'Jersey Shore' goes to Italy for season 4

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MTV just announced there will be a fourth season of Jersey Shore (world’s loudest “duh!”) and that the show will go to Europe (equally loud “huh!”).

The crew will visit Italy, drop in on Vinny’s family, and “trade gorillas for Italian stallions.”

“While the stateside Jersey Shore locales have become iconic for our audience, it’s really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season and Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us,” said Chris Linn, executive vp of programming for MTV. “The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by. We can’t wait to see what erupts as a result.”

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  • irb

    i’m addicted to this show, i can’t help it but, this is going to be so embarrassing. as if other countries needed more reasons to hate us…

    • ann


    • Jelana

      Those that hate us already do anyway. Besides, if any Italian nationals start acting smug and superior because of this show, just say “Berlusconi” back to them.

      • Lala


    • Jessie

      yes yes yes im with u on that lol Roger that lol

  • Cara

    My sincere hope is that this is just a ploy to get them out of the states. Then they’ll be left for someone else to deal with.

    • ks

      loosing the passports on the way :) we can only hope

  • Jasmine

    I hate the show, but this could be really funny.

    • SaraS

      I am so, so excited. Love it.

      • Cayden

        Unparalleled accuracy, uequnivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  • Charlie

    Okay, I’m Italian. I’ve been to Italy, I’ve studied in Italy. I know a lot of actual Italians, I speak Italian. This is saddening on so many levels.

    By the way, Chris Linn, executive vp, if you think the Italian culture is what the people on Jersey Shore live, then you’ve never seen Italian culture. Italian culture and ‘Jersey Shore culture’ are so different in so many ways that the only thing most of them have in common is their last names.

    I’m not one of those who is like “Oh no, Jersey Shore, this world sucks and everyone who watches it sucks!” I think it’s dumb, but it’s good for a few laughs. But please, don’t mess up Italy, that just makes me sad.

    • criticbehindthecurtain

      UGH Seriously. Idioti!

    • Musiqluvr

      Right on, Charlie! I’m not italian but I grew up in Brooklyn and know a lot of italians with class (in other words, nothing like the Shore cast). I also spent a lot of time in Italy. Jersey Shore is probably not on European countries radar at the moment but if we film a reality show there then everyone will know about it. I’m disgusted to think that is the impression we will be giving other countries about american youth. No everytime I’m in Europe I will probably have to play defense explaining that not all of the US behaves that way or encourages that behaviour – similar to when I had to defend the appointment and reelection of Bush.

      • Bryan

        That’s just it. They know that they are completely different which will cause situations and dilemma. They want the most absolute contraversy and they were running out of it in the US. To take it to the next level they thought “Hey, why don’t we through these wannabes into the heart of the lion”. It’s going to be devastating, which is what they want.

    • sarah

      totally agree! i am also italian-american and have been to italy and the first thing i realized was what i took for italian culture is really american/new york culture.

      i really hate this show, and clicked on the article to express how embarrassing this is for americans. i agree with the above posters… foreigners don’t need more reasons to dislike americans! and not all italo-americani are as STUPID as this group!

    • Justin P

      Very well written. I definitely agree with you.

  • criticbehindthecurtain

    “The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by.” THE JERSEY SHORE AND THESE IDIOTS ARE NOT ITALIAN CULTURE!!

  • heather


  • ann

    While I sometimes enjoy watching this show, I feel sad for Europe that we’re going to be subjecting them to this.

  • Breckster82

    after miami and now italy, how is this even the “jersey shore” anymore? for “italians” they’re sure gonna stick out like sore thumbs.

  • Jona-Beth

    They best pay off the police in Italy…a lot of countries aren’t going to allow for all the sex and drinking and whatever else they do…amazing this show has advertisers with all the implications….Alcohol…drugs….sex….on camera incinuations

    • Penny

      Haha, yeah Italians are such prudes.

      • smalltownboy

        Dear Penny, Italy is the country where I was born and where I live and it’s less prude than your dearest Southern USA.. I remind you that we don’t pull out ads from schedule because are broadcasted during sex or drug filled programs, like in your less prude USA.. and female boobs can be shown anytime during the day, there aren’t no-boobs policies as in your less prude USA.. Jersey Shore is nothing less and nothing more than the real life of italian teens, only with more GTL and booze.

      • AC

        smalltownboy, English is probably not your first language but that was clearly sarcasm.

      • smalltownboy

        I don’t know if that was sarcasm, I only know that I can’t really understand what’s the opinion in the world about Italy.. we’re living one of the darkest moments, politically speaking, and I really fear that what’s going on is causing more troubles than other..

  • Lisa Simpson

    I’m sorry, but what did Italy ever do to deserve this?

  • criticbehindthecurtain

    I seriously hope one of them gets arrested. Italy’s bureaucratic system is so slow and messed up they’ll probably get life.

  • pam c

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • JimmyH

    Maybe we’ll all get lucky and their passports will “disappear” so they can’t come back!

  • Samantha

    Actually, Italians love ridiculous reality TV (Berlusconi built an entire empire on it), so I would think they’d be pretty into the show. True that most real Italians aren’t anything like the guido types the cast is used to (also, they don’t speak English), but I’m excited for the hilarious fish-out-of-water shows that are likely to result from this cultural crossover. Where will these crazy kids go next? I, for one, can’t wait to find out!

    • JackieB

      Exactly what I was thinking. Please people — Europeans love the American TV that we do. Their favorites include Baywatch, Sex and the City, Friends, Big Brother, and now Jersey Shore.

    • Lala

      FYI, most young Italians speak English pretty well. Now, so how’s your Itlain?

      • Lala

        I meant Italian. Damn keyboard.

  • JohnnyR

    Please make these morons disappear. They are a disgrace

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