How Charlie Sheen's rehab affects CBS' 'Men'

Two-Half-Men-SheenImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSFor fans of Two and a Half Men, the news that Charlie Sheen would voluntarily enter a rehabilitation center was no doubt bittersweet: The 45-year-old actor could get the help that he needs even though his absence immediately casts doubt on the future of TV’s most-watched comedy. It’s unclear how long he’ll be gone; his publicist didn’t provide any additional information, and neither CBS nor the comedy’s production company, Warner Bros. TV, indicated when the show would return from hiatus. (It’s currently on a scheduled break and was expected to resume on Tuesday.)

Fortunately, CBS not only appears to have options for the rest of the season but also shouldn’t take too much of a ratings hit while its prized asset is gone. After all, the network hasn’t earned its No. 1 status based on Men alone. With ratings powerhouses like NCIS, Survivor, and The Big Bang Theory, “there is definitely some depth” to its schedule, concedes one competitor. And CBS has been down this road before with Sheen: Men shut down in February 2010 and missed two episodes so the actor could voluntarily enter rehab. The decision came two months after he was arrested for fighting with his wife at their Aspen, Colo., home over the holidays.

Here’s what CBS could have in mind:

For now, Men will likely stay put on Mondays. The network has two unaired episodes in the can (Warner Bros. TV has already produced 16 episodes), and after that, the Eye can either run repeats of the comedy in its time slot or potentially greenlight a few fresh episodes that could work around Sheen’s absence. (Hey, who wouldn’t want a Holland Taylor-centric show for once?)

It seems unlikely that CBS will move one of its successful sitcoms from Thursdays to Mondays if Men does go off the air, so there’s always the chance that the net could move How I Met Your Mother to 9 p.m. and air repeats of Men at 8. Better yet, there’s a promising new comedy in the wings that could break out and give the Eye a welcome cushion: It’s called Mad Love and stars Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, Tyler Labine, and Judy Greer. It’ll debut on Monday, Feb. 14, at 8:30.

As for Men’s long-term scenario, it’s impossible to nail anyone down for answers because it’s just too soon to predict. Warner Bros. TV has a deal in place to deliver episodes of Men to CBS through 2012, and Sheen closed a new pact last May to stay on the show. And given his popularity — a recent Harris poll indicated he’s the sixth most popular actor on TV — it’s obvious the public isn’t ready to say goodbye to his beloved character just yet. Stay tuned.

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  • B

    Worst comedy on TV.

    • Little Lebowski

      Now now, Seth MacFarlane… must’nt be bitter. :p

      • Scott

        I don’t feel anyone is bitter. We all loved Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots and still do even though a great many agree with B that 2.5 Men is one of the worst comedies on TV. Only the dire Perfect Couples is truly worse.

      • Rock Golf

        Before his rehab stint, the story was that Charlie Sheen was being hospitalized for “abdominal problems”.

        So I guess it now turns out that he had a hiatus hernia.

      • Princess Bananahammock

        Seth McFarlane? Jealous? Random much?

        You do realize that Seth McFarlane has a ridiculous, ludicrous, knee-slappingly hilarious fortune, right?

        You had to have been referring to all the money, because Sheen no longer has anything going for him that anyone would be jealous of.

      • AC

        sticking up for a CBS comedy? You’re not fit for the Lebowski name.

      • calistoga

        Getting back to the subject…YES! He should personally compensate the out of work employees of the show out of the 1.25-2.0 million that he makes per episode (provided said employee is not drawing unemployment which is paid for by employers AND state taxpayers!!!) My family does not watch sitcoms. Regardless, we feel Charlie Sheen should be removed from the public scene due to totally unacceptable behavior in his so-called personal life. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family that he has treated so cruelly and without any shame.

    • deedee

      amen to that; totally unwatchable

      • me

        Great show! Go watch Gossip girl or the WE Network.

      • wino

        agree with Deedee, i cant watch that show unless im on a plane and bored without options. i can understand why some people like it, but to have such high ratings is unbelivable. then again, velveeta is the highest selling cheese in the country ….so we’re not exactly a nation of high, quality taste.

      • LS

        I can’t see what anyone would see in it. I had to watch it on a plane once (I was right in front of the screen and had finished my book). It was literally the worst show I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine a stupider or more boring show. Learning that it was a top-rated show was such a sad day. I really have hope for my fellow Americans in a lot of areas, but intelligence is no longer one of them.

