Obama address viewership falls from last year

Image Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Pool/Getty Images

The president’s State of the Union Address drew 43 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

That’s down 11% from his speech last year, and down 18% from his address in 2009.

The networks carrying the speech included ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, TEL, UNI, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC

Fox News was the most-watched of the cable news networks carrying the speech, averaging 5 million viewers. CNN was second with 3 million and MSNBC ranked third with 2.5 million.

Further EW coverage: Critic Ken Tucker: Why Maddow was wrong to criticize CNN for airing Michelle Bachman’s speech. … PopWatch: What was Michelle Bachmann looking at?

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  • LOL

    The GOP fears Obama.

    • GarlandAngel

      Nope! Your drinking what Obummer uses to color his hair!

      • IDIOTS

        Nope GarlandAngel you’re drinking what Boehner is using to tan his skin (that orange stuff).

    • yea

      Sure, that’s why the most watched was from Fox News. Mostly conservative viewers.

      • Dorothy Kuns

        The only reason Fox was number one, is because Fox is number one. Why would a loyal Fox viewer switch to CNN to watch? None. They will stay with their favorite news teams.

      • Jeff

        Fox is number 1 to conservatives who don’t mind being lied to.

        There is no where else where rightwingers can get their fill of fiction like Fox.

    • Oh Sure

      Yeah, but the Obama is TERRIFIED of the Tea Party ain’t he sweet cheeks??

      • fireflystare221

        Not really…? No one is. Their ideas are most ridiculous. They are a passing fad.

      • Brenda

        Yeah, we’re going to pass right on by in 2012.

      • IDIOTS

        Obama is so TERRIFIED of the Tea Party that he actually said he wants Palin or Bachmann to run. He’s looking forward to it. Teee hee

        Don’t forget, the Tea Party didn’t win the races they wanted in AZ and DE…go and learn some more witchcraft BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    • Shaun

      Every sensible, freedom-loving American fears Obama. That’s why November was such a disaster for you guys.

      • Adam

        Oh, really? A disaster?

        Is that why Obama’s at 55%, TWENTY POINTS HIGHER than Reagan was (35%) at this point in his first term? And is that why 57% of independents have FLOCKED to Democrats after the mid-terms? And is that why Americans trust Democrats on EVERY ISSUE now in the polls – after the mid-terms?

        Americans have BUYER’S REMORSE for their November vote. The GOP has failed miserably already by getting rid of Ethics oversight for Congress and already adding 400 billion to the deficit in their first 2 weeks.

      • IDIOTS

        SHAUN, you mean every “white supremicist Tea Party racist” fears Obama.

    • Adam


      They’re scared to death.

      His 55% approval rating right now is TWENTY POINTS higher than Reagan had at this point, who was at 35% by the start of his third year, and who had 10.8% unemployment.

      The GOP are terrified.

      • FRS

        If you believe that BS, you don’t know where that number came from, suffice to say that if you use RCP average you are so brainwashed you and Obama make for an excellent opponent (which is why those numbers are created to begin with) Take a look at the 2010 elections and see how happy the electorate is with Obama policies.

      • mountainman314

        Get real, I was there in the Reagan years. Those polls where from CBS, ABC, and CNN back then. No internet, no FOX,,,ergo no information. This guy is toast come election day. “Still waters run deep” the Tea Party is being very silent right now.

      • ZimDog

        Adam and Idiots are big dummies. Wiat until 2012 and you will see al the white racists clowns.

    • Markus

      We should all fear Obama while he is president.

      When he goes back to organizing people into groups of victims or grading papers and can screw the country as a whole then we wont fear him.

    • scotch43

      you’ve got that right…

    • chuck

      Yes. We should all fear O’Bammy. Same policies as Mao, so yep, fear would be good. But I pay my bills and not hand them to my 7 year old so what do I know about Govn’mnt.

  • john adamas

    where do people go to get their news on cable tv: fox news.

  • klg1956

    The Liberal Democrats fear freedom!

    • GarlandAngel


    • Peter

      Huh? Now that comment doesn’t even make sense. I am a Liberal Democrat and from where I stand all I see is Conservative Republicans trying to force religion and restrictions down our throats.

      • @peter

        as opposed to forcing healthcare and global warming down my throat?

  • Elaine

    He had the nerve to stand there pontificating on what “we” need to do to get out of the deficit mess he put us in. His arrogance knows no bounds.

