'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome' stars revealed: Here's the new Adama -- EXCLUSIVE

Pasqualino on left; Cotton on right (Image Credit: Pasqualino: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Who’s going to play young William Adama in Syfy’s highly anticipated Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood & Chrome?

Syfy has cast Luke Pasqualino (Skins — U.K.) as Adama. While Ben Cotton (Hellcats, Riese) is the other lead, playing Adama’s commanding officer.

First, here’s some official character descriptions that give you some new details about the show:

Pasqualino will star as the young, talented fighter pilot William Adama, a recent Academy graduate who finds himself assigned to the newest Battlestar in the Colonial fleet: the Galactica. Full of ambition and in pursuit of the intense action that the Cylon war promises, Adama quickly finds himself at odds with Coker (Cotton), the battle-weary officer to whom he reports. With 45 days left in his tour of duty, Coker desires an end to battle just as much as Adama craves the start of it. Though they clash at first, the two men forge an unlikely bond when a routine mission turns dangerous and becomes a pivotal one for the desperate fleet.

Blood & Chrome is set during the 10th year of the first Cylon war. The show will debut with a two-hour pilot on Syfy, executive produced by David Eick.

Here’s some cool Blood & Chrome concept art that hints at the look Syfy is going for.

What do you think of the casting?

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  • Jacob

    He looks like a 15-year-old kid! Not quite what I was expected.

    • Many

      Hopefully we find out what happened to his face.

      • whereisit

        So Adama is Gay this time?

      • Mat

        Not going to bother. Caprica was dropped, and I loved it. Not going to get into a another show just to have it yanked out, unfinished. I am done with this channel. They need to just keep with their terrible “original movies” about giant snakes and alligators and other useless crap, and their poorly acted “reality” shows about fake ghosts.

      • Romey

        There was an explosion in the Pineapple factory where Adama worked

      • Edd

        Caprica was dropped??? WTF you talking about man?? They dont drop Caprica, it was a mini serie and it finish wend the cylon wars start. Remember? that Cloe got artificial skin and Wiliam Adama show in the end as a 5y/o boy.

      • @Edd

        Yes Caprica was dropped. It was cancelled, so essentially the EPs wrote a quick wrap-up to the series for the last episode. The EPs would have loved to have actually been able to tell those stories rather than just showing 30 seconds of Zoe becoming the first skin job or the cylons becoming self-aware and listening to Clarice.

      • @moviemanstan

        Mat–Caprica moved too slowly. While I liked the show and it seemed to be picking up steam in the second season, the plot was bogged down by the need to fill in so much background and flesh out the mythology. If that could have been streamlined, it would still be on. So say we all.

      • Tomas

        I’m fairly certain that Zoe doesn’t actually become the first skin job. I thought so at first because of the shot of her emerging from the pod, but they actually dissolve/transition to her human appearance. I think the creators were trying to show that it was still her inside that body. The cyclon that is actually emerging looked more like the robots in i-Robot.

    • hmm

      Much younger than I thought. The actor is 20.

      • Edd

        He is suppt. to be a young guy anyway, Adama was on his late teens early 20’s wend the war start

    • sunsetsnow81

      Not excited about this pick at all. Envisioned someone a little older, rough, with some swagger. Sort of like Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk in the Star Trek movie. Not feeling it at all.

      • Sam

        He’s almost 21. Luke is an excellent actor. I’m sure he’ll do wonderful, I’m excited about this choice and can’t wait to see the outcome.

    • Ann

      not thrilled about the casting. plus what’s with the outsourcing of all syfy shows to canada. surely they could do this cheaper in atlanta or detroit with the tax breaks.

      • Mark

        “Outsourced”? They are filmed in Vancouver. They don’t pretend to be in an American city so filming here seems fine to me.

      • Nef

        David eick and Ron Moore should think about the talent that’s available in the US

      • Don

        If I recall with the first BG series, it was a coproduction with a Canadian network. This probably is too. X-Files was filmed in Canada as well, I believe it’s cheaper.

      • trueman832

        What about X-files, Stargate, Tron Legacy, BSG, Caprica, and a host of other shows and movies shot in Vancouver? Clearly it’s a winning formula, or they wouldn’t do it. There’s no location preference when it comes to dollars and cents. Why, tired of seeing ugly Canadians like Grace Park or Tricia Helfer mess up your screen?

      • Reality.Bites

        It’s not just money. Vancouver (and other major Canadian cities) has a huge pool of experienced crew, actors and studio facilities that can handle a major film or TV production. Atlanta and Detroit don’t. It takes time to build up that kind of human and physical infrastructure.

        The first BG was a co-production with Sky in Britain. None of the BG incarnations have been Canadian co-productions.

      • MikeB

        What Syfy shows isn’t filmed in Canada? Farscape was shot in Australia, but everything else I know of it shot in Canada. Nothing new there. . .