      • 2.5 Fan

        @LS..hop down off your high horse and realize that people who enjoy watching this sitcom do not suffer from a lack of intelligence. I’ll even go so far as to bet my February paycheck that you are a “fan” of reality TV even though it’s as fake as pro wrestling.

    • Lee

      Charlie probably needed the drugs and hookers in Vegas because he couldn’t believe his acting career has gone from doing PLATOON to 3 MEN AND A BABY. I probably would need rehab too.

      • jana evans

        How cruel, why be so negative? He has proven himself as an actor in drama and comedy. TV reaches so many people that if you get a successful sitcom you do not need to make movies. Alot of people party in Vegas and he just happens to be in the spotlight.

      • Gracie

        Charlie Sheen was in Three Men and a Baby?

      • Brent

        @Jana – I couldn’t disagree with you more. This guy is an embarrasment. He is one of the lead actors on a family comedy. He should be ashamed to show his addictive behaviors to the world. It’s one thing for an addict to make excuses for himself. It’s quite another for others to make excuses for him.

      • BTW

        To Brent – It isn’t a family comedy. Have you ever watched the show? He pretty much plays himself, booze & hookers.

      • Fred

        Charlie Sheen wasn’t in 3 Men and a Baby you rube.

        The guy makes 2 million a week and he is a grown man. He can do what he wants. If you have a problem with that, then watch a different show.

      • Walter

        Charlie earns $2 million per show which means he earns about double what Sandra Bullock, the highest paid movie star earned last year. I’m jealous. How successful can an actor get? $100 million a year is damned successful.

      • John

        Yeah … he was the the baby. lol

      • Aaron

        I love 2 1/2 Men and hope it’s on for many years to come. Unfortunately for Charlie Sheen, his character in the show isn’t too different from his real life antics, so it must be difficult to go through rehab, then play the role again. However, for the money that he gets paid for doing the show, he should be able to get through it.

      • Joe

        Ouch with the math, Walter! Most sitcoms air around 20 episodes per year, so it’s more along the lines of $40 million… still, that’s excessive for someone who is essentially playing himself.

        I agree with the original post. Sheen hasn’t had a good dramatic role since Platoon and a good comedic role since Hot Shots.

        I enjoyed the first season of 2 1/2 Men, but after that it was derivative. I still catch an episode from time-to-time but each one makes me feel even more hollow inside.

      • DAN

        Ya…At 1 mil plus per show, he’s probably VERY upset about the way things have gone….

      • Sandy Ohio

        Charlie Sheen wasn’t in “Two Men and a Baby”….duh

    • Jess

      It really is. How brain dead does someone have to be to find that pile of drek in any way funny?

      • zack

        your all retards what half baked moron believes this is a family show the main character plays an alcoholic sex addict

      • BD

        @zack – Uhh, yeah. Someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” calling everyone else retards.

      • Marcus Moore

        Hey Zack–how about some punctuation?!? And BD is right. Here’s what you should have typed:

        “You’re all retards. What half-baked moron believes this is a family show?!? The main character plays an alcoholic sex addict.”

        You’re welcome.


    • Sarah

      Ah, but there’s always one isn’t there? It joings Growing Pains, Facts of Life , Who’s the Boss and many other half hours of dreck that North America has been subjected to over time. I’ve only caught a few episodes over the years and have always found them mediocre – poorly written, badly acted and generally in very poor taste. Heck, the kid isn’t even “cute” anymore. Maybe this is the time to put it out of it’s misery.

      • Sarah

        spelling error there should be joins. And I should add that it’s the most sexist show not showing on Spike!

      • Fred

        If you are going to police yourself, then it is its misery, not it’s misery.

      • venus envy

        2 1/2 Men is written very well and after a sitcum has been on so many years the characters dialogue sync brillantly. Do not judge if you have only turned the remote on it occassionally. Thank God there are still sitcum instead of so many reality shows! The three main characters have only enriched their relationships through the years!

      • Gayle

        I agree with you completely.

      • JS

        It always amazes me when people point to sitcoms as examples of “dreck” on TV today. The worst sitcom out there is better than the “reality” garbage cluttering up the airwaves today. TV needs more shows like this, not less.