    • Jules

      Your ignorance shows no bounds. Do you think he was responsible? Looks at every president over the last 30 years. Don’t blame or hate someone who took over someone else’s mess. Check your grade 10 history book if you even made it there.

      • Mikejpss

        Jules- maybe you should check your spelling first…..”Looks” at every presid……..

      • Dangerous


      • Dorothy Kuns

        Jules, if he didn’t want to do something about the deficit, jobs, etc., then he shouldn’t have run. What, did he ask himself, “Where did all of these problems come from? I had NO idea!” Yeah, right. Just keep blaming other people for problems he KNEW were there before he took office.

      • nomorecommies

        YOU need to do something besides spout off the dnc talking points, aka lies. He has added more to the debt in 2 years than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED. Now THAT is FACT (I know you commies don’t deal in facts)

      • Rick Keen

        Yah, but he still has a large part to blame, both from his voting record while in the Senate (just go check it yourself), to the unprecedented spending he has embarked upon. Yes, both sides of the aisle have had a huge part to play in it, but his policies have taken the brakes off the downhill slide, and we’re heading into free fall, while he still continues to think we can spend our way out of the mess. He hasen’t learned a thing. As for the Tea Party being a passing fad, funny, that passing fad sure made it’s voice heard loud and clear in November.

      • Brenda

        Well if the sorry POS didn’t want the mess you claim he inherited then why did he pay so much money so he could get the job?

    • C.

      Um, last time I checked, it was Bush who put us in a deficit, not Obama. When Clinton left office there was a surplus. When Bush left we were in the worst deficit we had been in over 50+ years. I am not going to say that Obama’s spending didn’t add to the problem, but he was by no means the original source. Just sayin’

      • Mikejpss

        To : “C” – Bush did spend us into a deficit at a staggering $3 TRILLION…But YOUR boy obama has us $14 TRILLION,so in less that 2 years he increased it by a factor of 4.1 times. Both are bad, but I’ll take Bush’s MERE $3 TRILLION any day. Now I see “we” are in a pickle- after obama spent his way to oblivian…

      • Dorothy Kuns

        The reason Bush’s deficit was so high was the war in Iraq. Which wouldn’t have happened if not for 9/11. Which ALL of America was for after the disaster. So don’t go crying to mommy now. You wanted it, and you got it. But it’s NOTHING compared to what Obummer has done to our current deficit.

      • Jules

        Silly rabbits (i.e. ignorant right wingers), tricks are for kids. Ooooh I typed fast and made a spelling mistake. At least I don’t have to sleep in beds you’ve all made. Good luck thinking the way you do. It will get you nowhere.

      • Slaman

        C, The reason Clinton had a surplus was because he DESTROYED the military. That is were he got that money. Then he refused to take custody of Bin Ladin when he was offered. Thus he reduced our military strenght and let Public Enemy #1 go free.

      • FRS

        You fail to acknowledge that it was the Clinton administration that passed the trade laws that destroyed American industry. You also fail to acknowledge that Bush faced 9/11 and the subsequent wars that Clinton failed to address when bin Laden declared war on the U.S. No response to the USS Cole, no response to Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings and no Katrina? By the end of the Clinton administration the “high tech” bubble burst and the economy that Bush took over was on decline. The truth is he had a more competent administration to restrain damage and keep the economy moving forward for 7 1/2 years.

      • @jules

        yeah, bc your boys have done such a WONDERFUL job getting us back on track. you keep on drinking your kool aid, sweetie. we’ll clean up your mess.

      • Rick Keen

        When Clinton left office, there was not actually a surplus when you factor in all the unfunded liabilities. Sorry, but that is a misleading statement. Bush did not put us in a deficit, simply because he has absolutely no control over the House of Representatives, you know, the folks who control Washington’s purse strings. And he had a democratic lead house if I remember right. Obama should share a huge part of the blame himself, because he has a track record in the Senate that shows his ideas on how much power government should have, and he continues to do so, even though it’s very clear We the People, in November, gave him a resounding smack down in the polls.

      • jColes

        Actually, the Clinton ‘surplus’ was theoretical … no actual money that could be called a surplus existed in the Treasury. At best, the Federal government was at break-even during the period 1998-2000; but even that notion is controversial.

