Colin Cowherd's CBS sitcom going to pilot

Image Credit: Ben Liebenberg / AP

ESPN talk show host Colin Cowherd has inspired a comedyproject at CBS!

The network has ordered a pilot that focuses his life and work as an obnoxious sports talk show host.

The project’s from Bill Martin and Mike Schiff (Grounded for Life), as well as the non-writing producing team of Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. Cowherd will also produce.

Given the success of its current lineup of comedies, CBS won’t have much need for more laughers come fall 2011. But it has ordered a few other comedy pilots, including one about a man who opts to take a more candid approach to life following a life-changing experience, and a workplace ensemble centered around the young people who work at a high-powered venture capital firm.

You can get a big picture look at all the fall pilots ordered so far by clicking here.


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  • Buffy Freak

    Does CBS not remember the Tony Kornheiser-based sitcom with Jason Alexander it tried a couple of years ago? And Cowherd is a much bigger blowhard…

    • Dan

      Exactly what I thought of when I read this. And Kornheiser’s actually good.

  • TJ. Church

    I can’t believe this is being reported by EW on the same day as Austin & Tough Enough”. If they heard what he said when Eddie G. died, they’d be counting days till cancellation.

  • Nick

    For those not familiar with Cowherd, Buffy Freak said it best… a blowhard, in love with himself, always bragging about how successful he is, and woe be to those who try to have an opposite point of view that conflicts with his. While he makes very good points and observations at times, his “I’m always right” philosophy can be hard to take.

    • Lauren

      Yeah but the best TV characters would all be terribly obnoxious in reality. They’re exaggerated. I would watch an exaggerated character of Colin.

      • TJ. Church

        You can’t exaggerate him; He is too much in reality.

    • hutchy

      I love Cowherd’s show because its not the usual jock-sniffing sports talk show. There is nothing more tedious then hearing Van Pelt interview the D-line coordinator for the Bowling Green football tesam for 20 minutes. News flash: coaches and athletes have absolutely nothing interesting to say. Cowherd knows this and almost never lets them on his show. His act is that hes an elitist, hes the only man in America who didnt want Butler to win against Duke. That just makes it even funnier to listen to his show on days where Utah spanked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and listen to Cowherd fumble around trying to explain it.

    • Tego Livi

      In other words, he’s a typical sports radio host. I can’t think of another “showbiz class” who are more obnoxious.

      • CaliJ

        Hey Tego…I give you T.V judges :)

  • TomServo

    Cowherd is awful. I don’t know anybody who actually finds his act funny, and his sports knowledge is weaker than most fans. Here’s to hoping this is an epic disaster.

    • Rob

      INcorrect on his sports knowledge. He’s just a realist. Not blinded by fan loyalty.

  • Go Pack

    The same Colin Cowherd who has been saying all year that Aaron Rodgers would never win a playoff game? This guy is an idiot, but I guess that will draw the massive Two and a Half Men audience.

    • Rob

      Um, Rodgers didn’t win a playoff game until this year. He’s the guy that speaks for smart fans. Not die hard morons. That being said, from a Bears fan, Rodgers did prove he cold win in the playoffs this year. And Cowherd gave him his due too.

    • Carolyn

      This would be CBS’s worst mistake of the century! This guy would not get me to ever watch anything he is on. I cannot stand him! Wise up CBS this will not work at all!

  • kyle

    LOL I bet they have totally forgot about Listen Up and i thought that was funny. Im hoping for this to be picked up just to see who they get to play Cowherd.

  • Educated moron

    Have to agree with Go Pack and Tom Servo. I cannot stand the guy, and I love sports radio. Give me Kornheiser any day, and that guys show tanked. Wonder what person they are going to get to play this windbag…

  • Todd

    Cowherd sucks. His show is why I own an iPod (so I can listen to something else).

  • Jon

    Well, to just pile on — Cowherd is a complete douche, AND he knows pretty much nothing about the sports he covers. His generalizations and outdated opinions are often comical. Why anyone at CBS thinks a show inspired by him would work is beyond my comprehension.

  • Constance

    I find him rather tiresome on the show sportsnation. I watch mainly because of Michelle Beadle. Maybe he’ll quit the show and then espn can hire a new co-host.

  • Mark

    I count the seconds until noon when my radio goes from The Herd to the Jungle.

  • Kim

    I actually like Colin on SportsNation, but I can’t stand his radio show for longer than 5 mins. He constantly brags about how much smarter he is than everyone else. This is just another thing for Colin to brag about to his listeners.

  • Ava

    I actually really like his radio show. He’s entertaining

  • nomorewade

    tony kornheiser was great but he left and colin is a great host. lots of people who don’t like him are lame packer fans that killed the GM for keeping rodgers over favre so how smart are they in the first place? rome has a bigger ego then anyone on the radio i don’t know why any of you watch or listen to anything. everything sucks and you of course could do better thats why you all have your own show and are not just stuck posting lame missspppellled crap on the interweb

    • Mark

      Are you an idiot? Clearly you must me. I’m not a Packers fan. I don’t root for any specific team. The man is everything everyone above claims he is. He’s a d-bag, blowhard, pompous, egotistical, no-one-is-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is jackhole who once called a player an out of control dud because he had a no-show father when by all accounts he was a great kid whose game improved as the season progressed.

      • nomorewade

        i claim him to be a good host and the guy before me likes him too so watch who you call an idiot. and if you are not a fan of a sports team why are you listening to him anyway? stick to oprah and things you know as for sports stay the hell away. yes he says things people dont like but that makes him listenable if he said what everybody likes he would be a tool like well you mark

    • Burak

      09.07.11 at 11:22 pmTim Tebow’s “Roommate”I’m suprised they don’t fire Zombie Coach Caldwell, ankdmae Pey Pey HC .I mean, I can imagine only the amount ofhysteria-induced hypertension, diabetes, and sleep Apia that wasjust diagnosed in their fanbase!? Chilling./ suffered/enjoyed watching a back-up QB who hadn’t started sinceSenior year of HS.

  • McNulty

    Great. If this gets picked up, then along with “Hard Knocks” will have two shows that unashamedly worship the Jets.

    My favorite Cowherd moments are when he hangs up on his callers after two sentences, insisting “You’ve had your shot. You don’t get to talk anymore!” What a pompous wreck.

    • Shannon

      Cowherd is about the complete opposite of a Jets fan. He is a Pats fan and trashes the Jets on an almost daily basis.

    • You’re an idiot

      Two Jets shows? You just showed how little you know about Cowherd, you goon.

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