        2 1/2 Men is what it is – crude, lowbrow humor, with central characters that are now about 5-10 years too old for their initial roles. It certainy doesn’t require much thought to watch. All that said, it always funny, and often hillarious, and features a great cast of supporting actors (Berta, Rose, and Evelyn) who really work well with the main characters. If they want to run it for another 5 years, I’ll still be watching.

      • steph

        I disagree about Growing Pains and Who’s the Boss.

        Those shows were amazing.

      • Marbran

        You left out “Joanie Loves Chachi.” Now that was one incredible series, brimming with pathos.

    • Michael

      I completely agree. It’s horrible. It makes me yearn for more seasons of Arrested Development or Six Feet Under or other great dramas and comedies. I’m glad Charlie Sheen is finally going into rehab; maybe he’ll finally find some peace in his life, and moreover, maybe this horrible show will finally be canceled.

      • me

        Gay are we?

      • @me

        An idiot, are you?

      • Michael

        Yes, I am gay. What’s your point?

      • DE

        I’m not gay and I agree w/ Michael. The show has so run its course and Arrested Dvelopment had better material

      • Sherri

        I loved Arrested Development, but I also love Two and a Half Men. It is hilarious. Neither show is family friendly.

      • jo

        Finally, someone with taste.

      • Stosh

        Here is something to contemplage – “Jersey Shore” will be on the air for more seasons than “Arrested Development”. What does that say about this country?

      • JDS

        That idiotic homophobe’s comment aside … Sheen’s show is truly feeble, empty comedy. 30 minutes of my life I want back.

        Arrested Development was arguably the funniest show in primetime history. In the same breath that you use for praising drama like Six Feet, you should also honor The Wire (and Breaking Bad)!

    • stu

      i 2nd that.

      • vicky

        wow,i cant believe how cruel some of you are. charlie sheen IS that show..what goes on in his personal life is NONE OF OUR BUSSINESS!! i think he is a great actor and hope the show continues on for many more years!!!!!!

      • Mark Williams

        You’re an idiot. Charlie Sheen is an idiot. He’s makes 1 million per episode, you’d think he could find other ways to pass his time when not filming. I hope the show and Charlie go way once and for all

      • Mark Williams

        Com’on man

      • Kat

        vicky, if you really want the show to continue for many more years, you’d better hope that he straightens out his personal life, because he’s going to kill himself in the not-too-distant future if he keeps it up. So in a way, his personal life is our business as TV consumers, since his personal life could directly and massively impact his work/the show.

      • Cassandra

        Boy that rlleay helps me the heck out.

    • tvfan

      This is NOT the worse comedy, it is an acquired taste. I didn’t like it at first, but got hooked later and caught up on DVD.

      • JS

        Agreed…like any good sitcom, the humor comes from putting memorable characters in situations and letting us watch as the characters react to them. Once you get to know the characters, you are “in” on the fun and can start to predict what’s going to happen.

        All of the best sitcom characters are acquired tastes.

      • rasskass

        @tvfan..DVD? there is no way on earth you actually purchased this…this show is absolutely horrendous

      • Dan


        I forgot what great show have you written?

      • LS

        Yes, it is without a doubt the worst “comedy.” It is perhaps the worst comedy in the history of television. It’s darned useful, though. If you hear someone talk about it an episode they watched, you know immediately not to waste your time on that person. They have nothing to offer the world. That’s saved Americans countless hours of their time over the years, and for that we can all be grateful.

    • Carlos

      @B; I don’t find this series to be the worse on television. This series is very funny. I love all the characters, but Charlie’s character is his real life. If Charlie Sheen doesn’t get himself together, he will end up dead. I don’t want to see this happen. The man needs help mentally and spiritually.

    • jamesmadison

      Did you ever see Mind of Mencia? This is in no way the “worst show on TV”, sorry.

    • Tara

      Agreed! It caters to the lowest-common-denominator of homor. UGH!

    • kross

      I totally agree. Worst comedy on tv. Sheen is pretty much himself in the show which makes it almost unwatchable for me!

    • CeeFoR

      Someone said “Worst Comedy on TV”, however in order for this show to acquire that title, it would have to be a comedy first, it’s currently a farce.

    • The Dude

      Actually I think Two and a Half Men is pretty funny. I’m sorry your idea of good, knee-slapping comedy is rerun episodes of Family Matters.

      • B

        Who said I liked Family Matters? That show was awful. It’s kind of pathetic that you would even make such an odd and out-of-place assumption.