        The fact is, the US Government has always been in debt, from at least 1796…As a matter of historical fact, expansion of the frontier was financed with continental European money (primarily French)…creation and expansion of the 19th-Century railroads was financed primarily with British investment money…in the form of sovereign railroad bonds sold by the US Treasury.

        But until WWII the debt never exceeded about 35-percent of (then) measured as GNP (now measured as GDP). During WWII sovereign debt spiked to 95% of GNP but had returned to the 35% level by about 1955.
        By the end of the GW Bush administrations, the debt to GDP ratio was 1:3.5 (GDP 3.5 times higher than total debt)…now sovereign debt as a ratio of GDP is approaching 1:1.

        In five years, if current trends are not corrected the ratio will be 1.85:1…in 10 years 3.1:1…

        Rather than call each other names and mock each other, we citizensneed to do actual learning about the real nature of the sovereign debt problem and then compel those we hire to legislate for us to fix the problem of their creation with as little pain for us as possible.

      • bbkenn

        It’s interesting how you ignore the little pesky fact that in bush’s budget there was no accounting of the money spent on the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    • Adam

      Um….we were 1.3 Trillion in debt before he even walked into the White House. The deficit SHRUNK by 200 billion last year.

      Are you allergic to facts?

      • Doug Kinton

        Adam, have you not read that Obama has upped the debt by more money since he was elected than all the other presidents combined (Geo Washington thru Geo Bush.

  • Bill Waller

    A lot of people have had to sell their TV sets in an attempt to put food on the table.

    • Tejas

      I’ve had to sell my TV set just to stop seeing assclown president ugly face on it everytime i turn it on.

  • Elaine

    The liberal democrats won’t know what freedom is until they have lost it.

    • Peter

      Elaine – liberal democrats (such as myself) enjoy the freedoms Democrats have provided us over the years. The modern day Republican party is full of evil, full of religious nuts and full of idiots (such as yourself I am assuming). Enjoy your sheltered ignorant life.

  • svmerlin

    No….. America fears Obama!!!!

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Conservatives fear their banana. Such babies.

  • DJH

    The guy has little credilibity with the American people, 2+ years of race baiting, attacking or insinuating the American people are too ignorant to understand how awesome you are will do that to your audience.

    • Dorothy Kuns

      Here, here! What happened to uniting the country? Instead we have, “the police acted stupidly”. Way to unite the country, Obummer! I’m glad you’re here to bring us all together as one great nation, and not separate races!

    • Adam

      55% Approval, buddy.

      • Megan

        yeah but where do they poll? I’ve never been asked. I seriously would love to give MY opinion. Nobama’s a donkey all right.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Conservatives can’t get over the fact that Obama is black.

      • Brenda

        Now how did we ALL know that worn out card would be played? Never fails…I guess race baiting is an addiction impossible to cure.

      • mongo

        He is?!?!?! Actually how can we forget with the racist Lefties always harping on it.

  • Bill Waller

    Why don’t we reduce last year’s number of viewers so that this year’s number exceeds last year’s? The government does this all the time with economic numbers so that we think things are getting better.

  • Leroy Johnson

    So 88% of America had no desire to watch this clown blow hot air for an hour. But those 88% can’t wait to get to the polls in 2012 and vote him and his flunkies out of office!

    • Dorothy Kuns

      We’ve heard his lies before. We’re not stupid enough to listen to them and believe them again. He’s proven who and what he is.

      • fireflystare221

        No no. You have proven to us all already how very stupid you are.

    • Asha

      I have no desire to watch Obama speak ever. Too many people just worship him with sappy grins on their faces. He could talk about killing puppies and people would still think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I always make sure to read his speeches afterward though. ALWAYS. You can’t complain if you aren’t informed.


    Everyone should fear obama.

  • zucccchini

    I am so sick of seeing and hearing him, and besides, we have heard all this same ole, same ole before. UGH. Nothing was different OR new.

  • laurie


    • Average American Citizen.

      you. scare. me.

      • Doug Kinton

        Average American Citizen – no, you are the thing that is scary. Can you not see that he is bad for America! If there were a basic test you had to pass before voting, people like you would not be able to vote.

      • The kettle

        Doug, that’s my job!

    • Dorothy Kuns

      He’s just trying to save his big, fat, political butt. Same as all of them. But I’m still going to vote. He needs to be OUTTA HERE!

  • Mikejpss

    Sorry i could not watch. i had toilets to clean, floors to sweep.

  • leslie

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that it was the same speech he gave last year?

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