TNT apologizes for Tracy Morgan's crude Sarah Palin remark

TNT has released a statement, apologizing for Tracy Morgan’s crude remark about Sarah Palin on last night’s Inside the NBA pregame show: “It’s unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments. We apologize for any embarrassment or offense it may have caused.”

During yesterday’s live broadcast, co-hosts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley handed 30 Rock‘s Morgan a microphone and asked him to settle a bet: Tina Fey or Sarah Palin? “Me and him have this argument all the time, ” crowed Smith, referring to Barkley. “[Morgan’s] the only one who can settle it. Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?” They were clearly not asking which woman was smarter or faster in a race.

Morgan responded as he would if he were on stage. “Yo, let me tell you something about Sarah Palin. She’s good masturbation material.” Co-host Ernie Johnson quickly pulled down the curtain, saying “I want to thank Tracy Morgan for stopping by.” Full video after the jump.

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  • Rolo Tomasi

    Tracy Morgan is just not funny.

    • LOL

      I can’t spank it to Palin. She’s too vile.

      • AK

        And also not attractive.

      • what

        Why are they acting like it’s all Tracy’s fault? The hosts were the ones that brought up Sarah in the conversation. Oh and, Sarah can insult contestants on American Idol, but no one is allowed to insult her??? Oh please!!!!

      • jeff

        What is up with these stupid black people!

      • len

        I connot see waht people find in her.I personaly do not find her attractive at all

      • sometimes

        What is up with these stupid jeffs?!

      • tom

        True. Hateful, hurtful human being. There’s no level low enough that would make me want to have anything to do with her.

    • TOM


      • CC and more


    • Jen E.

      Who’s going to apologize for Sarah Palin’s crude remarks?

    • chase

      I think the question of “Fey or Palin”, was an Inappropriate question to ask on tv. Who am I kidding I just really really hate fat a** Charles Barkley.

      • KLR

        Actually you’re right…When you ask a raunchy comedian a question like that what the heck did they expect, an intelligent answer..please

      • Jamaaliver

        Agreed, the question posed to Tracy Morgan was indeed an inappropriate one.
        The producers gotta get on Kenny and Chuck. Not okay…

      • Lisa Simpson

        Seriously, waht did they expect?

      • Steph

        KLR is right. this one can be blamed on the commentators more than Morgan.

      • mr.f

        Also, Tina Fey is his BOSS, and as far as I can tell they’ve never had disagreements or feuds. they seem to have a good professional relationship (i’m pretty sure she hand selected her entire show, and she’d worked with him before). OF COURSE he is going to say something about palin and leave tina alone

    • Sean

      tracy morgan is a comedic GENIUS and i question the tastes of anybody who doesn’t think so

      • Juneau

        Tracy Morgan isn’t the least bit funny, unless (of course), you’re uneducated and partial to toilet humor (this means you, Sean). He’s the most annoying comic out there. And he’s the reason I won’t watch 30 Rock.

      • Brett

        Tracy Morgan is incredibly funny, unless (of course), you’re repressed and stuck somewhere around the middle of the last century (this means you, Juneau). He’s one of the best comics around, and the ONLY reason I watch 30 Rock.

      • Crystal

        This! Brett, great comment. While I don’t think Tracy is incredibly funny, but I do like him on 30 Rock. He’s perfect for that role, and you have to take his lack of acting talent with a grain of salt and enjoy him for what he does best.

      • carl

        you got to be a moron

    • Gus

      I want that idiot out from 30 Rock since day 1

      He’s not funny, he’s just stupid

    • Shy

      Well that was a very stupid question to begin with. It wasn’t funny, it didn’t lead to any normal answer. I don’t know what answer from a comic they expected. It was just a dumb question. And they get a dumb answer.

    • CC and more

      I’m sure Fat Rolo here is hilarious, though.

    • Gerardo

      You know people recently a person was sent for psychological observation for yelling distrubing things at someone at a townhall meeting – because they associated with them with the tea party – some of you on here are a butterfly net away from the same – you are a bunch of psychos

    • ew-bot

      dude, that’s hilarious.

    • ajay c

      T. Morgan is the best!!! Funny and blunt as ever!! Oh..did he offend some of you conservatives? Well TOO FREAKN’ BAD!!!

  • Asha

    I really dislike Tracey Morgan. He’s one of those comedians that thinks loud=funny

  • harry

    holy cow that was pretty funny.

    • mark

      hahaha that was so funny!

    • rerun

      Yeah, it was funny but you gotta know not to give Tracy a live mic. You don’t know what will come out of his mouth.

      • RyanK

        Exactly. 1. You don’t give Tracy Morgan a mic on a live broadcast. 2. You don’t ask Tracy Morgan to comment on a divisive political figure. Big fail by the producer there.

      • amyc

        I agree with RyanK. It seems like they were almost baiting him with that question. They had to know what type of answer they would get.

      • Bozo Profundo

        “You don’t know what will come out of his mouth.”

        Probably Charles Barkley’s p#%^&.

    • Matt

      That was funny.. What is the big deal?

      • brian

        It is rude what if he had made a comment about Michelle Obama?

      • mike

        It would still be funny. But that’s not the point it was innapropriate for live tv.

      • Sam

        @Brian…Sarah Palin isn’t First Lady of the United States so you are comparing apples and oranges. Sarah Palin doesn’t have the same level of class that the First Lady has nor does she deserve the same level of respect.

