CW pushes 'Smallville,' 'Supernatural' -- Here's why

M. Courtney, M. Muller/The CW

The CW has pushed back the anticipated return of Smallville and Supernatural — by one week.

Why oh why? Are they afraid of Fringe?

Here’s the reason, according to a CW insider:

The network wanted a chance to re-peat tonight’s return of Vampire Diaries and Nikita on Friday to give their midseason debuts some additional sampling. Diaries, in particular, is going up against Idol. Plus, there’s some local market pre-emptions that are going to mess with the scheduling of tonight’s shows in certain cities (Chicago and Baltimore, if you must know).

So … there. See, it’s not really an exciting answer, and it’s probably more complicated than you wanted, but it all makes sense, and doesn’t mean anything bad for Smallville and Supernatural aside from having to wait another week, right?

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  • Johana

    #TheCWSucks that’s all I have to say, is a lack of respect doing this A DAY before the episodes air

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      My thoughts exactly.

      • anonymous

        CW is shaking in their boots. Time to check out FRINGE.

    • Frank Anderson

      Funny how EW downplays this strange/annoying decision. It’s like they are owned by the same company and are protecting their…. Oh. They are. Damn!

      • whereisit

        I think you are right, EW is the public relations arm f WB and GLADD

      • saltandburnbaby

        …marry me?

    • VD FAN

      they said dat dey wanna put 2days episode again 2morrow…right? well it not coming right now and i was so excited ='( wat is wrong w/ CW

      • D

        I didn’t understand anything you said.

      • Joe

        D–Too Funny!

      • Michael

        D, so true! would hate to be VD’s English teacher!

      • Sally


      • me

        Possibly retarded

      • May

        ^^^ from watching too many episodes of Vampire Diaires?! I guess they did ‘catch VD’, with brain damage being a side effect!

    • KKhater


      • JACK

        I LOVED LANA LANG – she was far better than Lois (Erica Durance) ever was – I always thought Cassidy Freeman should have played Lois – she is a better actress

      • Shaula

        This comment is made of WIN! Thank you!

      • TJCrinc

        lana lang was a scene hogger. not to mention that like every episode of the first 6 seasons was all about clark telling her his secret. seriously, 6 years of crybaby clark is enough. glad they finally got to the good stuff.

      • alysia

        lana is annoying and is never coming back! thank heavens!! It was long past time for the show to grow up and giving her the boot was the best thing they ever did! She was never meant to be a part of Clark’s life we all know that so why hang onto a desire for a character who wasn’t ever gonna stay? Plus Lois kicks ass and rocks!!

      • Zakry

        Seriously man, what are you smoking? I couldn’t hack KK’s Young and the Restless-level acting. Erica Durance is the sexiest Lois ever, and thank goodness someone figured out she is a natural at comedy!

      • ozzy24

        How on earth is this Kristin Kreuk/Lana Lang`s fault!!!!

      • Megan

        Can’t you guys see it’s a joke recalling all the crazy I-HATE-LANA-I-LOVE-LANA that’s been going on for essentially the last decade?

      • dock

        are you joking if they the cw hav’t to put a rerun on the next night just because they are scared of AI when they did not hav’t to for SM years ago that right there tells you how much they think about VD and NA not much faith in them.

      • kat

        Erica Durance is the best Lois Lane ever!!!
        Lana Lang is a bad joke from the past

      • Pat

        I’m a huge fan of Superman and Smallville – and Lana/KK, as well as ED’s Lois. Cassidy’s Tess is also great. What do you people want? Each to his own. The casting at SV has always been right on and incredible. By the way, Alysia, Lana was Clark’s first crush as a teenager and SV took their love story to a new level, which for Clana fans was wonderful. It could have happened that way. Haven’t you ever heard of “the rest of the story?” Also the adult Lana and Lois supposedly fought for Clark’s attentions. Do a little research before you make comments, but you have the right to dislike any character and actor you please. Why be so mean-spirited?

      • BKWurm1

        Not a Lana fan but this Lois is a waste of the role. Is sexy worth anything if the character is a forced joke?

      • Why Ask?

