NBC Universal's new logo dumps peacock (pic)

With Comcast officially taking control of NBC Universal this week, the corporate office has unveiled a new company logo that seems to be missing something. Actually, it’s missing just about everything. It’s just text. And, most strikingly: There’s no peacock.

Here’s the new company logo:

And here’s the previous, more proud-as-a-you-know-what version:

The company will continue to use the peacock when promoting the NBC broadcast network and its cable news outlets. The peacock has been part of NBC’s branding since 1956.

Explaining the minimalist new corporate design, NBC Universal’s chief executive Steve Burke told employees on Thursday that the old logo “seemed kind of busy.”


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  • Katie

    I’m not quite sure why I’m so offended by the logo change, but I am. It’s significantly more lame without the rainbow peacock.

  • tjj50

    O come on! That new is boring as hell and doesn’t stand out at ALL! The peacock is iconic.

  • Bob in San Diego

    Looks like the Facebook logo. Like . . . a lot.

    • Petunia

      “the old logo ‚Äúseemed kind of busy”

      The new logo seems kind of boring.

      • Winona

        “Too many notes” in Mozart’s music, too.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        I guess they thought the new logo would be more truthful,
        “NBCUniversal: We have nothing to be proud about.”

      • AK

        The old logo was actually pretty classy. This one is way too plain. “Boring” seems to be the perfect descriptor.

      • Steve

        I heard that it was designed last Friday night about 7:50 by Keith Olbermann.

      • Xavier

        Ha, props to Winona for Amadeus reference!

      • duglow

        do they offer free checking?

    • ST

      They learned nothing from GAP?

      • Sheila G

        Or Starbucks? What does a mermaid have to do with coffee? How much did it cost to “revamp” to a boring logo that looks just like Facebook?

      • Luke

        You’ve obviously never read Moby Dick.

      • ltchy

        Apparently, they did. White font on blue background, caps…

    • Kristin

      Or Gatorade?

    • sharongo

      This NBC-Comcast merger is. Comcast already charges way too much. My bill used to average around $150 per month after all the taxes. It was simply not worth it, especially with the internet tv feeds available out there now. You can watch regular tv with just a web connect and TVDevo.com . Pocket the nearly $2,000/year savings.

  • DH

    Wow! I wonder how many millions they paid some ad firm to come up with that?

    • PDunk

      Seriously!? I do not have a creative bone in my body and I can do better than that . . . in my sleep!

    • UncleWalty

      no, I work in creative. That is not the work of a professional, that is the work of an executive with a “vision.” Commercial art: everyone thinks they can do it…sigh…

      • Katy


      • KRibbons

        haha. awesome comment.

      • Kristy

        That’s for sure but NBCU still likely paid a firm outrageously to “punch up” that vision written on a napkin after a three martini lunch.

      • marvin3O

        That’s exactly right! We just went through something like this at the company where I work. Since I’ve been working for this company we changed logo 3 times! (i’ve been working for 4 years now), and the last logo was great! it had a unique font, a sign that represented the company and that everybody associated it with, and specific colors. Now it’s just the name of the company in Arial font, plain chocolate brown color and the symbol is boring! nobody liked it! but the directors chose it!

  • Evan

    That looks like something someone made in 5 minutes at a graphic design class.

    • Meg

      Maybe they asked kindergarteners?

      • Heather A.

        No, my kindergartner would have come up with a MUCH more colorful and creative logo than that.

    • RP

      Hahaha… gotta love a logo that can be perfectly recreated in MSPaint.

      • steph

        or Word!

    • Jane

      I think that’s giving them too much credit.

    • Watt DeFark

      Maybe one of those schools that advertised on daytime TV…

      This is your chance–you should take it!

    • Elizabeth

      Burple background – check
      Copperface Bold in white font – check
      Logo FINISHED!

    • Mike

      5 minutes?? Watch I’ll do it in 2 seconds! NBCUniversal

      • NBC/Comcast Legal

        It has been determined by our legal department that you have fraudulently used the NBCUniversal logo, this is a trademarked image, you will be fined eleventy billion dollars. Good day sir.

      • Mike

        Lol nice one!

  • LOL

    As bland as 75% of their programming.

    • Amy

      so true!

    • whereisit

      You hit that nail on the head!

    • DavidH

      Excellent comment and so true!!

  • Neil

    Well I would have charged Comcast a fraction of the millions they probably paid to design that using just Word.

    • Meli

      At least Comcast can now successfully rationalize the robber baron scumbag mentality they use to steal their cable customers blind–they had to pay for the new logo!

  • Rants of A Crazy Person

    SNOOZE! I liked the peacock.

  • Mary

    That looks stupid.

  • Jamie

    All I see is the C.U.N and think “See You Next Tuesday”.

  • Ma’at

    What 6 year old pulled that one off?

    • Lucky

      6 yr olds are much more creative than this! What’s really funny is how the CEO thinks the old logo is “too busy”. LOL

  • C.

    I dislike the font very much.

    • KRibbons

      If you look closely, its actually the same font as before.

      • Sam

        Actually, it isn’t. The differences between the fonts become more noticeable if you click on the logos to enlarge. Amongst other things, the new logo has pointed N’s and V’s instead of the previous flattened “corners” of the letters.

  • Monty

    I literally could come up with something better than that while blackout drunk in less than 3 minutes using paint…

  • Summer

    It’s like the Gap’s new logo all over again in terms of BLEGH.

  • Pete

    Nooo! Bastards! Bring back the peacock!

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