      • Nef

        I just think that they will get a wider pool of talent in the US. The casting choices don’t impress. The tax breaks offered by these cities are probably a better deal than anything offered in Canada. Heck the production crew availability in Atlanta is pretty good…heard of Tyler Perry also detroit has a lot of unemployed blue collar talent that could be retrained for this work. it might be slow to start up there but hey Vancouver just didn’t exist as a film production city. It had to start somewhere. They should just consider other options.

      • Steve

        Yes there is a lot shot in Vancouver. it is the third largest production centre in North America, behind New York, the second largest and Southern California which is by far the largest.

        From my understanding, we have little in comparison to NY. For a long time our low dollar made it cheap to film here. But we worked to develop a very skilled workforce in all aspects of behind the scenes production. Our climate also makes it easy to film outside all year round. And we have a varied landscape – from the mountains to the desert to the sea – Vancouver and some smaller spaces in BC provide location managers with a plethora of choice.

        Many main actors and directors come from the US. Many shows shot here are still written in Southern California, and are even edited and scored there. So we may get a lot of shoots but there is still a lot that takes place down south.

        And some Canadian workers have gone to work in the US. Grace Park is from BC and cut her teeth on BSG and can now be seen on Hawaii 5-0. And there are many Americans who have uprooted to work in BC.

        Both countries have a lot to offer and share when it comes to making good films and shows.

      • Michael

        Smallville also films in Canada if I’m not mistaken.

    • holly

      YAY another british actor. I love seeing them take over.

    • Patrick Gillease

      Are the producers trying to make this show “Battlestar Galactica: 90201″?!?! Give me a break! This kid is far too young to play Adama. You guys are shooting yourself in the foot not casting “BSG: Razor” actor Nico Cortez, who played young Adama so convincingly. This show is dead already with this sad casting news!

      • Beth

        Nico was fantastic as Bill Adama. So sad.

      • Rob

        What the hell??? They couldnt use ‘Nico Cortez’ from the Razor movie to play Adama again?? HE IS YOUNG ADAMA!!!

        The execs could have used something called called ‘Actor/portrayal continuity’ if they want HIGH ratings!!!

        This new kid doesnt even look like he shaves yet!

    • Harley

      Ever been in the military? Most new pilots look like 15 year old kids.

      • WayneHurlburt

        LOL…they may look only 15, but they are not actually 15, they have to be at least 18. William Adama would actually be only 16 years old, not just look that way

      • Vince

        Errr, no. Most pilots are officers, which means they spend 4 years at a university, then spend another year learning how to fly. You’re looking at 23-24 years old before they actually start doing anything legit.

    • Robert

      Sci fi is making a mistake wrong actors!

    • Cham

      Yeah, not what the fans expected either. Looks like Justin Bieber. Nico Cortez already played the role of Adama in the shorts for Battlestar Flashbacks. The fans wanted him but once again they didnt listen. I probably wont watch this show either. Hos can they be that out of touch with the fans. There was alot of support for the actor the fans already knew. They are trying to hit the teen crowd and will loose most of there other fans.

    • Cham

      Yeah, not what the fans expected either. Looks like Justin Bieber. Nico Cortez already played the role of Adama in the shorts for Battlestar Flashbacks. The fans wanted him but once again they didnt listen. I probably wont watch this show either. Hos can they be that out of touch with the fans. There was alot of support for the actor the fans already knew. They are trying to hit the teen crowd and will lose most of there other fans.

      • Tomas

        Nico Cortez did a fantastic job portraying a younger Adam in Razor, so it is a shame as it appears that he will not be reprising the role. That said, we can’t be certain of the circumstances why they went with a different actor, so lets not accuse the creators of ignoring us fans. And who knows, maybe this kid will be awesome.

    • Chewy

      I was thinking that exact same thing… this kid better be able to act.

  • KD

    Can’t say as I’m too thrilled about this announcement.

    • stickittotheman

      What about the casting of Will Smith’s daughter in the remake of Annie? So, does that now make it okay that a white kid played the Asian character in Last Airbender? Can’t wait for Meg Ryan to play Rosa Parks in that biopic!

      • Michael

        You’re upset because a black actress was chosen to portray a part traditionally for a white actress? If you really want to be upset look at the history of Hollywood passing up black actors and actresses for leading roles, or roles in general, and then relegating them to stereotypes or supporting roles.

      • wat

        What does that have to do with anything?

  • Chris

    Didn’t they just cancel a “Battlestar” prequel?

    • dmac2498

      Yes and a very good one too, because it didn’t have the requisite number of explosions per episode. I really liked Caprica and I really don’t think I have any desire to see Blood and Chrome.

      • jayemeff

        So true. Unfortunately, brilliant and thought-provoking will never translate into ratings gold. At least we were given the decency of an actual finale.