      • Gus

        It would be funny either way. And FYI, brian, Michelle Obama is the First Lady of The United States; Sarah Palin is a reality TV star.

      • Patricia

        What’s the big deal???? You have GOT to be kidding!! The guy forgot that he was on live TV and not in a strip club with his perverted buddies! How sick! Sick Sick Sick!

      • Carly

        He actually did make a similar comment about Michelle Obama during his last stand up special. Tracey’s schtick is has always been that he’s nuts and completely unfiltered. Like a step below full on Tourettes. 90% of the time he’s hilarious.

    • Jason

      agreed – his schtick is that he says whatever he wants, whenever, and where ever he wants. You should know what to expect. Besides, while some may find it crude, he just threw Palin a huge compliment. There are worse things to be called than “so attractive that you turn someone on”.

      • gag

        you are just as sick as he is. Would you consider it a compliment if the comment was made about your sister?

      • Rich

        Well, for starters, I would not hand him a mic on live TV and then ask, “So Tracy, what do you think of my sister??”

      • jodipo

        I would question his taste if he said it about my sister… as I do for him saying it about Palin. I admit she has nice knockers, but she has such a shrill voice and wrinkles. ew

  • Rush

    Morgan is so wrong, yet so right.

    • harry

      I agree

      • Codie K.

        I do as well.

      • tiebaojin

        Me too!

  • Rush

    Sarah Palin using this as an example about how she’s persecuted and posting her outrage at the liberal media on Facebook/Twitter in 5, 4, 3, 2….

    • A-K87

      lol, at Rush.

    • K. Harker

      Hahaha! Yes.

    • markinnyc

      while in poor taste to say on air, notice how no one refudiated it?

      • jim

        i wouldn’t shag her with your stick. she’s a hypocritical ranting fool.

      • Will

        and you didn’t get the refudiate joke Jim

      • iggy


      • mr. sheen

        oh my god mark, best comment so far

      • r

        LOL @ Markinnyc & Will

    • Elmo

      Why isn’t TNT apologising for the stupid,crude,sexist question that instigated Morgan’s reply?

      • Crystal

        Seriously! They should apologize for their hosts asking the question as well. They were just as at fault as Tracy was.

      • Rush

        Two words: basketball game.

    • Morgan

      So, does anyone have a link for Palin’s replies to the Hustler’s videos, Who’s Nailin’ Palin 1 & 2?

  • UGH

    Why apologize? You can’t control live TV.
    Morgan has been wasted on that dying ship of a sitcom he’s on.
    It should’ve ended after season 2.

  • jets

    Saw it live and gotta admit I laughed. More so from shock that it actually happened then any merits of the “joke.”

    I just really hope media doesn’t balloon this thing out into some broader commentary/condimation about sexism in sports, or anything. Just move right along.

    • lara

      How would you that if you knew the woman and liked her. Despite the constant attacks she is an actual person you are insulting with a filthly little mouth to match your little brain and other little parts.

      • Sarah

        You’re the one that is stupid. Maybe once you can think and type a coherent sentence, then you can question someones intelligence.

  • Larry Saunders

    Tracy Morgan isn’t not funny.

    • Tracy Morgan

      Thats a double negative which = Tracy Morgan is funny! Get an education!

      • Jesse

        I think the double negative was intentional buddy…

      • Kalick

        Thanks for overexplaining the joke.

      • mr. sheen

        it was a litote

  • Kim Kardashian

    Is he related to Piers Morgan?

    • Steph

      Excellent idea for a Piers Morgan guest. I think he would probably shut Piers up a bit, stun him with nonsensical rambling.

  • captain canuck

    They asked for it! Do not bring Tracy Morgan on live TV and ask him who he thinks is better looking. Of course he is going to say something inappropriate, he is Tracy Morgan!

    • harry

      very good point.

    • Elizabeth


    • Morgan

      EXACTLY! They totally set themselves up fort his. What sort of dope says “hey, let’s put Tracy Morgan on live TV; I’m sure he’ll behave.” Um, NO.

  • Voice of Reason

    And my comment was deleted. Way to practice censorship, EW!

    • Voice of Reason

      Oh, wait, nevermind, haha!

  • JJJ

    So that’s why the media always is talking about Palin!

    • harry


    • Ap

      Pretty much. If she was unattractive she would’ve fallen off the face of the earth once the election was over.

      • Rush

        Janet Reno for president!

  • whatevs

    I think people need to stop confusing him with Tracy Jordan. I feel sorry for any woman who has to put up with that kind of joke regardless of political affiliation.

    • Kat

      Agreed. I’m more offended that they asked such an irrelevant and objectifying question. Thank you, Tracy, for making them regret it. (For the record, I did laugh, but it was entirely at the boys’ club’s discomfort…the idea of Palin as masturbation material is just icky to me.)

  • iamnoone

    Lol Rofl!!! yeah that was so wrong sometimes people should keep their crude humour to themselves.

    • Tracy Morgan

      Calm down Feminazi!

  • Tarik

    I thought it was hilarious! Anything that man says is funny to me so I am biased. There are so many awful things he could have said about her. It was inappropriate but people shouldn’t overreact about it.

    • lara

      What would you call over-reacting?

      • Tarik

        Anyone who is offended or outraged by his joke.

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