      • JDS


    • UncleWalty

      seriously. I watched about ten minutes of it once. It was crap.

    • dman

      too bad i’m not allowed to have an opinion since you’ve decided…

    • Raine

      Fire Charlie & cancel this sicko how

    • Joe

      Agreed! I can’t understand why this stinkbomb is so popular!

    • Aaron

      Yeah that’s why it’s #1.


    • heidi

      FOR THE RECORD HE NEVER WENT TO REHAB. HE REFUSED FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS CONTRARY TO WHAT WAS REPORTED. Now he’s saying all he’ll agree to is having a sober counsellor live in his house. His manager said “We’re hoping for a QUICK recovery and a SPEEDY back to work AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”. Mindaswell go back now, get a little more work under his belt until he dies.

    • Jay

      I disagree. You do not have a sense of humor.

    • Tom

      You give a guy with a drug problem and a mid life crises access to porn stars and a million dollars an episode.. gee.. can’t blame him much

    • Tarc

      Agreed. With any luck, they’ll just cancel that turkey. Horrible, horrible show.

    • lalo

      Three and half men is the lowest example of cookie cutter television barely one notch above the fetid bachelor. It’s no wonder America is a cultural and political cesspool. That Charlie should get any sypmathy for being one of the spoiled rich elite who’s life is a perfect examlple of the most base depraved self indulgent behaviour makes me think tha the american public is seriously f***** in the head. Eat the rich

      • Steph

        It’s Two and a Half Men-think before you post AND learn to spell and type please

    • Ben

      I feel its a hilarious show, good script writing, but the acting is just sub-par on all fronts.

      • Tory

        Your story was really inforamitve, thanks!

    • JJ

      Agreed, can’t stomach the show.

    • Bluto

      What they should do is kill off his character and see how the show progresses for 4-5 episodes, and then if he decides to get his sh*t in order, make it “all a dream.” And if he doesn’t—well, bye-bye Charlie.

    • Mar

      Love the show…hope he gets hold of this…look forward to their return…will happily watch reruns. Best of Luck to all

    • Tori

      Are you RETARDED…
      Two & a half Men is the FUNNIEST comedy show in many, many years.
      Get yourself together Charlie, and get back to the show ASAP.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Where did Sheen find all that porn star trailer trash to make a “playboy mansion” in his hotel room? This rich guy attracts white trash like no other celebrity. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    There are fans of Two and a Half Men?

    • Tammy


      • TOM

        doubtful? i hate the show too….but i “doubt” they would pay him 2 million an episode…..with no one watching….grow up and think about your thoughts!

    • Don

      He is a good guy

      • Igoryok

        Don, I agree with you, he’s a good guy and a good actor.
        All these gay comments about him do not fit his description in any way. — Must be brain dead not to like his comedy.

    • VAS

      For those that are posting the ridiculous statements like “there are fans” of Two in a Half Men, seriously need to look at the powerhouse ratings of this show. There is a reason CBS is will to stand by this show…it’s a proven ratings winner.

      • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

        Yeah. The powerhouse ratings are undoubtedly because CBS is THE network for oldsters, and given the aging baby boomer population explosion- well, let’s just say, there are lots and lots of old people, and 2 1/2 men comes on before their bedtime. That’s the only way I can make sense of the numbers. I’ve tried it several times, but this show is just not very good. But my mom and my grandma love it…

      • Jace

        So older people don’t matter now? Doesn’t matter what age group watches the show as long as it’s popular enough to continue. I think it’s a hilarious show, and I’m in my 20’s in medical school (that’s for people that assume only “idiots” watch the show).

      • Justblue2

        For Jace…I’ve been in the Healthcare field for over 40 years…just because YOU are in “Medical School” does not make you “smart”.

        For Jr. Having a problem getting out of Dad’s shadow are we ?

      • glj

        Justblue2 – obviously you are not very smart. Yes getting into Medical School does make you smart. The only acceptance that is more competive than Med School is Vet School. I am not a doctor, but I am one of the aging ‘boomers’. It is not that we have to go to bed at that time, but we choose to, as we do have lives and jobs, which we take seriously.

      • VAS

        @Yngwie — you obviously know very little about TV ratings. Two and Half Men averages 14 million viewers per new episode and a 4 in the coveted 18-49 demo — which means this show skews YOUNG not old. Research a bit before you comment.

      • Dan


        AMEN!! way to call that cool out on his **research**

    • Beau

      You bet yur azz there is! Best comedy on tv.