      • Ed

        And that five-hour marathon to burn off the episodes was bitter-sweet. It started getting so good, and I was sad because I knew there were only a few hours left before it was going to be all over. “Caprica” wasn’t given the time it needed.

      • Suzie Q. Wacvet

        Agree with you about Caprica. I was very sad to see it go. It answered a lot of questions in an interesting way.

      • Muldfeld

        You should know that the guy writing “Blood and Chrome” wrote “Caprica”‘s best episodes, “Ghosts in the Machine” and “False Labor”, so don’t focus on the setting; it’s the writers that count. Similarly, “Caprica” would have survived if Ron Moore had stayed on board as head writer. Michael Taylor will do a much better job than Jane Espenson.

      • Ames

        Wait, there was a finale? When was this marathon? I completely missed it. Hopefully it’s on demand.

      • Steve

        I agree. Caprica was off to a slow start, and took time to find its voice but season one ended strongly and should have gotten a second season!

        I strongly feel and would like to see SyFy move to a more British or HBO/Showtime style of production, with smaller seasons of say 13 episodes each with more time between seasons which would allow for more variety and a higher quality of show. Writers and producers wouldnt have to make filler episodes and could produce more tightly written shows that kept moving.

  • alan

    JAMES!!!!! BEST. EXCLUSIVE. EVER!!!!!!! Add a great regular from Generation 2 SKINS + BSG = AWESOME!!!

    • Olive

      And he won’t have to look out for any bats this time.

      • Alice

        Let’s hope not. I couldn’t bare to see poor Freddie killed off of another show.

  • Mac

    I am a Battlestar fan, but i think they should stop trying to recreate the success of the show.

    What made Battlestar Gallactica special (for me anyways) was not the mythology (which wasnt bad) but the tale of the last remaining humans just trying to survive. And they just cant recreate that with prequels.

    • m.

      100% agree and the mythology almost ruined it in the end. It was clear that they didn’t think the mythology through, they wrote it as the show moved forward, so several times they just wrote themselves into corner and had to invent some crazy plots to get out of them.

    • wat

      Definitely. They also stopped while they were ahead, which is one reason BSG is so memorable. It was solid as it was; it doesn’t need a prequel.

  • A-K87

    Ha, I saw that Pasqualino in a bar in Bristol a couple of months ago. Fair play to the bloke. Good luck to him.

    • Alice

      Lucky, I would probably have made him uncomfortable with the amount of staring on my part if I had ever seen him in a bar. I hope he does well in this role.

  • Binks

    Couldn’t they hire a Latino for the role instead of an Italian?

    • Amber

      Was Adama Latino? I know EJA is, but neither of his sons on the show were. I assumed Adama was supposed to be Italian and not Latino since none of his family on the show was Latino

      • Amber

        I meant EJO not EJA

      • Suzie Q. Wacvet

        Latino. Italian. Those didn’t exist in the Battlestar universe.

      • Flyer

        Adama is Tauron.

      • So say we all

        The Adama’s are Tauron

      • michaelL

        Yeah, like they hired that Latino guy named Jamie Bamber to play his son Lee in the series…

    • ari

      Technically, Italians are Latino (meaning their spoken language is Latin-based). But the Adamas are Tauron and, in Caprica, the Tauron language was our Greek. I guess they should have looked for a Greek actor, in that case… lol

    • Juke Early

      AS Latin was the language spoken in Rome, Italians are the original Latino. Just because ignorance co-opts the meaning of virtually every word now in this dumb & dumber world doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • Pete

    If you don’t know who he is this show isn’t for you.

  • Josh

    Hmm, he does look a bit young.

    • rach

      he’s 21 but its not a great shot of him.

  • Antonio of Gilead

    I’m distraught at the cancellation of the Caprica. Blood and Chrome, meh!!

  • Kitty

    Awww I loved him as Freddie on Skins UK!!

    • Kelly

      me too!

  • Zakry

    Yeah, I’m with the “what is this?” people. They just cancelled a brilliant Caprica, and now Blood & Chrome is coming? If SyFy is going to be as impatient as it was with the high-quality Caprica, why even bother?

    • Rush

      It was originally slated as a webisode only series, but due to interest in another series to anchor their weak original show lineup they promoted it to full series.

    • Jeff O’Connor

      Impatience really doesn’t have much to do with it. The show wasn’t even pulling in a million viewers. Even after BSG’s ratings slid it was never remotely that bad.

      Ratings = money and all that.

      • Zakry

        They could have given it more than season. They sure gave Stargate more than one.

      • WayneHurlburt

        Caprica was holding it’s own at ust over 1 million viewers and climbing 12-15% on the DVR ratings per each episode. You can’t count the Season 1.5 release’s ratings, as SYFY killed the show with that, and the ratings Caprica received for those (4) episodes were exactly what SYFY planned and wanted to be able to more easily kill and get Caprica out of the way, in order to start promoting Blood and Chrome.

