it. If you have a teen hopefully you’ve talked about sex, drugs, etc and hopefully he/she has enough sense to realize that characters on a tv show should not be used as role models for how to live your life. Again, if you don’t want your children to watch it then don’t let them! I don’t need some organization to tell me what I need to “protect” my children from. I can figure it out for myself, thank you very much.

    • bca

      Well said!

    • Jeb

      Agree completely! Parents shouldn’t expect networks to do the policing for them. They need to do that themselves.

      • Sarah

        Wait until you’re a parent and then see how easy it is to control every incoming piece of trash coming at your child at lightspeed. Judge not, my young friend, until you wear the same shoes.

    • But

      All the rules, curfews and TV passwords will not stop a kid from watching a show they want to watch (I believe the internet was already mentioned). The show is about young’uns, and it’s on MTV, so of course it’s ‘for them’. As a parent I don’t expect any one to do any policing, however I am pleased that some sponsers choose not to advertise on shows they see as not fitting their ideas.
      The show looks like voyeuristic crap anyway, just like most of what MTV promotes.

    • ch

      Rho, parents can’t be with their kids 24/7. Any smart 12yo will figure out how to watch any show they hear about and want to see. Join the 21st Century my friend. No parent can contol everything.

      • chris

        Yes, ch, because you can’t control your kids let’s go ahead and prevent everyone else from having access to entertainment that you find objectionable. Because lord knows without this one MTV show there is no way your teen will find out about naughty, naughty sex! Maybe you should stop stumping for The Parents Censorship Council and use the time to have an intelligent conversation with your children.

    • Carl

      Hello? Have you recently woken up from a ten year coma or something? Both parents are working, and with today’s technology, this filth is easier to access. You expect parents to chain themselves to their kids? Wake up.

    • Amber

      That’s spot on. And for those of you arguing that kids will find a way to see it, you are correct. My son is 4. At 4 he knows that there are a (very) few things I don’t let him watch. When I tell him to look away from the TV, he does it. When I ask him questions to make sure he isn’t upset by what he is seeing, he answers them. He is a huge Bones fan, but he knows that we don’t say or do everything people do on TV. And if he were 14 I would make him watch an episode with me and discuss it. If nothing else I would diminish the cool factor of the show by making it must see TV with mom.

    • MattyWillWinSeason23

      I am 18, and graduated high school last year.

      Every single ONE of my VERY diverse friends has either had sex or done drugs at least once in their high school days, and if they haven’t they sure as hell know people who do. Some people have sex once and become whores and some people do drugs once and never again, or become addicts. It’s apart of life, and it was happening way before Skins was ever on TV, parenting aside. People need to stop bitching, the show isnt even that great to begin with

  • Mike

    This port of the show is awful, Check the english version on netflix.This version has poor acting and watered down characters.

  • allie

    i wouldn’t support a crappy remake either. the bbc version is amazing compared to this crap.

    • Kelly

      Skins is from E4/Channel 4, not the Beeb.

      Why are some Americans comfortable with murder and violence on tv (look at all the cop shows) but not the suggestion that teenagers might do more than hold hands?

      • K8

        This true about E4 but it did air on BBC America stateside

      • PV

        well said. Shows that teach hatred, violence, assault, disrespect, murder, etc…those are all fine. But show teens engaged in consensual sex and its all “omg the children”.

        I’d rather have my children having consensual sex than being taught to hate and kill.

      • ch

        PV, what LALA land do you live in? Give me a break.

      • Toby

        It’s not the suggestion that bothers me. That show and ones like it have moved way beyond suggestion.

    • Liz

      Last time I looked, the original was just as crappy. Btw, I remember reading about complaints from viewers in the UK when it premiered. I’m still surprised that this crap is still running.

      • Tyrone

        Ya but everything is ass backwards in the UK, you kinda expect it. But in the US, it’s not the case…yet!

      • Nicotine

        Tell me that was satire, Tyrone… because either you the gift of sarcasm or you are highly mistaken.

  • bippy

    This country is so puritanical.

    That being said, this new version of Skins absolutely sucks. Advertisers should boycott it because of it’s bad quality, not it’s ‘controversial’ content.

    • Tarc

      Actually, it’s not ‘this country’, but a segment of the poplulation that is kept ignorant and brainwashed from birth. After all, it’s the Republican way… to keep their flock easily managed and easy for the financial fleecing.

      • fluff

        Um, Tarc. Repubs are for FEWER taxes and entitlements. They do not want to financially fleece.

    • ch

      Tarc, you obviously are clueless about Republicans. They want less government, less taxes, more individual responsibility, and leaders that have half a brain. Not the nitwits the Democrats keep putting in power. This show is a Democrats dream come true, pure crap in a nanny state. Enjoy your unemployment checks, working Republicans are funding them.

      • celtRP

        ch, speaking as a non-American; “leaders with half a brain”?
        What, like George W. Bush? lol Give me a break!

      • Liz

        Republicans are our Domestic Terrorists.

      • Fran

        He sounded dead on to me. That’s just your opinion.

      • MojoJojo

        How come repulicans are always in support of giving big companies the freedom to basically do what they want without any regulations even if it means the rest of the public gets screwed in the process. Don’t tell me they don’t own shares in all those big companies that are getting all the tax cuts but are still out sourcing.

  • Load4666

    You Guys don’t know anything. have you seen the original series. Is more than sex, alcohol, drugs and party’s, you get to see what these kids go thru for there bad or good decisions. They learn from their mistakes, they see real friendship, and they deal with family problems. We have to be realistic about kids and what they do when we don’t see them and us parents we have to learn from these realistic shows. So thank you MTV for having the balls to air this on TV.

    • Gary

      This comment coming from a guy with the number 666 in his name. Good one. I’m sure Satan is a good role model in your eyes.

      • Ellse

        Really Gary? God forbid he might’ve been born on the 4th of July in 1966 (4666) or have a special meaning with that number. You don’t know everything about everyone, fyi.

      • L

        You mean April 6, 1966… right?

  • Jay

    Everyone is talking about their kids watching the show blah blah blah. 1) This show is not FOR kids, hence the rating for the show is labeled MA, for mature audiences only. 2) If your kids do decide to watch the show, then it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that they dont…. not MTVs.

    • Penny

      I agree its the parents’s responsibility. But it is “for kids”, what adult is going to want to watch this?

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