    • mary


    • Dan

      nope they don’t have any fans at all. just one of the top rated shows on tv but someone as obviously brilliant as you would know that

  • joanne

    always been a S_ _ _, riding on daddy’s coat tails, you have just been lucky… maybe you should be a real person and take responsibility for once – but is that possible?

    • Beau

      Joanne, you are a fool!

  • heidi

    If they come back to film without him, they should have the character in rehab, play it up in a tongue-in-cheek way. I think Charlie would find that funny and it fits with his character. It also explains his absence and allows the other actors a chance to shine.
    I hope they don’t stay on hiatus for too long because the crew (300 people) will not get paid. The cast is paid no matter what but the crew is not.

    • googie

      Wouldn’t it be great to take the money the idiot gets per ep and pay the entire crew for as long as it takes. I know, can’t be done, but wouldn’t it be great!!!!!

      • JonnyT

        I like that idea! If they’re not getting paid while he’s on hiatus, why not? It’s his fault the entire crew isn’t working.

      • Elle

        Hell, they need to use some of his salary to pay for craft servicces cuz when I worked as an extra on this show, all they fed us was bread and pretzels. Ridiculous.

      • Heather A.

        Got that backwards Jonny T. He’s the reason the crew have a job on that show. Whether you think the show’s funny or not, Sheen IS the reason that show exists.

      • whatevs

        Heather, are you saying that casting Sheen was the first step in the process of this show coming to fruition? Maybe the character makes the show, but not the actor.

    • Sara

      I don’t know if putting rehab in a lighthearted and amusing light is really going to make anything sink in for him. :-/

      • JS

        Agreed – the best thing for the SHOW would be for Charlie (as a character) to go into rehab. There could be some serious humor to be found there.

        However, for Charlie, as a person, I just don’t see how this could be helpful. I’m not an addiction expert, but I suspect it’s not a good thing clinically to be mocking the process that you are relying on to save your life while you are going through it.

    • wondering

      300 crew members? Bloated staffing, no reason, other than unions, that half these people are there.

      • Blague

        And you base your comment on _what_ extensive experience in film or TV experience?!
        You clearly have no idea what it takes to put a TV show together.

      • Blague

        …ahem, that should have read “film and TV production”

    • Don

      You are right heidi

  • zach romero

    Two an a half men is awsome the show should go on

    • Lee

      Amen! I love Two and a half men.

      • truth

        very entertaining show. if you think it is for old people, simply watch something else like the mind numbing jersey hore, i mean sore. simply put; if you don’t like it, don’t watch. and stop hating on charlie for making waaaaay more than you.

  • Muppet Baby

    This show is the definition of banal.


    It is time charlie grow up and kick his habits. Raise his kids and regroup. God bless.

  • Cadorna

    Two and a Half is GREAT! Charlie just needs some support, and then he’ll be a superb as always.

    Poor dan (Sat 01/29/11 7:15 PM)… he should be a bit more informed on why it’s the Nation’s #1 show by far… And by the way: see how many awards it has received as well…

    • Jess

      Wow, feel free to enter reality at any time.

      • John

        I think we have some of the hookers on this discussion that didn’t get paid!!! Get your money up front – he may die one day. God Bless Charlie! Get Better! 2 and 1/2 Men rocks.

    • venus envy

      I agree, Dan is way too negative and must be an unhappy person. What can be wrong with a sitcum that always makes you laugh?

  • Cadorna

    Joanne: name a successful artist that has never messed up a bit… Get real…

    • Ed

      There’s a difference between “a bit” and Charlie Sheen’s constant, total disregard for his own welfare and the employment status of the rest of the cast and crew. Pretty much everybody else in Hollywood, dysfunctional or not, puts on their big-kid pants and gets to work when they need to. When they don’t, they vanish. (See: Lindsay Lohan.) Charlie Sheen may think this show will forever buffer him from the consequences of his mistakes, but I don’t think it will much longer.

      • Lee

        Agreed. Cadorna obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

      • hmm

        i think you are wrong. rehab was forced on him by the others and i dont mean family. it surely wasnot his decision.

      • Neil

        All reports say that despite his party lifestyle, he is always ready to go at work and treats everybody around him well. So I don’t think he has “total disregard” for his crew on the show – the guy has issues…hope rehab helps – but I am not holding my breath, the guy has always been a bit wild..