        Ummm…Pat, maybe it’s because of comments like BKWurm1’s. The war of words will end when SV waves goodbye…I think…

      • May

        Wow. Are Kristin Kreuk’s fans really too dim to detect sarcasm/tongue-in-cheek comments? Allison Mack’s groupies aren’t that much brighter either, it seems. (I’m looking at you , BKWurm1)

    • Asha

      I know I’m going to get yelled at but isn’t this Supernatural and Smallville’s last seasons? i feel like the CW has a new up and coming hit and is totally justified in pushing an episode of an over the hill show for a rerun of a show that still has a lot of years left on it.

      • Neha

        This isn’t Supernatural’s last season from what I’m hearing.

      • brandy

        This most definitely is no Supernatural’s last season.

      • Annoyed

        You’re an idiot. You must be a tween if you’re watching crap like Vampire Diaries. Everyone should have changed the channel as soon as they knew Smallville wasn’t playing to show the CW they will lose viewers and that nobody likes all this vampire crap. Really, how many ridiculous vampire shows are there now anyway? I’m done with the CW. I’m not watching anything on their channel any more, not even when Smallville and Supernatural come back next week. They’re always pulling crap like this. DONE!

      • Lellis

        Hey Asha- shut your cake-hole. Supernatch is definitely not over the hill, and the CW needs to get bent for disrespecting its loyal fans by RE-AIRING Vamp Ds & Nikita. Fans of those shows should have tuned in Thurs regardless of Am Idol. Supernatural is my all time fave show and it gets none of the recognition it deserves. So thanks for nothing, CW. After Supernatural ends, I’ll never watch your channel again out of principal.

    • Irritated

      Agree complete. what a bunch of crap. who cares about vampire diary crap anyway. complete bs.

      • sivie

        well dont watch if u think it crap. idiot.

      • May

        There are plenty of people who don’t to catch VD.

      • May

        ^^^ don’t WANT to catch VD.

    • alejandro

      U R RIGHT

    • Carlos

      I am glad CW showed a repeat of ‘The Vampire Daires’. Many people in the DC/Baltimore metro areas didn’t have power or cable because of the weather. My Comcast cable just came back on yesterday. I was angry because I thought I had missed ‘The Vampire Daires’. I was shocked and happy to see this show last night. I love Sam and Dean too on ‘Supernatural’.

    • Tamara

      That’s right…waited all day at work, anticipating dragons & the boys & The CW doesn’t even give advance warning.

    • yangna


  • Cindy


  • vee


    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Just to let it sink in

      CW aired repeats of VD and Nikkita last night

      Are airing new episodes of VD and Nikkita tonight

      And will air repeats of VD and Nikkita tomorrow night.


  • N

    Makes sense… but even as a TVD and Nikita fan, I still really wish SPN and Smallville were coming back tomorrow.

  • Sam

    No, it doesn’t make sense at all make things this way, in the last minute, and without an official statement to the fans.

    • whereisit

      Of course this makes sense! The CW has spent the last 6 weeks promoting the return of ALL NEW SMALLVILLE on 1/28, and then move it. Great thunking!!

  • Shannon


  • Stephanie

    That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever read. Way to alienate the fans, CW.

  • bubbatwo420

    way to piss off your fans CW!!!!!

  • AngryFangirl

    No, it doesn’t make sense. It’s full of crap. When TVD and Nikita were preempted in the Houston market, they showed the episodes on the following Saturday. They didn’t bump two perfect good new episodes of other shows for b.s.

  • Nic

    It’s a lame excuse, they know that, right?

    One more reason for me to dislike both shows (TVD and Nikita) and The CW disgustingly kissing their asses.

    I was so excited for Smallville and Supernatural return. :\

    • Saarr

      It’s not the shows fault.. So why hate them.. It’s CW fault, cause they did this..

      • May

        Guilt by association, baby!

    • Kris

      Its not Nikita’s fault the CW decided to pre-empt Smallville. And while I agree that it definitely sends the message that the CW is more invested in their Thursday line up (which makes sense considering Smallville is ending and SPN is an aging show). However, as a fan of both shows I’m glad.

      • Teagan

        SPN is not an aging show, it’s incredibly amazing, and is so much better than Nikita, Smallville, and the Vampire Diaries…do you even call yourself a minion?

      • whereisit

        SPN is not an aging show, it is a dead show.

      • Lori

        Supernatural is an amazing show! The writing is incredible. I can’t believe they’re doing that!