        It was about July 2010, when Syfy actually started making this decision for Blood and Chrome. This is when B&C was to become a webisode series, slated for 10 episodes. Syfy liked what they saw in pre-production and figured it would play better going straight to TV, instead.

        They were still promoting all the action that Caprica was going to be bringing in Season 1.5 all through into August 2010. They even had Stargate Universe and Sanctuary slated to air on Tuesdays beginning September 28th,2010. Which these (2) shows were actually placed there to be killed. Syfy needed to kill (2) shows, to make room for their new reality type shows as well as their new upcoming originals for 2011.

        It was only after they finally decided to do B&C that they switched Caprica and Sanctuary, essentially putting Caprica on the chopping block instead, knowing that they had B&C to replace it.

        They needed to decide quickly about doing B&C, before it actually became a webisode series, because they figured it would play out better going straight to TV, instead of developing on the web first and then bringing it into the TV aspect after. That is why they killed Caprica. Why do think all this happened so quickly and abruptly and they treated Caprica like the plague and still do…lol? They needed to do away with it as quickly as possible to better promote B&C, and having the rating drop like they did, would seem to justify what they did.

        If B&C wasn’t in the position it was, Caprica’s season 1.5 would have aired properly and stayed at January 2011, and we’d be still watching the end of season 1.5 now…lol.

    • charlotte

      I kind of hope that they just do a series of movies. That way I don’t have to watch it die a painful slow death and we’d have short, quality bursts of BSG to fill in the gaping hole it left.

      • WayneHurlburt

        It is actually slated to be a 2 hour pilot episode, meaning that it will either be a series or nothing at all. When it is a pilot episode this means the 2 hour pilot will be created and reviewed by the network, and if they like it and think it will be good enough for a series, they will air the 2 hour pilot then shortly after the series will start.
        If they don’t like it or think it will make it as a series, don’t worry about it getting canceled, because you will never see the 2 hour pilot. It will be the end of it.

  • charlotte

    I loved Caprica, but I got to admit, I’m BSG’s bitch. I’ll watch anything set in the universe Ron Moore helped create. I hope we get a little bit of insight to what happened to some of the Caprica characters after the Cylon war started.

  • Adam Varlo

    Why wasn’t Nico Cortez from Razor hired to reprise the role of the young Adama? He was perfect for that role.

    • Rush

      They probably wanted to skew younger. In the Razor flashbacks Adama was already a battle hardened veteran.

      • Erik

        If he was a battle hardened veteran during Razor (which was during the last year of the Cylon war) then how can he be younger in this version??

      • Cameo

        ^^Agreed^^ How long was the cylon war – I can’t remember? He goes from 21 to the veteran he played in Razor flashback? I don’t think so. Poor choice on Syfy’s part just to try and lure the younger demographic.

      • Snsetblaze

        I vaguely remember the Cylon War being 40 years. Adama was around 60 in the series (though despite his well-worn face, Edward James Olmos looked a few years younger).

      • Rush

        Okay, so I geeked out and read up on the BSG wiki. In Razor he was a rookie, so this casting definitely is a ret-con. Still, it’s no big deal to me; the show can still be great.

      • Melissa

        He wasn’t a veteran in the Razor flashbacks though, it was his first (or one of his firsts) real viper mission out if I remember correctly. But then again, it was at the very end of the Cylon War, so I suppose they’ll want to start prior to that.

        Still, this kid seems awful young and looks nothing like EJO or Nico Cortez.

      • Marilyn S.

        Yeah, it looks like they are ret-conning Adama’s age again. Which is sad because I liked Nico Cortez as Adama too. He looked like a young EJO. This actor is too “pretty” to be believeable as a young Adama. Ironically his hairstyle reminds me of Bodie Olmos'(Eddie’s son) hairdo on BSG as Hotdog. ;)

    • JJ

      Unfortunately, they want to go after the young demo. I agree that Nico was great, but older looking than this kid. I’d say Cortez looks more like Cotton’s age. Too bad he had balls as Adama.

    • kellybelly

      Yea, I liked that guy. Why not use him? So they’re starting ‘earlier’ than Razor? Then at some point will they meet, and Nico can appear again?

    • Rush

      They are allowed to retcon. You are, after all, talking about a prequel to a re-boot.

  • Rush

    It will be interesting if they incorporate any of the social elements from Caprica. For example: V-World. There’s no mention of anything like it in BSG, but I can’t imagine that culture completely abandoning something as engrossing as that. It would be like expecting our culture to completely abandon television, the internet, or Facebook.

    • Rush

      Ah yes, it was after the first Cylon war that computer networks were abandoned and work on artificial intelligence was banned.

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