      • Abe Froman

        You are correct. Until the last year or so, Charlie has never let his personal life interfere with his work. He was always professional, showed up and did his job, and kept his crew employed. He was a functioning addict. Not sure what happened recently to change all that. Hope he gets well soon.

      • Floretta

        The reason CBS keeps him and the show going, aside from ratings, is that Sheen DOES show up on time, hits the mark and knows his lines. He is not showing up on set high or drunk. It’s all those in-between hours that get him.

    • Greg

      Why do “successful artists” get a license to mess up, again and again? What makes them better than ordinary people that they can be forgiven when they act like immature, hedonistic idiots?

      I am sick of celebrities and their constant need for rehab and therapy. Get your life together man!

      • Ann

        @Greg, I agree with you. The phrase, “to whom much is given, much is required” couldn’t be any more true. When one has the success this guy has, he has a responsibility not only to himself but to those who work on the projects he stars in. These people take their success for granted, allowing enablers to circle like vultures to keep them happy. Maybe Robert Downey Jr. should sit down with him and give him a reality check.

      • LS

        Imagine an actress trying to get away with all of this. An actress who is seen drunk in public once is labeled a bimbo idiot for the rest of her life. Actresses have lost their careers for less. But an actor who imprisons a screaming hooker? All of these lemmings come on here to defend him. He’s trash. Let it go and find something better to occupy your mind with.

  • Kathy

    I never really understood the appeal of this show. Charlie Sheen’s offscreen antics turn me off of even wanting to give this show a real chance. I’ve caught an episode here and there, but I wouldn’t consider it the best comedy on TV.

    No matter what happens with the show, I hope Sheen gets the help he so desperately needs.

    • SANDY


      • Billy Joe

        Come on kid you know you like him a little.

  • Tati

    Charlie sheen should just stop acting and seclude his ads in a remote island were his pathetic ways no longer are breaking news… What a looser,… He’s one of those that will never learn until hi is sick in his death bed. Why is this prick still in tv

    • Fred

      What exactly is a looser?

      • Billy Joe

        It’s not someone that makes $2,000,000. per show.

      • me

        A looser is clearly tata. Uneducated douche.

      • Jim

        someone who can’t spell loser…

    • Stosh

      You are right. He should be tighter.

    • JDS

      He could go to Mel Gibson’s private island … where Mark Gosselin sometimes hides out … although it recently suffered a natural disaster (the isle, and their careers).

  • ruthie

    The sixth most popular actor on TV? Who are the first five?

    • mae

      i think mark harmon is number one…

    • Dave

      This list to which they refer to is actually of the most popular TV stars, not necessarily just actors. Mark Harmon is at the top, followed by Hugh Laurie and Oprah, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart and Charlie Sheen, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill O’Reilly, David Letterman, and Steve Carell.

      • Jennifer

        The list “to which they refer” not “to which they refer to”
        At least you tried.

      • @Jennifer

        Do you feel better now?

      • Dave

        Wow, Jennifer. Try to be a little more condescending next time.

      • Mark

        Really Jennifer. You’ve never made a typo?

      • The_Mick

        Conan O’Brien was the 4th most popular star? Right, he couldn’t even get ratings on broadcast TV! I think he’s extremely talented by he won’t do anything to try to expand the small age-range that enjoys him.

    • Billy Joe

      That’s easy It’s the Kardashins.

  • joanne

    Cadorna: true, but have you ever met him? How rude can one be … being he is the son of a show biz family, should be “real” . We all have problems but some that are “famous” should be more respectful.

    • Floretta

      Why? why “more” respectful?

    • Rick

      Charlie is a great actor. Charlie has a lot of issues but he can and will work through them. He’s the BEST.

  • jim

    He should be institutionized period. He is a nut case without the drugs
    He will not only harm himself but the day is coming where he will kill someone. If his father is as nuts were truthful you’d find Charley has been a problem since infancy.

  • Alicia

    Love ya Charlie and we’re here, to see you thru this. God love ya Charlie. Please, we need you back! The laughter you give us is worth a million & so are you! Don’t throw it all away, you’re 2 young and can still get it all, your way

    • SANDY


      • Lorenzo

        Now they can change the show’s name
        to “One and a Half Men and a Jerk”

    • kayla

      I am really not too sure what you are lacking more, basic spelling skills or the slightest grasp on reality. yikes.

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