      • Matt

        Its not a dead Show! Its the lack of budget! BLAME THE DAMN CW – freakin pigs, they have to cut down the budgets on all the great shows to shower their freakin dollars on crappy shows! WHICH SUCKS!!!

      • May

        @ whereisit. When Smallville and Supernatural are gone, the CW will be a dead network. VD is a ‘smash hit’ ONLY by the CW’s standards. On any other network it’s ratings would be a joke.

    • em

      It is a lame excuse. As someone who watches TVD, Nikita, Smallville, Fringe, ACC basketball (Every Tues or Thurs in Baltimore) and the comedies on Thurs, the CW may have helped me out this week. But TVD and Nikita were going to air on Sat anyway for us, and local programming changes due to ACC conference play happen quite often actually. This was just a classless move by the CW. Plain and simple.

  • Semaphore

    Oh it’s because of Fringe, no matter what they say.

    • Dana

      Bingo. They didn’t expect it to do so well last week and now they’re reacting.

      • Deb

        Fringe may have done so well last week because SPN was a repeat. I’m curious to see what happens on Feb 4. SPN definitely belongs on another network! It is too good for the CW.

    • ashley

      totally agree

    • Rissa

      Fringe has nowhere near the popularity of SPN. The idiots at CW know nothing if they think Sam & Dean can’t stand against Fringe!!

      • Mellissa

        Fringe has been on for half as long as Supernatural, so it goes to figure that Fringe is not as popluar as Supernatural…yet. Supernatural also stars to very attractive men and is a show that tweens enjoy. While Joshua Jackson is also easy on the eyes, Fringe is not a show that most tweens would enjoy, given they can watch a less intelligent show with more cute boys at the same time if they want.

        Why is it that every Supernatural fan comes off sounding as if they are teenagers with a crush on Dean?

      • MR. T

        I’M PISSSSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        WTF…Way to drop the ball CW.
        dont worry. the SPN fans will remember this.

      • Lellis

        Supernatch is not a less intelligent show by any means. The pop culture references and the out-of-the box storylines are amazing. I’m in my mid 20s and I love Sam & Dean for their depth and relatability, not for how they look. The show is about family, destiny vs free will, and the ultimate battle of good against evil. What’s not to love about these universally human themes? I’ve never laughed as hard or cried as much with any other show. I don’t think you get what this story is about. . .

      • ruby

        Fringe is watched by many more people than supernatural. Thus clearly the former is more popular. Use your brain!

    • Jenny

      Funny, but uh, wasn’t Supernatural on at the same time as Fringe last season? I seem to recall both shows doing quite well last year in those time slots. CW just would rather show it’s poor attempt at teenage soap operas than any shows with real substance or entertainment. I have watched Vampire Diaries from day 1, and after this premiere episode, it’s completely lost me. I didn’t sign up for Gossip Girl with fangs. Would be a great cross over episode if the Winchesters came to Mystic Falls to eliminate the Vampire & Werewolf problem permanently.

      • Cap’n Awesome

        That would be the only reason I would ever watch Vampire Diaries. To see Sam and Dean put down some vampires…maybe if the Frog Brothers did it I’d watch that episode too.

  • dryedmangoez

    Also, apparently CW will be airing Smallville and Supernatural repeats on Wednesday, February 2nd. So a non-Friday airing of both shows should be good exposure too.

  • cassopeia

    Making sense? No, not in my eyes. OMG YES THEY ARE AFRAID OF FRINGE!…but wait a minute that doesn’t make sense than the network would actually care about the show it’s up against. Don’t you think? It’s absolutely OK that they told fans on Thursday about the change or that critics have writen previews about the episode and anticipation has been building. So I’m sure it’s such a relieve to hear that it will help TVD and Nikita! SALT AND BURN CW!!!!

  • Vanessa

    I am pissed. I love Smallville and I was so looking forward to tomorrow’s episode and now I have to wait until February 4 to see it. That is totally unacceptable and giving us one day’s notice really pisses me off. Please. Man-up and take the competition from Idol.

  • Ellen Duran

    This is terrible! We have been waiting for new SPN episodes for so long! Too bad that the other shows are opposite Idol, but that should NOT affect SPN or it’s fans. Shame on you CW! Shame!!

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